Saturday, December 30, 2006

I Think I Have A Winner

i reviewed the rules for the plate.. its 5 alpha or numeric symbols and a dash and/or space..

so i think i have a winner


what do you think ?


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Tuesday, December 26, 2006


"Well I have leg cramps but not from that dammit"

i SAID.. lamps!!

not cramps

why would i wish any one cramps.. burfica.. you are KILLING me LOL but you know i love you anyway ..

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Monday, December 25, 2006

He Looks Like

a pink nightmare !!

can you tell what i am watching LOL TBS has had "A Christmas Story" running since 8/7central last night and will continue to do so til 8 tonight.. if you havent watched it yet .. you should .. i LOVE this movie..

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays whatever holiday you observe.. i hope you all have wonderful holidays.. mine have been relaxing and good.. i am just kicking back wth an eggnog latte waiting to go to my sisters for christmas dinner at 2...

i hope santa was good to all you good little boys and girls and even better to the naughty ones (that would be me and YES he was super nice this year)

the only thing that could have made this christmas better would have been a little company curled up with me last night.. and some snow...other than that .. it couldnt be much better...

here's wishing you a wonderful new year.. and leg lamps for every one !!

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

It's Beginning To ...

look alot like christmas .. every where you go .. even my bedroom LOL

i am trying to get into christmas .. its taking a bit this year.. so here are the extent of my decorations.. its fun i think .. i wish i could find my tripod.. i could have gotten the "glow" you cant see because i needed no flash and the shutter to stay open a long time.. and of course .. i cant hold the camera still that long..

anyway .. enjoy!

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Little Help Please?

so.. i was thinking today.. i know a dangerous thing for me to be doing LOL.. as i was coming home from the grocery store (yes Kari .. i finally went LOL) that i wanted a personalized tag for Varick..

so if you will.. please submit any and all suggestions in my comment area.. there might be some sort of prize involved.. not sure yet.. at any rate can only be 6 letters/numbers and/or spaces ..i will have a vote of the top say five.. if i get that many and go from there how does that sound ?

lets see what you creative geniuses can come up with

this is my short list so far maybe you guys can come up with something i like better







ok guys hit me with your best shot !

thanks !!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blah and a gift

today i have the remnants of a lingering headache.. somehow .. i got rid of most of it last night/early this morning .. but this evening .. damn it came back with a vengance .. now its almost gone again.. i know i know i know.. staring at this screen isnt helping either but that hasnt been the cause .. i wore the wrong perfume.. and now i am paying.. how sad..

on another fucked up note.. i bought
THESE boots from ebay .. i have always had good luck with ebay .. i also bought another pair of boots from this same seller that was perfect.. however.. this pair.. when i recieved them .. one was new and one had definate was very obvious it was not new.. and the pair had been advertised new with out box.. so .. i contact the seller.. it seemed all was gonna be ok .. i sent the worn boot back and awaited my return boot.. she said she had a new one she could send me that is all i had to do ..

do fast forward.. today i realized its been a month and i had not heard from her.. she didnt let me know she even got the boot i sent back so i emailed.. and she tried to turn this all back on me saying she had my boot but didnt know where it came from.. what a FUCKTARD...she had my address.. and if she was any kind of seller she could have figured out where this mysterious boot came from... she said i didnt send the info she asked for with the boot.. hello? she didnt ask for any info she jsut said send it back she would replace it..

so you can imagine my disbelief.. when i sent this email today :

you have had a month to resolve this.. i think i have been more than patient.. please advise on the status of my exchage..

thank you

and i got this reply:

more information please, especially after a month. what is the item number and problem?

then of course by this point i was assed up.. and sent this :

you are kidding me right?

i bought two pair of boots from you ' pair was great .. the other was half great because i recieved a very used boot that was sold to me as new.. you agreed to exchange it.. i sent the boot on november 8th .. and now its december 11th and i still only have one usable boot in my posession...i either want my other boot ASAP or i want my money back.. period.. this is a ridiculous amount of time to wait for a resolution to a problem you said you would fix as soon as you recieved my boot..

so this is what she had to say back :

right. with your returned boot there was NONE of the information that i ask for when a return is received, i have been waiting for you to email me.I do not see what is wrong with this boot however i will refund your money,just send the second boot back so that i can relist them, i do not haveanother pair. with your return please write on a piece of paper the item number,date that they were paid, reason for return and your email address.

ok first off she didnt ASK for anything in that email when she said return the boot did she? is it hidden in some weird language between the letters she wrote there?was i supposed to decode the message when she simply told me to send the boot back and she would replace it ?

ok so here is what i had to say back cause by this point i was burning:

i am sorry you cant see the obvious wear on that boot when you get the other one back you will see there is a scratch on the front of the one i sent and about 1/8" of the rubber missing off the sole of heel of the boot..its obviously been worn .. .. and you didnt ask me for ANY information when i returned said boot.. you just asked me to send it back and you had another boot to send me straight back and i have sat here waiting... as amatter of fact i DID email you the day i sent the boot back to you telling you it was on the way ..i didnt recieve any indication that you had even recieved the boot

so i guess your business practice is to let your customer deal with whats wrong and had i not said a thing you would have sat there in your laziness and not looked up where the boot came from or who bought it.. and kept myboot and my money .. leaving me with one boot i cant wear with out a match..


