Friday, July 29, 2005

Where I am From Poem

many of my friends have done this.. and I felt a need to do it too .. I cant recall where I saw it first.. nor do I have the link to the template.. Maybe I need to try to find it .. before sharing my poem.. but it seems I just want to go ahead and share .. and will come back and edit later .. ok no need.. i got off my lazy ass and HERE is the template.. and now I remember .. I saw this on Lori's blog (aka The Shrone) first .. so here is my poem .. ok wait before you read.. I will say this .. I could have probably done three versions and I may yet.. but this is the first one..

I am from white cotton sheets hanging out to dry, from Quaker oatmeal left on the stove for breakfast and buckets of rocks picked up after school before home work or tv.

I am from the house that looked like a barn, half underground, built by my father, federal blue bedroom walls and cold ceramic tile floors.

I am from the wild cherry cut down to make a bedroom suite never to be , roses struggling in the red clay to thrive, tobacco leaves scattered on the barn floor, fruit trees in the orchard, iris beds getting more attention than us kids , the rolling yard where grass was premium.

I am from turkey on Thanksgiving and ham on Christmas and Easter and blue eyes for ten generations from Richard Duane and Nancy Lee and my Mawmaw that always called me Bess even though it wasn’t my name.

I am from denial, and love that was unspoken.

From walking on one shoe bringing bad luck and snapping turtles not letting go until it thunders.

I am from Southern Baptists, fire and brimstone ,preaching of a God in which I don’t believe.

I am from the rolling green pastures of Erin and the Trail of Tears, thick chicken and dumplings and meatloaf with ketchup.

From parents who grew up poor , hording , living in self imposed poverty, the dreams my mother holds for me , never coming true, and the torture of trying to find my way alone.

I am from the middle pages of the photo album, the pictures of me a third of those of my sisters , invisible, trying to find a place in the cedar chest , on the wall , or in the tins with every one else.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

THANKS.....and more

First of all .. I have to give a huge shout out to my girl Mary Jo .. aka Tampa Doll over at Crochetville.. not only did she take the time to send me a very niecpackage.. she sent things that were right up my alley .. ..

I recieved a box the other day .. and I apologize for not saying thank you sooner.. my DSL took a shit friday and I didnt get it back until late sunday afternoon.. and of course with the girls leaving etc.. I have just been swamped.. but I digress..

In this box.. I open it to find the cutest .. sweetest.. olives I have ever seen .. with cute little googly eyes (thank goodness they werent Lady Linoleum type eyes .. i think I might have fainted.. even thought I still would have appreciated it.. they would have to live some where I couldnt see them after dark ..)

At any rate they are cute.. AND as you can see in the picture.. I got a whole heap of very NICE cigars ..


Then .. many of you have asked for the bigger version of my picture over there .. so here it is in clickable form .. and dont be printing it and putting it in the garden .. I mean it !!

*Edited* My hair is normally stick straight.. my sister took some time to curl all my little hairs and make me all pretty for the night ..I wish I could make it look like this permanently .. but its not possible..

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A quick joke for you

and then I promise you a better post later..

Two Southern ladies are sitting on the front porch ..

The first one says.. " When I got married .. my husband bought me this house"

The second one replies .. "That's Nice."

The first one goes on to say "On our fifth anniversary he bought me this ring" .. putting out her hand to show her acquaintance a 5 carat diamond..

Again she replies "That's Nice."

"When I gave birth to our first child , he bought me that big shiny Mercedes in the Driveway " ..

"That' s Nice"....

"So, Sugar, what has your husband done for you ?"

The second woman takes a breath and say " He sent me to finishing school right after we got married. "


"Oh, yes. .. it taught me many things but the most important was to reply with "That's nice" whenever the urge hits me to say Fuck You."

a little southern humour for you LOL and before you all say it.. i know i am terrible but i found this reallly funny !!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Beach

Tell me those girls dont look like they are having a good time.. ESPECIALLY the one in the water.. her face says it all.. and her screams of joy riding a big wave all the way to shore.. made every penny spent and every hassle to get there worth it.. I so mean that.. I didnt realize something as simple as an 8 dollar boogie board could bring so much joy to a kid..

We had a blast.. and definately didnt want to leave... more later.. I am seriously exhausted .. and I have three more days !!

Oh yeah .. Llarry wanted to say he enjoyed the view.. but didnt go near the water for fear of felting !

