Friday, June 30, 2006

Easy Tomato Salad

1 pint grape tomatoes, halved ( or you can dice regular tomatoes or use cherry ones)
dill, fresh is best but dried will do in a pinch
Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Freshly Grated Parmesan

in a mixing bowl throw in the tomatoes and dill to tase.. i use about a sprig of fresh.. pour in about a quarter cup oil and a quarter cup vinegar.. salt and pepper to taste.. let stand in the fridge for about 4 hours..

to serve.. spoon into small bowls and sprinkle freshly grated parmesan on top


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Thursday, June 29, 2006

things that make you go hmmm..

here is what has me hmmming today

a certain group of people think its appropriate to troll blogs and make things very difficult on their precious board if you say anything they dont like.. so in their mind.. its ok to say things like.. you can say what you want on your blog but there will be consequences.. WHAT THE FUCK?

the last i recall .. your blog is your own space to say and do what you want.. so big brother back the fuck up and realize you are just a little person running a crochet board.. not the gestapo .. not hilter.. a LITTLE PERSON running a fucking crochet board.. and you need to realize .. just cause you probably control every one in your little world .. doesnt mean you can control the internet..

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hot you say ?

not so much hot as humid.. yesterday i couldnt move with out being well umm clammy.. pretyt much the same today .. not condusive to outside work much.. however i did do a little late afternoon in the shade of my 125 year old maple in the front yard.. and i took a little time on my front porch to plant some morning glories (flying saucer and crimson rambler) in my strawberry pots.. i hid them strategically behind the columns so when they do take off and start climbing .. it just looks like magic has happened.. that is really the only planting i will do til the fall since its late in the season here.. i have a couple planters i may go get a few plants for just for a little more colour on th efront porch and make it look like some one lives here.. the other work this summer will be cleaning beds.. spreading mulch ..laying weed barrier.. and getting ready for fall bulb placement.. and oh did i mention that i am tilling up a third of my front yard to make a shade garden.. ambitious yes.. hard work yes.. worth it.. yes..

i have been making plans for a year .. LOL.. and come this fall most of my thoughts and dreams will come to fruition.. i am also embarking upon a complete kitchen redo.. talking gutting all the way down to the floor joists.. no shit.. and its gonna be gorgeous ! i really cant wait .. the kitchen here has been the one part of this house i have not really enjoyed to the fullest because its.. well stupid.. the lay out was poorly thought out.. and the previous owners .. let's just say .. they did only what they HAD to do .. so i was thinking since the kitchen was added in 1920.. lets to deco-like room.. and that is exactly what i am doing .. black/olive/ pimento are my colours.. stainless appliances .. black slate floor and grey finished cabinets....still debating countertop.. maybe something like
THIS or even THIS to accent the pimento .. i have a little while to decide but have decided on appliances.. i have picked out all frigidiare stuff in black and stainless..

i have also finally decided on a bedroom.. i know i have been torturing certain friends for ages trying to make up my mind.. but i saw this in person the other day and decided it HAD to be the one.. i am in LOVE.. !!

so this is what i want with the bed.. dresser and mirror.. the end table as a night stand .. and th elarge mirror over my mantle.. and still debating the armoire or the chaise.. maybe you can help me decide.. i dont think .. actually i KNOW i dont have room for both .. i need the dresser or i would have the armoire and chaise.. no dresser.. but with no closets i need the dresser space..

