Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Virginia..lots of Pics!

well i finally made it on thursday.. to richmond.. and lani was a doll enough to come get me all that way .. thanks girl! .. i got in about 1 in the afternoon.. late of course.. should have been there at 9.00.. better than what would have happened had i left out on wednesday

from the station.. we had some lunch .. then .. proceeded to home depot.. oh yeah my favourite place.. i have actually missed it since I have not been able to do any improvements much since i have been here.. cause of course this is a rental house.. i am chomping at the bit to get back home and start some projects of my own.. needless to say.. i had a great time helping lani paint her guest room.. we painted the walls cream and washed them with butter LOL.. that is what the colours looked like to me.. i am sure they have real names but oh well .. it was just enough so the paint wasnt "flat" on the wall.. i think lani was really pleased with the result.. i had a good time even though she thought she was contracting me for slave labor.. we had plans to do the bathroom.. and some how ran out of time.. i will say Lani has a bad back and she aggrevated ti a little by trying to do too much .. so that was part of why the bathroom didnt get done either.. no major biggie..

we made a trip to the thrift shop as well .. where i picked up some wool and other treasures.. for a mere 13 dollars ... we relaxed.. had pizza drank some wine.. a really good reisling.. not sure what it was .. reisling usually isnt my thing but this one was really good .. not too sweet with a ncee finish of tropical fruit. i still cant put my finger on it.. its between mango and apricot.. at any rate it was good..

then saturday rolled around.. we met up with the marvelous marvie and her son.. and headed out to the
Norfolk Botanical Garden

i have to say this before i go any further.. marvie was shorter than i expected but WAY cuter LOL.. even seeing the pictures .. you know some ppl are just cute in person.. and she is .. really .. and wtf.. she thinks shes fat.. whatever .. i was the largest of the thre..

Ok back to the garden .. it was REALLY nice.. lani's back was still giving her fits.. so .. well.. with some protest..i pushed her around in a wheel chair all day.. i really didnt mind..(umm since i guess here is the part where i confess i had not walked one step in training since i had been there ) i forgot my sunscreen of course .. and ended up with a nice burn around my neck.. i did wear long sleeves.. i know it sounds insane on a semi hot day but it was a thin t shirt and i was so glad i did ..

here are marvie, lani, marvie's son and llarry all ready to go in and have a great time .. as you can see by the look on B's face. he doesnt look all too thrilled about the whole Llarry thing.. LOL

when we got there here is what greeted us outside the entrance to the vistor centre and gift shop.. (all pics are of course clickable)

can yo spot Llarry ? (will show you tomorrow where he is ) yes i took him with and he had a fantastic time.. although i will say Marvie's son thought i was slightly insane at first.. he warmed to Llarry later.. yeah i am a big kid.. i was told that around Norfolk there were lots of these random mermaids .. painted my local artists.. i should add she was quite fabulous..

we spent a little time in the gift shop waiting for th enext tram ride around the garden .. the tram was painted to look like a lady bug and was quite fun to ride.. the gardens are a perfect place for weddings .. i think there were a total of 4 or maybe even 6 scheduled for that day.. i will tell you this.. we passed a bride getting her picture taken while we were on the tram .. her dress was so beautiful it gave us all goose bumps and made me cry.. it was perfect for her.. serious.. perfection.. i didnt get a picture but trust me .. very few things will make my eyes tear up ..

here are some highlights from the tram ride..

momma eagle and her eglets .. statue.. notice one of the eaglets is incomplete .. the artist didnt get to finish be their death.. still a really nice statue..

then there were the cute baby geese.. and lots of them ..

there were many other things i will get to those soon.. those were really the only pics i took on the tram.. after the tram we procured the wheel chair for lani.. and took a stroll thru the magnificent rose garden.. there were so many roses there.. i am SO getting some new ones next spring.. i HAVE to i dont have a choice .. here are some highlights .. i could have filled my card with nothing but rose pictures..marvie took way more than me so be on the look out for more ..

the one i am convinced i need .. is the next to last .. the one that looks like a bunch of roses all together.. that is because it IS a bunch of roses all together.. one stem on average has 8 to 10 blooms.. so ONE stem looks like you have a whole vase full.. this is called a floribunda and you can believe .. some of those are going in my garden next spring ! ..Lani you still have the list right ??

I can honestly say .. B did a great job having patience with us .. and the roses.. we probably spent a good hour in that section .. next was the eaglets!

there were three in the nest and we were told the day we were there the oldest had taken their first flight.. it was pretty amazing to learn their nests could be as big as a small volkswagen in size.. this nest we were told was about 5 to 6 feet across and 3 foot deep.. not too shabby .. here are the babies .. this made me want a better camera.. i think i am gonna get one like marvie's its a high speed version of the one i already have ...we sent B up in the tower armed with a quarter so he could get a better view.. thru the pay viewer.. us old ppl LOL were content with the free one.. plus i had to tell marvie the silver boot story..

after the eaglets we had even more fun.. but .. i think this is where i will end for the day .. m ore tomorrw .. stay tuned !!

