Sunday, January 30, 2005


I would say .. where the hell does my weekend go?.. but you know really they are like every other day .. just seems I get sucked into them alot harder than other days.. today I didnt even get out of my PJ's .. I looked at the clock at 9.30 and decided .. fuck it.. too late now.. so .. here I am .. still in my pj's..

I have been pretty productive today .. worked on some secret projects.. finished one of those yesterday .. and started a couple more today .. and finished one more today .. I realized I have two days to get all the UFO's done for home.. but .. I really only have one of those.. my mom's .. that is because I started a doily for her and it really needed to be put away at night for fear of a little cat attack in the middle of the night(she has this thing for yarn balls).. most other things I am doing could survive something like that.. but I dont think a doily would.. so I put it away .. and seriously got so busy with every thing else.. I kind of forgot about it til today when I was running thru my head "the million things to do before I leave here list".... every one told me I should make a list.. I gave up after my list got to about 50 things.. talk about overwhelming.. I decided to do what I always do .... fly by the seat of my pants.. it usually works out pretty good.... even if I always forget something.. it works out in the end for the most part and I only stress for about 15 minutes before and after I leave my house... I got almost depressed with my list sitting in front of me today so I threw it in the fire.. oh well.. I will make a packing list.. that always helps me out ..

I cant say I have never won anything any more .. LOL.. acutally I have.. but I was surfing thru my RAOK ring list and came across Lynne's blog....I was reading along about her crochet adventure.. and she wanted to hear our worst misadventure in knit or crochet.. so I told her my little story and out of all the entries she had a drawing and I was gifted with a gift certificate to Elann now the hard part will be picking yarn... speaking of yarn and as if I dont have enough..

On my way home.. I will be stoppping in to see Melanie to pick up This and of course a few more things I have on order from her.. I am so excited.. new and exciting things.. I tell you .. I am in yarn heaven.. and I absolutely love Melanie and her family.. they are the nicest people.. seriously they are.. I am so glad many of you have gone to her Ebay store and bought yarn.. and told her I sent you .. she gets the biggest kick out of that.. and its nice to see people helping other people.. Melanie uses her yarn money to pay for her daughter's college.. I think that is awesome! ...

I cant wait to get home... I have really missed every one.. I am not a big emotoinal kind of person and I dont lament over how much I miss every one every day .. but I do miss them.. I dont regret coming here .. but there are times when I wish I could just drive to Leigh's house for a drink and some girl talk.. or just pop in and see my sister and my niece.. I miss that kind of stuff.. my attempts here at making friends have totally sucked.. I went to that knit/crochet group.. they were ok but you could tell every one there was there for a reason other than just being social.. I dont like that kind of thing.. I am not a user.. and I wont become one just to fit in .. also there was another crocheter there.. I didnt like her.. she acted like she was the be all end all in crochet and tried to dismiss every thing I was saying like I was some newbie to the art.. at one point I rounded the coversation to how long every one had been at it... and surprise surprise.. I had been crocheting longer.. anyway.. I havent been asked back.. I dont think I look too sad about it .. this town is just too strange to me to try to really make friends.. seems every one wants something .. and that is just not how I work....

Well .. back to the grind guys.. I have a couple things to do before I go to bed.. ...

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Friday, January 28, 2005

Market Day Cont......

Firstly.. in case some of you are not aware.. today (January 27th) was the 60th anniversary of the liberation (not sure if that is the right word but I am gonna use it anyway ) of Auschwitz... so if you havent already take a minute to think about what hate does ... and breeds... and think about how we can keep trying to change that and be more tolerant people... I will wait .. you can think about it and come back to me when you are finished..

......... so .. market today... sucked.. it started out fairly nice but it was colder than expected.. I had a heater but the wind kept blowing so I just couldnt sit and enjoy my day .. so .. about 3 ..I packed it in and came home.. at least I got some exercise lugging all my gear in and out ... lol .. and I got plenty fo fresh air today.....

