Monday, September 22, 2008


sometimes life throws curveballs and we have to try to understand why and learn how to hit them.. this one i am not so sure i will ever figure out

i went to my annual v-rod rally last week .. i got to see people that i had not seen in a year... due to one circumstance or another from the late spring and thru the summer my plans to attend several rallies were derailed.. but come hail or high water i was going to KC.. and when my bike didnt start on sunday .. well i just threw my crap in the MINI and took off..

it was good seeing all those people .. its like a huge family reunion that happens to have bikes involved... and every year we get to meet new family members that decide to come and hang out with us... and every year all the old pros get to see each other and strengthen the bonds made with every was great to meet new people

taking the MINI happened to be a blessing in disguise as we recieved rain from the tail end of not one but two hurricanes while we were there...i think this worked in a way to make all of us even closer since we could just hang at the pavillion or the party barn.. i heard some conversations saying they had never been to a rally but felt like they were home and among firends.. some one on my forum made the comment that we all were just friends that we had just not met yet.. and i couldnt have put it better myself..

i spent the week cooking and mingling and just being me .. i also got some much needed rest when there were group rides (i didnt have a bike) and things not scheduled during the afternoons.. i would hide out in my cabin and sleep or just relax and knit on my screened in porch with some coffee or tea... people that wanted to see me would stop by and it was nice to have one on one conversations...

now to the bittersweet part...

we all lost a good friend to a freak accident while there (no i will not tell the story but will say it didnt involve his motorcycle).. he was one of the best people i had ever known with a girlfriend who was just as nice as he was .. they were perfect together.. then he was taken from us .. and she was left to pick up the pieces and the rest of us there to help us thru.. i am so glad she has us to lean on .. and saddened at the same time knowing she isnt getting to spend the life they had planned together.. the thing that makes this most tragic to me.. he was going to propose in front of all of his "family" at our closing banquet saturday night..

today was the funeral and it hurt me not to be was in rochester and i couldnt get the details worked out to get there... we had been "friends" for about a year before i ever met him at last years rally .. and i got to meet her too last year.. they were the kind of people that were so in love you could feel it radiate off each other.. i was jealous of that .. and told them so .. i also told them i wished to be so lucky in this heart completely breaks for her.. the family made sure she still recieved her ring.. and they are making sure she gets every thing that i wife would have gotten.. very sweet and caring of them .. incredible people..

my heart has broken over a dozen times this past week .. and i wonder how many more it will before i can get over this .. and i know my pain is nothing in comparison to hers..

the good thing that came of this .. he was an organ donor and with in hours of the harvesting of them he was able to give at least three people that i know of a second chance at life.. and hope there are more being helped.. so at about 6 am sunday morning .. with elton john saying goodbye and a guardian bell ringing he left this world..

live free my friend... say hi to me every now and then if you can ...

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