Sunday, March 22, 2009


today.. i have an unexplainable desire to scream.. i also have an unexplainable desire to just let it all out and sob.. i dont understand it.. maybe i am tired.. exhausted .. five weeks of six days a week working will do that.. maybe i am tired of people fucking with me.. if you have something to say .. fucking say it.. dont allude .. dont try to make me guess.. just fucking say it..

there are a couple people right now that are game players trying to drag me down.. and i usually dont get down about this but when they try to drag people in that i actually care about.. then there is a problem

maybe i am just hungry.. i get this way when i need to eat.. or maybe i am just at the brink of mental break down and i just dont even know..

perhaps tomorrow i will forget all about it .. but for today .. i am a mess.. fuck.. i have to go to work in about 2 hours so i guess i should get it all together..

for right now.. i think i am just gonna go have a shower and let it all out .. and hope the neighbors dont think some one is trying to kill me.. although i think there are people that would like to mentally crush me.. and right now.. i think they just might be winning..

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