I have many things in the works and realize I have many things to do before I go home next week.. EEEEKKKK .. 6 days til I leave.. and a million things to do.. I wonder if I will get them all done.. probably not.. that is the norm.. I freak myself out over things that I dont need to then add to my stress so by the time I get in my car to drive.. I am tense the first half of my trip.. I am doing better.. but still.. I always forget at least one thing.. ALWAYS!

I found a few more things I want to work on .. I think I will take this break time to make my lovely butterfly shawl out of the silk yarn I treated myself to at christmas time.. I wont have a market next week because I will be gone.. so I have two weeks to the next one and I have been working on building my stock back up so I dont really need too much for there.. so I think I am really going to get my shawl done.. I have done one thing for meself in a year.. so I think its time I do another..

well its that time.. I am gonna go zonk out..

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Market Day

Its market day and its cold compared to all the other days I have gone 40 is supposed to be the high today .. at least there isnt any wind.. of course I am supposed to be there in 15 minutes and I havent even showered yet.. the good news.. I am all packed up and ready to go.. I even have my heater today so I can stay nice and toasty.. so here is to staying warm.. getting some spinning done and some projects completed today.. as long as I am warm I am golden.. I might take a mad stab at knitting today.. I know some of you think I am a traitor crazy bitch nut job for even wanting to try .. but DAMMIT.. somethings just look better knit.. like cables.. yeah .. and latvian mittens.. like I am ever gonna be on THAT level of knit before hell freezes over any time soon .. I like learning .. that is what this is all about for me.. keeping the mind sharp so when I finally get my ass back in school I am still on my best game.. at least that is what I tell myself.. it all sounds good when I rationalize it to myself and the voices in my head agree.. lol ..

update when I get home this evening and more pictures!!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

WIP Wednesday

You know some how I forget I do have friends that read my blog and have not the first clue as to what I am talking about.. It doesnt dawn on me they dont know this stuff.. I think every one knows every thing I know.. silly me.. I was bombed blessed with a few emails today asking.. and I quote .. "what the fuck is tunisian crochet?".. I guess you would have to know my friends .. anyway .. here is a picture showing a little of it.. the hook used and a WIP (work in progress) ...... so here you go .. worked in Tunisian Double Stitch

Also for your veiwing pleasure is the apple green bag I made with a Tunisian hook and a Tunisian Simple Stitch..

I have also decreed this to be Work In Progress Wednesday...

so here is what I have on the hooks..

* the dark green bag in tunisian crochet

* a spiral poncho in chocolate chenille and a nice variegated brown/peach/pink chenille (should be finished tonight thought)

* a couple secrets

* a wrap I started with a nice soft yarn I was traded ..

* I also have a few bags that need handles/straps

* I am in the middle of writing a pattern .. Deneen I promise I will get back to that as soon as I am finished posting here .. LOL ..

I know I am leaving something else out but cant remember what..

I was asked how I was going to make my beaded handles for my green bag on my last post.. the answer is.. I am not sure.. the idea you presented seems like a good one.. I have to see what kind of beads talk to me at the craft store.. I may end up with a leather and bead handle or maybe even hemp and beads.. just depends.. so I will cross that bridge when i get there..every one knows I am a fly by the seat of my pants type girl.. so its what ever strikes me at the moment.. .. I am off to finish that pattern..

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Trying To Be Better

Trying to be better about posting.. I realize today I spend a good amount of time fucking off.. so what better time to blog than when I am taking breaks..

