Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Weighed and Measured

Today was weigh and measure day here at the Jacobsen Gymn ... my niece and i started working out very regularly and decided to keep a work out journal .. keeping track of exercises.. reps.. etc.. and wednesdays are weigh and measure day.

So the big news is.. i lost 2.4 pounds and 1.75" today.. last week i didnt lose any weight.. but i lost 4".....this week was nice..we are going to start a harder cardio this week.. and more reps on a few of our exercises we have been doing.. that balance ball is the shiznit!! i never knew how much you could do with one and how challenging it could be.. we have been doing this for three weeks now.. and i already feel stronger and better.. and i feel best the days i work out.. i take a couple off in the week but i think i am gonna make that only one.. and just rotate between weigh/ball work outs and cardio..

any way .. just trying to keep up with this thing .. and i will try to recap my year here soon ..

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