Friday, December 30, 2005

oh also


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Why Is it.. ??

that small things like recieving a 50% off Michael's coupon in the mail makes me giddy as hell? .. is it because i already know I will be buying the 99 snowflakes to crochet book with it .. or is it just because simple things amuse me ?

whatever LOL.. i dont care.. i am happy .. and sunday.. i am gonna go get my snowflake book and see how many of those bitches i can get done for snowflake monday ..

why is it when some one wants to understand more about me.. they go to someone else instead of the source? dont they realize that is how rumours and false information gets perpetuated along the way .. i mean really .. i dont bite.. hard..

why is it so difficult for ppl to spell check.. ??seriously .. i mean i know i have typos.. but damn.. i have all the right letters.. they just arent always in the right place..

and lastly.. i would like to know .. why a seemingly sane group of adults gets their panties all in a wad when one person says what about half the others are thinking and are afraid to say it out loud.. you would think it would be handled like adults but .. well no it seems every one reverts back to third grade mentality and reacting emotionally instead of logically .. makes me so fucking crazy . ..

i guess that is all the randomness i have for the day ..

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Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Whatever Holiday

well happy holiday to you all .. whichever you chose to celebrate this year... I hope all of you had a safe and happy holiday season ..

i spent my day yesterday in quiet .. It was nice.. Had a large dinner .. I cooked.. It was nice.. Filet mignon.. Asparagus with hollandaise.. Baked potato with the works.. And apple pie from scratch.. Even the crust!!

I worked on charity blankets .. Seemed the thing to do yesterday and watched The Grinch.. movie and cartoon.. And A Christmas Story .. Which makes me laugh every time .. "You'll shoot your eye out !"...And "I triple dog dare you " not to mention I had to laugh at
Kari for receiving a leg lamp !!

I got my one and only wish this year.. My dad is up over 150 and still steadily gaining!! That is all I wanted.. And I got it .. THANKS SANTA !!

It was just a nice relaxed day here at Casa Jacobsen.. and today I joined in on
Snowflake Mondays.. I AM gonna get at least 50 flakes done this year if it kills me.. I really want more but that is my goal.. If I break it .. I will be happy !! So cheer me on !

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Gilded Lily

as lani helped me name her.. hee..

here she is .. all finished.. i didnt get the hand dyed silk ribbon.. but i sure do like my choice.. basketweave silk ribbon in coral .. and some gorgeous glass beads.. this was my third attempt at a flower.. the first two.. i was thinking to hard.. dontcha hate it when that happens.. ?

so anyway .. here she is !

and me of course ..

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

I Am In Love....


freaked you out.. cause it reallly isnt THAT kind of love.. but... man.. is it close ..

i found a nice man on
crochetville that hand carves hooks .. with a buck pocket knife..seriously.. and commissioned this little beauty..its out of a random fruit wood.. that has a natural lilac vein going thru it.. its fits my hand as if i had been there when he made it so he could fit my grip and hand.. and if he wasnt already married.. i might consider running off with him .. hehe

and of course here are action shots of me using it ..

and i was so pleased with how it felt.. i didnt want to put it down so here is what i made tonight.. for ME.. !!

of course its not finished.. but .. i wanted to post it away way ..

its a before and after.. made from lamb's pride bulky in lime ade.. turned out nice i think ..

i will be adding a beaded flower .. and some hand dyed silk ribbon for a band.. more pictures when i finish it

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Secret Admirer

Dear Secret Admirer..

thank you very much ..

these made my day .. now if i only knew who you were

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Tears of JOY!!

I just received this note in my email from my step mom....

The new cancer DR. was impressed with how good Richard is doing from everything he had been through. He weighed 151lbs. Wed. He will go for check-ups every 3 mos. for 2 yrs. and then every 6 mos. for 3 yrs. In March he gets a CT scan to see how things are. They drew blood Wed. to check it. He eats whatever he wants now (also drinks Pepsi) without any problems. It is so good to see him doing so well.

did you see that 151!!!!!! and no food restrictions!!

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Sweet Dreams...

just finished this sweet blankie up .. its from The Best of Terry Kimbrough Baby Afghans.. number 3 Sweet blue .. silk rayon.. its really prettier in person ..

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Guilt.. the best Motivator

so.. you know i try to be the best autie in the world and sometimes it just doesnt work out that way .. mainly because I have never had kids and dont think in a kid there we were at my sisters house.. all the kids around and the girls clamouring for crochet lessons.. I thought it would be nice to get them all a skein of yarn and their very own hook .. my sister and her husband had a few errands to run so they asked who wanted to go with whom.. well of course all three girls wanted to go with me.. Dallas decided he was coming with us.. so.. my sister tossed me the keys to the minivan .. and said "welcome to the world of MOM.." it was kind of funny .. and for a little while i got a taste of what it would be like to have 4 kids.. i know some of you reading are scared for the kids at this point.. i will tell you all turned out well so dont worry ok? ..

