Saturday, April 29, 2006

Odds and Ends

so i forgot to mention .. my hits went up over 30K this past week.. wow its amazing what drama will do to those that love to seek it.. they will come to your blog looking for more.. well .. i am done with it so if that is what you are coming here for you might as well keep moving nothing to see here any more .. i washed my hands of it the minute that last box left my house last week .. and i will no longer play a part in what is going on with it.. i will say this though.. i am sure i will be blamed for much of the ill will going around.. i know kari has been blamed for the whole board shutting incident and i think that is quite sad since neither of us have been there in over a month.. guess they need to find new scape goats..

also.. if you will notice right over there in the side bar.. my tally for my walk keeps climbing.. a HUGE thank you to every one that has contributed.. a shout out to those of you making socks for me( thanks Amy..Kimberly.. and Su!!) or have donated pink ribbon things to me (thanks Kari and David!) .. and to the nice shrug maker .. (thanks Marvie) man.. i am overwhelmed at the support you ALL have given me.. there is much more to be raised and much more for me to do though .. so if you can .. please find it in your heart to give a little this is a very serious thing.. ( all you have to do is click the little banner over there it will take you to pay pal.. or email me and i will give you an address to send a check or MO) ....and if you werent aware men are affected by this disease as well as women !.. i am up to thrity miles a week right now ... by the time the walk gets here the three weeks before i will be walking 75 a week and done one practice of 60 in three days.. if i dont lose weight from this.. i dont know what will do it LOL..

i got to hang with Angela again thursday .. the pics i posted before were from a coupel weeks ago.. so its not like i spent a day and then two days later did it again LOL.. but it looks like that.. we met up at Ruby Tuesday.. and i am reather ashamed to admit.. we had an appetizer smorgasboard for dinner LOL.. and then we had cake when we got to the knitters meeting .. gah .. it was sooo good though.. so i didnt get to see the baby Bernard or Clara cause Angelas hubster came home early and decided to take Clara so we could have a girls afternoon.. how sweet!! .. i know mommies need breaks every now and again ..

So .. we ate.. went to Hobby Lobby .. where you will be pleased to know i bought NOTHING .. and then to JoAnns .. and the rainbow boucle was on sale for 6 dollars .. so i bought 2 skeins .. one of the new blue/aqua colour way .. and one of the new red/orange colour way .. not sure what i am doing with them yet.. i have yet to finish my olive wrap.. and have a skein of the denim blue colour way as well .. i really didnt need any more but .. well who could pass it up .. a giant skein of yarn for 6 bucks LOL.. then we headed to ACMoore.. cause i needed some new 11's .. the ones i chose to start my wrap on.. look good in theory and i will use them again but the bamboo ones i picked up work much better with the boucle.. i had gotten some bryspun perfection points.. and the concept is nice but those points get caught up in the boucle.. frustrations.. so i switched over and have gotten more don eon the wrap in the last two night as i have struggling with it for a couple weeks now .. i digress.. we finished up at AC Moore and got to Books A Million.. and we had a large crowd turn out..

here is me and Anglea doing one of those .. i will hold the camera out in front of us and snap the pic ok ? .. shots .. hehe ...

then oh did i mention it had been raining alllllll day.. well it had.. but while we were knitting.. the rain stopped and some one came in from outside and was like you need to go outside..

so we went.. and what was in the sky.. a rainbow.. but not just ANY rainbow.. it was a FULL arc.. complete.. usually you only get half.. but this was the full arch.. how many times in your life do you get to witness something like that.. i think i stood outside staring for 20 m inutes.. then the good sense in me took over and snapped a litle pic.. and of course this is only about a fourth of what was there but it was breathtaking..

of course at the meeting i didnt get crap done ca use well i was running my mouth.. imagine that .. but its always fun.. and we had a great time !

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Foodie Friday

i will be the first to admit when i eat something at a resturant i really like.. i will try to make it at home.. and this is what happens ... this is a knock off version of Olive Garden's soup.. its really good.. i have made it and even walked a friend or two thru making it..

