Thursday, March 31, 2005

Where To Start

I am here.. I guess that is a start.. I havent been here because I am not one to air my business just so people can say "Awwwww.. it will get better" I hate that.. and I hate being a downer.. so I decided to say nothing.. then an email dropped in my box today and asked if I was ever gonna blog again.. So.. here I am .. being a downer.. blogging ..

I guess I am officially on the Easter Bunny shit list.. if there is such .. because I didnt recieve a single black jelly bean.. the only thing I really look forward to this time of year.. oh well.. I guess I really didnt need them anyway ..

I have made a bag.. one bag.. in a week .. wow.. I am flying right along.. and its not even a big bag.. I suppose if I quit sleeping 14 hours a day .. I might have time for something else.. just doesnt seem I can pry my ass out of bed..

SO.. here is my bag.. its bright .. cheery .. and *insert huge gasp here by those that really know me* Pink..

I made the Fleuri bag from the latest Crochetme.. in wool.. fulled it.. lined it with a cute designer fabric.. cause i loved the bird and wanted the inside to be pretty too .. made a wrist strap from a green mohair blend by using my I-cord maker and then making two braids and twisting them..

so with out further ado here is the cheeriest part of my blog today.. I promise there will be more when i return to my usual snarky state..

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Where Does My Time Go?

Seriously.. where does my time go? has any one seen it? Its been a blur the past few days.. I keep meaning to come here.. and some how get lost along the way .. I have planted some seeds for the spring.. just a few little things.. some tomatoes(red plum and yellow plum).. some peppers (habenero ..cayenne...jalapeno...serrano) .. some herbs(thyme.. basil.. chives) and a couple flowers(salmon coloured petunias.. shasta daisies).. 36 little cells in one of those little green house things you can get at Lowe's.. hardly anything compared to what I would do at home.. so anyway .. I have been busy.. really.. and I actually finished some stuff..

I made a Martha poncho out of some silk blend yarn.. finished it up .. got it washed and photographed and listed on eBay already ..

I also whipped this up tonight.. saw a picture.. made it .. beaded the edge.. its going to market with me tomorrow..

I cant wait to get to market tomorrow.. its supposed to be the best of days .. sunny .. 69 degrees... very light wind.. perfect..

so wish me luck every one .. report tomorrow after noon when I get home !!

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Monday, March 21, 2005

What is Wrong With ME?

OK.. Yeah .. I have been AWOL since Thursday.. I would like to say I have been so busy I couldnt see straight to blog but then that would be a flat out lie.. but I have indeed been busy.. and when I havent been busy .. I have been sleeping.. more than usual.. I have to pull out of this.. I really do .. I am trying .. I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.. and I am sure hoping it isnt the train! and if it is the train.. I am hoping its going so fast I dont feel it when it hits me .. how is that for some fucked up logic!

At any rate.. I welcomed in Spring yesterday with a day so perfect I could hardly believe it .. It was 72 degrees.. sunny.. slight breeze.. beautiful.. I hope this is an indication about what spring will be like here.. last year.. I got exactly 3 days of spring and went straight to hot sweltering summer.. so here is hoping..

Let's see.. trying to figure out where to start.. on what I have been doing besides fucking off and neglecting my blog.. and sleeping.. hmm not much.. crap..

Friday.. what did I do Friday.. ok maybe its not such a great idea to go chronologically but to just tell you what I have been doing since Thursday .... I cant seem to get it all straight for the life of me .. I have to mention I am being distracted by the heavenly scent coming from my kitchen.. I am roasting a 5 pound turkey breast with cajun style seasoning I have injected inside with a syringe .. I have taken to cooking things in large quantity and then freezing portions so I have meals made for me at the touch of a microwave button.. I figured out my bad eating habits were because I didnt have things that were convenient to eat so I just ate what was handy.. so I guess I finally realized that Cheezits and sandwich meat did not make the ideal dinner.. I digress..

The most exciting news this weekend..
Crochetville finally has a real home instead of being hosted on crappy EZBoard... what a bunch of bloodsuckers.. your fees for being there were based on traffic.. the more you had the more you paid.. which would be fine but they wouldnt let you pay too much in advance because they were afraid your little board might increase so much that they might be losing too much money that way .. so we all took a vote.. we had money in our community chest.. but decided to donate it and move on since the fees for the next three months were going to be three times what we had.. I am so glad we did ... Donna... Julie.. Tiffany ...thanks for your hard work in getting the place set up for all of us to enjoy! Its really nice and you know new stuff is always fun!!

