Monday, September 25, 2006

The Odessy Continues

So today i had a busy assed day .. really i did.. i was up at 7.45.. and on my way to get my new rims put on my car and be picked up by my sister at 9.. so .. we went back to her house where she has a small salon set up in her back bathroom and she did my hair today as we waited for my car to get done.. then we went to lunch.. i practice bowled.. did i mention i started a friday night league? my other sister got me into it i have my shoes and ball and stuff.. another story for another day .. so then i ran a couple more errands.. and finally got home about 6.30 tonight.. and damn if i am not tired.. so anyway

i left Sharon and her family on monday afternoon *sob sob* and headed to Appleton, WI for two days at a hotel.. a little shopping.. and a little rest til i get to Marquette, MI to my friend Traci.. who i have known since i was 14.. Appleton was nice.. i relaxed at the hotel.. did some shopping found a yarn store *gasp* and did a little knitting by the pool.. so wednesday morning i checked out and headed on up to the UP.. what a gorgeous drive !!! absolutely beautiful.. not that wisconsin wasnt pretty but the colours had started to change and i got to drive up the coast and see water for a bit of my drive.. I made it to Traci .. in decent time and you know.. i got there and it didnt seem like it had been 8 years since we had seen each other.. it was like we had never been apart.. that was nice.. i met her husband Hugh.. and her son Jason(11).. and saw Stephie(15) again for the first time since she was 3.. wow..

We got me checked into the hotel there.. which by the way ..l.looked scary on the outside but was quite nice on the inside.. my "suite" was as big as my first apartment.. actually i think it was bigger.. LOL.. the place i stayed was officer quarters at one point for a military base that was up there.. so it was nice.. and not expensive AT ALL.. i paid less than 60 bucks a night for an apartment ..and went to dinner at a nice lodge like place.. where we got to see deer graze as the sun went down out of the big expanse of windows across the back of the resturant

so then thursday and friday were spent getting ready for her reception.. Traci and Hugh had gone to San Antonio and gotten married the last weekend in August and from all reports.. i had MUCH better weather in Michigan than had i made the trip to texas.. it was really pretty up there and i was so glad i could help with the party preparation.. and among all this .. i taught her son to knit..

I had planned on leaving sunday but with all the prep for the party.. i decided to stay sunday and chill and wind down .. and that was really nice to just relax and be a slug all day with my friend.. who by the way informed me she was pregnant!! so i have already started some stuff and ordered some more yarn for ALL THE BABY stuff i am gonna get to make !! I am so excited...

they were also having an addition put on their house that was fantastic.. oh did i mention hugh is a taxidermist on the side.. i saw some animals in his work shop that were the stuff night mares are made of LOL.. and also saw some really nice stuff.. i saw a blue water buffalo that was actually really pretty .. and there was a buffalo in there with an afro .. but was the SOFTEST fur i have ever touched.. i need to see about getting some buffalo hair to spin..

i digress.. it was sad to go .. but i had to .. on monday .. i was going to try to make it all the way home .. 860 miles.. but it started raining on me the minute i hit wisconsin and it didnt quit til i hit chicago.. and no i didnt take the 294 aroudn this time LOL.. so i made it down thru chicago and i was beat .. so i stopped at about 11 got a room rested and headed the rest of the way home on tuesday .. so i was gone for 13 days.. i loved my trip.. but it really was good to be home and my babies missed me A BUNCH!!...

so there are some other exciting things i wanna share.. i bought and Ashford Joy while i was in West Bend with sharon.. it got here a couple days ago.. i have been so busy i havent gotten to play with it..

and then there is THIS no i havent gone insane.. i had been planning this for a while i just didnt think one this nice would fall into my lap.. ihave my helmet.. my jacket.. boots.. and my safety course all lined up .. and this baby should be at my house by the end of next week so i might have a few pretty days of riding .. before it gets really cold out..

so anyway .. i think i am almost caught up with every thing !!

