Sunday, June 29, 2008

Feeling Better

I am feeling better but not without cost. Of course the things in this life worth having usually come with a price. I am finally to a point where i want to pull my head out of the sand and start reintegrating myself back into the world.

I want to thank all those people that let me deal with it like i needed to with out making me feel worse about every thing else happening in my life. I tell you it wasnt many that is for sure. My family believe it or not, came through better for me than i ever thought possible. There were a few bumps in the road. At first my mom thought i could just snap out of it until she got to see me on a really bad day. My dad was pretty understanding. He knows i am smart enough to ask for help when needed and has always let me ask for what ever help i might need and not smother me. That was good. I think this whole thing has brought me and my family closer. It also showed me who would be there still standing in the end when all the smoke cleared.

I have been working on my house and yard. Things here are going slowly but they are going. I also have put in to actually have a job. I think part of this whole thing is i needed out of this house and to be a little more social. I dont have a huge network and i never will, but i think just having a reason to wake up and get going in the morning will be a very good thing for me. This company has a great benefits and an awesome 401 k plan. The past two years showed a nice contribution on the company's part. I am looking forward to it. I will be doing my drug test some time this week and the store opens in a couple weeks so i am guessing training will start soon.

I will still be doing all my other stuff.. this is just extra which will be nice and the best part is its only 8 miles from my house!!

Another good thing from this is my sisters and i have been having some very good and deep converstaions and we have decided to take a "family" vacation next year to Hatteras, NC. I have found a beach house that will accomodate us and all the kids. That us would be my mom and step dad.. my older sister and my niece jessica with my sisters husband and her stepkids.. the twins.. my younger sister .. her husband her two children and her two step children.. So we will have kids in the house ranging from 8 to 20.. I am already excited about it and its a year away. I am just goofy. I also have jessica's 21st coming up in December and we are headed to a long weekend in Vegas BABY!! .. well the we is my two sisters and jessica.. its going to be nice.

I have been promising to keep up with this blog.. I honestly am going to quit promising and see where it all goes. The longer i sit here "bored" the more i thought about writing. By the way the doc decided I had fibromyalgia.. and there was a small factor of my thyroid not fucntioning to full capacity but not low enough to cause some of the problems i was habing .. so now i am in the second lowest dose of Synthroid and 60 mg of Cymbalta daily. I have also been motivated to start working out and in the two weeks of starting i have not lost a pound but i have lost 4 inches total in the measurements i have taken .. those include upper arm, waist, hips , and upper thigh.. i didnt want to keep up with every thing but those are the ones i wanted to work on most. I am pretty proud.

In my abscence i have been to colorado to visit Lani and see her new house. May i say .. its GORGEOUS.. and the area she lives in is GORGEOUS.. and she took me for german food and my favourite waiter is still there and GORGEOUS !! LOL...i plan on going back this fall . That will definately be nice..

Well i think that is all i have to say for now . I have lots to tell and catch up on.. I need to get busy with that. This past year has been crazy of course. and i still have alot of egypt to tell !!

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