I thought more of you would chime in over my "Picture Pages" challenge.. but you didnt.. Naamah .. you got it partly right.. it WAS in fact done by Bill Cosby and I do believe the pen was a bee pen too.. Shar got the rest of it.. I was a segment on Captain Kangaroo... I do want to say .. my parents didnt let us ( me and my two sisters) watch much tv at all.. pretty limited to educational things.. so in the morning while getting ready for school we got Captain Kangaroo..Mutual of Omaha's WIld Kingdom was a regular watch in our house as was the movie presented by Disney on ABC on sunday evening at 6.. saturdays were treat day in our house.. we got to stay up late to watch "The Love Boat" and "Fantasy Island" .. my mom would make us popcorn .. and sometimes we were even allowed a soda.. but that wasnt too often.. to this day I dont drink much soda.. sometimes she would make us caramel popcorn if we had been really good .. that was an awesome special treat.. we didnt get much junky food and I am glad of it now .. even though I am still overweight.. at least I dont eat bad things .. most of the time anyway .. I do have a weakness for Dorritos and onion dip.. and dark chocolate.. but I cant tell you the last time I had Dorritos.. the chocolate.. maybe once a week or so .. maybe less.. when I was little I was envious and often amazed at what my friends would have at their houses.. we didnt have presugared cereal nor did we have junk food.. so when I would go to someones house to stay the night and we had Cocoa Pebbles for breakfast .. chips and a sandwich for lunch and pizza for dinner.. then other snacks and SODA later.. it was kind of weird for me.. I am glad my parents instilled better eating habits in us.. any way where was I going before I hit this bump of nostalgia along the way....

Oh yeah.. being better.. today I finished up my little bag I made with my secret pal yarn .. it was a ball of Reynolds Turnberry Tweed in colour number 67.. I used a Tunisian hook and just made a rectangle til I almost ran out.. then I finished my rectangle and sewed up the sides.. leaving a little on each side unsewn in hopes of a nice curl when I throw it in to be felted.. will show and tell when I get the washing done and my flashy beaded handles made.. and its MINE ALL MINE!! I cant believe I took the time to make something just for me .. I have been very busy .. bags .. ponchos.. shawls .. etc trying to restock since Christmas took out some of my stuff... if this bag turns out well I might have to try to track some more of this yarn and make myself a bigger bag..

I bought some knitting needles last night .. I am not sure what I am thinking.. but I want to try it .. the last time I did .. I was taught with super small needles and it wasnt so good.. took me way too long to get anywhere that way .. so I bought some size 17 needles.. purple aluminum and I am going to take another stab.. I think maybe this time my heart is really into it.. and if not.. I can always use my Tunisian hooks to make a knit stitch ..this technique was once called shepards knitting anyway .. so maybe I can fool myself and pretend I know how to knit anyway .. LOL .... I just want to learn all I can .. I crochet.. just started spinning and want to know how to knit .. there are somethings that just look better knitted.. I know I am faster with crochet and I can take my stuff with me with out having to take half the house.. I can put my crochet down and pick it back up with out being panicky about where I left off.. just another thing.. I like adding to the "Things I Can Do" list...

Lastly.. I will leave you with a bit of trivia I learned yesterday .. I learned why the keys on the keyboard are situated as they are.. in the olden days ( read days of manual typewriters .. of which I own a few and still love!) the keys were set up as thus to prevent the most used keys from sticking together as you typed quickly.. and since it was a standard to which every one was accustomed.. when the typewriter changed .. the key board did not.. there you go .. in case you didnt know.. and if you didnt know.. there is your one new thing you learned today ..

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More Silly Quizzes

Take the quiz: "What Historic Woman Are You?"

Queen Medb
Queen Medb was an Irish queen, and what a queen! She ruled HER WAY or the HIGHWAY. When arguing with her husband over who had the greater fortune, she got so mad that she called a war on a neighboring kingdom to capture a bull so that she'd be wealthier than her husband. She was impulsive, temperamental, and passionate, just like you. But try and be a little calmer. Read more about this fascinating woman:

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Monday, January 24, 2005

Pictures and More

Every time I think of pictures and posting them this little song from my childhood pops into my head.. "Picture pages, picture pages .. time to get your picture pages.. time to get your crayons and your pencils!" I want to know who can tell me where that came from? And if you know... who actually DID the picture pages?

I have alot of catching up.. I promised pictures friday.. Saturday was my birthday.. so I kind of skipped it.. and then every time I have come to try to post lately Blogger has been a biznitch... so FINALLY tonight.. and I do have alot to say so please bear with me ..

