Thursday, November 15, 2007


I realise i still need to catch up Egypt..

i have had the busiest summer i think i have ever lived thru

i have been to 5 NASCAR races.. 3 bike rallies.. several rides.. several side trips..

tackled a little skin cancer in my head..

trying to beat what seems to be a thyroid problem at the moment

i am so tired lately i am having problems functioning.. on the days i do have energy i try to do as much as i can.. then i pay for it three days after by being beyond tired..

so in being tired it makes me depressed that i cant get all i need done .. done.. its a vicious circle and right now i just feel like checking out.. not seriously .. but there are days i just wanna hide in my bed and not get up.. and honestly there are days i do

so there you so.. what a great whiny post to start posting again with ..

but maybe it can be understood there are days i barely have the strength to take a shower.. typing is even a chore..

i am not mad at any one.. sometimes i just need to turn the world off..

not trying to now just trying to explain..

so bear with me.. i am gonna try to finish egypt.. fill you in on the races.. and my other trips ..

til then hang tight please..

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Thursday, November 15, 2007   4 martinis shaken not stirred


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