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Still Among The Living

well i survived the tornado last night .. it was fairly near me and the storm was fantastic.. the lightning here was something to behold.. seriously .. it got a little scary.. so you can imagine i was a little scared last night as well.. i do infact have large trees in my front yard that could do damage if they were to fall on my house..

at any rate.. i realize i am way behind on blogging so i am going to TRY to catch up now.. with out pictures.. and then i will do a picture essay once i have the words caught up ..

sooo where to start.. on the way to Sharons..

so i started off from here at about 9 pm.. not a biggie .. cause i am so used to being up late.. my time line would have put me at sharon's at about 6 or 7 am if there had been no problems.. uhh yeah.. no problems..

things were going great til i hit Chicago.. got on the wrong road.. (294...NEVER .. i repeat NEVER take this road its scary as hell LOL) .. well while on the wrong road .. i got pinned between semis and was unable to get into the toll line.. GAH.. well i DO have a tiny car.. i should have just went under right ? LOL .. so i missed that but couldnt manage to avoid a pothole as big as my car.. i hit the hole and got a bit down the road and realized i was in trouble.. long story short.. i bent two rims.. and had to get a whole new set of tires in a little town outside of racine called sturtevant... i was fortunate enough to be able to write the tire guy a check for the $708.65 it cost to get the tires.. i still had two bent rims but .. they were nice enough to straighten them a little and enough to bet a good set with the tires.. and was told i could drive a bit with out having to get new rims.. which was good news.. cause i really didnt wanna take any more time away from sharon trying to find rims and get them put on .. (i got my rims the day after i got home and they are on my car now)

at anyrate.. about 15 hours later .. and looking like a strung out crack whore.. i pulled into sharons drive.. i was jacked up on caffeine so hard i was shaking LOL.. seriously.. she thought i was having a heart attack LOL... it was good to see sharon .. she was just like i thought she would be.....i cant say the same for myself .. see above crack whore comment...

I had been up for a complete 30 or so hours.. but some how i didnt wanna sleep so .. i didnt.. i took a shower and we headed out to shop.. and Sharon told me i looked and smelled MUCH better after my shower.. so Sharon and Felicia and myself went back out on the road to the Mayfair mall.. and did a little shopping.. i think it was a fun time .. it was definately a fun time..

back at sharons.. i got to meet the rest of the family .. i think the girls thought i was fairly weird.. and i dont think Jeff knew what to think of me til about sunday at racetime LOL..

I really had a good time at sharons.. we shopped friday.. at the mall.. saturday we had a full day .. farmers market which gave me my first taste of cheese curds and a cooler bag full of cheese to bring home .. they were really good.. we had a "date" at starbucks.. more shopping in the afternoon..oh and i cant forget Sheeping Beauty.. OMG what a store!!!...i think i went a little crazy in there .. and i think the fire was that night too .. in the mean time.. remember the bent rims.. i was able to find a whole set on ebay .. for less than the price of one at the dealer YAY for me !! got those ordered..

sunday was Robyns birthday party.. we went out did a little more guessed it.. shopping.. LOL.. i got gifts for Robyn and Felicia.. cause well it didnt seem right to get Robyn stuff when Felicia's bday was earlier in the year and i wasnt there and didnt send anything.. i think they liked every thing !!!

the party was fun.. Jeff and I stayed inside and watched the race.. that was definately fun.. its always better when you have some one to watch with .. and i think after that .. i was considered cool in Jeff's book..sharon i know you are reading .. tell him i cant wait til the Brickyard!!...

so monday rolls around and i got all packed up and on the road toward the was sad leaving.. it was SUCH fun.. really .. i dont think sharon thought all my stuff was gonna fit in my car but i had room to spare !! amazing..

i know i am leaving alot out .. cause if i went into great detail i think you would all glaze over.. but let me just say .. Sharon is a great hostess.. she was always trying to feed me and made sure i didnt go hungry EVER.. i think i ate better those few days at her house than i had in months LOL.. and i tried to help with dishes and she shooed me LOL.. i really cant wait to go back.. so i guess i have to wait though cause i dont think my car is that great in snow and its coming soon .. so the spring!! so start getting ready sharon!! i AM coming back ..

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