MY Zuppa Toscano

1 pkg turkey italian sausage links (there are 5 in there.. if you wanna use regular you can .. or more you can this is my sttempt at cutting fat)

3 or 4 tbsp Better Than Both Turkey soup base.. this is the stuff that comes in a jar and is like a paste.. it really IS better than broth or bouillion.. and worht the money .. (chicken can be substituted or vegetable if you cant find the turkey)


one bag fresh spinach , coarsely chopped.. or 8 oz frozen chopped spinach thawed

6 med potatoes cubed

1 tbsp olive oil...

in large stock or soup pot heat oil and sautee onions til translucent.. add potatoes and about a gallon of water.. and soup stock paste( you will wanna taste and make sure its enough... if you want to add more then do so ) .. while this is cooking.. brown sausages in a skillet or on a griller..when done cut sausages into bite sized pieces.. i usually make mine half moons.. and throw into the pot with the potatoes.. let simmer til potatoes are almost done.. at this point you can add salt pepper garlic if you like .. then throw in the spinach and cook for about 5 to 10 minutes .. serve with toast points or garlic bread .. enjoy !!

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Fun Day

i recently had the pleasure of just hanging out for a day with my newly found friend Angela.. as many of you know.. i do cherish my friendships and hold them dear.. we just kind of hung out.. shopped a little played with the new puppy Bernard.. fussed over the cute baby Clara aka lumpkin.. beatis.. and of course had to give the Scoot his attention too..

this is a short post .. i wanted to make it sooner.. seems life has gotten in the way lately LOL.. and i get to see them all again tomorrow.. i am excited about this !..

i also want to say i admire Angela for standing up for what she believes.. and having an open enough mind to understand others and give a chance to a crusty old bitch like myself LOL.. i almost forget when we talk there is a 13 year gap there.. she is wise for her years.. and i refuse to grow up .. so i think we just kind of meet in the middle .. anyway with our more rambling.. here are a few snaps from the day

Bernard getting a little lift from Angela.. what a cutie patootie!

Bernard... reminding me so much of the CuppyPuppy white tipped tail and all

Scoot protector of the sofa back !! he doesnt look it but he is SO silky soft!

Angela and Clara.. sooo cute!!

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Foodie Friday

this comment was left last week by Faith.. i left out a couple things.. thanks Faith !

"Two things to add ... a good kitchen scale and a silicone spatula. Everything else I'm with you - I'm still saving to get a good stand mixer and coffee grinder though."

also i was hit up thru my email from tracy and here is her helpful hint...

" im not a blogger but i read yours, it wont let me comment so i figured i wold just send it to you. a little helpful note for any of your readers, in your foodie blog anyone with a ceramic cooktop should NOT invest in copper anything. copper will melt with the type of heating a ceramic cooktop provides and you pan will BOND wit the cooktop, imagine youre done with dinner and the pot is permanently affied to your nice smooth cooktop. anyhow just thought i would drop that little line."

thanks to you Tracy.. this was somthing i seriously didnt know.. just goes to show i dont know every thing LOL

this week i am gonna leave you with a simple but very tasty recipe..

Devilish Deviled Eggs

1 dozen eggs boiled

3 tbsp mayo.. miracle whip.. reduced fat /calorie if you want .. whatever

handful of green olives.. chopped

sweet relish .. about a 1/4 cup..

48 salad shrimp

peel boiled eggs .. cut in half length wise.. scoop out yolks into mixing bowl.. add mayo.. relish .. and olives.. mix throroughly.. here is the best way to get those yplks back in the eggs if you dont have a handy gadget to do so.. spoon that mix into a ziploc bag and cut off the corner.. and pipe it back into the whites like you could icing.. sprinkle eggs with paprika or seasoned salt.. top each egg half with two shrimp.. refrigerate.. til ready to serve..