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Sunday, June 18, 2006


finally wired and back on line.. woohoo.. the cable guy did in fact come to hook me up wednesday as promised ..however.. the company didnt plan for my "special needs" case LOL.. first off.. my house is over 100.. second.. my house is more than 70 ft deep .. third if they have to run line more than 100 feet they have to use a different wire.. ( i did not know this ) .. so when he got here wednesday .. needless to say .. the wire i needed for my house .. well there just wasnt enough on the truck to do what had to be done.. the nearest hook up was across the street.. it had to run from that box.. across the neighbor's yard and be tied to the pole on the side of the drive then to my house and ran underneath.. so lets review.. house more than 70 feet.. across the street.. across the yard .. down to my house.. yeah i think that was over 100 anyway .. i am here now and that is what matters with only 3 holes drilled in my 100+ year old floor in very inconspicuous places.. the less electronic stuff showing in this house the better.. that is why i chose to hide my computer tower in my radio cabinet.. the only thing you see when you l ook in this room is the monitor and the lights on the modem .. no cords.. no tower.. key board and mouse sleep in a drawer.. its nice.. and i like hiding my tv upstairs.. and in this room its in the closet.. literally .. i take it out when i want to use it ..

any way off that tangent .. been working on the two years of over growth outside.. done a little unpacking.. and just .. well been enjoying the HELL out of being home.. damn if it doesnt feel good.. i sat on my porch swing today drinking an ice cold beer and watched the rain after getting the last of the trimmed branches and stuff hauled to the back of the yard for my bonfire later this summer.. the rain started just as i was pulling in all the stuff i had been using.. umm did i mention i bought a chain saw the other day ? man is it SWEET husqvarna 455 .. that bitch saws thru wood like buttah .. made quick work of the 4 trees that needed taken out and cut up .. and i trimmed the front trees with my new fiskars by pass pruners.. and hacked up my spirea with my hedgetrimmers.. man i love me some tools .. and destruction.. my Fosters was completely earned today and yesterday ..

well off to bed with my tired ass.. tomorrow.. its gutter cleaning and faucet repair.. woohoo the joys of coming home to a house that hasnt been occupied much in two years.. i sure do love the old girl.. she IS the love of my life.. pics later..

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

On the Road

I am off guys!! WIll head out tomorrow and will be home tomorrow night but not wired til wednesday.. see you then !!

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Foodie Friday

gah .. i have been bad.. bad.. bad.. and Deneen reminded us this week how bad we have been .. i confess.. i have been busy or i have jus tcompletely had my head up my ass the past couple weeks.. so today.. foodie friday get a recipe .. dammit.. and that way deneen can quit tapping her foot and giving me dirty looks LOL....

Best EVER Daiquri....

frozen fruit of choice

a little lime juice..

some rum..


whipped cream .. or whatever you wanna garnish ..

in a blender throw in a handful of ice.. a handful of frozen fruit, a good glugg of rum..and a dash of lime juice.. blend til smooth .. pour in a festive glass.. garnish however you want


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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Virginia Part Deux

so where was i when i was so rudely interrupted.. oh yeah .. just got to the eaglets.. anyway ..

while we were on the tram we passed "Friendship Pond" where it is believed.. if you walk hand in had around the pond.. you will be friends forever! .. can you believe that ? well .. Lani was enjoying her wheelchair ride SO much .. LOL.. sorry bout the bumpy ride really .. i was trying.. she mustered the strength and we .. marvie.. lani and myself .. oh yeah Llarry too .. walked around the pond.. B accompanied us.. but was having no part of the hand holding.. something about being lame..and girl cooties or something.. so we made it around the pond and of course had to have a group pic with Llarry of course.. so B had the honours.. and his mom *gasp* let him use her camera.. where as he was quick to proclaim undying love for her .. cause he apparently hasnt been allowed to even breathe on the camera at this point..

so here we are after our walk ..

and here is my demonstration to B on how i take Llarry pics all on my own ..Llarry was enjoying the fountain in the pond.. and its a very technical process *snicker* .. i put him on my finger hold it out in front of me and snap a pic.. very tricky LOL.. NOT!

as we left the pond.. we had to move over for the tram.. B was playing around with his yo yo and the tram driver called out for a trick.. so after he left.. i was in a silly and sarcastic mood.. and well commented i had a trick for him ..and you know.... well i flipped the bird.. we all giggled and i was informed by B that i was MEAN! can you believe that LOL??? and of course the ever sharp lani had to add in that "was part of my charm".. it was a good laugh..

we made our way to the Japanese garden.. and well at this point B is getting into Llarry .. (let remember he called me lame earlier for this ) and was all about Llarry posing on the pagoda.. and under the japanese maple and one a lily pad type plant.. for some one that didnt like Llarry too much he was sure making certain Llarry was getting his photo ops in LOL.. he even served as Llarry's prop.. it was cute

Llarry catching some rays

another view of where Llarry was catching rays.. (the red arrow indicates his pad)

Huge Koi in the pond...

