Friday, December 12, 2008

Vegas Bound

so this weekend we are vegas bound..

the we i am talking about.. me, my two sisters, and my niece who just turned 21 on monday !!!!! we are leaving early in the AM.. and will be there til monday with our return home monday in the early evening

i have booked us a room at The Signature at the MGM and we have a funfilled weekend planned.. i have some old friends to see and so does my niece.. we will see them sunday evening for dinner.. friday when we get in we will maybe take a nap go get a few things from the grocery and then go out to explore.. then saturday have a nice lunch and explore some more .. sunday i think we may hit hoover dam go to dinner and maybe some drunken bowling later .. then leave monday morning to return home..

i am excited.. been looking forward to this for a long time.. and its been way too long since my sisters and i have gotten to get out of town, and we have vowed to try to make this a more frequent event.. like maybe every three months make a spa date out of town .. maybe just in nashville.. but a weekend none the less..

this past year has been good for me.. there have been some difficult times..but it has brought me closer to my family and sisters.. and this is an awesome thing.. its been good.. i have no complaints...anyway .. i have to finish packing.. see you all later !!

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