Thursday, August 28, 2008


Yes .. I admit it.. i am in love..

in love with Rona !

so is Lani... i hope i am not telling your secrets LOL!!

we are both having a mini knit along with each other starting the 1st of September.. feel free to join in.. let either of us know.. and we can keep tabs on your progress as you keep tabs on ours..

this is gonna be so fun.. i hope i finish before lani.. but i think she will beat me.. and yes.. i have gotten over DPN fear .. and will start this on them !! wooooooooooohooooooooooooo...

and just as luck would have it.. i have the perfect yarn in my stash.. i will be able to do this shawl with one long strand.. no grafting or weaving ends for me .. YAY!!

i have also been finishing up some things and posting on that glorious place called Ravelry !!

yeah yeah .. i am late to the party but at least i am there .. finally .. and i am finally feeling better as well !!

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