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sweet Pea

i have been workin gon this shawl for the past cuople days.. actually the main part i knocked out in just a couple hours in the evening two nights in a row.. and just got to fringing it today .. but i am proud.. its the Sweet Pea Shawl .. you can get a copy of the pattern by visiting Nexstitch.. or you can find it on Stitch 'n Bitch Crochet.. The Happy Hooker..

my Sweet Pea is done in a black boucle with strands of sea glass .. spicy pink.. browny pink .. and gold wound in and fringed with a variety of small chenilles in all of those colours but the black.. i think it turned out really nice.. and springlike even with the black in there..

as always my pics are clickable.. and yeah just wanted to tell you the written pattern does have a tiny correction.. if you read the chart its not there .. corrections for the S 'n B book can be found here ..( first printing .. of course mine is ! i couldnt wait for it !)

disregard the silliness.. it was just one of those nights LOL

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Thank You Easter Bunny

my dad called me .. a day early for Easter.. not only did he sound fanfuckingtastic.. he informed me he was back up to full time at work already and had been putting in over time.. didnt take him long to fall back into the workaholic zone!.. it was good to hear him back to "good ole dad" .. and it was good to know his strength is back to over 100%.. he said he is eating about 6 times a day supplementing with vitamins.. and his pouch has expended a bit to where he can almost eat a "regular" meal..i knwo his stomach wont ever be full sized again but a little stretch is good.. we were joking today about his pants falling off his ass.. and i told him he needed to go get some clothes that fit.. and his answer of course was.. "why they are good clothes they are gonna fit again".. what a great outlook.. but i doubt my dad will ever be back where he started.. and he didnt have an ass to begin with so i can just see his pants.. the same ones he was wearing at 198.. and he is 158.. the picture in my mind is hilarious.. oh yeah dont panic.. he lost a little going back to work .. with the physical ativity it was gonna happen.. i will be happy if he just gets to and maintains 165 that is reasonable.. anyway

thought i would share the great news !!

happy Easter every one.. and

THANK YOU EASTER BUNNY BOK BOK!! .. I cant think of a better gift !

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Foodie Friday

well happy good friday to all my easter observing friends and readers!!

this is the first installment of a new thing.. Foodie Friday.. something a group of us cooked up! (gah bad bad bad pun...just couldnt help myself)

I have been trying to decide what i want to post for this very first foodie friday post.. and man i have lots of recipes.. lots.. and i also make lots of things with no recipe at all .. so sometimes trying to tell you how to do it .. just doesnt work.. you have to BE there..

so i think i am gonna start off with the equipment list i think no well appointed kitchen should be with out .. so here we go ..

a nice heavy quality set of pots and pans.. they dont have to be the most expensive.. but i would suggest at least stainless with a copper clad bottom for a more even heat distribution..

a set of dry measure and liquid measuring cups.. no they arent the same..LOL..

a set of measuring spoons

utensils for stirring whipping flipping etc.. that are the best you can afford.. feel good in your hand..and you enjoy using.. and sometimes the best or favourite utensil isnt the most expensive dont have to go broke getting good stuff..

a good knife set that holds an edge.. no kitchen should be with out a nice set of knives.. they are your most used utensil.. and should be well balanced.. feel comfortable in your hand.. and be able to hold an edge cause lets face it.. i would rather be cooking not sharpening knives..

also a good set of kitchen scissors.. very handy..

mixing bowls.. if you can only have three i suggest the three biggest.. because you can always mix small amounts in a big bowl but not big amounts in a small one.. i like stainless.. also to keep your bowls in one place while mixing try putting a little piece of that non slip mat stuff under it..

blender ( you can now get the ones with the food processor attachment so no need for two separate appliances)

and i know this next thing is gonna be a bit of a controversy cause you know.. if you like to cook why do you need it .. but a bread machine is awful handy!.. even if you dont bake bread in it.. you can set it to make your dough.. throw in your stuff turn it on and let it go while you work on other stuff .. very conveninet.. and it also has more uses than just bread!