I have also listed some of my yarns on
eBay (more shameless advertising) so if you wanna go see .. then go see.. if you know some one who might like .. send them my way .. LOL .. I have market Thursday as well .. so I hope to sell some of it there too.. I found out if I dye it then I can sell it .. I dont have to actually spin it .. dye it.. then sell it there.. that was good news to me !! I have done a Martha poncho or two also to list on eBay and to sell at market.. people have been going crazy over this thing and I figured .. why not capitalize on it.. I chose a silk blend yarn for my poncho though .. cause I figured why not use a little better yarn? and if the ones made from acrylic are selling for upwards of 100 dollars.. then I should certainly be able to make my money back on something that is a little better quality .. I will have pictures later on that.. they are in the wash at the moment .. I like to wash my stuff and have it smell nice when I sell it..

Been doing some spring cleaning here... it was so nice yesterday I opened the windows and let the nice fresh air in.. I love that smell.. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.. the first day you can open the windows and let out the old air in the house.. the freshness of spring comes in .. sometimes .. it smells like flowers.. not yet here.. but soon wisteria will be in the air since it grows EVERY WHERE out here.. I am not complaining it only comes in behind lilac in my favourite spring flower smells.. then tulips.. unfortunately .. I have not found a candle of any sort that smells close enough to the real thing.. well except the tulip..
Yankee Candle does a good favourite by them is Clean Cotton and Midsummer's Night.. I love those smells .. Fresh.. not usually into florals anyway .. they give me a headache.. there are a few exceptions.. I usually prefer the fresh flowers to the candle.. and of course if I were rich.. I would have fresh flowers every few days brought to my house so it would always smell of spring in here.. there I go dreaming again LOL ..

So .. I have been busy with ponchos..yarn.. eBay .. and new exercise stuff.. I ventured out.. bought some things for here.. dragging my sorry ass to the gym was getting tedious and of course the times I want to work out the gym isnt open .. like 1 AM .. cause I have most of my energy or productiveness at night.. so I cancelled my membership ( I hated to do it .. and I had to be less than honest to get out of it .. I told a small lie.. I was moving.. and I am moving but not til next year .. they didnt need to know that) .. at any rate.. I went out .. bought a yoga mat.. with the blocks and a cotton strap.. and a yoga/pilates tape.. I also invested in one of those big beach ball looking things I know you know what I am talking about.. and a resistance band system to use with that.. so all my "gym" equipment could fit in a tote bag.. and that is just fine with me.. because I plan on taking it with me when I start traveling again.. so... I did my yoga this morning and my pilates.. and tonight I might venture into my resistance training with the ball and bands.. (boy does that sound perverted .. and if i had an idea to see how many hits that gets me from weird people searching the net.. I am sure it would be a lot LOL)... I am sure tomorrow I will be sore as sore can be.. oh well.. tomorrow is weigh day too .. I started my new amended eating habits last Tuesday.. so Tuesdays are weigh days.. lets hope for some results.. I am on a mission .. I want this last 40 pounds gone.. so I can be a HAMMER! ...

I think I have blathered on enough.. espeically since I didnt give you one picture to keep you occupied.. man I am slipping..

have a good day .. maybe more tonight .. or a couple of pictures at least

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

To Fringe Or Not To Fringe....

All I have today is a quick post.. a drive by really.. I finished up this shawl.. its the Fan Pattern Shawl.. and I havent decided if it needs fringe or not...maybe you all in blogland can help me decide.. I used some pear rayon chenille and a rainbow thread called tutti fruiti.. (2 strands) .. just drop me a comment and let me why I should or shouldnt fringe this ..

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Handy Helpers and RAOK

so.. as you all know.. I am hand dyeing yarn.. and making hanks with out a swift is kind of a tedious process.. and time consuming.. so... I went on a search .. I decided I was not paying that kind of money for a swift.. at least not yet... because all I am doing is winding hanks off cones.. I do not need adjustable.. for now anyway .. I just need something to serve my purpose and fairly quick.. so.. I put my brain to work .. I found this site ....but I really didnt need the clamp so this is what I came up with ..