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Thursday, July 14, 2005


ok .. so I call at the first of the week to make weekend arrangements for Hatteras.. all things go.. ferry reservation.. hotel reservation .. dinner reservations .. etc.. I am usually a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl.. but in this case.. I would hate for my spontaneity to ruin two girls' summer vacation so I made all the proper arrangements.. then.. I get a call from the hotel where we have reservations.. they made a mistake.. our booking is cancelled.. WTF!? its THURSDAY !! THURSDAY and they cancel us for saturday .. not even an attempt to help find new lodgings or anything nor is there an exception to the rules made and its THEIR error!!... this was the Sea Gull I dont suggest any of you staying there.. that is how i am .. fuck me over and I am gonna tell all my friends.. the deal is the person that made the reservation didnt say anything about a two night minimum.. and then got confused on the booking date.. well .. you know that is not my problem and in my eyes.. since it was error on their part.. the exception should have been made.. but it wasnt.. and not even an effort made to help me out.. the Break Water was more helpful.. and they were booked.. but Kathy.. the nice lady that answered the phone.. helped me call around and find a place.. THAT IS SERVICE.. and the next time I decide to go to Hatteras.. you can bet the Break Water will be the first place I call to try to make reservations.. its really simple.. I was in the service industry for years.. and totally believe in trying to make every experience the best to build repeat service.. and the Sea Gull is NEVER going to get any of my money and I hope none of yours either... I did find a place and it ended up less expensive and actually closer to the beach .. it looks quaint and Mrs. Dillion at the front desk was awesome.. we are now staying at the Outer Banks Motel ... so finally all systems go for the weekend .. I cant wait.. I need some water and sand badly .. its gonna be nice.. I am still shaking my head.. and of course I have written a long letter to the proprietor of the Sea Gull outlining my dilema.. and also telling them that when some one asks where to stay on Hatteras.. the first thing I will say is "Not the Sea Gull" ...I know they probably dont care.. its summer and they are making money .. and will continue to do so .. but its the whole point.. and ONE voice sometimes can make a difference.. I do still believe that .. and I also believe that word of mouth can be a killer.. I tell say 5 people about my experience and all five do the same.. etc.. etc.. how many people and how fast does word travel .. well you do the math.. but needless to say .. I am happy it all worked out better in the end..

more later .. just had to get it off my chest!

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Monday, July 11, 2005

Home AT LAST!! but not really just in NC ..

To say I was at home would be a false statement.. but I am back in NC.. My trip was busy and of course I have a ton of things to tell you and so does Llarry ..

I made it home in what I thought was my longest time ever... 10 and a half hours.. I got stuck in Asheville due to weather and a fallen tree.. good thing for me.. I had some knitting and crochet work to do ... I got a good bit done while waiting for the tree to be cleared from the mountain road on which there was no way to turn around or find an alternate route..

I got home .. picked up my niece .. and went to get pricing done for my yard sale /festival thing on saturday .. I am giving the condensed version because Llarry will be my guest blogger tomorrow and give full details..

I saw my dad sunday.. he looked really good and was doing well ..

The trip home.... TRAUMATIC.. .. that is the best word I can use.. You will note on the way home to Kentucky Brutus , the wonderdog, was the perfect passenger.. even elicited a few honks from passing semis cause he is so damned CUTE..

The way back to NC .. well not so great and he isnt the wonderdog any more.. about half way thru the trip home .. well less than half.. it was about Knoxville.. he started gettting restless.. and wanted in my lap.. he NEVER does this and I should have taken this as a sign.. I make him get back in the back seat with Alexis.. the younger of the two nieces.. welllllllll.. about 15 minutes later.. I hear

"Aunt Beth.. Brutus just pooped on me a little"..

And he comes toward the front of the car.. onto Jessica.. the older niece..

I am thinking we need off the road and FAST.. so I am looking for the next exit.. 2 miles.. those were the longest two miles I have every driven .. because ...

As Brutus jumped up on Jessica.. she had the sense to try to direct him back to the back seat.. as luck would have it.. she turned his ass toward me just in time for me to get sprayed with projectile shit.. I have never seen so much shit come from a dog's ass.. and I still had a mile to the exit.. we were all gagging and grossing out.. Jessica remaind unscathed.. she didnt even get one little drop on her.. Alexis's damage was a spot on her t-shirt about the size of a half dollar.. me?

Let's put it this way .. I had to completely change clothes .. and was very tempted to throw away the ones I had on.. not only that .. my seat belt.. the connector.. under my seat .. the whole side of my seat.. my wallet.. and CD holder.. all sprayed.. I thought I was going to DIE... Me and smells .. not such good friends.. I was thankful it didnt get on my phone.. I am not sure insurance would have covered that..