Stand Mixer.. you dont have to have a kitchen aid.. but a stand mixer can t be beat!

coffe grinder.. this can also be used for grinding spices and making very fine bread crumbs..

cutting board

a good sized cast iron skillet

good heavy baking pans .. invest now and never have to buy new ones !

i know i have probably missed somethings.. but .. there is always next week.. and i am sure you can all leave your comments and tell me what you wouldnt live with out in your kitchen !

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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Spring for me is a time of renewal and regrowth.. and i suppose the past couple weeks have given me alot to think about... its also a time of house cleaning..

so on top of physical house cleaning i have been doing virtual house cleaning and sprucing up .. i have been cleaning email address.. blog line subscriptions.. my side bar.. etc.. its better to surround yourself with those things that lift you up.. than those that pull you down.. its the same with people.. so off to a new start with me.. woohoo.. its nice .. to be surrounded by those that want nothing more than from me than my snarky assed remarks.. and some fun !.. its nice to also be in a place where every one doesnt take themselves and me so fucking serious... and if some one does happen to be offended by what i say .. i am proud to say i am in a place where we all are adults and those matters are taken care of in the open not behind some cloak of secrecy like those third graders who cant play with each other on the play ground so they have to go run and tell.. glad to be rid of all that bullshit..

also on a good note.. I will be moving home come 10 june! just got the news today .. i would have preferred 10 may .. but i will take this.. its a month sooner than I thought it was going to happen so i am happy about that.. at least it wont be sweltering when i get there..

ok its late.. i am gonna go get some sleep and pretend its not friday yet.. cause well i have a new thing for friday.. see you when i wake up

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Monday, April 10, 2006


All i can say right now.. is.. its disheartening to know there have been people in my life.. who have found problems with me but have been too afraid to speak up.. yet they lead me to believe every thing is ok .. or have had issue with me in the past and never addressed it.. but all of a sudden want to voice those things..

AND the big topper.. people that still call themselves my friends who behind my back choose to show a different side..

so i leave you with two things

if i you are one of these ppl .. dont talk to me any more and
.. a quote

Speak Your Mind Even If Your Voice Shakes! ~Maggie Kuhn

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Friday, April 07, 2006

Two Things

if this is how you choose to live your life you will find many things will pass you by you never intended to miss

Image hosting by Photobucket

and i leave you with this quote

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." ~Buddah

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


there are a few people out there that i think need some clarity in the situation in which i find myself..

first of all.. all of you that think i might change my mind and come back.. i hate to disappoint but .. its not happening.. it wasnt just this ONE thing.. its been building for a year.. or so .. It seems i found myself in a place where i had to defend myself at least once a week if not almost daily.. gets tiring when people have skin so thin that no matter what is said they take it wrong.. and honestly i dont see how any one could miscontrue my words because i try to use the least amount possible to get my point across.. my bluntness is one of the things that usually got me in trouble.. i digress.. i am to the point and i say what i need and i go on .. if some one feels bad because of it.. that wasnt my intent but i cant apologize to every one for every thing i say .. what kind of life would that be? it just got so tiring .. so the last incident was just the straw dear readers.. that finally broke me.. and i cant say it enough.. i am so done.. and even with me being gone.. no one knows the entire thing because its being glossed.. as usual.. there have been several emails and PM's floating around telling the people closest to me not to tell the truth because well .. its not necessary.. what a load of bullshit...

then there are the people that have not taken a single second to know me ... read a blog post .. or even send me a personal email but choose to blog about me since they "know " me so well and spew lies and untruths .. then claim they have NEVER said anything untrue on their blog.. i wont link her because i dont believe she deserves any more attention than she tries to get already.. and besides..she is too chickenshit to stand behind what she says anyway .. she has turned off comments on her blog because she couldnt take the heat when people came around and pointed out the truth to her.. so she can stand behind her blasphemous blog.. and spew hatred and claim to be a christain because in the end.. i know what the truth is .. and so do the people that matter .. and she ISNT one of those .. but i would like to show you a few things she took it upon herself to say ..