I took the stand I use to hold my cross stitch and figured out a way to attach my version of the swift from that site... its not adjustable .. but it works and for a grand total of 5 dollars I have something that serves my purpose.. I made a quick trip to Lowe's and bought.. 1 carriage bolt 1/4" X 4" ...2 wingnuts to fit the bolt... 2 nylon sleeves .. 3/8" opening and an inch long....and one 1" x 2" x 36" piece of pine..2 L brackets 3" long.... 2 washers ....I brought my supplies home.. cut 6" off the board.. for the piece to clamp in the holder .. I drilled a 3/8" hole in the center of that piece of board and the longer board for the bold to fit thru.. I spaced my L brackets 24" apart and screwed them into the board ... I placed a washer on the bolt put it thru the longer piece of wood...put the sleeves on and placed it thru the shorter piece of wood and placed a washer and wingnut on the end.. clamped it in my holder and this is the result..

there is a close up of the way it all fits together.. it works for me .. I am happy with the result...

Now on to the good stuff.. the postman dropped off 2 packages for me yesterday .. one was from Burfica my trusty Avon lady ... yes I realize she is in AZ and I am in NC.. but I dont care.. she takes care of me and the money goes to some one I care about..

The second package... a totally random RAOK.. the box contained a large ball of olive coloured (what seems like rayon) chenille.. yummmm....2 balls of creme coloured yarn that is wrapped with a golden thread... and a bazillion packs of Kool Aid.. and some mini tootsie pops that didnt make it to the photoshoot cause I ate them ! .. Also inside .. was the best note.. it just made my day to think I actually inspire some one.. that is a great feeling ...

Box Contents:


Just totally nice stuff.. it was a nice addition to my day yesterday to say the least.. !!! Thank you .. whoever you are !!!

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Monday, March 14, 2005

Where Did The Weekend Go?

I tell you where it went.. right down the toilet LOL.. just kidding.. seems I spent most of my weekend trying to figure out a way to work with my yarns in my kitchen that is the size of a postage stamp in the most efficient way possible.. to no avail.. I still ended up with dye in weird places and tripping over my dogs...for the life of me I dont know how they figure out I am trying to do something and HAVE to be right up under my feet the whole time I am working.. especially Brutus.. he has a way of finding the worst spot ever to be in .. no matter what.. I some how ended up stepping on him at least 6 times over the course of this weekend...

Then there is issue of needing a swift.. I refuse to pay that kind of money for something.. so .. I made one myself.. I found a general idea of how to make one online and adjusted it to my needs...i didnt use the clamp.. I just used another piece of wood and clamped it in my all purpose stand that usually holds my cross stitch projects... it worked really well til I broke off one of the arms that held the yarn.. I decided to replace it with a metal screw.. it works much better now..

There has also been this mad rush to make a copy of Martha's release poncho.. I am trying hard to resist.. but .. I wont be able to .. I will be making my poncho as soon as my Bernat Galaxy gets here.. I am conviced that is what hers was made of even though there are others that think its Homespun.. I do however like the version that Lionbrand put out pattern wise the best.. I will most likely use that pattern but adjust my scallops.. who knows I will have to see how my galaxy works..

I wish there was more exciting things to post today but alas..there really isnt.. I spent my day winding yarns.. dyeing in the kitchen and watching the race.. fairly boring but pretty productive.. now.. I am going to go knit a little while before I hop off to bed...

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

I'm Shameless.....

Well.. after a little thought and some prodding by a few people .. I am selling off some of my hand dyed wool yarn.. I thought I would give you all in blogland the first chance at it.. hence saving me the time and effort of posting up on ebay and of course saving me a little in fees I would have to pay to ebay ..

so here we go... the first picture is of my 200 yard hanks... I can wind these into center pull skeins for your convenience if you wish... these are $10 per hank... shipping will be priority $3.85..I believe I can ship like 4 hanks for that price..

this second batch are the 125 yard hanks.. as above I can wind them into balls and they are 7.50 each ..

I am leaving this offer open til Tuesday.. just drop me a comment or email if you are interested.. and I take paypal.. my account is set up to take credit cards as well as the other methods of payment..

So there is my shameless entry for the day !!

Thanks for putting up with a little self promotion!!

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

I'm IN!! I'm IN!!

