Wednesday, April 09, 2008

On A Roll

i am really trying to make this habit.. last night i was away from my home and computer so an entry didnt get made.. c'est la vie! i had a good time and that is what matters i guess..

i know i still need to at least finish my egypt installments... i think i will work on that tonight in word and transfer it all over to here.. i need to before it gets to a point where i have forgotten more than i remember LOL

i am inspired today so i have no messengers on nor have i visited any of my usual suspect sites.. i have been cleaning my room and kitchen.. the kitchen is done except for the mopping of the floor.. every thing has been wiped down organized and cleaned.. i will do the floor in a bit.. i have been decluttering my room.. its beginning to look like a bedroom.. not a big old pile of clutter.. i am taking all the yarn that doesnt fit in my basket tower into the "craft room" which needs some work too.. that is on the agenda for tomorrow.. i wont go into why i havent tackled it .. let's just leave it at its been a point of contention and discussion for a while.. actually i will be glad to get it done.. i have been feeling creative lately and want to get in there and do some actual work.. i just cant bring myself to do it while the rest of the house is in "ruins".. not really but i need to get it all worked out before i get in there but i hope by the end of the day to have it done..

my coffee break is over.. so i am going back to work ..

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