Thursday, November 03, 2011

Instant Gratification

Instant gratification: we are all guilty of wanting it, getting it, or providing it in some way shape or form. I have been thinking over the past few days, about this digital age we live in, and how much it has effected the way people interact with each other. Or rather, how much we don't have to anymore.

We can download music, videos, and games. These things take moments. The days of waiting,patience, and yearning are basically over. Need to write a friend? We sit and type out an email and send it out over this great thing called the internet. No one takes the time for correspondence the old fashioned way with a pen and paper. The only time we get mail that isn't a bill or junk is at Christmas in the way of cards. It saddens me to see this happen.

There used to be a romance and a yearning that the younger generation will never really understand or realize. Remember Penpals? Even marriage has become a victim of this crazy age. Brittney Spears married some one for 55 HOURS, Kim Kardashian's latest marriage lasted 72 days, Kenny Chesney and Rene Zellweger lasted 4 months, Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman lasted 10 days.. these are just a few of the more famous examples.

I think we should all slow down and learn to enjoy our lives a little more than to speed through them. I commend my parents for making us go outside and use our imaginations. Yes, it was a simpler time, but, when we were older video games had come out and we didn't have them. To play a game, we had to actually walk to the store with a quarter to play. We got exercise if we wanted to play a game.

Please don't misunderstand me, I do enjoy technology. I like paying my bills online, being able to talk to my friends, sending an email or just catching up. It does make my life some what easier to shop for things I can't find locally. However, I think too much technology has made us forget our manners. We want, no we demand, things to be done quicker. Our manners have been pushed to the wayside, Please and thank you rarely exist, and it saddens me to see these things go to the wayside. People do not appreciate the going above and beyond that others do. They EXPECT it. This disppoints me and angers me at the same time.

I enjoy slowing down and enjoying what happens around me. I watch the buggies come by on sundays. I enjoy my drive to work everyday. After 12 years of driving the same road, I still find new things daily. I love sitting on the back porch having my coffee on my days off. ( just like I am today, i brought the laptop out with me.) I think we should go back to a time where romance involved a little yearning, patience and maybe even a little angst, a time where finding a letter from our beloved could get us through an entire week, a time where we are not so busy that we take an evening and spend it with our families playing board games, a time where dinner together with the TV off still happens and a time that taking a walk holding hands is not a special occaision it's a given.

It's my opinion that we as a whole should slow down, enjoy the simpler things and get back to our roots and stop being so busy that we cant enjoy those small things in life like the smell of the library, the sounds of frogs at night, the phases of the moon and baking cookies on a saturday afternoon. People keep saying they don't have time, but I think the real answer to that is, they don't make time.

That is what has happened with this blog. Facebook has taken over and I have decided snippets of my life and sarcastic posts will be enough than to sit and actually write a thought filled entry that provokes you to think or take action. I am changing that. I was challenged by another facebooker and fellow blogger to get back to this. I am up to that challenge and have decided more of my thoughts and ideas will be expressed here again. So I hope you all enjoy.. Especially you, Deneen!!

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