Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Ok.. so these are my three favourite beach pictures.. I am hoping to distract you with beach pictures so you might forgive me not blogging yesterday .. of course who knew you could have so much fun with a crappy mask you found at the Dollar Tree right before taking off to the beach .. I think its kind of creature from the black lagoonish.. where as the girls had NO idea what that actually meant when I said it.. I will just say .. It was worth the dollar in entertainment value.. and not tell you the part about the lenses being so warped you couldnt actually see out .. or the seals being so bad that it wasnt worth actually wearing in the water..

I was really hoping to get done with ANY of the projects I said I was working on in order to show you I had been productive.. but alas.. I didnt get any finished.. there will be completed project pictures tomorrow though .. since I have in fact finished a shawl .. but its been blocking .. and I wanted to show it off in its full glory .. not in the midpoint.. and I am quite sure the shawl appreciates me waiting til its totally beautiful!!

And.. as if I didnt have enough.. I cast on another bag today .. however this one will work quickly .. its being done in some Reynold's Lopi I had been gifted a long time ago.. on size 15 circs to be fulled when I am finished.. so its a quick project.. no real pattern .. I just cast on the bottom worked it til I thought It was square enough .. picked up the outside edges.. and started up .. I will probably knit some beads along the upper edge.. in the cast off.. and use leather strips for the straps.. (say that three times fast!!)

I am almost done with the cape too .. I have the picot edge to finish and the edging for the side and top .. and I will be done.. oh yeah and the flower to make the closure.. there might be pics of me tomorrow wearing it .. something to look forward to!! hahah.. I am on a roll .. I really need to get this office space cleared out and reorganized yet I havent.. probably due to the fact I have 5 kittens running around.. next thursday they will be 6 weeks.. and then I will have 2 cats again and can do a job of this magnitude.. because honestly ... I need to clear the whole closet in here and actually clear the room and just start refilling it again.. that would be the best way to do it.. which is exactly what I am going to do..

well guys.. I have heard from all my friend sin New Orleans and Mississippi.. so its time for me to call it a night ..

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

I Am Here.. I think

Hey guys.. long time no type.. I am here.. busy as hell.. and trying to make sense of my life as usual... just seems things have gotten crazy lately.. I have so much to say .. and cant seem to try to find time to sit down and actually say it... then when i do get time.. I am like "what was I gonna say ?".. or its just not important anymore.. I know I do owe vacation pictures.. a few stories.. and things of that sort.. the vaction pictures are still slowly being processed and it seems posting pictures to blogger straight from your machine.. has a mind of its own.. and I some how cant make it happen like i want it to.. doesnt mean it doesnt work.. just not exactly what i wanted.. so .. for now.. i leave it alone and go about doing what I have been doing .. resizing.. and posting from photobucket.. or maybe.. I will give up all hopes of getting all the pictures done and jsut start posting like 10 pictures a day one at a time.. so you will get a billion posts from me on blogroll a week.. I know .. I can be a pain in the ass..

Tonight has been relatively quiet in chez Elizabeth.. I have been my typical ADD project self.. I picked up many things yesterday and have been in overdrive all day trying to try at least one thing from each of the things I picked up .. First .. I got the Family Circle Easy Crochet magazine.. LOVE!! no other words for it.. there are many things I will be making from this one.. I have already done the hat and started on the wrap that are done in red .. i do believe they are on page 20.. but of course I didnt use the suggested yarn .. I hardly ever do .. I should be done with this tomorrow.. and yes .. there will be pictures !.. I am on row 10 of the wrap already .. so I will probably stay up long enough to get it done tonight..

then I have been inspired by a member of a that place called Crochetville .. her name is Kathy and she does the most amazing bead work I have ever seen i was gifted with BOTH her pattern books by a very good friend.. so I bought supplies to start and practice that before I got all involved.. I also got some tools and stoarge things for it too ..

then .. did I mention the wire and beads.. and the steel hooks for some wire crochet.. ?? and of course there is that whole auction organizer thing i am doing.. many hats !

also super secret projects .. and the never ending lime squares.. I am drowning in WIPs..LOL.. but its looking up .. I am finishing things.. and the minute I locate my camera.. there will be some pictures.. i kind of worked on my office.. and "lost " a few things..

anyway .. back to the stuff.. more tomorrow !!

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Friday, August 12, 2005

For Deneen

Apparently my friend Deneen thinks I like doing memes .. she is wrong.. but because I will get no peace til I do this.. I think maybe I should.. and you know.. my first thought was to make her feel really bad about it and say my childhood was terrible and there arent 5 things I miss about it but that would have been wrong sooo here is your fucking meme Deneen .. I hope you are happy ( god i just turned into my mom !!! and of course she knows i am not that unhappy about it or i would just ignore her.. )

5 Things I Miss From Childhood...

1. Summer days spent with my cousin David fishing and staying the night at Mawmaw's playing poker with my uncle and his friends (yes I knew what a full house was at 6 LOL ) .. we were her favourites and she let every one know.. LOL .. I liked going there alot cause I was allowed to make "mudpies" ...and we got biscuits from scratch every day !