I get off the exit.. as luck would have it.. that store had NO CLEANERS.. NONE.. what the fuck??!! .. luckily.. I had some Fantastic Orange wipes .. some blue paper towels .. and some Febreze in my car.. so ..

An hour later.. a whole package of wipes.. half a bottle of Febreze and every last paper towel I had.. PLUS a change of clothes.. I was ready to drive to the next exit to get some real cleaner and get the rest of the mess out of my car..

Did I mention .. I have leather seats.. and that it was down IN the connector of my seat belt not to mention on the belt as well ?

I get to the next stop.. get gas.. go in .. got some antibacterial cleaner.. another roll of paper towels and 45 minutes later.. after basically crawling under the seat ... scrubbing the whole of my seat.. scrubbing the seat belt etc.. and MORE Febreze.. we were ready for the rest of the trip.. with the dog .. safely in his kennel..

Lessons Learned..

Never let a child hold your dog while travelling.. the combination of body heats.. over heats the dog and he ends up shitting all in your car and throwing up the minute he gets out.. (thank goodness for that cause vomit.. OMG.. I dont deal with that well at all .. i would have done it too )

ALWAYS carry cleaners in your car.. if you are travelling with animals .. I suggest an enzyme based one specifically for pet stains.. better safe than sorry .. and having to ride 300 miles with stench..

ALWAYS have a fresh change of clothing in your car in case of such emergencies.. I cant imagine what I would have done had I not been able to change..

Needless to say .. I spent the whole of sunday ultra cleaning my car.. and to be on the safe side.. I am taking it to the steam cleaners sometime this week .. I cant stand the thought of me missing something and it just sitting in there for months stinking..

So I actually set the record long time coming back . 13 hours.. thats right 13 hours for a 9 hour trip.. and nastiness to boot..

so. .. more details tomorrow kids.. I am sure you had enough for today ..

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Vacay Check In

Thought maybe I needed to check in from my vacay ...

Its been really kind of great just non-stop..Tuesday when I had to take my car in .. It was actually a nice break LOL.. I did manage to get some good crochet and knit in while I sat the 4 hours waiting for my car..

My drivers side window stopped working on the way over here .. and I called the BMW dealership in Nashville and explained my dilema.. told them it would be handy to be able to use the window on the way back to NC for drive thrus and tolls.....(had it been the passenger window i think maybe i could have waited)I called at 9.02 on tuesday morning.. and I arrived at the dealer at 12.39... my car was fixed at 4.13...and not only fixed.. got my scheduled service in .. a reprogram on my engine that gave me 2 more horse power ..and a wash...not bad considering the dealer in Winston-Salem made me wait 2 and a half weeks the last time I needed my car fixed... AND.. they replaced the part with a faulty one that only worked 2 days.. then they made me wait 2 and a half more weeks to replace that one.. needless to say I like this dealer better.. and cant wait to be back here when this can be my primary dealer.. they are just so much nicer..

My sisters and I had a nightout tonight with no kids.. we talked laughed and I tried to teach my kind of tipsy older sister to knit LOL.. that didnt work so well... pictures later.. I forgot my USB cord tonight..

I have many pictures with Llarry the llama... that is the name we have chosen for my finger puppet
notice.. 2 ll's .. in Llarry .. hahahah.. I am a dork...

My dad is doing well.. He is thin but looks good.. his colour and energy levels are good... and they let him start on soft solids a couple weeks early .. He does have to have treatment but its a light round and he stands to keep his hair.. which is good..he will do chemo for 5 days in a row then have 4 weeks off then 5 days again .. so this will go on for 5 sessions so basically 5 months.. and a few radiation treatments.. they are just making sure.. which is ok by me.. I am just glad he is doing so well ..

Alexis.. my youngest niece has decided she can only be away from her mom for two weeks.. so ... that is all I will have them.. 2 weeks.. which is nice in a way but I had three weeks fo activities planned so now I have to amend the schedule..

I got my hair colour touched up today (god knows i needed it bad!.. i had 6 inch roots.. the perils of only trusting your sister to do your hair.. and not getting home for almost 9 months but you k now she does it in a way that doesnt look bad when it grows out ) ... I got a good trim too ..and my little sister curled it all nice for me for our night out tonight.. its just been nice to be pampered.. I am getting a pedicure tomorrow.. wooohoooo!!!

Hope you all are having a great night.. be home Saturday !!

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