Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Being Sentimental..

I cant actually believe its been a week already .. Today as I was showering a ton of things came to mind to blog about *warning...sentimental post... *.. I realize I dont get that way often but felt the need today

.. but today .. I really thought about my mother's mother .. my MawMaw .. yes its a very southern thing to call your grand parent but that is what she wanted to be called so we did.. she died this time of year a few years ago (actually about mid november) .. soo.. this time of year and Easter are two times I think of her most..

My MawMaw always called me Bess.. she never called me by my real name.. this was explained to me later in life by my mom.. My grand mother's sister was named Bess.. and died in childhood.. apparently I looked alot like her .. My MawMaw was convinced I was her .. or she was reincarnated and came back as me.. I never have seen Bess' picture.. maybe my mom can find one but those kinds of things are hard to come by .. my grandmother grew up very poor so photos werent priority .. food and clothing were ..

There were many things about her that made her remarkable to me.. The first thing you need to understand about my grandmother is she never had a formal education.. she made it to the third grade .. for some reason she decided she didnt want to go back when she heard her teacher was mean and had been known to smash peoples fingers in the window for being bad.. and of course when she was younger education of girls was not high priority .. she was born in 1906... so she wasnt made to go back .. and basically went thru life with basic skills.. she could read and write but struggled with them thru life..

You have to understand also .. because of this lack of education.. she tended to have her own set of beliefs and rules.. It was kind of funny as I got older.. I never would laugh at her or make fun of her in anyway .. but I would have a chuckle at her sometimes when she said some of the things she did.. like this..

Picture it.. Easter .. one of her favourite times of year because the Easter lily was her favourite flower.. and I always take lilies to her grave when I go .. usually just white casablancas because you really cant get Easter lilies all year round.. at any rate.. My aunt had made this cake.. red velvet.. (another southern thing) and she had decorated it.. she had made green frosting.. and had dyed some coconut with food colouring and had some jelly beans on it to make it look like easter eggs.. sooo.. she brings the cake in and my grandmother announces very matter of Fact.. " I am not eating that .. its green so it must be poison" .. seriously what do you say to that?.. so I went outside and giggled with my mom .. and later on we went back in..... cut a piece of cake and removed the poison green from it ...took it out to my grandmother and she ate it .. none the wiser..

The one thing about my grandmother that really stands out .. She played music by ear.. she played to organ and the banjo.. remarkably well .. she would try to teach us and get frustrated because we did just get it like she did.. I did inherit some musical talent .. I do play a couple intruments but had to learn to read music to be able to do so .. she could entertain us for hours like that .. or just by letting us sit by her feet and telling us stories of horse drawn school buses.. and the first motor car in Clarksville .. and the Bell Witch ..old wives tales and of course superstitions..

I was her favourite.. I will be blatant and admit that.. and I loved going and staying with her .. she let me make mud pies.. and discover stuff.. I would stay there with my cousin David.. and in the summers she would let us walk across ole man Johnstons farm to the pond and fish.. or pick blackberries.. picking blackberries was hard.. but the reward was worth it.. Blackberry dumplings for dessert after dinner.. crisp autumn mornings you were sent out to get some kindling and wood for the fire while she finished up the biscuits and breakfast...

There were a few things my MawMaw would NEVER compromise on.. and these are kind of amusing if you think about it .. but this is the way it was in her house.. first of all.. you couldnt make a decent biscuit if you didnt have butter milk .. lard.. and Gold Medal flour.. did you get that GOLD MEDAL .. it couldnt be any other brand.. and she bought this flour in 20 pound bags at a time to keep in her hoosier cabinet with the built in sifter.. and if the store was out.. there would be trouble .. I am telling you .. another thing.. she had to have Jergens lotion.. the original.. no fancy smells .. no new kind of lotion even if it did do a better job.. what ever.. had to be regular original Jergens.. she loved getting this as a Christmas gift.. so all of us grandchildren would get her a bottle every Christmas.. so she had like a year supply at a time.. it was hell on us when they changed the bottle because she was CERTAIN we were trying to give her something else .. until she put some on her hands and smelled it and was convinced it was the same.. she also love her cotton house dresses.. i think this is another southern or older person thing.. because you can barely find them any more.. so I took to making them for her .. and then of course no other ones would do .. Her Bess made her the best dresses and she didnt want them from any one else.. I also made her cotton sun dresses for summer.. She also believed you should have a face cloth .. and a body cloth when bathing.. the face cloth always was white and the body cloth always a colour so you could tell them apart..

Later in life her hearing started to go .. and she would talk to herself but it would be loud enough you could clearly hear her.. this was something that always made me laugh .. you would ask her what she said.. and she would look at you and tell you straight up she didnt say a thing .. LOL..