2. Hanging with my dad .. hunting arrowheads.. (another activity in which i was allowed to take my shoes off and walk in the dirt barefoot.. notice the pattern?? LOL )

3. Getting a "treat" at the store.. this was usually a Slush Puppy or a little tub of orange sherbet that came with the flat wooden spoon ( do they still have those ?) or a Push Up...

4. Riding in the back of the truck ( I know now this is dangerous.. and my parents knew it too .. but when you are a kid.. you loved it and begged to do it so my parents let us for very small trips just to shut us up.. it was 3 to 2 you know LOL )

5. Going outside and being outside all day with your friends with out a care in the world .. you spent the day riding bikes.. running in and out of various neighbor's houses ....making a fort.. playing tag .. and then begging your mom for 15 more minutes before you had to go in at dark .. then begging to go back out to catch fire flys and make "rings" on your fingers with their "light"

ok.. I did it .. now Burfica.. Alex...The Shrone ... Joy and Regina you are all tagged.. hahhaaha.. blame Deneen LOL ..

ok maybe I am getting a little more amusment factor out of this than I really thought I would.. is it wrong of me to like torturing others?

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Still Behind

I am totally still behind on the picture editing and showing and telling about "What I Did On Summer Vacation".. But I do have something to show..

I am pretty proud about this project.. Since I am a really new knitter.. And this turned out better than I had pictured in my head.. I also want to note.. I wanted to take really great pictures.. Then realized this was as good as it was going to get.. Because .. Well I am having a "fat" day .. I mean .. I know I am fat.. I just like to be delusional about it sometimes and think I look better than I do .. But alas .. Not true and especially not today .. But I couldnt wait any longer to show my sweater.. My design..In real time.. I am proud .. Even though I know its probably the simplest thing ever to do and some one else has probably done something like it some where else.. The point is.. I tried taking those cute little sweaters and making them for me.. And it just looked like I was trying to hard.. So I made something more for my body type.. I think I did ok .. In making something a little more sexy for the bigger girl.. Maybe not.. Maybe I am delusional about that too .. I am sure I will be brought back to reality by my friends.. Cause they will tell me if it sucks .. And I appreciate that .. I would rather be told than to run around thinking I look good when in fact I don t..

anyway .. This was knit on size 15 .. 29" circs.. With a cotton rope type yarn I had in my stash on a cone.. And let me tell you .. I used all I had .. Less about 10 yards.. Talk about cutting it close.. But that is what happens when you fly by the seat of your pants !!

ok .. Enough here it is .. Tell me what you think .. HONESTLY !! I am the human lie detector so dont try to bull shit me ..

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Monday, August 08, 2005


sweet helpless innocent.. that is why i love kittens .. its like they need you .. but not really .. they just need their mother.. these were snapped when they were a few days old

just finished up posting some things on eBay .. click the link in the side bar if you wanna see.. too lazy to hyper link tonight.. more later.. i know .. i know .. i know.. i still need to do the vacation log .. and show all the pics.. i am trying to get it together enough ..

just wanted to make a quick post to let you know.. i am still here and almost back to "normal" (for me anyway )

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Monday, August 01, 2005

time flies

but i really havent been having fun .. seriously i am so behind on every thing I dont know when I am gonna get to catch up.. AND my cat had her babies.. 5 little furry babies in my house and 3 weeks or so of work to catch up on .. am i busy ? ... umm just a little ..

i have about 100 pictures to sort name and catalog then I will catch you up from the beginning of the July adventure with me .. home.. and the girls.. It would be a vast understatement for me to say I had a great time.. it was far more than that .. memories .. laughs .. late night goofiness....screaming with the waves at the beach .. does it really get any better????

of course now I have to catch up .. but I wouldnt have traded one minute with the girls or at home for it.. that much is certain ..

its been stifling hot here.. I am kind of glad the girls werent here this past week because we would not have wanted to even step outside.. let alone get in my BLACK car..

I got my name for the Secret Sistah swap .. I am happy but it was the person participating that I think I know the least about.. of course making it all the more fun to play sleuth and see what I can come up with as far as surpises.. now to disguise my packages and throw her totally off the trail *insert maniacal laugh here * .. I already have plans .. and I think my first package may go out as early as Wednesday .. as I have some other things to ship then too ..

let the torture games begin!!!

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