Monday, February 26, 2007

Pink and Sparkles

pink and sparkles are ok if you are like under 12 .. or look like a barbie in real time.. i am neither of those things so i am sure you can imagine my utter and total disgust at the new clothing being put out by Harley this season .. sure if you are a barbie doll that sits on the back of a bike.. you are allowed pink and sparkles.. if however you dont happen to be a barbie nor do you sit on back.. i think its a little much .. i would say the majority of the spring stuff for women at the dealer had some sort of sparkle to it .. glitter.. crystals.. rhinestones.. metallic thread.. etc.. and a good bit was pink and/or purple pink.. gag me.. i know i am not the run of the mill girl type.. pink has never been one of my favourite colours.. i will wear it now and again .. but wouldnt be my first choice ... and sparkles.. PUH-LEESE.. i think i liked sparkles for like 10 minutes when i was 8.. i was informed by one sales lady that sparkles were making a come back! no in this girls closet..

i just think there was an over kill of it .... i was at not one but two dealers this past week .. i guess this out look is also tempered by the fact that i dont understand fringe or tassles.. not on clothing anyway .. and especially not on leather..

also lets note.. i tried on not one but five different jackets.. and NONE of them would zip up over by boobies with out having to squish them .. HELLO? for fucks sake harley .. if i am wearing an XL .. that probably means i have boobies that are XL also .. come on .. cut me a damned break.. i was ready and willing to spend some money in your store.. and came out with a couple t shirts .. and that was it..

that is the exact reason i went some where else for my jacket and chaps.. cause lets face it harley .. your chaps.. for women.. umm too boxy and androgynous looking.. pair that with a jacket that smashes my boobies almost flat.. and you get that look that no one knows if you are man or woman going down the road.. i am not asking for a fashion show.. nor am i huge girly girl but i DO want people to KNOW what gender i am .. is that too much to ask.. and NO the answer is NOT to make your boxy shit in pink.. the answer is to listen to your women customers and DO something about it..

cause get this .. harley.. women are more likely to spend the money on the stuff than men are.. men will buy one t shirt and if women like the looks enough they will leave with 3.. so i think you guys need to smarten up .. !!!

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Getting It Together

its all coming together.. passports in hand.. new luggage.. packing started.. tickets to NYC.. arrangements made to get to and fromthe airport etc.. its coming together and becoming real.. in 4 days we will be IN egypt.. i really cant wait.. this is a trip of a life time and i am sure we will have the time of our lives..

jessica and i are also planning a little joint garden venture this year too.. that will be fun.. i want to put out a small garden this year.. i have missed fresh vegetables.. and canning .. and making things.. and growing things.. i love the thought of being a producer.. i am hoping one day this week will be clear enough i can get my apple trees pruned .. they need it really bad..

i have so much to do .. and some days i cant seem motivated to do it .. i have to get this stuff done.. i have a laundry list of things.. so maybe this trip will recharge me enough to get my ass in gear to get all this stuff done and finished up .. that will be nice.. i need a little recharging and energy .. of course i know some of this could be taken care of with my eating habits.. since i have let them go by the wayside.. and i need to get them back on track.. that is for sure.. i have to get myself back on a schedule and get some things rocking ...

spring always fills me with hope and energy.. and i cant wait for it to get here in full force.. i have several projects around the house that need done and i cant wait for it to get warm enough to do so .. the joys of old house living.. i dont heat the whole thing in winter so when its cold here .. its COLD.. lol.. at any rate.. its time for me to get off my ass and get my day going.. the race is at 3.. so i need to get some stuff done before it starts .. cause well .. i am gonna watch it .. i am so glad racing is back.. i have missed it alot !!!