The one thing I have always admired about her was her devotion and love for the people around her.. My grandfather died when I was 3.. that was 32 years ago.. I always remember my grandmother wearing her wedding band.. she never remarried or even talked of it.. she loved my grandfather to the day she died.. they took her ring off as they closed the casket.. I cant think of another example of that kind of love and devotion in my life.. and I am proud to say I had a good example in that field.. you dont see that every day ..

Just some of the things I think about.. and remember and miss so bad it hurts sometimes.. and today .. it just hurts.. I was gathering wood for my stove today thinking about how nice it would be to go in and get the fire started and then be able to sit down to biscuits hot from the oven with real butter.. grits.. bacon .. and eggs if you wanted them .. and see the look on MawMaw's face when you told her those were the best biscuits you ever had.....

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

This Just IN!!!!!!

ok .. Well.. DAD'S HOME!!!!!!!!

not with out a little fight .. my dad got to come home last night.. its my understanding they were trying to move him to another part of Vanderbilt for physical therapy.. My step mom requested they move him back to Clarksville for this phase.. since going to and from Nashville every day was becoming taxing.. ( i dont blame her.. she is a mail carrier .. and after getting up at dawn driving her route .. going to nashville .. and coming home every day .. i would be exhausted too ) .. so they were going to put him in a nursing home.. she refused that GO GIRL! cause i would have to .. she arranged it so they PT person could come to the house.. as it should be .. its less expensive that way anyway .. not that it matters they are terrific insurance.. at any rate.. i am glad he is home .. where he wants to be . and out of that damned hospital.. now .. i just have to get home so i can spoil him for an entire month .. and get some meat back on those bones !

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Officially Official

I was tipped off a little while ago .. This was gonna happen sometime soon.. I received my official email notification last night... And was really just too tired to come back and do another post.. Lazy me .. But its not because I wasnt excited! .. I totally am .. TOTALLY !! .. I wanted to give it the attention it needed showing off my email.. My button and placing the button accordingly .. This is soo cool to me.. So THANKS LORI!!

Here is my Official Email:

Dear Elizabeth,

I'm pleased to inform you that you have been selected as a esteemed recipient of The Bona Fide Shrone Award! I've determined that you possess many of the salient characteristics of a Shrone!

Here are the reasons why you are a Shrone:

1. You make no apologies for speaking your mind, and you do so in a manner that is admirable and with integrity.

2. You enjoy a good cigar now and then.

3. You have a kind and generous heart.

4. You've got a style all your own that I admire, like that whole three olive martini thing.

5. Something about you says when you get old and withered, you just might go out cruising for penis!

6. You are unknowable.

7. You have excellent taste in yarn.

8. You take life in stride, are realistic, yet aren't so dreadfully boring not to engage in fits of whimsy.

9. You're one groovy chick and I think you are super cool!

10. You haven't killed your inner child and you freely allow it out to play

Yours in Shronedom!

P.S. Your distinguished Bona Fide Shrone card will be sent to you shortly. Feel free to post and brag about your Shrone status! To assist you, I've provided the attached button proclaiming your Shronedom to place on your blog!

SO here is the button.. Which is also on the side bar ..

so not only did I get a button.. I am gonna get a card AND goodies.. How great is that ?? Tell me..

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Elizabeth Needs.....

I have seen this MeMe going around and decided to do it.. thought it might get me out of the doldrum i have been in about my stupid fucking jealousy resenment and responsibility issues disappointment surrounding Rhinebeck....

So here is what you do if you wanna do it .. go to Google.. In the search box in quotes type in your first name and needs , i.e. "Elizabeth Needs" .. you are supposed to list the top 5 .. 10 or how many ever you wanna do .. today .. I am doing as many as I want because I can .. so there !! .. It's kind of amusing.. this was fun

1.Elizabeth needs Protection .. (from what I havent a clue )