"Many many times she has logged on only to say mean and hurtful things. I'm told she's just being honest but there is a fine line between saying something nicely and being outright mean."

i never logged on just to be mean .. and if being to the point is mean.. well call me guilty

"Valerie supposedly was killed Elizabeth took it upon herself to find out the truth. She made phone calls and inquiries and found out that she had not been killed. She posted as much and from what she says in her blog she was attacked because of this. I have read the particular thread in question several times and all I've seen is thanks to her for finding out the truth. After this fiasco she decided to leave Crochetville and she's quite bitter about it"

bitter .. umm no that isnt a word i would use to describe me .. also .. you dont know the whole of what is going on so you have no reason to even be editorial about this .. in PUBLIC i was thanked.. behind the scenes.. no so much ..discplinary actions were being planned but not until after i was to be used to run an auction to make money ..

"Now, saying all of this and getting it off my chest I just want to add that I feel sorry for her."

please save it.. i dont need your pity or any one elses and have never asked for any

"Oh and by the way, I will NEVER purchase anything from Three Olives store. She does beautiful work with her yarns but I can't possibly contribute to someone who is so mean and spiteful that they do these kinds of things. I'd much rather spend my money with people who are nice, polite and try to help people"

thanks for saying my stuff is beatuiful i do appreciate that part...mean and spiteful..yet i raised enough money last year to keep the board you enjoy running for a year.. and just what kind of things are those.. be to the point .. try to get ppl to understand how things are supposed to work ? and umm have you not read the comments to my last post where SEVERAL people stated i was very helpful to them in the course of being at crochetville..

"I didn't leave a comment on her blog as I noticed she edited out every single person who crossed her and didn't agree with her. I will never edit someone who comments on my blog unless they curse and are mean."

total bullshit.. on my last post one poster removed her comment ..edited it and re added it.. i have NEVER censored my comments nor have i ever edited comments or taken out ones that flamed the hell out of me.. you have not taken the time to even read my blog.. or you would know i have a BIG stand against censorship here.. and i dont do those things.. but.. you took the time to REMOVE every single comment left for your post because NONE of them agree wtih you .. and closed them for further commentation

"It's a sad time in the world when people would rather be mean and hateful than nice to each other"

amen sister! that is why you have a whole post on your blog about me and how bitter and mean i am right?

"After my post this morning, several people felt the need to attack me personally so I had to remove all comments from my blog. I am sorry for those of you who used to leave me comments but hopefully after awhile I'll be able to enable that feature again."

hmm isnt this what you just accused me of on the last post you made? yet i didnt do any such.. and you did..

"I was taught to believe the best in people and that everyone deep down is loving and kind. Unfortunately the world has gone crazy and people feel the need to say mean and hateful things to others."

yeah like that whole blog post yesterday on how mean and bitter i was ? right ? hmmm when the only thing said about you in mine was the fact you posted 5 million stupid posts a day complaining about every wrong thing in your life..

"Throughout all the recent drama I have never called others names and said anything that wasn't true."

wrong again .. because i am not bitter and out to get the world.. and i dont censor..i am also not alone.. nor do i sell 50 dollar yarn but we will get to that in a minute..

"It is so sad that some people are only happy when they are trashing others."

hmm again... just like your blog post did to me ?

"The only person I have ever singled out on this blog is someone who disrespected me on hers! I was never rude to her, nor did I post things that were mean and hateful like she has."

no? no mean and hateful things let's refer back to that whole post on how bitter and terrible i am again please .. and as stated before i have made one reference to you on my blog and it was truthful..

"She called me "cheap" on my own blog! Just because I don't spend $50 on one skein of her precious hand spun yarn that doesn't make me cheap."

yeah i did .. i dont recall EVER selling a hank of yarn for 50 dollars first off.. and second.. you have ADMITTED you are cheap so dont act like this was some sort of revelation to the world or some big surprise to you ..

