Friday, January 02, 2009

The New Year

so .. lets recap

this past year has been a year of ups and downs..and finally i feel i am back on the up...

i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after fighting with doctors for months.. i got on meds.. and i feel so much better..

i got a job with a good company that despite all the economic turmoil.. has still grown the past few years..

i finally let go of a toxic relationship that has lasted off and on for the better part of 10 years.. and honestly i feel better about that too .. now i just have to get myself back to good.. but that is probably going to take a little while..

i survived las vegas with my sisters and niece with out much incident.. which is always good..

the holidays were nice and low key..with out fight or flare up and i got to share thanksgiving with some one new and special to me..

i had to recently attend a funeral and have another tomorrow..

i didnt do alot of motorcycle riding because i was adjusting to meds and now i have more things i have to do .. like work at a job outside of the house LOL.. and find time to clean and take care of my animals

this year .. i plan on it being a bit different.. i plan to work .. do more riding and enjoy myself with out the shackles of past emotional prison.. my anxiety .. depression and pain..

this year i am going to make sure i know who i still am.. i think i lost my way a little bit in the past couple years..

so here is hoping this year will be better than the last..

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Friday, January 02, 2009  


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