I guess I shouldnt be shouting too loudly .. my text is still fucked toward the bottom of my blog.. but at least I am here and can post.. so I should be thankful for that.. I went back and checked my archives are good .. just seems to be this page of entries that went wrong.. whatever.. I am not going to bang my head trying to fix it.. it can stay that way .. I really dont care.. OK.. well I do care.. just dont know enough about the way computers work or this thing works to make it any better)

SOOOOOOOOOOOO.. with all that being said.. I have alot of catching up to do ... besides spending what seemed like eternitymost of the past three days banging my head into my computer desk wishing blogger would stop being a cold hearted biznitch.. I actually got alot accomplished..

First.. I have a couple thank yous..

First to
Amy who found these great little refridgerator magnets and sent them to me.. I really needed a pick me up this week .. its been a little weird around here and this did the trick.. I dont know how she knew I had a thing for magnets.. but I sure love them..

and Secondly to
Beth who sent the little post-it like pad with martinis and olives.. I love this little pad .. thanks for reading me Beth .. and honestly when I opened the envelope and saw the writing.. I swear to you .. I could have written that card.. our handwriting is oddly alike.. I will have to send a note back to you so you can see.. it was kind of freaky in a good way .. made me want to think if we ever met we would be fast friends..

So THANKS girls.. its been a hellish week and this was the little pick me up I needed..

So on to what I have been doing.. dyeing .. that is what I have been doing .. dyeing and more dyeing and tonight when I get my ass out of this chair I will be doing even more ..

I bought some wool boucle on Ebay just for this purpose.. almost 4 pounds of it .. and man have I been having some fun .. I have used Kool AId.. I have used Easter egg dye and I have used food colouring.. you know the kind you get in the spice aisle in the little squeeze bottles.. both the regular and the neon version.. I have gotten the most vivid results with the Easter egg tablets.. to my surprise.. so every one knows where I will be the day after Easter scoring dye tablets for half off to feed my dyeing addiction! ..

So here are some of the results from my first round of dyeing...

Then I got a wild idea about dyeing the yarn with it all wound together still on the ball instead of pulled out onto hanks.. this was the result...

Also .. here is what a ball looks like wound.. and then with it ready to be put in a hank after its unwound.. so you can see the colour variations as it would be ...

hehe See.. I told you I have been busy .. !! So I leave you tonight with pictures of a taste of spring.. a cute bouquet I recieved.. looks as good from the front as it does the back .. I can see myself using the little bunny vase over and over..

PS.. to all of you that I still owe answers .. I will answer your questions tomorrow... I didn t want to over load every one with information tonight !!

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Friday, March 11, 2005

ok help me please

if any one can tell me why blogger is doing this to my blog i would appreicate it..

finally after two days of fighting i can get in and edit.. but the thing its. .. the posts that are messed up .. are ones that were here already .. i didnt do anything to them

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Man Hump Day Already!

Well .. I started this interview business amongst my friends LOL.. so I have some questions to answer before I get any further tonight...

Deneen :

1. What's the first thing you notice about some one you meet for the first time?

Honestly.. their teeth.. I know its extremely weird.. but that is what I think I conciously notice first...

2. What time of day do you feel sexiest?

I would think that would be right after I get out of the shower or bath .. no matter what time it is when I take it..

3. If you could only crochet with one type of yarn, what would it be?

hmmm.. CASHMERE... didnt take me long to think about that one did it?

4. Diet or Regular..

Regular.. I would rather have the sugar/ fat/ whatever...than to put those chemicals in my body that replaces them..

5. Fave Scent....

fresh cut grass.. all time favourite..I never get tired of it..

DomestiGirl asked....

1. If you could design a reality show that you would actually watch, what would it be?

It would have to be something that caught my attention and looked more real than some of these shows.. nothing that involved any one having to eat some vile thing or doing anything I would consider stupid.. I dont usually watch those kinds of shows but
Project Runway sucked me in caught my eye last season .. and I will probalby watch next season as well .. I thought it was a pretty good show that involved designing clothes and reasonable challenges.. and to me was pretty real .. so something along those lines..

2. What is the strangest entry in the 'search referrals' section of your site statistics?

I would love to tell you this.. but honestly I dont know how to check for those kinds of things and have been too embarassed to ask how its done.. it does fascinate me ..

3. Stinky cheese or squishy cheese? Discuss.

I think I would rather have squishy cheese.. cause I really am into smells.. and cant seem to like things that smell really bad.. like bleu cheese..

4. What does your favorite bath/body/haircare product smell like?

fresh.. that is the best way to describe it .. not too floral .. not too perfumey .. just fresh ..