2. Elizabeth needs a Nuk ( how fucking fitting since I am being such a big whiny baby this weekend right ? )

3. Elizabeth needs to be Loved (aint that the truth.. even if it is in that wild monkey sex kind of way )

4. Elizabeth needs to find something Quick ..

5. Elizabeth needs to show more emotion..

6. Elizabeth needs a guinea pig

7. Elizabeth needs to be careful

8. Elizabeth needs housewares (not hardly LOL )

9. Elizabeth needs help navigating the afterlife

10.Elizabeth needs to practice more self-restraint and patience

11. Elizabeth needs him

12.Elizabeth needs tutors and lunch buddies

13. Elizabeth needs to feel

14. Elizabeth needs our help

15. Elizabeth needs a lot of energy

16. Elizabeth needs to entertain herself (oh believe me I DO!)

17. Elizabeth needs to take her picture

18. Elizabeth needs a catchy phrase

19. Elizabeth needs to know

20. Elizabeth needs to call home or preferably GO HOME (how fitting right now )

21. Elizabeth needs the antidote

22. Elizabeth needs to shower

23. Elizabethneeds spare change

24. Elizabeth needs a new pair of sunglasses (since i ran mine over yesterday )

25. Elizabeth needs to talk to Amy (why yes I do. i miss my friend)

26. Elizabeth needs to remember her primary goal

27. Elizabeth needs to ask a few more banal questions

28.Elizabeth needs to go

29. Elizabeth needs a ride

30. Elizabeth needs no wake-up call

31. Elizabeth needs to keep her mind from wandering

32. Elizabeth needs to be educated

33. Elizabeth needs to kick a habit

34. Elizabeth needs to be careful not to lose sight

35. Elizabeth needs two proposals (no really,one would be enough)

36. Elizabeth needs to aggessively clean

37. Elizabeth needs to truly start experiencing

38. Elizabeth needs a new pair of shoes (like a hole in the head)

39. Elizabeth needs some sleep ...(huh what's that ? )

40. Elizabeth needs to be rescued

41. Elizabeth needs a farm (yes for all those minature sheep and angora rabbits i want )

42. Elizabeth needs to learn about how mind control works (sounds like fun )

43. Elizabeth needs permission (since when?)

44. Elizabeth needs help with her propane bill

45. Elizabeth needs no introduction

46. Elizabeth needs criticism

47. Elizabeth needs a makeover

48. Elizabeth needs the rumor mill (hardly)

49. Elizabeth needs to be avoided at all costs (some days this is true)

50.Elizabeth needs a dose of the wonder juice (and HOW!)

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Le Sigh....

Its midweek.. And had you asked me what I would be doing this weekend just a month or so ago.. I would have said I was going to Rhinebeck.. But.. Not getting to now.. Not complaining.. I am going home for a month so that is more important at this point in time anyway .. Not even a choice really .. Life happens .. I know this .. I am a big girl and can take it.. Its just..

Well.. There was just more to it than a sheep and wool thing.. I had plans.. I had people to see.. I had things to do .. I was very much looking forward to well ALOT.. I know there will be other times.. Its just disappointing and I would be totally lying if I said it didnt bother me on some level.. Some of the plans I had have been taking shape for years.. Yes.. Years.. So ..

I know what I have to do .. What I need to do .. What is responsible and right.. It still doesnt take away the sting of having to be disappointed by not getting to do what I want to do (doesnt that sound spoiled and bratty) .. I miss the days where I totally flew by the seat of my pants.. To a degree I still do .. But its tempered with responsibility and knowing there is a fine line between the things you want and the things you have to do .. And most of the time they are close to each other or a compromise can be met.. However this time something had to be sacrificed.. And Rhinebck was it .. And all my extra curricular activities(which I can reschedule .. just going to take alot of juggling to do so ).. I know there is next year.. I also know if I am patient (which is NOT one of my strong points) next year I can get way more stuff than if I tried to do both things this year.. So logic tells me I am doing the right thing.. But there is this little twinge I cant seem to get rid of as the weekend approaches.. I am jealous of all of you that are getting to go..

I know my time at home will be wonderful.. And time that will be well spent with my nieces and my dad.. And it will be a totally good thing that I went.. I am just having a selfish moment ..

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Saturday ! Sat-tur-day!!!Saturday!

What a day .. I had so much fun.. !!! I was up at 8.30 like a little kid at Christmas.. I am telling you .. I drove to Raleigh today .. to meet up with Lani from Crochetville .. and her friend Kathy .. ( not sure if its a C or K so forgive me if I guessed was great.. and they were great a good time was had by all ..... we started at this place that is actually in Cary .. a suburb of Raleigh.. called Shuttles, Needles, and Hooks.. I have to say this.. the person that owns the store.. has a lot of nice stuff in there.. but the building its in .. needs some TLC.. its in an old house .. that looks as if I might just fall in on you if you stepped wrong.. I am sure Lani would agree with me as would Kathy .. secondly.. it was literally crammed full .. barely enough room to maneuver.. I am not a small girl but I am also not two ton tessie.. so any reasonable place I should have been able to move with out hitting something.. good thing I left my handbag in the car.. I got to feeling really closed in .. so I had to go outside about 30 minutes after we got there.. and I felt a wee bit overwhelmed at all the stuff and no real pricing system.. some things were marked some werent and if you needed to ask .. there was ONE lady working .. so you just had to wait til she had time to tell you .. obviously .. I didnt buy a thing there .. I hate having to ask the price of something.. in my opinion it should be clearly marked.. I shouldnt have to run some one down to find a price then try to decide if I want to pay that.. so we got out of there and headed to Great Yarns.. what a nice little shop.. nothing huge or fancy but really nice.. the ladies in there were very friendly and helpful and funny .. I think we all bought something there.. although my purchase wasnt yarn .. it was a set of circs I need to make a special project..

