Thursday, May 03, 2007

Unknown Things About Me

i have been tagged.. and yes .. i have been absent.. sorry guys.. its spring !! i am in my yard and riding my bike.. and i promise i will be around a little bit more !!!

gah.. i still have to finish my egypt travels.. and i just have been really busy and havent done it.. so anyway

i have to list 7 things you may not know about me.. which is hard.. since.. well.. i am a fairly open lets see .. 7 things you dont know aobut me and wont mentally scar you for life if i did tell ..

1. i LOVE the grinch.. i think there are a few of you that do know i have this thing for the grinch.. but i mean i love him so much.. once my upstairs rennovations are done.. i am making a whole grinch room.. seriously ..

2. i LOVE shoes.. yes i think some of you also know this but not to the extent.. of which it really runs... i conservatively have .. 100 pairs of shoes.. and another 125 pairs of boots ..

3. i have problems asking for help.. i will be in SO far over my head with a project.. or something like that .. and wont ask for help until its so late in the game no one can help me .. lol.. (its that independant i have to do every thing for myself thing and it bites me in the ass ALOT)

4. i am secretly in love with Craig Ferguson.. i just know he is my next boyfriend.. he just doesnt know it yet.. its that combination of accent and intelligence.. i love it .. and his humour is a smart humour that i LOVE...

5. i wake up in the middle of the night wanting cookies .. ALOT.. and sometimes i will get up and have cookies and milk at 3 am .. i know.. i should just go back to sleep.. but when you are dreaming about cookies.. you have to eat them right ?

6. i have struggled with my weight most of my life..and i have finally gotten to a point where i love myself as i am .. i am not killing myself to lose weight or be on this or that diet.. however.. i do believe in health at any size.. i lead a healthy lifestyle .. eat well.. (except for those cookies ) and try to do what is best for me .. in this process if i happen to lose a few pounds bully for me right ?

7. i let very few people past a certain point of my life/personality/ emotional state for fear of being so hurt by these people that i may not ever recover.. i have a few close friends and a handful of people that get let in all the way.. i suppose this is why most ppl who think they know me think i am a bitch .. when that is so far from the truth .. its not even funny ...but honestly would prefer them to think that instead of wanting to be closer

there you are .. some of my not so secrets

i tag




Lani (if she ever is home long enough LOL)


now play nice and do it .. you know i usually dont do this stuff to you guys.. but well i felt i needed to .. have a great day !!

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