Friday, February 16, 2007

Egypt Egypt

plans are final and we board the plane march 1st.. we will be back the 9th.. i am beside myself .. Jessica and I have been thinking about this for a year.. and now its reality..

it will become more real once those passports hit my doorstep monday or tuesday and the final schedule is sent.. the flight from here to NYC has been booked.. luggage has been bought and planning has taken place.. its kind of like a dream ..and of course wont be totally real to me until we board that plane on the 1st..

jessica is as excited as i am .. we are gonna have a great time.. its been an adventure looking up rules and restrictions.. 62 inches is the bag limit 45 inches for carry on.. and of course 70 pounds weight limit .. but damn i dont think i will need 9 pounds of crap for every day i am there.. surely that should be non issue right?

maybe i will pack an extra bag to bring the souveniers back .. because i really only wanted to take one large bag.. we shall see how it all works out i should have all my packing done and ready to go by the middle of next week .. iknow its crazy i am all organized.. but this is jsut two weeks away and i have to have a plan .. i am trying to be better

i do have to say i was surprised yesterday when i got the most sublime flowers ever.. i dont have a pic but let me jsut say .. 12 deep red roses.. 6 white calla lilies .. eucalyptus all in a silver champagne bucket how nice !!!

i spent the evening in .. it was cold as all get out here.. had chili dogs and tater tots.. how comforting LOL.. i have been feeling a little icky today .. tired.. slept most of the day .. have a little cough and a little soreness of the throat...been drinking tea .. and taking a bit of thera flu.. so.. hopefully i have kicked it before it got a hold of me too badly and if not .. hot toddys tomorrow LOL

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