" Maybe that's why she's all alone and doesn't have anyone special to share her life with."

hmmm this again tells you just how much you DONT know about me ..

just because i dont braodcast the intimate details of my life on the net for public consumption does NOT mean i am alone in this world.. my personal life is just that personal.. and those that do know me know the details of my personal life.. sorry you havent been privvy but you would have just passed judgement on it anyway so i guess its probalby best that you didnt know what goes on "behind closed doors " in my home..

this is just so unbelieveable to me.. all the contradiction from ONE person..unreal.. but you know i am so mean and hateful and bitter and alone i cant possibly understand some one that loves herself flaws and all could i? and i also must be stupid as fuck not to be able to understand her .. i dont know just seems to me that she has an axe to grind and i was the first stone she could find to try..

sheesh.. and she wants the drama to end because she is such a happy person and there are so many ppl supporting her unreasearched simpleton view of me and they dynamic of a board that drove me to quit it.. i am so glad i dont have to deal any more ..

all that being said i feel so much lighter.. and have for two days.. the only stress i have coming is the sorting of all the auction items and getting them either to the next auctioneer.. which is yet to be determined or back to the rightful owners as requested.. or choosing some randoms to give and act of kindness to as requested.. and if that is all i have to worry about then i think i am gonna be ok .. what ya think?

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Monday, April 03, 2006

An Open Letter

Sit back and get comfortable cause .. Well .. This is gonna be a long one.. As you can see from my lack of posting I have been building trying to find the right words to say all the right things to all the right people and its about to start now.. And hopefully .. This will be the last ever .. Defend myself .. People are assholes blog post.. I know you will miss that Wendy .. Cause you know I was good for one about every three weeks to a month or so ..

SO.. Here I go .. I have a lot to cover.. And the first issue is going to be pointed to Vicki and Kathy .. You two fuck wits.. I am NOT a hacker.. I dont know how you even hatched this crazy conspiracy theory .. .. If you knew the slightest thing about me .. Which you had a chance to get to know me but were too busy talking about your car accident for the ten thousandth time to pay attention.. You would know I cant even change my blog template with out help .. Kari and Lori can both attest to that fact.. Furthermore.. If in fact I were a hacker I would have far more important things to do than sit around Crochetville trying to hack into chat and spy on your little mundane conversations that would have bored me to tears anyway .. Speaking of Crochetville chat.. I havent been able to even access it since BEFORE Thanksgiving.. Had either of you bothered to asked you would have known all these things.. But you didnt.. you wanted to go around spreading vicious rumours about me.. Thanks girls! I appreciate it.. You neednt worry .. You can go use chat any time you want and say anything you want .. I am no longer welcome nor am I a member there .. So.. You got your wish.. There wont be some sappy farewell post either this is it ! .. I dont need ppl who don’t really care about begging me to stay at a place that doesnt appreciate a thing you do and think you are some sort of one woman posse..

