Sunday, February 25, 2007

Getting It Together

its all coming together.. passports in hand.. new luggage.. packing started.. tickets to NYC.. arrangements made to get to and fromthe airport etc.. its coming together and becoming real.. in 4 days we will be IN egypt.. i really cant wait.. this is a trip of a life time and i am sure we will have the time of our lives..

jessica and i are also planning a little joint garden venture this year too.. that will be fun.. i want to put out a small garden this year.. i have missed fresh vegetables.. and canning .. and making things.. and growing things.. i love the thought of being a producer.. i am hoping one day this week will be clear enough i can get my apple trees pruned .. they need it really bad..

i have so much to do .. and some days i cant seem motivated to do it .. i have to get this stuff done.. i have a laundry list of things.. so maybe this trip will recharge me enough to get my ass in gear to get all this stuff done and finished up .. that will be nice.. i need a little recharging and energy .. of course i know some of this could be taken care of with my eating habits.. since i have let them go by the wayside.. and i need to get them back on track.. that is for sure.. i have to get myself back on a schedule and get some things rocking ...

spring always fills me with hope and energy.. and i cant wait for it to get here in full force.. i have several projects around the house that need done and i cant wait for it to get warm enough to do so .. the joys of old house living.. i dont heat the whole thing in winter so when its cold here .. its COLD.. lol.. at any rate.. its time for me to get off my ass and get my day going.. the race is at 3.. so i need to get some stuff done before it starts .. cause well .. i am gonna watch it .. i am so glad racing is back.. i have missed it alot !!!

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