So.. off we went.. it was kind of funny to watch ppl watching me.. as we went into the store.. a guy held the door open for all of us.. and the mom gave me a look like.. "4? and you look that great!" or maybe it was more like.." OMG 4?"... who knows .. I would like to think the first one is true so that is what I will go with ..

we got in .. Dallas in the cart .. all girls touching the cart and me pushing.. those were the rules had to be in or touching the cart til we got the the yarn aisle..Dallas wants to know where the food is.. cause he only came cause he thought we were gettin gfood.. he was disappointed when i had to tell him there wasnt any .. in the hook aisle i told them they could pick whatever hook they wanted.. i almost started to worry then realized they all liked shiny .. so aluminums were chosen by all of them .. then the yarn .. they went thru shopping like me with their hands.. fun furs.. sparkles.. etc.. i showed them the section of simply soft and told them they could have any colour from there.. because they needed a smooth yarn to see what they were doing.. ok .. yarn picked out .. check.. hooks picked out.. check.. ready to go check out .. so that is what we did..

We make it back to the house .. i drop the girls off and go do a small errand.. and come back to Dallas a little upset with me .. hmmm.. here is the dialog.. Dallas is only 4 .. well almost 5 ..

me: dallas are you mad at me ?

Dallas : yes

me: do you still love me ?

Dallas: *grunt*

puzzled.. then my sister takes me to the side.. she was like the girls got something at hobby lobby and dallas didnt DOH!!!! little kids think every thing is presents.. i thought hooks and yarn were supplies.. so i left out poor Dallas.. but it wasnt on purpose .. just wasnt thinking.. so i go over to him and tell him i am sorry and ask what i can do to make it better..

me: Dallas.. i am sorry .. i didnt mean to leave you out.. what can i do

Dallas: make me a hat!

me: i can do that

Dallas: to match my coat!

me: ok..

Dallas : with puppy ears !!


my brother in law was cringing .. Dallas dances around doing the "puppy dance" and he hates it.. so.. there I was making him a hat so he could do it more .. inside.. i was silently laughing.. really hard.. cause.. well you know how it is dont you ? any way this is the result of my evening ..

my guilt ridden evening... one each puppy hat in black orange and white to match the jacket and a damned cute model!!

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<<<--------new stuff over there for sale.. just thought i would point it out ..

and of course let you know i am alive.. and the christmas gift stress hasnt gotten to me yet.. *eye lid twtiching.. *

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Friday, December 09, 2005


ok.. i have had it!! seriously had it .. there are so many negative people I cant stand it any more.. seriously.. I know I am not always the most uplifting person.. but for the love of bacon!.. I am not going to point fingers and name names.. but if you read my blog and it applies to you .. then so be it .. if it doesnt disregard.. and you just might agree with me too ..

in the course of my daily surfing there are places i go.. people i see.. and lately i will say i have seen more negativity coming out from mainly one person(there are a few but one seems to have enough saved to just outweigh every one else)
.. than i have seen in a long while.. if it isnt giving unsolicited opinion or grousing about something you recieved for free.. its just general negativity.. and it SUCKS! and personally if that is the way you are in real life .. i feel for those around you ..

i can see a bad day every now and then .. i can see the random gripe.. cause I have those and do those too( i am doing it now) .. but come on! .. i would dare say 9 out of the 10 things i come across from this person are negative .. or has some sort of negative connotation.. and if it didnt start that way it gets turned that way .. i have some advice.. please go drink some green tea and chill.. and be thankful for all the good things in your life.. not complain about the colour of the yarn you got for FREE!!.. or your significant others worst habit.. or .. the worst experience you have ever had etc..

I have come too far in this life to dwell on shit like makes me crazy.. I have a different outlook i suppose.. i have cheated death.. I have been to the brink and back.. i am lucky .. and fucking estatic every day i wake up and realize i am still breathing.. cause i know how quickly that can be taken away .. I have fought sickness to be here. .. three times.. no less.. and I will say i have a less than tolerant outlook when other people use their sickness as a crutch .. and even less tolerant attitude extended to people who cant find one bit of joy in their lives and have to spread the rot to every one else..

ok i am breathing .. i promise.. just sick to death of the continual negativity and cant believe one person has so much built up.. gonna go punch on my speed bag a while.. be back later.. with tales of home !!

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Going Back

headed back to NC .. here are a few highlights from my trip!...cause who doesnt like pictures right ?

ENJOY.. details later..

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

What A Day

so.. the trip so far has been good.. til this evening.. the family turmoil doesnt seem like its going to ever let up as long as the rot is still around.. it just keeps tainting every thing.. and now my sisters boyfriend thinks he can control me and where i go and dont go .. haha jokes on him cause i will do what i want especially when it partains to public places.. and i dont care how "uncomfortable" he is.. he has single handedly insulted.. offended or hurt every person in my immediate family so to hell his comfort zone..

i am not going to let his negativity effect the rest of my visit or my posts here.. he isnt worth my time

on a good note.. I have some new really nice hand dye listed on eBay right now.. freshly listed earlier tonight.. buy it now so no waiting..and free shipping in all my auctions and store items til Christmas ..just click the big.. "I Sell Yarn On Ebay" link over in my side bar.. you know you wanna!!

my house is looking really good.. i need one semi warm day ( read over 50 degrees) so I can get the rest of my yard stuff done.. i have some mulch to spread and some bushes to trim.. and I am thinking of pruning the apple trees while I am here but not sure its been cold enough to do so yet.. any one know?

I am up in the air as to when to leave here.. i could bust ass and get every thing done by monday and head home .. or i could fuck off a little more .. and leave a little later in the week.. who knows.. i guess i will just fly by the seat of my pants as usual.. nothing really exciting to talk about.. well its exciting to me.. but i think in written words the actual cuteness or funniness would be lost .. alot of you had to be there moments happening this week..

I hope every one has a great weekend.. will pop back in soon !!

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