Monday, February 09, 2009

Halo Moon

the halo moon here tonight is gorgeous.. it doesnt happen often but the full moon seems to bring out the most beauty in the night.. the moon was so bright tonight i cast a shadow when i took the dogs out .. the air feels magickal especially since there was a halo tonight!!

i went to work today .. it was kind of gave me alot of time to think about things i need to do at home.. things i need to do in my life.. and things i need to just get together finally now that i have only myself to be accountable for .. if that makes sense?

i am finally at a point in my life where i dont feel the stress of other people's influence on how or why i make my decisions.. and on that note.. i feel and own my decsions wholly.. it doesnt mean they are all right.. but they are all mine and for this moment...that means alot..

i am making changes and persuing directions i dont think i would have ever thought possible just this time last year.. actually this time last year .. i didnt really think i was gonna make it through at all .. i was at one of my lowest points health wise that i have been in for quite some time..

i look back and see the steps i have taken in the past year and i am really amazed at myself.. things i thought would break me didnt.. things i thought wouldnt kind of did.. i know i am talking in riddles but the truth of it all is just for me.. i am tried of making excuses and saying i am sorry to people who in the long run dont really care at all anyway

i think i am ready for even bigger things but for now i think i will settle on getting my house to the point it should have been years ago and i just couldnt seem to get it there.. that ismy goal for summer.. update my room.. get jessicas space completely finished.. get my craft space arranged .. and get my foyer.. and parlour finished up .. then i can start on the kitchen next year!!

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