Monday, March 20, 2006

Hot Off The Wire!

Attention every one ..

After a year long battle .. my dad returned to work this past friday .. an abbreviated schedule.. but hey.. he's back at it !

I would like to give you a quick reminder .. at his lowest point he had lost down to 118 pounds from 198.. he is back to 175.. and almost back to "good ole dad" .. i couldnt be happier..

i really think my heart could burst from elation

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Happiness Is......

NEW SHOES! ( and yes i am estatic about them even though the rest of my entry may not seem to reflect that )

and how perfect are these ? the right pink ..and they have VENTS.. in the sides and under the arch.. cause i really hate hot feet!..

i couldnt believe when i found them today .. i was in love and the price was right .. i cant wait to give them their first walk tomorrow morning.. before the race !

have been an absent blogger cause i really havent had much to say.. i am sick of accusations.. untruths.. rumours.. and fuckwits.. bottom line is .. if you really want to know what i do .. take the time to ask .. i sound like a fucking broken record and i am sick of saying it.. nothing really new.. in case the few of you out there that keep up with me think there is .. just sick of it.. sick of stupid people in general .. not only on line which seems lately they have just kept mulitplying but a few in real time as well .. and no matter how many times you tell them something it just doesnt sink in.. i want to shake them

then of course there is a Fuckwit named Matt out there that found it necessary to write his name in the dust on the back of my car this afternoon.. not only do i find that disrespectful.. but i find it rude and also i feel its almost like trespassing.. apparently Matt has never owned a car nor has he ever had to buff out scratches made from that kind of behaviour.. so Matt.. i hope when you get a car some one hooks you up the way you did me this afternoon .. fucker..

despite the fact that my entry seems a little down on the end.. its really not bad.. just things in general.. i do have a good life.. i am very fortunate.. and i take the time to be grateful every day for all i have.. i had a good day today .. had lunch at Panera.. got some shoes.. even bought kitty litter and wet cat food on sale at PetsMart .. it was nice and sunny .. i tooled around Lowe's for a little while getting ideas for my house once i get home.. (not long now .. less than 90 days !) and went to the library where i checked out "Out of Africa" and a biography of Truman Capote by George Plimpton.. both should be good reads.. i started "Out of Africa" this afternoon when i got home..

so anyway .. i am off to work on the never ending Harry Potter scarf.. have a glass of shiraz and have a pleasant rest of the night ..

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Fun Times


this morning i hit 25,000 hits on my blog.. how exciting !!

in other exciting news.. Kari.. has set up a new message board.. something a little more intimate.. and smaller .. and less dramatic.. not that i dont love the other board i frequent.. i just feel i have to reel my real self in way too much be too guarded.. edit myself and thoughts because if i dont some one will pick them apart to no end leaving me frustrated and well almost angry .. and here i can just be.. and that feels nice..

so come join us !!

Dreams of Dogwoods

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Project Yuckway

If you havent seen the finale of Project Runway dont read any farther..

but.. let me just say .. I am SO disappointed in the outcome.. BEYOND disappointed..

the Three finalist.. Chloe.. Daniel.. Santino.. I hated Chloe's collection.. HATED it .. but she won.. I guess maybe i dont have the creative vision these other people have( or smoking the same crack pipe!) .. but i thought Santino should have won.. I have been a huge Santino fan from the go.. how could i not like him.. outspoken .. honest funny .. if he were straight i would date him (that voice.. god that voice) .. at any rate his collection was beautiful .. gorgeous his fabrics flowed.. colours were beautiful.. i loved the leather corset top.. Daniel would have been my second place pick.. his stuff was clean .. and nice.. but Chloe.. give me a break! that pink fabric was enough to make me crazy .. then gold .. and the green that looked like a table cloth.. GAH.. i think i need to go throw up.. i am sorely disappointed..

I would not be surprised to see Santino come out with his own line soon.. and do better than Chloe.. and was also impressed with Michael Kors telling Daniel if he ever needed a job to call him .. .. but so disappointed that she won.. yuck yuck yuck.. i am gonna go have a drink .. maybe two ..

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Monday, March 06, 2006

If You Don't Have ANY

thing nice to say come sit next to me !.. yeah i watched Steel Magnolias last night. It gets me every time.. the whole gambut of emotions.. I laugh .. I cry.. and I am fixated with Tom Skeritt.. why do I find him so damned sexy! I think the part of that movie that cracks me up the most is that red velvet armadillo grooms cake.. and of course Shelby's decision to use blush and bashful (pink and pink) for her wedding colours... i cant imagine.. at anyrate.. speaking of pink..

