Thursday, January 08, 2009


sometimes our lives need rennovation.. sometimes its our houses.. and at this point.. for me.. its both...

my niece is due to move in on the 20th and i sit here exhasuted.. tired triceps.. sore calves.. aching shoulders.. feeling great.. i feel accomplished.. i feel powerful.. i feel proud.. i have worked hard the past couple weeks.. purging things from my house.. placing things in storage to get ready to do a few projects downstairs.. i have been working on Jecasso's room upstairs as well.. the bedroom.. the relaxing room can be finished when she gets here..

in her bedroom we have put up insulation.. ceiling tiles.. and i am about to go keep cracking on getting the paneling up the stairs and on the walls as far as i can go.. i still need a couple insulation boards.. but i can get at least half the panels up tonight if i try real hard.. i think i need some coffee..LOL.. or spinach!! lol

so once all that is all up then the carpet can go down and the trim up and viola! done ! LOL.. jecasso spent yesterday evening painting trim a deep chocolate brown.. well the colour is called tree bark.. and the walls will be tiger eye.. a gorgeous golden brown.. she will also have red wall paper on a couple walls that looks like notes are written on it.. with a little international travel border in the middle.. yes i will take pics.. its gonna be gorgeous!!

she will have a platform bed.. and a small sitting area with a TV in it for her personal use.. the other room which can be completed later.. will look like the inside of a harem tent.. the walls will be draped with creme coloured fabric with sheer layers of colours over it .. with some nice cushy carpet and huge pillows every where.. this will be her computer space plus the space that has the cable and the movie channels and will offer a clear space for our yoga, belly dancing, and pilates work outs !

its actually going to be nice to have some one in this big house with me.. i have been rattling around here alone for a very long time and its gonna be a treat to have some one to hang out with and share with.. i know it sounds weird but i think its gonna be fun! of course i know Jessica loves her privacy and i would never butt in on that unless she asked etc.. but i think having some one here will motivate me into being a better house keeper .. it will help me eat better because i will have both of us to cook for .. and it will just be fun..

anyway .. off to work again!! have a great evening and watch for pictures in the coming days .. i should have some in oh say about a week !! actually i am hoping even before that !!

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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sitting Here

Sitting here ..

listening to the rain tapping on my window
thoughts of us .. 20 years ago .. wander thru my head

many different scenarios run around as well

i remember you fondly

you said i made you nervous.. maybe i will understand that one day

if you decide to translate the statement..

my heart breaks for you .. the loss of your mother .. i cant imagine

i watched you .. as she was lowered into the ground.. i wanted to wrap you in comfort

because it didnt seem your wife was too concerned..

maybe we can be friends this spring

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Friday, January 02, 2009

The New Year

so .. lets recap

this past year has been a year of ups and downs..and finally i feel i am back on the up...

i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after fighting with doctors for months.. i got on meds.. and i feel so much better..

i got a job with a good company that despite all the economic turmoil.. has still grown the past few years..

i finally let go of a toxic relationship that has lasted off and on for the better part of 10 years.. and honestly i feel better about that too .. now i just have to get myself back to good.. but that is probably going to take a little while..

i survived las vegas with my sisters and niece with out much incident.. which is always good..

the holidays were nice and low key..with out fight or flare up and i got to share thanksgiving with some one new and special to me..

i had to recently attend a funeral and have another tomorrow..

i didnt do alot of motorcycle riding because i was adjusting to meds and now i have more things i have to do .. like work at a job outside of the house LOL.. and find time to clean and take care of my animals

this year .. i plan on it being a bit different.. i plan to work .. do more riding and enjoy myself with out the shackles of past emotional prison.. my anxiety .. depression and pain..

this year i am going to make sure i know who i still am.. i think i lost my way a little bit in the past couple years..

so here is hoping this year will be better than the last..

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