Friday, October 27, 2006

Thank You

I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you that made it possible for me to proudly write a check out to the Susan G Komen foundation for $3027 dollars last weekend..

I have been so incredibly busy .. i dont know which way is up .. once i slow down i might be able to catch up here..

i just wanted to give my sincerest thanks to all of you for making my donation possible..

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Varick.. my new boyfriend

he is strong and sleek.. and stylish and damned HOT..

he got here today .. about an hour ago..

and damn does he look good !!!

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And This One Time At Yarn School.....

i had to drive home in 14 hours of rain!!

but i had a great time .. it was a good time of learning.. dyeing ...cutting up.. and drinking of course !!

Kari and I are working on a page all about yarn school.. we have some pics to exchange and thigs to upload..and if you all cant tell.. i have been a little busy.. so more stuff soon !!

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ok I Did It

I found transport for my bike with the people i wanted to transport it.. Ironhorse out of Wisconsin.. they were the most personal and nice people .. and transport in a way that makes me feel good.. i wont have to find a place for them to turn around cause they haul in like a truck that can actually pull in my drive if need be.. WOOHOOO.. so on their way to Biketoberfest in Daytona.. they are gonna swing by Mukwonago.. pick up my baby and bring him to me.. I have already named him too.. and yeah i know most ppl name their vehicles after girls..and call them she.. but quite frankly i like riding boys better.. take that and run with it as much as you like but .. that is the truth!! so anyway .. i named him Varick..

so.. today i also went and got
my bedroom stuff.. i wanted to wait.. but you know what.. i just did it.. and decided to put off the kitchen for a little bit.. i have been really busy and i dont want to short circuit my poor little brain LOL.. so anyway .. i did it .. i went KING.. i am gonna feel like a princess in my new bed.. i got the bed.. a side table instead of the way too big nightstand....the dresser and mirror.. and the chest of drawers.. which i didnt think i was going to get but it had more storage room than the armoire.. and since i am putting the TV over the mantle i didnt need it to hide the TV.. so i went with the chest.. and i got a really cool ROUND chair.. its big enough to curl up in like a chaise.. but doesnt take up as much space.. so i have two days.. nothing like rushing myself huh ? .. to clean out my room and tear up the carpet.. i am sure i can do it.. how hard could it be?... there isnt too much in there anyway .. and once i clean the closets it should be smooth sailing.. cause i can get all the stuff i need in the closet and all the stuff that needs purged purged.. plus .. clean my shoes and get them organized into boxes.. woohoo.. i might even have time to do my curtains before the stuff gets here at 10 on friday .. i only have two windows in there so .. panels shouldnt take too much time.. i should be able to clean out the room and organize all my stuff tomorrow leaving thursday for sewing.. and its really not impairitive i get the curtains done before it gets here but it would be nice..

i just cant wait to have all that space to put stuff in LOL.. and i cant wait to roll around in all that space on my new bed !! my
new mattresses are gonna SO nice.. ok can you tell i am excited !! heheh..i bought two new sets of sheets tonight.. and i also bought a duvet cover set last week.. so tomorrow i do need to go get king sized pillows and also euro size pillows.. oh wait.. i have some of those.. for stufing the shams.. and of course find a couple king sized pillows to sleep on .. so i am ready .. gonna wash the sheets and the blanket i bought .. and get every thing all ready to roll .. so when they get here friday .. all they have to do is come in and set my stuff up.. then i can make my bed .. and i might just get back in there and stay all day LOL.. ok i dont think i can ramble much longer about this so .. i am gonna go..

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Pink For October

I went as pink as i could.. cause i am really not a pink girl.. but i hope this passes muster !!

Less than three weeks to my walk guys.. make a donation if you can .. i am matching to 5K..

i am getting really excited about it!! and YARN SCHOOL.. its so gonna rock..

anyway short and sweet today .. more tomorrow..!!

oh yeah ..THANKS KARI..!!

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