Monday, August 03, 2009

So.. Umm.. Yeah

i did something completely stupid last night. I took my last of my meds night before last but didnt realise i didnt know where my refill was.. yeah.. not good. I barely slept last night.. and when i did .. i had the weirdest dreams.. the one i DID remember had me in Vegas trying to take a baby black and grey alpaca onto a plane in a dog carrier.. WTF?!.. oh yeah and martin and toni where there helping me.. double WTF!? vegas? alpaca? how the hell did martin and toni get involved.. so odd..

well then i had to be at work by 7.. after oh about 3 hours sleep.. today so sucked.. got to work and the pharmacist shoved a pill down my throat.. he made me take it in front of him.. i was gonna wait til this evening so i didnt have to do that time thing.. but i know.. and he knew.. that would have made me emotionally imbalanced all day .. so i get the task of adjusting my time back only two hours a night til i am back to taking it at 9 pm. i took my med at 8 am this morning.. so i have to set the alarm for 6 am tomorrow so i can start that journey.. and fought sleep all day today.. this is not going to be fun.. i have 5 days to get back on schedule.. this so sucks! i couldnt keep my eyes open this afternoon and had a nap but i dont feel much better.. i am trying to stay up so i dont sleep and be up at 3 am ready for my day LOL

i also get the news today that i cant go on my trip i planned this weekend. I have to work. Circumstances beyond my control. one of our employees got jumped last night and beat down.. so we have to absorb his schedule and since i was off already i got pulled to work his ours. it sucks but really .. with my meds being messed up its probably for the best.

i think i over planned this summer anyway .. but there is hope.. i might be able to work it out but i am not keeping my hopes up ..

i did do some shopping yesterday. I bought some patterns and i am going to make some retro aprons.. some hats.. and i found two adorable coats that will be made for this fall/winter. I just have to find the right colour/weight of fabric. I have decided i do not want another black coat. I have two already. I think the one is gonna be so cool for a funky kind of kitschy coat that a nice pair of gloves and hat will make very nice.. the other is very nice but i think more classic and maybe i will go for a darker apple-y green since i wear that colour often and it compliments other colours well or maybe a dark red... hell .. maybe i will make a couple.. we will see how the first one goes.

i do need to make a trip to nashville to the fabric store.. and maybe even to the fabric outlet here in town.. sometimes you can take upholstery fabric and make a coat.. like tapestries and velvets work well for this and sometimes you can even find a nice wool or silk there.. maybe that will be part of my venture tomorrow.. it would be nice to find something here in town but i am not opposed to a trip to nashville to make this happen and find the perfect fabric.. i did find some fabric for a couple aprons yesterday.. those should be fun..

well i am gonna go deep condition my hair and get ready for some sleep.. is to a night of almost normal dreams!

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