Which brings me to Valerie/Shelain.. And lets not forget Kat.. All the same person.. If you didnt know this by now you have lived under a rock .. In Crochetville anyway .. Apparently this person found herself in a situation dire enough to fake her own death.. And many people were very upset about it .. So .. I went out and looked into things.. Even made an announcement on the board I was going to do as such.. Had ANY ONE had a problem with that .. They could have spoken up and said so .. A quick email asking me to please let them know what I found and they would handle it would have sufficed.. I didnt get such an email.. And I did wait to break what news I knew.. There was a span of about 16 hours in which some one could have said something to me.. Yet they didnt.. sooo I broke the news they were the same .. That there had not been a tragic accident .. And Valerie wasnt dead.. And what do I get in return.. a lot of talking behind my back saying I shouldnt have told the truth.. That I should have waited and let the mods and admins do it.. I ask you this .. How many more people needed to shed tears over this person ? How many more people needed to be duped ? How many more people needed to send something to her family ? Before it was going to be told ? I dont sugar coat.. I was to the point .. That is who I am .. But I was not overly harsh either.. The thing about this that outrages me most.. The simple fact NO ONE said a word to me .. didnt know my motive or even why I did it .. But I was subjected to being torn apart behind the scenes of Crochetville.. And when Kari stood up for me and left.. Because she couldnt believe more was being made that I scooped the info than this person duping the whole board.. And didnt want to be party to any more of the craziness there… nothing was said.. Til the eve of the start date of the auction.. There had been plenty of time to approach me.. Say something to me .. And Goldi.. Yeah I am talking to you in the open which is more than I can say for you …. I will say this once .. Then you can be assured I will never think of you again .. And read it carefully .. THERE IS NEVER ANY THING WRONG WITH TELLING THE TRUTH.. And if you think there is .. You arent the person you profess to be.. If you had such a problem with me.. You should have come to me and not talked me down behind my back .. PERIOD … because last I checked that would have been the adult thing to do .. And Donna.. I want to thank you for trying to guilt me into staying in a place that I am no longer welcome to run an auction to raise funds for a place I am no longer welcome because … well .. It would just be easier.. Sure it would be for you .. But not me.. I refuse to go to any lengths for some place where I know how you feel about me and where I am not longer welcome.. I would have to be smoking crack to agree to stay and run your auction and make money to run your board after every thing that has happened to me.. I will not allow my self to be used like that.. I value myself more than that .. Surely you at least know that much about me .. I expected more from you ..of all the people on that board I expected you to at least be fair and ask me about the incident before jumping on the Goldi bandwagon.. Her one woman posse or would that be lynch mob?

Which brings me to the next point.. And dare I say it DRAMA that fills that board.. There would be much less if Mel with 2 nns were called out on her lies.. If Donnalynn didnt post five million mundane useless posts a day spreading her obvious discontent.. If all the morons that just keep posting the same thing day after day with out bothering to do a search ..If Vicki didnt post the same fucking shawl in 12 colours eash in their own thread and ask every one what they think of it every time she finishes one ..if all the rules were enforced they way they should be .. Across the board and with a swift hand.. If some of these things were nipped in the bud.. And if we were allowed personalities.. You have to become a Stepford to fit there any more.. No one is allowed opinion.. Or if you do have one you are randomly censored for no apparent good reason except Goldi didnt like what you said so she takes it upon herself to remove your thread or comment.. Like the Gestapo.. And none of this would really bother me if the favouritism wasnt blatant.. Or and here is the kicker.. You ALL didnt think the exact same thing I am saying.. But were too afraid to say so .. You cant believe how many times I have posted something only to get 25 PMs telling me thanks for saying what they were thinking .. Because they were too afraid to .. Or .. I support you in what you say even if I cant bring myself to say so in public..

I have said this many times on my blog.. I dont believe in censorhip.. And in a place where we are all supposed to be adults there shouldnt have to be any .. Not once in all my 4000 plus posts at Crochetville did I ever ask any one to agree with me .. I stated opinion and left it at that .. Or said what I thought I needed to say .. I didnt try to start drama it just seemed there was always at least one person waiting around to pick apart and analyze every thing I ever said.. Or of course take it personal.. And unless I call you out by name .. Its not personal.. Period ..

I will say I am certain there will be people that are happy to see me take my leave .. To them good riddance too .. To the people I leave sad and/or disappointed because it looks as though I have abandoned a project I in fact created and took on .. Well I apologize as well .. Those of you who really care and know the exact reasons I am going are really the only people whos opinions matter to me anyway .. This isnt how I wanted to go out.. But looks as though this is the hand I was given .. So this is the way it is .. So .. I have asked to be deleted out of the database.. Yesterday .. And havent and wont be back .. I hope every one comes and reads what I had to say .. So they can know the truth and not some manufactured excuse as to why the auction didnt happen and why I am not there any more .. and as per usual .. I am open to comments as long as you say who you are .. and will address them accordingly as well ..

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Monday, April 03, 2006   41 martinis shaken not stirred


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