Saturday, February 10, 2007

Random Thoughts

just me .. late at night with alot of random thoughts..

i dont know how many people will agree or disagree with the things i am about to say .. but you know these are things i think about .. and /or believe..

i really think monogamy is overrated.. i think honesty should be the greatest factor in a relationship.. maybe some day i will find the man that changes my mind about this but ... i am unsure that will ever happen.. all iknow is as long as you are honest with all the people you are involved with and they can deal wtih it then why tie yourself to just one person when its against the nature of man anyway ... (oh yeah i can see the comments i am gonna get now )

and i want to know if i am such a wonderful person.. why am i sitting here alone .. on friday .. or any day for that matter

i want to know what the hell happened to manners.. tonight i encountered exactly 7 rude children in the span of a half hour.. what has happened to being a parent and being responsible..

also.. why do we pander to those that get "offended" at every thing.. cause seriously .. this is America.. freedom of speech .. i have th e freedom to say things you dont like.. and you have the freedom to say things i might not necessarily like.. you should be glad we have these freedoms instead of complaining about every thing that "offends" you

i am also tired of every one feeling sorry for the "darwins" of this world that eliminate themselves.. if you are so stupid that you use drugs and od.. or you drive with out a seat belt.. or wanna speed down the road with no helmet and hit a tree and die.. well DUH!... think about what you are doing.. and dont sit there and try to over think it or say "oh lets make a law to make that illegal" because its not the motorcycle or the car or even the drugs that killed them .. it was their decision to do these things..

i firmly believe the gene pool is getting weaker and weaker because we allow weaker and weaker people to contribute to it.. at what point do we say .. maybe we shouldnt take this step in keeping some one alive.. seriously .. natural selection doesnt work any more .. because we have a fix for every thing and in turn for that we keep people alive that might not need to be .. ( more nasty comments coming i am sure )

i am feeling very controversial tonight .. can you tell LOL

anyway these are the things that have been wandering aimlessly thru my head thought i might ought to get them out ..

have a nice day !!

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Saturday, February 10, 2007  


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