I received some fabulous things in the mail today .. I cant show you here because they are for the auction we are having at
Crochetville to raise funds for operational costs.. but I can tell you the one thing I received I was most excited about.. and let me tell you the things in the mail were exciting but .. THIS was the best!

it will be my constant companion until it falls off.. but definately until Oct!.. I dont usually wear pink but this shade suits me just fine.. its a reminder of why i walk in the rain.... why i need to drum up as many contributions as i can.. a reminder.. that this has touched my life in so many ways already .. that i must ..

oh I do need a favour.. in the knit pattern a day calendar there are pink ribbon socks.. I would LOVE three pair.. and havent mastered socks yet.. so any of you out there .. that knit.. and would like to help me out.. I will either pay you or work out a trade whichever you would like . i just reallyNEED those socks! i want a pair for every night at base camp .. when i get done I want to put them on with my slides.. (that are pink and black) .. but the real reason and the best reason is.. i have two sisters.. i would love to .. after the walk give each of them a pair and keep one for me .. just reminders.. so .. help a sistah out will you ?

just email me .. you can do that from my profile .. i would really appreciate it !

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Diary of an Afghan

so i decided to do this afghan at the first of the year.. and i debated.. and obsessed etc about yarn and what i wanted to do and how many colours etc..

so finally .. i just decided i was doing it ! and went into my office and grabbed out some cones of 900 ypp chenille and set to it.. of course the stitches arent as defined as they would have been in a smooth yarn but i think it turned out fairly smashing to say the least..

i started this on Valentines Day.. and finished it last night.. not to shabby seeing as in the interim i made another blanket for a good friend..with matching stuff bag(pictured below) two bags.. and dyed about 2500 yards of yarn ..(some made it to the side bar over there --->>>)

the pattern i used is from Leisure Arts.. Afghans for All Seasons.. called Stitch Sampler.. i know its found else where as well called Bobbles and Lace.. that is what the
Crochet Along at the Ville is being called..

so here it is in various stages.. and completed.. also with a detail so you can see the colours better.. i used.. sea glass.. pesto.. wheat..beige.. chartruese..mahogany..chocolate.. and a marled sage/burgandy/golden brown.

Round 70:
Round 50:

Round 30ish:

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Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday Top 5

Top 5 Reasons Yesterday so Rocked!

well first and foremost..

i met some amazing women last night at a knitters guild meeting in Fayetteville.. I was invited by Angela and had some reservations to be honest cause the last "knitter" thing i did was disastrous.. a bunch of uppity house wives with nothing better to do than sit and talk about how much this was or that was or how much their husbands made in comparison to other people .. GAH.. enough already i left early and had an invite back i never took...

last night though.. completely great.. all the ladies there where either knitters who crochet or crocheters that knit.. and all so down to earth and funny .. it was a wonderful experience that makes me almost sad i am leaving in 4 months.. the ONE good thing I like about this place and i found it as i am basically leaving.. man..

the second reason yesterday rocked..

cake and coffee for dinner.. i don t think this needs explaination does it?

third reason.. yesterdays high was 79 degrees here and sunny .. it smelled soooo good outside..

fourth.. my hand dyed rayon chenille turned out so good i just might keep it

and the last reason yesterday rocked...

before i went to the group thing Angela met me at AC Moore.. (we did a mini yarn crawl.. AC Moore .. Hobby Lobby) with her cuter than cute baby .. and you know most ppl who know me will find that sentence odd cause i usually dont fall in love with kids but OH.MY.GOD.. she was a complete doll.. gorgeous baby.. gorgeous dispostion! .. anyway .. i bought a couple things there and on to Hobby Lobby

i wont keep you waiting

the top is all the stuff i got.. the bottom shows it all on my chair.. yes.. that's right .. i bought 10 skeins of lionbrand suede.. in some rather odd colours for me..fuschia.. hot pink.. and teal.. .. but the price was right.. and 4 skeins each navy worsted woolease and grey heather sport woolease...and the price.. drum roll please!


and of course out in front some Opera thread on clearance as well for 2.99.. sooooo.. for 30 dollars .. i managed to bring home .. 21 skeins of yarn ..not to shabby .. watch the side bar later for that hand dye rayon its almost dry!

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

OHHHH the Humanity of it ALL

ok so you know i just went off on people for not getting to know me before you know like judge me .. and look at just what came thru.. and for this.. there will be no more anonymous comments because if you dont have the balls to claim what you say .. i dont have the time to read it .. serious.. most of the people who's comments matter arent afriad to say what they want and claim it.. and i am proud to have friends like that ..

so here is the beaut.. its great..