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Egypt Egypt

plans are final and we board the plane march 1st.. we will be back the 9th.. i am beside myself .. Jessica and I have been thinking about this for a year.. and now its reality..

it will become more real once those passports hit my doorstep monday or tuesday and the final schedule is sent.. the flight from here to NYC has been booked.. luggage has been bought and planning has taken place.. its kind of like a dream ..and of course wont be totally real to me until we board that plane on the 1st..

jessica is as excited as i am .. we are gonna have a great time.. its been an adventure looking up rules and restrictions.. 62 inches is the bag limit 45 inches for carry on.. and of course 70 pounds weight limit .. but damn i dont think i will need 9 pounds of crap for every day i am there.. surely that should be non issue right?

maybe i will pack an extra bag to bring the souveniers back .. because i really only wanted to take one large bag.. we shall see how it all works out i should have all my packing done and ready to go by the middle of next week .. iknow its crazy i am all organized.. but this is jsut two weeks away and i have to have a plan .. i am trying to be better

i do have to say i was surprised yesterday when i got the most sublime flowers ever.. i dont have a pic but let me jsut say .. 12 deep red roses.. 6 white calla lilies .. eucalyptus all in a silver champagne bucket how nice !!!

i spent the evening in .. it was cold as all get out here.. had chili dogs and tater tots.. how comforting LOL.. i have been feeling a little icky today .. tired.. slept most of the day .. have a little cough and a little soreness of the throat...been drinking tea .. and taking a bit of thera flu.. so.. hopefully i have kicked it before it got a hold of me too badly and if not .. hot toddys tomorrow LOL

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Random Thoughts

just me .. late at night with alot of random thoughts..

i dont know how many people will agree or disagree with the things i am about to say .. but you know these are things i think about .. and /or believe..

i really think monogamy is overrated.. i think honesty should be the greatest factor in a relationship.. maybe some day i will find the man that changes my mind about this but ... i am unsure that will ever happen.. all iknow is as long as you are honest with all the people you are involved with and they can deal wtih it then why tie yourself to just one person when its against the nature of man anyway ... (oh yeah i can see the comments i am gonna get now )

and i want to know if i am such a wonderful person.. why am i sitting here alone .. on friday .. or any day for that matter

i want to know what the hell happened to manners.. tonight i encountered exactly 7 rude children in the span of a half hour.. what has happened to being a parent and being responsible..

also.. why do we pander to those that get "offended" at every thing.. cause seriously .. this is America.. freedom of speech .. i have th e freedom to say things you dont like.. and you have the freedom to say things i might not necessarily like.. you should be glad we have these freedoms instead of complaining about every thing that "offends" you

i am also tired of every one feeling sorry for the "darwins" of this world that eliminate themselves.. if you are so stupid that you use drugs and od.. or you drive with out a seat belt.. or wanna speed down the road with no helmet and hit a tree and die.. well DUH!... think about what you are doing.. and dont sit there and try to over think it or say "oh lets make a law to make that illegal" because its not the motorcycle or the car or even the drugs that killed them .. it was their decision to do these things..

i firmly believe the gene pool is getting weaker and weaker because we allow weaker and weaker people to contribute to it.. at what point do we say .. maybe we shouldnt take this step in keeping some one alive.. seriously .. natural selection doesnt work any more .. because we have a fix for every thing and in turn for that we keep people alive that might not need to be .. ( more nasty comments coming i am sure )

i am feeling very controversial tonight .. can you tell LOL

anyway these are the things that have been wandering aimlessly thru my head thought i might ought to get them out ..

have a nice day !!

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Valentine Ball

SO .. there i was .. no plans for the weekend (mine fell through actually) so my sister calls me and asks what i am doing for saturday night.. i say nothing why .. and she is like.. well vince (her fiancee) is out of town and we had tickets to a Valentine Ball .. why dont you come with ?

sure.. i just need an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes and go out drinking and dancing..

we really had a good time.. we laughed we danced.. we drank..

here are a few pics of us all dolled up .. and one with my sisters friend Will..

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

i LOVE green

i dont know how much closer to me this could have been .. how odd..

You Are Emerald Green
Deep and mysterious, it often seems like no one truly gets you.Inside, you are very emotional and moody - though you don't let it show.People usually have a strong reaction to you... profound love or deep hate.But you can even get those who hate you to come around. There's something naturally harmonious about you.
What Color Green Are You?

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