i will be SURE to giveyou all the info you asked for this time.. had i known i would have had to return the other boot .. i would have just sent the pair to begin with and saved myself soem shipping now i am out shipping for two boots . and still have NO BOOTS.. assured me you had another you would gladly replace mine me i will not send my friends your way nor will i ever buy another item from you

and let me tell you all i took pics of these boots.. they are on my PC i happen to be on my laptop at the moment.. but Kari saw them and she is my witness.. this boot looked like it had been walked in about 20 miles.. no joke.. there was NO DOUBT it was a used boot.. and to be fair.. i even gave her the option in giving me a partial return because i would have bought the boots even used.. i just hated the fact she tried to pass off used boots as NEW.. and have me pay new price for them .. but she didnt wanna do that she said she could replace it and now wanted to turn it on me.. GAH.. ppl make me crazy..

on a really GOOD note though that has rekindled a little of my fate in mankind... this showed up on my door step.. as an early christmas gift from a really great guy who has asked to remain nameless.. needless to say he is a good friend and is there for me when i need him.. THANKS!! and it fits perfect.. and of course the pics dont do it justice.. i will have to take some once i wash it and wear it again

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

One Word

i snagged this from some where i cant remember ..

thought it would be a challenge to me since i usually have alot more than one word to say at any given time

You. Can. Only. Type. One. Word. No. Explanations.

1. Yourself: Sexy

2. Your spouse: none

3. Your hair: long

4. Your mother: trying

5. Your father: whipped

6. Your dream last night: vivid

7. Your favorite drink: water

8. Your dream car: vintage

9. Your bedroom: new

10. Your fear: clowns

11. What you want to be in 10 years: settled

12. Who you hung out with last night: mystery

13. What you’re not: stupid

14. Muffins: lemon

15. Time: morning

16. The last thing you did: bowling

17. What you are wearing: nothing

18. Your favorite weather: fall

19. The last thing you ate: sandwich

20. Your life: great

21. Your mood: nice

22. Your best friend: Kari

23. What are you thinking about right now? sex

24. Your car: Mini

25. What are you doing at the moment? blogging

26. Your summer: hectic

27. Your relationship status: unsure

28. What is on your TV? nothing

29. What is the weather like? warm

30. When is the last time you laughed? today

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Friday, December 01, 2006

A Recipe For A Night Of Fear

I will confess.. there arent too many things that scare me.. but fuck if last nights storm didnt scare the bejeezus out of me ..

so here is the recipe..

one large temperature change (from 73 to 34 in about 4 hours)

tornado like winds

downed electric lines

one house burning down

rattling windows

five animals going crazy


no electricity most of the night..

so here is the deal .. we set temperature records with the high yesterday at 73..i decided i might need to go out last night to get some things cause i knew it was gonna drop and today was gonna be really cold... so the two hours i was out it dropped a full 10 degrees..and the rain started pissing down.. so i get home still not bad .. about 53 degrees..

then..the rain stopped and i thought..this isnt so bad.. but the wind picked up and i swear the widows sounded like they were gonna come out of the panes last night... the wind picked up and the temperature started to drop..and the rain came back for a little bit..

things were ok til the electricity went out.. so i am sitting here in candlelightlistening to thewind and rain with the dogs going crazy.. so they needed out so i got up to take them and i swear i felt like dorothy..i knew we were gonna be blown away.. so while i was out side i looked around a little .. trying to take in damage and i see smoke coming up over my neighbors house..

so i walked a little down the drive way .. and look across the stree.. a dawned electrical line as sparked "just right" and set the house on fire.. at the time i saw it .. it had started on the roof.. well our fire dept here is volunteer.. so every one was rousted out of bed but by the time they got there the roof was well under way.. and he lines were whipping around.. so the fire fighters couldnt get real close because of the lines and also the near 60 mph unpredictable winds blowing flames in wild directions.. they did what they could which wasnt much.. and this morning.. well only foundation and a little rubble left on the space that used to be a two story victorian similar to mine..

so i didnt sleep til about 6 am this morning.. and it still wasnt a sound one.. wind was still whipping and the electric had gone out again .. so as far as i can see the only real damage around here .. is the wind lifted the topper for th etruck off the ground and flipped it on its back.. and knocked my gnome over... and the garbage can.. iwill have to get on the roof in a few days when the wind is gone and its a little warmer..

so long story short.. i am ok .. every thing is ok.. but damn if mother nature isnt scary.. i have great respect for nature.. its unpredictable and all powerful

i hope you all have a great day and take the time to tell the ppl you love just how much they mean.. cause seriously you never know when the last time you get to talk to them will be ..

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