"Perhaps a look at your Johari Window would clue you in as to WHY people percieve you a certain way..notice the conspicuous absence of words like warm,friendly,patient and cheerful. "

oh but dear anonymous one.. there is a WARM.. on my window.. and other nice words like loving.. caring and kind.. giving and helpful.. and the thing is.. you only get to pick 5 or 6 words to describe so i am sure my dear readers and friends picked the things that come first in their minds.. i am not insulted.. i was rather touched to see what most of my friends had to say .. and of course there are those such as yourself .. too chickenshit to claim their words..

futhermore.. people may perceive me as they wish .. but dont start to claim to KNOW what i will or will not say or do when you havent taken a single minute to get to know me or why i am the way i am .. just like you .. who .. chooses to hide in the anonymity of your comment.. oh i dont believe in censorship.. i am gonna let that comment stay .. but what i DO believe is owning your actions and words.. which i do .. i make no apologies for how i am .. i know me.. i like me.. if some one else happens to like me thats great.. and if they dont.. then that is ok too .. because sooner or later some one will come along and appreciate me for me .. and not try to change me or drag me down or dampen my spirit..

now.. on to other subjects.. since i already hit on censorship.. i think its wrong and terrible.. i do not believe in it.. i do not believe that one should make statements about art or creating that say something "shouldnt" be made because it "might" be offensive or it in fact offends them.. it always cracks me up for some one to say let the creative juices flow and do what you want.. with the underlying " as long as its with in what we as a majority find acceptable".... total and complete bullshit..and its WRONG.. because who is to say what you do doesnt offend some one else .. there was a thread on a board i frequent asking for patterns for roadkill.. that is all .. asking for a pattern .. and in the interim of waiting to see if some one had said pattern.. there were several "editorial" type entries made telling her how wrong and offensive crocheting something like that is.. well the way i see it.. if that is what she wants to crochet more power to her .. she doesnt need permission from a bunch of uptight people that claim roadkill is offensive and some of it could even be pets and it might hurt some ones feelings.. whatever.. all i can say to that is if you are so irresponsible with your animals that they become roadkill.. they werent very dear to you from the go.. i am not even gonna go down that road.. cause i have alot more to say .. (imagine that )

I also find this phenomenon quite amazing.. some one asked for opinions (yes that is right opinions .. and as we all know they are like ass holes .. every one has one..and sometimes they stink).. i weighed in with my opinion and basically got the shit kicked out of me verbally for voicing it.. the person that did so .. admitted "waiting" for my reply so she could light into me .. the point of the thread was to state your opinion.. no where in the thread did i ask a SINGLE person to agree with what i thought.. my answer was thought out and my words were well chosen.. and in that i got called haughty.. and the person that lit into me claimed she KNEW exactly what the tone of my reply would be .. and then went on to shorten my name to one i cant stand being called with out knowing me i think that is RUDE.. and also went on to try to "explain" what i meant by what i said .. .as if i couldnt do it myself if questions came up.. she also planted seeds that neednt be planted.. i dont think one person would have taken what i said badly had she not lit in and tried to make what i said sinister.. which it was not .. then in conclusion.. after waiting for me to reply so she could try to rip on me.. she said she wasnt being confrontational.. right.. what a big bag of bullshit and i am not buying it.. soooo that all being said.. i go to defend myself.. and she pulls out this line .. "You just pass judgment on work you have not seen".....wait a minute.. i thought this thread was about something else firstly .. and secondly where the fuck did that come from .. umm i cant pass judgement on anything i havent seen and most times dont on things i have .. whatever.. so here is the deal.. and why i am upset

the person that took it upon herself to try to flame me.. has not taken one second of her time to get to know me .. she reads threads.. she knows what i have to say on many subjects but she does NOT know me by any means of the defintion.. i am opinionated.. i will give my opinion WHEN ASKED.. i dont offer up unsolicited advice and i certainly dont watch threads just so i can tear up some one else's opinion.. but the very best part of this whole saga... and i do mean the best.. i had people agree with me and *gasp* defend me .. and there were people upset about THAT.. so i guess i should just sit there and take all the shit dished to me .. and eat it nicely with a fork and knife and that would make every thing just fine.. well i have news.. its NEVER GONNA HAPPEN....

I dont know why i let these fuck wits get to me but i do some days.. especially days like yesterday .. because she made it personal.. and it never was even meant to be like that.. so call it what you will.. i may be "insensitve" by saying what i mean .. and meaning what i say .. but i will tell you this.. i DO mean what i say .. and i dont pussy foot around and waiver.. and i DO stand by what i say .. and i have enough back bone to stand up for what i believe .. and to take responsibility for my actions and my words..

so in conclusion.. those of you who do not have blogger accounts and want to comment on my post.. you can email me ..because if i can take responsibility for what i say .. all you anonymous shit stirrers can too ..

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