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dear Amtrak

i hate you ..

at least i got smart at about 11.47 and realized my day was shot..

the only good thing that came out of today is that i got the same exact ticketing for tomorrow so i cut my losses and will have more time with lani when i get there


your company is riddled with fuckwits

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here we go ...

train is gonna be here at 10.23..

its gonna get to richmond at 4.10 .. where i have to change my ticket and catch my connetor in 35 minutes..

it better work ..

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Holy Shit

yes i am still here.. at home.. not on a train headed to newport news..

i am waiting patiently for my train .. which has been held up .. by.. get this

a stalled freight train in front of it .. i am not boarding til at least 9.. not getting to richmond til at least 3..

so lani. doesnt have to come get me .. cause i can get my connector at 4.45.. nice.. great way to spend my day .. calling to make sure i dont miss my fucking train.. lets not mention..

still havent slept.. fuckers..

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Taking That Midnight Train

only i am not going to georgia.. and the fucking train is NOT on time.. i am leaving for virginia this morning and Amtrak is SO not my friend right now.. my train was due to take off at 4.09.. i just checked status.. its not getting into the station til oh 6.30.. fuckers.. i was told it might be late.. but i didnt think it would be THIS late.. i have stayed up all night because well .. 4.09.. i would have had to get up and shower and be out the door at like 3.30 .. and i usually go to bed some where around 2.. but 6.30 isnt near 2.. i am so screwed.. i would have been thoroughly pissed .. had i actually went to sleep.. called and learned of a delay.. cause you know.. i really dont t like that interrrupted sleep thing.. oh well.. i was just really hoping Lani.. didnt have to come pick me up 100 miles out of her way .. and you can believe i am doing something superfantabulous for her to make it up .. i swear i am ..

anyway .. i havent been saying much lately.. cause well i just havent had that much to say .. i guess i should back up just a second and rephrase that.. i actually HAVE had a lot to say .. just not all for public consumption.. i have been very introspective lately.. and re-evaluating some things in my life... like the people that i talk to frequently.. and the people that visit my blog.. that dont talk to me and i know dont care for me.. i wonder what they are looking around so hard to find? just one more thing to throw out there .. and try to spin to make me look bad? you know if that is the only reason you come to my blog.. just dont ok ? cause i dont have anything else to say to people like you ..

then there are the ones i cant help but wonder if they talk to me just to get information to take back to whomever.. you know those people you arent particularly close to but some how wanna know all your business..

i guess the last week or so i have been thinking about all that.. i am usually a fairly open and forth right person .. i dont really keep secrets.. but i also realize there are parts of my life i will never talk about in this blog because those are for me and the people in those moments of my life.. i guess what i am trying to get at .. is there are people that want to judge me and talk about me .. that ONLY know me thru this blog and some posts in a forum or two here and there .. and they have no idea.. i am a complicated person with many layers and much more to offer than just words in a box every now and then..

I have been doing alot of thinking also about some people who choose to go out and cruise blogs and pass judgement on others or comment on their blogs.. but keep their personal blog pass worded or private.. seems very hypocritical to me that you "say " you have an open mind.. but you are busy hiding your entries into cyberspace while attacking others.. seems it would be only fair to subject your thoughts to the same type of behaviour you exhibit.. but .. well you dont.. cause you arent really all that open or anything.. you just want ppl to think as much ..

and censorship.. all you people out there that moderate your comments.. i mean i get the whole moderation thing..i really do .. and marvie this is NOT pointed at you ..... but when you moderate and then DONT publish all your comments .. you only publish those that agree with you and your brand of though pattern.. how closed is that.. ?? i guess i am just not getting my fellow humans much at the moment.. and thought maybe it would be best that i just didnt come out and basically bitch about all the wrongs .. and try to focus on the good.. cause you know i do have a good life..

i have love and laughter and people that support me in all the things i do on many levels.. i am busy doing alot of things right now.. working on a business plan.. getting ready to move home.. trying to get some things set for the summer and the fall .. my walk is coming i have been training hard.. i am up to 40 miles a week right now.. .. i guess the bottom line for me right now is .. i cant stand those fake people that act like they care.. and the moment you need to talk .. they dont have time for you .. you get what you give in this life.. and to be a good friend you have to give ALOT.. i guess i expect alot from my friends because i give alot as a friend.. and if i call you my friend... oh i MEAN it i dont use that word lightly really ..

at any rate.. i thought i might as well use some of my train rage and give an update.. and explain a little about where i am at the moment.. its not that i dotn enjoy blogging its just i have alot going on at the moment that is just for me .. i hope i am making some sort of sense .. it is early in the morning about the time i am jsut getting to sleep really well and off dreaming..

