Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

this weekend.. i did my rounds.. i picked up plants from here .. coconut liners from there...made plans for mulch.. raked and de-leaved flower beds.. and i think i planted about 50 plants and spread some seeds. I was a little shocked to see some of the things i was sure would come back this year not.. and somethings i was sure that would die didnt..

its weird how it all works out that way huh? .. i picked up some things i have never planted before and we will see if they can survive in my garden LOL.. i am hoping more things stick around this year than last. A couple of the roses i bought last year totally surprised me because they were on the discount bin looking rather weak and pale..but came back this year in full force.. the clematis i planted a couple years ago has gone crazy! its blooming completely abundantly !! i need a new trellis for it.. or at least for the rose its taken to climbing on.. i need to take some pictures as well..

i have motorcycle updates as well.. i did a few small things so far and i have one giant job i would love to get done by the weekend but i dont forsee that happening.. its changing out my wheels and my pulley.. i need some help getting my bike up on the lift!! I guess i shouldnt have lowered it down as far as i did then i wouldnt have that problem now would i? LOL Its gonna look hot when i am done.. and this year i am running the pearl tins with the white ghost flames.. heheh..

i have other updates too .. but i dont think i am ready to lay that all out here.. maybe some day i will be brave enough to let every one into the depths of my life.. but for now.. i dont think i am ..

that will have to be for another day..

on another note i am calling to make an appointment to get my next tattoo.. i cant wait! its gonna so rock!!

I have also made a decision regarding my bathroom situation.. I have been trying to find that perfect tub.. well guess what? i was browsing thru some cabins for rent in the smokies.. and i found my solution!! i am going to use a galvanized stock tank.. aka a horse trough.. it will be 2ft deep..2 ft wide.. and 6ft long. .. a nice big soaking tub! i cant wait to take a bath! i havent had a bath in this house EVER.. the tub here sucks ass... and i have been on a hunt to find "just the right one"... i think this one fills all my needs.. it will be deep enough.. long enough and wide enough.. and even two people can fit in .. my vanity is going to be a dresser i have upstairs that i will stain and seal with helmsman urathane so steam wont ruin it.. and i will put a galvanized oval "bucket" of sorts on top for the sink.. i can see it all in my head.. i think its gonna be so cool!! and total cost for these three things... 145 dollars! and i already have the tile.. i have been debating the black slate.. but i think in such a small room i think i will stick with the lighter stuff i have .. and i am going to wall paper and do new trim.. i think i can keep this total cost of this project under 500 .. and that will so rock.. i just need to find a little help getting this old crap out of here and putting the new stuff in !! i am sure i can find some one.. anyway .. had to share!

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