Thursday, April 29, 2010

again remiss but the need to let it out .. well its here

there are things i go thru i would never air in public.. and thoughts i have .. i would never say out loud.. but of course here i feel i can do both of those things because i have some sense of anonymity that i dont have in real time

but of course.. you all know me well enough i wont open completely up but will say enough to help me make it better for myself... and if no one is reading or commenting here that is fine too .. at least i "wrote my letter" to let it all go..

i am finally getting to a place in my life where i feel a little more secure but still slightly apprehensive about my future. i think i am at a place where i can deal with what is handed me... of course going thru some purging in my house and of course in my mind has helped me profusely.

i feel i should probably get back to this .. i do put snippets of my life out there on face book but i never really discuss the intricacies of my life or get really serious there.. so anyway .. here i am again making another effort to be better at this thing called blogging.. whether i do or dont at least i am getting some things off my chest that need to be ..

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