so anyway .. maybe i will come back from Norfolk refreshed and chatty .. one can hope .. see you all saturday .. (maybe)

*** update.. just checked status again.. not leaving here til 7.49 AM .. not getting to richmond til 12.31.. so much for "a little late sometimes " ***

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Thursday, May 11, 2006


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why am i showing you an african violet? well its because... i usually buy one... and its all blooming and pretty .. and then i take it home water and care for it and before it can bloom again.. i have killed it.. or it just NEVER blooms again ..

but this one.. this one has made my heart sing.. i have been waiting for it to be in full bloom to snap the pic.. i bought it cause i liked the way the purple was darker on the edges..and the yellow so yellow .. and it was pretty for a while.. i put it in my bathroom window.. and potted it in an african violet pot.. and what did i get rewarded wtih a few months later.. MORE blooms.. bigger and better than when i bought it.. i am just proud.. i can grow most anything but these things have been taunting me for years.. and now .. i finally got one to bloom again .. MAGIC!

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Let's Get Down

to business..!

I restocked my Ebay Store tonight.. i really dont wanna be dragging around 500 pounds of yarn back home with me .. so grab what you want now.. if i dont have something listed that you might be interested in say a specific colour or texture .. please email me ... i have alot to choose from and i am willing to make deals at this point.. plus you know.. i could use the loot to move !! LOL

elizabeth.jacobsen{at} gmail{dot} com

hopefully tomorrow or rather later today .. you will find my lucinda bag up for sale.. seems i ran out of hours today to get that thing in a .pdf file and get myself together enough to be ready to sell it..

on the design front.. i am chugging away on my magickal project.. one of my testers is making good progress... i have to get the colour version done.. cause i churned out a nasty white acrylic version.. i do this so the yarn doesnt get harmed when i have to frog and redesign at times.. then i do a mock up with the yarn i want to use for myself and photographs and stuff.. i also need to work this thing out in a smaller size as well .. i am really trying hard to make it something with wide appeal to every one .. and i dont want to make just one size.. there will also be tips and tricks to make it larger/smaller as needed in the arms and body ... well i guess i just gave away its a top of some sort.. oh well .. at any rate.. i am hoping by the weekend i can be showing off the mock up .. earlier if perchance some one finds a way to make more hours in a day for me .. lately i have been up til 4 am and sleeping only til 10 or so .... so that is 18 hour work days and i still can seem to catch up !! what gives!..

I want to thank all my friends for your continued support of all my endeavours.. !! really i couldnt do it with out you all .. and it seems since i have rid myself of all the toxicity in my life .. my designs and ideas have just been flowing.. and its nice to get back to that state of mind..

lastly i have a big shout out and thank you to my girl Lani!! and my belated birthday /raok gift i received the other day ..

it was so fucking awesome!!

I opened the package... and let me tell you .. she makes the package as fun as the gifts.. and had i just gotten the container every thing was in i would have been happy .. but .. i opened it.. it was a martini wine tube.. filled with .. get this .. a bejeweled martini fridge magnet.. two martini kitchen towels complete with a neat-0 towel holder and dishcloth/hotpad..

the best part? you can see it laying right out in front and i did take a close up .. a super cool kilt pin with hooks and scissors on tethers made of various gemstones .. rose quartz.. hematite .. garnet (my birthstone)...jade.. coral.. i am sure i am missing something but you get the idea.. the hooks are marked with a lettered bead to let you know their size.. and the scissors have a neat tip protector.. and clasp .. just gorgeous.. i was totally blown away .. oh wait i didnt mention the stitch markers.. between each hook tether is a stitch marker to match that tether.. see have a gander...

thanks again Lani!!!

One final note this post .. for those of you who might be interested in what will be up to when i get home .. take a LOOK

tell me what you think !!

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Foodie Friday .. and stuff

Happy Cinco De Mayo !!

here is a recipe for the BEST Margarita ever !

1 part tequila
1 part lime juice
1 part sweet and sour
1 part grand marnier

rim glass with salt.. shake together .. pour over ice..


ok so i kinda copped out for foodie friday.. but that IS a good recipe

I have been busy .. busy .. busy ..

and here is part of what i have been doing.. i designed a bag..

those are the before felting and after felting pictures.. still working to get it in pdf form and it should be up for sale after the weekend !! many thanks to Deneen .. Kari .. and Lani for being my guinea pigs !

I am also working on another not so super secret project.. many of you know what it is .. but I havent gotten my wool to do my prototype and i am still in the finishing stages of writing her up .. as soon as i can get it all together and tested it will be unleashed.. and man she is a beauty if i do have to say so myself.. think .. magickal ..

i have also been busy getting some yarn dyed.. some stuff shipped out and some little RAOK's put together .. not to mention i have about 40 days left til i get to go home..

oh .. and on a side note.. I know WHY we celebrate cinco de mayo .. do you ?

if you dont .. look it up and learn something today .!!

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