Firstly.. I have alot to say about people expecting the people (like myself) having blogs they talk about specific crafts on.. (knit.. crochet .. photography.. etc) to ONLY talk about those things.. I feel this is a ridiculous expectation.. I mention this because I was on a board I go to every now and again .. a member said they hated it when they went to a blog that is supposed to be *insert craft here* and the owner of said blog posts about *gasp* other things like their life and politics(something I wont discuss here ... too hot a topic and I think that is a way personal subject) and whatever.. THEN this person went on about the blog owners *gasp again* cursing.. if I want to talk about three headed frogs and why they have nine eyes I will.. and if I want to fucking curse I will do that also.. because.. it is in fact my blog.. and one cant be expected to have separate blogs for every thing .. Hell .. I would spend my whole day doing nothing but trying to keep up with all my blogs.. I have a hard enough time doing that here.. so.. what I can say to people like that .. who actually expect all of us in Blogdom to strictly talk about what you have laid out in the ground work of your blog and to be Mary Poppins and never say a bad thing.. is... click the X .. thats right .. DONT READ MY BLOG... because I write in my blog strictly for myself.. If I happen to entertain some one along the way GREAT.. if I offend you .. that wasnt my intention but I say what I want , when I want.. I am not going to censor myself for a few people that cant take a curse word here and there .. and lastly.. if all I ever did was talk about crochet you ALL would be bored completely shitless.. I would bore myself.. and what fun would that be?? seriously.. get over it ... lighten up .. have a drink .. allow yourself to be entertained for fuck's sake instead of getting all worked up because the blogs you visit arent up to the standard you think they should be...

Now on to better things.. My trip home .. YAY.. I am finally getting to go .. I have a hard date set and will be leaving out of here the 2nd or so and will be home the 6th.. a few days at home will do me some good.. recharge my batteries so to speak and of course.. get all those late Christmas and Birthday gifts !!

The gift I have received and love is this :

Those are spindles for those of you not in the know.. they are used for making yarn.. it spins it .. I was so excited when I opened this up.. in the picture you see three different types of roving (that fluffy stuff in the back ground) the ecru is a natural wool, the darker grey is angora and the coloured one is another wool... I have been spinning in my break times from crocheting and have decided to take them with me to market making it one of my filler time activities.. from what I understood from reading the information sent wtih them .. the top whorl spindle.. (the one on the left) is for finer yarns and fibers like the angora and the bottom whorl is for heavier yarns like the wool.. I have only used the bottom whorl so far and have totally loved it !! I have visions of sheep and rabbits and goats when I get back home .. and making my own really nice yarns..

I have also been blessed by surprises from some of the nice gals over at Crochetville.. here are a few things I received right before my birthday ..

I was then gifted with my secret pal reveal package.. Deb was my pal and boy has she ever been generous to me .. the BEST pal a girl could ask for .. in my package I recieved a ball of Reynolds Turnberry Tween in a bright apple green .. a hand made birthday card.. a nice note included.. two tubes of Burt's Bees lip shimmer and one tube of Burt's lipbalm which I am totally addicted to and some passion fruit tea .. THANKS DEB! .. you have been the best !

As if you havent had enough already .. THERE'S MORE!!

The gratutious pictures of most of my animals.. some how Lily has evaded the lens of my camera since the last pictures of her.. so I leave you with these.. Tiger and Winston as they looked this evening when I went in my bedroom to retreive some yarn..

And my two dogs.. this is how they looked when I just went in to check the fire.. they ARE NOT supposed to be in the chair.. but I had not put there little doggie bed in front of the fire so .. I guess they thought it was ok to sneak.. and of course.. I couldnt be mad.. they looked so damned cute!

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Friday, January 21, 2005

Catching Up

Ok.. I know I suck.. I have been bad.. in a good way bad though because I have been busy...

