Monday, April 14, 2008


we had storms last week.. i feel like every one should have had storms last week.. this spring has been one big rain storm after another.. this one was different..

it damaged my huge maple out front.. one of the reasons i loved this house to begin with .. it was a gorgeous tree.. however sick from the inside out.. had to call a tree surgeon.. long story short .. it was removed today .. my 125+ year old tree..

i am sad but know i did the right thing albiet leaving me fairly "poor" not really but who knew tree removal cost 950 dollars? i sure didnt but i tell you what the guy that took it out .. did a stupendous job and didnt damamge anything but my yard a little.. nothing that cant be fixed.. ihave been too sad to up load pics but i did take some good ones today.. i will post them up tomorrow you can see before and afters..

i continued on my cleaning streak this weekend.. got the kitchen really cleaned.. my laundry room and my bed room still needs a little. the back entry got some work too .. i caught up on my laundry and for tomorrow i plan on stripping my bed and washing my linens and blankets and changing out the bed sack thingy.. and putting on my spring/summer stuff and putting way the heavy winter things.. i am hoping to complete my bedroom stuff tomorrow so i can get cracking on that damned craft room of mine.. i dread it but it needs done.. i feel stifled since its not at a place where i can use it constructively ..

anyway .. that has been my weekend.. oh i did venture out tonight and i got two new magazines and a new harley road atlas.. i love the bookstore.. i could live in one .. that is for sure.. well for now i need to go .. wish me luck with the house tomorrow..

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