Monday, September 14, 2009

My Pupper....

Cupcake is my great dane.. he is 11.. and yes he is OLD.. i love him so much it hurts to think about a day with out him..but unfortunately that day is coming probably coming faster than i want to admit..

i came home yesterday to him.. stuck in a position..where i have no idea how long he had been there .. but he was there long enough to deficate on himself.. so i had to lift this smelly gross dog.. that i love.. up.. and get him outside so i could at least hose him off and get him to smell better.. i suppose it would be like us trying to walk on a leg that has gone numb.. i had to basically pick him up about 5 more times before i got him washed off and back in the house.. that was a work out considering he is 130 pounds

today .. he is doing much better.. i woke up to him nosing my foot wanting out.. he seems to be ok today but of course slow.. that is normal.. and i am ok with that.. i just cant lift him 5 or 6 times a day.. once is ok .. i just know i am tired and sore today from yesterday..

also know.. that if it gets to the point where he has no quality of life.. and i know he is in pain .. i will make that decision and be a selfless owner and know the time has come.. as much as i know it will hurt me.. i know i cant let him live a life where he is miserable.. sometimes i think its a shame people cant do the same thing.. sometime life hurts so bad ... but i digress

i remember picking up my little puppy a little over 11 years ago.. he barely weighed 12 pounds.. he was cute.. his paws were huge for his body ... his ears were floppy and his eyes were grey .. they matched his fur.. he was soft and silky and clumsy as hell.. he got car sick on his ride home..that afternoon we played with him.. and tuckered him out.. he laid in the hammock with me til his brother showed up that evening via my sister.. they were best friends from the start..

there have been some ups and downs in the past 11 years but i couldnt have asked for a better.. more polite .. and loving dog.. I will spend the last of his time letting him know how much i love him and try to remember all the good times..

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