On the market front.. it sucked yesterday .. I didnt sell one thing while I was there.. but I had a lady pick up her special order today.. and that was ok .. but I had a bad time all around yesterday .. because you know .. I try to do the good and right thing most of the time and it just back fired on me.. so here is the low down

I went to a knit group a few weeks ago.. trying to meet new people that like what I like..the group was ok .. and I talked to one of the ladies there about coming to market cause she was a beginning knitter but did pottery and was looking for a place to sell her I gave her the skinny ..told her who to go talk to etc because I thought it would be nice to have another person at the market and because I thought it was the nice thing to do ..

Well.. I get to market yesterday .. I am setting up .. get my stuff all up .. she pulls in .. being the nice person.. I helped her with her canopy and getting her boxes out of the van etc... but left her to set up her display.. so I am sitting there admiring her work and watching her unpack..she gets finished with her pottery pieces and walks over to the van to get some other boxes and things.. well she starts to unpack them.. she starts pulling shawls and scarves out.. I couldnt believe it.. I was upset.. I would never do that to some one trying to help me.. no I dont have an exclusive BUT it was in bad taste in my book to try to hone in on some of my I give her the eye.. and keep watching.. she sits down.. I try not to act pissed off but I really am.. so I go over and ask her what the deal is .. and she explained that our stuff was not alike... hers was knit mine was crochet..(whatever the common person on the street doesnt know the difference its all yarn to them)... i rolled my eyes and walked off.. this is not something I normally do.. the rolling of the eyes or the walking off.. but I didnt want a huge scene in a place I was trying to make money..

So I go to the guy in charge .. he didnt know she was going to sell things like that.. when you put your application in you have to say what you are going to sell and if there are any changes you have to get approval.. she only had pottery down on her application.. my application says I do crochet and soaps and scrubs.. I havent done the soap and scrub thing yet but when I do .. I wont have to wait I can do that because I have already been aproved.. sooooo..he waits a little bit.. and then goes over and tells her calmly that she wasnt approved for selling things like that ..she will have to take them down and reapply and wait for approval and pay another fee because she wasnt straight with him on what she was he walks off and she glares at me the rest of the day AFTER she put her knit stuff away... so I wait..

When I have my stuff packed up and I am ready to leave ( you didnt think I would leave with out saying anything do you ??) I walk over and of course she has an attitude at this point.. and I just looked at her straight and said " You know.. I was trying to help you out and do the right thing by letting you know about this place.. and if this is the way you treat people that try to help you .. I would really hate to see the way you treat people that you didnt like..." I didnt give her a chance to say anything back.. I got in my vehicle and left...just disheartened.. but I know I tried to do the right thing.. too bad people cant just do the right thing instead of trying to take advantage..

On to better things...I have been so excited lately.. boxes showing up on my doorstep .. some surprises some not... more on that tomorrow.. I need to take some pictures to share.. but I have to say .. I like the fact I can trade yarn with people.. Its a nice thing.. they have something they dont want and its a colour or texture I can use.. and I have something they can use.. we send back and forth.. its GREAT!

I finally have a hard date for my trip home.. I am going to be leaving here two weeks from today !! YAY!! I can have late Christmas and birthday at home.. finally... oh well sometimes life just doesnt work with your schedule.. and you just have to make time.. I cant wait to see my nieces and nephew's face when they get their gifts.. its stuff they have wanted.. so I know they will love it.. it was so cute my youngest niece called me tonight and played pass the phone with my stepnieces and nephew.. it was nice .. a very nice surprise...a very nice and cute surprise! She asked me to bring Brutus home with me .. she loves that dog.. she would probably try to kidnap him if she thought she could get away with it.. the funny thing is they have a boston terrier too .. she just thinks Brutus is cuter ...

Well guys.. I am going to go.. Its picture day tomorrow .. I am going to bombard you all with pictures ... til then

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Silly Quizzes

Tell me.. how do i get sucked in ?

I am nerdier than 71% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

I am 18% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!

SO according to these ppl... i am a really cool mid level nerd.. i guess that sums it up doesnt it?