Llarry saying hi to lani under the tree ...

Llarry gettting a little help from B .. on the pagoda.. and under this ancient japanese maple.. it was beautiful

and of course Llarry keeping a watchful eye.. on B as he teases the koi with rocks..

and this has to be my favourite pic of Llarry at the gardens .. he is really enjoying the guava blooms..

after the gardens .. we stopped off at Chic Fil A .. for lunch .. where upon B insisted "Llarry has to come in .. cause he might miss something .. " and i guess he would have missed B's ice cream mustache.. that would have been a pity.. and we did kind of trick B into this but it WAS funny ..

after the pic of the milkshake moustache..he gave lani a look like .. " how could you betray me like that?" sooo funny ........

I also have to add I have a new boyfriend.. and Llarry has a new friend .. his name is Hunter.. and he is in love with me !!

and umm no that isnt a carry on sized bag.. that is a FULL sized suitcase.. isnt he beautiful??

i guess that is it for now every one !!.comment and let hunter know how pretty he is .. Lani will give him the message

PS.. here is where Llarry was on the Mermaid..

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(Not So) Adoring Fan

Sorry .. no Virginia part 2.. but i had to show this .. cause you know she posted this a few posts back not on the current one.. its easy to be bold when you dont have ppl really reading what you say and you hide who you are ..

This JUST in from know she is one of those ppl who go cruising blogs and making nasty comments.. but doesnt have the balls to have a public blog for you to you know maybe see who she is or what she is about ..very lame if you ask me.. the least you could do is OWN your words.. i own mine.. and i dont apologize for any thing i say .. and as stated before if you want to judge me by the few words you read .. then go ahead.. knowing the real me is very different than sound bites..

Maybe if you didnt come off as such a bitch......reread some of your posts and threads....its so obvious....I just think most people dont have to guts to tell you.(hey einstein.. i have never claimed not to be .. i have always said i am perceived as a bitch and never have said i wasnt.. i am bitchy.. love me or leave me ) You keep bringing up the fact that people percieve you a certain way ...and then complain about it (hmm complain.. no.. wonder why they think of me like that when they havent taken the time to really know me.. yes.. most of the ppl i accuse of this.. are ppl unlike you .. have never visted my blog and only know me from snippets of info they have gotten other places) of course, you dont name It could be directed at anyone.( i dont name people because .. well the ppl it applies to .. it applies to .. and the ppl it doesnt.. know it doesnt .. no need to name names is there ? ) and you have the BALLS to wonder WHy people think of you this way?get a clue...(clues .. like ones to who you are .. since you DONT have the balls to be known.. quite easy to sit and throw stones when no one knows who you are ).as for remaining incognito and keeping blogs WHAT? (apparently you totally missed the point i was making.. ppl that have anonymous blogs .. such as yourself that go around throwing insults at ppl that DO put out their stuff publicly is hypocritical.. think about that.. will you ? .. or have i stressed that brain with too many big words? ) YOU are the one putting this out for all to see...and its like "what you see is whatyou get" bitchy arrogant ,BOLD , bitter bitch. --(what you see is what i SHOW You .. there is more to me than this blog .. or what i make public.. and that is the point i have been trying to make.. blogs are a glimpse into what i ALLOW to be seen.. so if you want to judge me on a few blog posts.. or what ever else you think you know about me .. go ahead.. the point is.. there is so much m ore and apparently you cant quite comprehend that )

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