Friday, September 26, 2008

Just Stuff

its a gorgeous day here.. i wish i had time to ride before work but that isnt happening.. i had too much stuff to do this morning .. oh well.. maybe tomorrow i will ride TO work since i will get home before dark.. i dont like riding home on my road after dark.. too many wild animals that could get in the way .. and that is a risk i am not willing to take..

this summer was kind of a let down on the amount of riding and rallies i was able to attend... seemed like bad timing followed me around all summer. I did make it to Kansas city and that was awesome seeing old friends, making new friends, cementing bonds, and even getting closer to some of the people i am proud to call friends.

next years schedule is happening come hell or high water.. life is too short to put off things that make you happy. its too short to be in relationships of any kind that pull you down or make you feel bad..

i feel i have gotten to a better place now and ready for a new chapter of my life to begin.. i have the races next weekend .. a wedding in plano the weekend after that .. and i even have a date going with me !!! that makes me happy.. then i am hoping to get some more riding in before it becomes too cold to ride here.. yes i am a pussy .. i dont like being cold on my bike

my niece will be moving in with me at the first of the year.. that will be nice to have some company around here and another person in the house.. this place is just too large for me.. i rattle here.. i have alot of plans and a lot of things i want to get accomplished before she moves in.. here is hoping they get done...

i will be starting a school in a couple of weeks that will allow me a better position at work and i am excited about that as well.. i am hoping it goes well .. anyway .. ihave to get ready for work.. and run an errand before i get there so i bid you all a wonderful weekend...!!

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