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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Been Busy

I suppose any one who has been in Crochetville lately knows how busy I have been .. 6 felted bags in the past few days (that doesnt count the other 4 that still need to be thrown in the washer) ... and before you get all upset that I havent posted pictures yet and I have over there.. I just did it like 5 minutes ago.. so no one is cheated LOL....

So here are my bags before ..and as always dont be afraid to click the pic.. I am totally in love with that clickable thumbnail thing at Photobucket

And of course here is the magick after..

I havent finished them up because I am not sure exactly what I want to do with them.. I know the striped bag is MINE.... I got the wool for a RAOK/Birthday gift.. its a great wool and has many colours in it.. I do know I have some great jade and purple (i think its lodalite) stone beads to make some sort of tassel to hang from the drawstring/ slingstring.. just havent figured out the string part yet.. the two camel coloured ones are getting some sort of leather treatment.. and I think the blue one will too maybe some bamboo or beaded handles.. that one really hasnt spoken to me yet..

So I have been the bag lady.. also I have been busy working on my hat swap partner's hat(she knows who she is.. so I cant show soon as she gets it I will show you all .. Pam I am so excited for you to get this !).. and some hats for our boys over seas to be donated... Julie is the co-ordinator of our swap.. she has vowed to match any hats that we make extra.. man does she have her work cut out!!.. I know I have 6 in the works and I know Sutty has 6 as well .. and that is just two of us.. Maybe I should tell her I will help.. if of course she ever says she needs it I will be there .. cause I am just so cool like that.. any thing for our boys!

I didnt get to go to market this week because of the wind and rain.. but I have been totally inspired to get stuff done.. and I am hoping the weather holds for me thursday .. its been a disappointing month so far with weather and sales.. I have had to chase down a chick who wrote me a bad check.. that sucked.. she finally paid when I called and told her if she didnt get in touch with me I was going to the sheriff by noon the next day.. and dont you know.. she called me back in 15 minutes.. with a lame excuse.. but she was at the post office and I got my money the next day ... what a hassle.. you want to trust people then something of this sort happens.. UGHHHHH...

Oh well.. I am looking forward to this week .. I have new things to take.. I have a new tent.. and Saturday is my birthday.. so here is to me making a bunch of money thursday so I can go celebrate my birthday right on Saturday !!

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Friday, January 14, 2005

Too Funny

Well.. I snagged this over at Deneen's blog... had to do it...and the result..

well I wasnt too surprised.. what do you all think ??

You are Cashmere.
You are Cashmere.
You are sophisticated and luxe. You can often be
found in high-end boutiques and hobnobbing with
the upper crust. You are one of the beautiful
people and you don't let anyone forget it!

What kind of yarn are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Can We Say Slacker?

Well just because I am not blogging doesnt mean I am not busy ..actually it means I am very busy.. I finally got my canopy replacement so I can make market tomorrow if its not windy or raining.. if those two things are happening I am NOT going because I will not have a repeat of three weeks ago.. that just cant happen.. I have been hugely busy making replacement items for my stand..

I have been getting ready for my trip home soon to see every one and crossing my fingers a dog sitter will come thru last minute will so suck if they dont..

The weather here has been beautiful since the first of the year.. Its been in the upper 60's and lower 70's for the better part of the past 2 weeks.. no complaints here... I received my snow fix right after Christmas and the cold snap right before I was I am happy .. I like it warmer here ..I can take the dogs on longer walks without being completely miserable.. I have to burn less wood so that means less wood cutting for me ! Always a plus.. making more time for crochet is always a bonus.. speaking of which I did something totally new .. I did something called fulling (most people call it felting because that is what it looks like when its done)... for those of you with no clue... think of it on these terms.. I am sure every one at one point in their life has thrown that one wool item in the washer and dryer and it came out looking like something barbie could wear.. that is a simplified version of fulling ... LOL.. not that its very complicated anyway .. because if it were totally complicated .. I wouldnt be doing it..

SO... I spent a day and a half making this bag....I am giving you three pictures to click so you can see the before measurements..

And here is what it looks like with three times thru the washer on hot water with some vinegar ..