So we get back in the car.. it was nice .. i wasnt driving for a change I got to sit in back and talk and work on my projects I brought along.. we headed to A Southern Season .. if you are ever in Chapel Hill .. you must go there.. they all kinds of wonderful stuff.. international foods.. teas.. coffees..
chocolates..wines .. you get the picture .. just beautiful.. and the best part .. The Weathervane restuarant.... OMG.. we had the best lunch/dinner there.. Kathy had a grilled chicken sandwich and potato salad that had bacon in it .. yummm.. i tasted the salad not the chicken.. Lani had a fried green tomato BLT with black bean and corn salad.. yummmm.. I had a little of each of those .. I had seared scallops with a pimento cheese risotto .. OMG!!!! all if it was good and of course we indulged in dessert.. creme brulee for Lani... and this amazing Cheese cake for me that had caramel chocolate coconut and pecans.. to DIE for!! .. and of course a double Breve cause I needed fuel for shopping...

Anyway .. after our decadent meal ... we headed into the shop.. just let me tell you .. my hot drink swap partners.. are gonna be happy .. tea and coffee were purchased here.. also .. the best part of the day happened here.. so picture it..

We are walking through the tea section .. oohing and ahhing at the tea pots.. selection.. gadgets.. etc.. and we start really looking at the tea pots.. well there was this really cute happy Buddah one.. and I am not trying to be insulting to Buddah... or those who worship him but try to imagine.. happy buddah tea pot.. his back is at the handle.. belly toward the front.. so you can imagine the laughter that erupted from us.. when I turned him sideways.. and the spout.. well .. you can imagine.. the spout made Buddah look VERY happy !! I almost peed my pants laughing so hard..

Kathy , Lani and I made good partners in crime.. we all complimented each other well .. it was like we had always been friends .. it was an easy alliance to settle into for the day .. we are DEFINATELY doing this again .. and on the next adventure we might even find something as amusing as Buddah.. !!

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Just Random

Just a bunch of random thoughts tonight.. I have been very busy over at Crochetville helping put together an auction to help pay for running the board..its been pretty fun so far..

I made a promise a while back to my oldest niece Jessica.. upon graduation I would take her and a friend on a trip to New Orleans for 10 days or so .. because she really loved that city.. well now in the wake of Katrina.. we have had to go find other plans.. sooooo.. I got to thinking.. and I put her on the hunt for the trip she wanted to take.. being conservative and thoughtful .. she mentioned wanting to try to catch up with the King Tut exhibit that will be touring the US into next year.. and that is when it hit me.. Jessica has always loved all things Egyptian.. she has an Egyptian themed room and at one time I think wanted to be an Egyptologist.. until she realized she would probably have to live most of the time away from her family .. then she changed her mind.. but I digress....

I got online.. started looking around.. and of course there it was .. I found the perfect vacation ...8 days in Egypt with a 3 Day cruise down the Nile.. I emailed her to see what she thought.. she loved it ! but she was concerned about money (what a thoughtful girl!).. when i explained first .. that if we went to NO and took a friend I would be spending the SAME amount as if we went to Egypt just us.. and then i asked if she thought she could deal with not bringing her friend along.. and it took her about 2 seconds to decide that would be ok .. so .. next year .. we are headed to Egypt.. I am all excited already!!

Dad update.. they had to put the tube back in .. but its not as bad as it sounds.. it went in thru the abdomen not in the nose this time.. the theory is .. they can feed him every 2 to 4 hours.. and ALL night while he sleeps through the tube.. AND he will eat when he wants to throughout the day .. right now its all about the weight and getting some back on .. sounds like a damn good plan to me ! My step mom says he is still in good spirits and clamoring to go home so the Doc gave this option and he took it.. fine by me.. so I am h oping to at least see 10 pounds on him in three weeks when I get to go home...its frustrating being here .. I feel very alone tonight.. I hate feeling like that .. but .. I do .. I will be over it by tomorrow I am sure..

anway .. I have some yarn to wind.. I have eBay listing to do .. which I have been putting off.. and of course its not making me any money if I dont post it right ?

so .. I am OFF!

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Saturday, October 01, 2005

umm OK!.. YARN..!!!!

First I have to say .. Lemon Schweppes is NOT the same as the bitter lemon.. its not a lilquor.. its just soda.. and a very good one at that .. I had a chance to try it in Europe and was hooked.. I wish i could just import it ..


I went to get yarn today

think i got enough to last me to the new year ?????... (that bed is a queen size.. and I didnt put the duplicates up there)

My car was fuller than it has ever been today .. I even filled the passenger seat and passenger floor board today LOL.. there were some seriously weird looks being thrown my way on the drive home ..

PS.. tell me if you notice something new on my blog and THANKS Lori

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