Its magic I tell you !! Just plain magic.. now imagine if you will.. in the before pictures you can see openings at the top for a drawstring.. after you cant see them as much but they are still there.. I will be taking suede thong and braiding it to make a drawstring sling strap for this bag... also I guess I should mention it felted down to about 9 inches tall.. 9 inches across when folded and a little over 6 inches across the bottom.. I am quite pleased with myself.. the yarn I used was vintage and a "elf" gift from my wish list I posted before christmas.. some one read my blog or post at Crochetville and sent the yarn.. it said cold water washable so I was taking a chance but figured when that hot water hit it .. it would shrink just as I thought.. IT DID!! .. so thanks my little elf .. you know who you are ...

I liked this technique so much I am giving it another go in just a few days with another bag and possibly some slippers and mittens.. I guess It will depend on h ow ambitious I want to be today .. which means I have to get my ass off here and get moving!

Hope you all are having a great day !

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Friday, January 07, 2005

Special Bulletin Just For Kitten

Kitten .... first of all.. you can knit a few squares if you want to donate to the cause... just make sure they are in fact 12 inches and square .. i can crochet around the edges to join them.. that goes for any other knitters that happen to ready my blog.. knitted squares are welcome to .. by no means am I biased!..

Second and most important.. I just finished this... so send me the ransom.. and I will send it to you LOL ....

Click the picture to make it bigger !!

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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Been A Few...

Well its been a few days.. I have been in a funk and havent wanted to bring any one down.. I have had a headaache for the better part of three days and nothing seems to help it.. Its just been kind of sucky..

I am feeling a bit better today but not 100 percent.. I still have a little headache and have been kind of blah today .. I think maybe I slept too long..any one that knows me knows I must be feeling pretty bad to say anything about it.. cause I usually just suffer through and drive on...

I have been working on a few things .. I have a few squares done for my joint project with my sisters...

I am loving the thumbnail option over at photobucket I love not having to worry over the size of my pictures any more.. its really nice..

I am been pretty busy even though my canopy was destroyed two weeks ago at market.. I have ordered a new one with hopes it will be here next week.. I have had a couple orders to finish up and a couple new things to keep my time busy.. and of course my joint project ..

I guess maybe I should explain that a little bit... my sisters and I discussed the notion of making squares all year long and then at Thanksgiving join what we have to make blankets to donate to the Salvation Army Shelter.. we are making 12 inch squares and joining them with black.. the goal is 5 per person per month .. very feasible I do believe.. just any colour you want or have on hand and edged in black to make the joining easier later..

I extend this out to any one what would like to do a square or two.. if you should decide to do so please email me and I can tell you where to ship it.. just make sure its 12 inches .. I can edge it in black when it gets here.. the more the merrier.. and of course with our goal of 5 per month per person that will give us 165 squares with each blanket taking 20 to make.. I will probalby do a few more to even it out to make at least 9 blankets.. I think that is pretty good.. and if you generous people .. I know there are a few of you out there decide to get in on it .. we could make at least another .. to make an even 10.. so if you have some scrap yarn and just wanna do something with it .. think about making a square for me .. will you ? .. I dont ask for much .. LOL...

I hope all of you are having a great day .. this week we have been experiencing spring like weather.. its been kind of weird to me.. upper 60's to lower 70's in the day here and mid 40's to lower 50's at night.. makes me think its march instead of January.. I am so used to cold near and aroudn my birthday it seems weird to have this.. I am not complaining.. its been rather nice.. My daily walks with the dogs have been quite pleasant and extended.. that is always nice.. or maybe its just my way of stalling to get things done..

I have one more thing to say .. the house I live in is on the market .. the previous owner passed away and the estate is trying to settle it.. there will be a silent auction the 17th of this month.. I dont know how many of you have ever experienced this .. but this kind of thing brings out the rudest freakiest people ever.. I have people randomly knocking on my door asking to come in and look at my house .. then they get mad when I say no.. yesterday was the last straw when the knocks started at 8.30 am .. I am not a morning person.. I just thought this was rude.. the lady woke me up.. then wanted to come in my house and look around before I had my morning coffee and could wipe the sleep from my eyes.. there were 4 more freaks knocking yesterday which prompted me to make a sign to put in my front door .. this is what it says:



hope you all are having a nice night.. I sure had a nice quiet knockless day today ... LOL

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Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Year In Review .........

I snagged this from Kitten I hope you will do the same... snag and answer.. and ask any more questions you would like answers to.. I really enjoyed doing this.. sometimes I do better answering questions than just blathering on like an idiot...

What did you do in 2004 that you'd never done before?
Rode my bike 20 miles before stopping

Did you keep your New Years' resolutions?
I don’t usually make any .. I set goals

Will you make more for 2005?
Goals .. yes.. so I can mark them off as I acheive them.. because my basic philosophy is live every day being the best person you know how to be..

What places did you visit?
North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Louisiana, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Virginia

What did you get really, really, really excited about?
Seeing some one I had not seen in some time

What song will always remind you of 2004?
Figured You Out ~ Nickelback

What events merited celebration?
Every day merits celebration.. Celebrate you are ALIVE!

Did anyone close to you die?

What do you wish you'd done more of?

What do you wish you'd done less of?

Who did you spend the most time on the phone with?
A very good friend

What would you like to have in 2005 that you lacked in 2004?
More Energy (any one have that magic pill?)

What date from 2004 will remain etched upon your memory?
Valentine’s Day

What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
I was 34 and I went out with my sister

What did you want and get?
New Crochet Hook

What did you want and not get?
A weeks Vacation on Cape Hatteras.. Maybe this spring

What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
More Money! (isn’t that the case for every one .. As much as I hate it.. it’s a necessity in life and more of it makes life easier )

Did you suffer illness or injury?

What was the best thing you bought?
Silk Yarn

Where did most of your money go?

Compared to this time last year, are you......Happier or sadder?...
Happier for the most part…

Thinner or fatter?

What was your greatest musical discovery?
..there was Harry Connick Jr out there that I didn’t own already !

How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2004?
Like always.. I wear what I want.. I am not a slave to fashion….

Who were the best new people you met?
All my blog friends

Did you fall in love in 2004?

Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?
I don’t use the word hate really .. So this wouldn’t be my words in this question..
There are people that I dislike greatly.. They know who they are..

What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Quitting my job and starting my own business

What was your biggest failure?
Failure is so harsh.. I suppose it would be getting to the weight I wanted to be.. I didn’t make it, but I did lose about 40 pounds last year

Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2004
You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family

Quote a song lyric that sums up your year?
They tell you where you need to go

They tell you when you'll need to leave
They tell you what you need to know
They tell you who you need to be
But everything inside you knows
There's more than what you've heard
There's so much more than empty conversations
Filled with empty words
~Switch foot “On Fire”


Name 3 names you go by:
Aunt Beth

LIzard Breath

Name 3 things you like about yourself:
I don't take shit from anyone

I am a good auntie
I am creative

Name 3 things you hate (insert dislike here) about yourself:
I wish I were taller
I am not patient
I get irritated easily

Name 3 parts of your heritage:
Native American

Name 3 of your everyday essentials:
Burt’s Bees Lipbalm
Kitty Kisses
Doggie Licks

Name 3 things that scare you:
Getting locked in some place in which I can’t escape
Dying alone
Extreme Pain

Name 3 reasons you have broken up with ex's:
They Cheated
They were emotionally unavailable
They were non committal

Name 3 things you want in a relationship:
Hot Wild Monkey Sex

Name your 3 favorite pastimes:
Walking my dogs

Name 3 things you want to do before you die:
Stand in the Great Pyramids
Walk the beach at Normandy
Climb to the top of Machu Picchu

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Saturday, January 01, 2005


Here is a quick post.. I promise more later... I swear!!



You enjoy life, humor, and being exuberant. Wherever you go you usually find yourself stealing the spotlight without even trying. You love to let go and have fun.

Find out your color at Quiz Me!

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