5. What's your favorite season and why?

Fall.. I love to watch the leaves turn.. and I love crisp autumn days.. and the smell of wood smoke in the air..

I also have to send out a HUGE thank you to
Collette .. she was my shawl swap partner at Crochetville .. and this is what she sent me..

as if the shawl wasnt enough.. she included in the package a necklace and earring set made just to match and the cutest little book.. Vogue Weekend Knits.. and a really nice hand made card.. on a side note.. as slow as I knit .. the book will be nicknamed .. week long knits LOL ..

I really love my shawl.. I wore it out yesterday and today.. its so soft and warm.. and just the right size.. THANKS again !!


but before I get to that.. I have finished a couple things..

I had looked at the pattern for this
Evening Shawl for a long time before actually being inspired to make it by seeing Rebecca's finished one.. I usually dont do patterns that dont show me the whole item when complete.. I also dont do patterns that dont have pictures at all .. I like a reference point.. I used a yarn I picked up on my last haul .. its a thick cotton with a nice sheen to it..

I have also been trying my hand at hand painting some wool.. with easter egg dye of all things.. here is the first result..

I couldnt believe how vivid and nice this turned out.. I really liked the result.. so much that I went ahead and wound off the rest of that cone of yarn.. I have 12 hanks with 125 yards on them and 8 hanks with 200 yards on them I will be dyeing tonight.. I was so pleased with the result I went out tonight and bought food colouring .. primary and neon colours.. Kool-Aid.. and some more easter egg dye.. will show you the results when I am finished..

SO that is one of my WIP.. the dyeing..

then I have a
Fan Pattern Shawl on the hook

Mardi Gras Madness still in the works..

I have two knit items still going..

and I think that is about it for this week .. although I would think the 20 hanks of yarn to dye would be enough !!

ok off I go to my lab .. ok really its my kitchen.. just sounds so Mad Scientist to say lab...

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Monday, March 07, 2005

Delayed Thank Yous!!

First and foremost .. I need to thank my secret pal.. who sent me this kick ass box last week.. and I have yet to thank her.. THANKS SECRET PAL!!

I loved every thing in there.. I opened it up to find .. 2 skeins of Cache in the Wink colourway .. a simmerining potpourri burner.. with a bag of tea lights to burn it with as well as two bottles of blueberry liquid potpourri...and some really pretty stationary ..

Then.. I have been gifted as well from three other fairies..

I have recieved a tube of Burt's Bees Lipbalm and two blue scrubbies.. from one.. I have recieved a box full of rovings in just the right colours from another..and lastly I recieved this beautiful doily along with the movie The Ugly Dauschund... I didnt picture the movie cause its in the stack .. and I didnt want to dig it out.. THANK YOU ALL.. its just what I needed to cheer me up .. been having a slightly bad week ..

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Sunday, March 06, 2005


Ok girls.. I have your questions.. I hope you are ready to answer them ..

I have had a fun time trying to come up with fresh questions for every one .. and I didnt cheat and go to other peoples blogs and look at what they were asked and then used that.. I sat here and thought of them all by myself..

So here we go... I look forward to seeing your answers..

Prudent Purl…I love your blog template.. LOTS!

1. How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

2. What made you want to start knitting?

3.If you had to chose between chocolate, coffee, or macadamia nuts which would you chose and why ?

4. How many pets do you have? What kind are they and what are their names?

5. If you could make out with one star who would it be and why ?

Domestic Girl....

1. Why are you dragging ass on that sock? (lol)

2. I have seen your mom’s chair…its fabulous! Did you get any of that kind of talent for painting or do you have other talents you inherited from her or any one else?

3. Do you think Martha Stewart was unjustly sentenced to prison? Explain.

4.What is your favourite thing to cook ?

5. If you had to choose one item to have with you the rest of your life what would it be?


1. Have you ever lived in the South? And would you want to ?

2. What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

3.What would be your idea of a dream vacation?

4.If money was no object, what would be the ONE thing you would purchase for yourself?

5.What is your favourite smell?

Burfica...*insert evil laugh here*

1. You are allowed to chose ONE wind chime from your collection …the rest have to go .. Which one will it be? (payback is a bitch isn’t it?)

2. How did your obsession with hot cocoa start?

3. What would your dream job be?

4. If you could have one “do over” in your life.. What would you chose to do again differently?

5. Paper or Plastic? Explain.


1. I have seen picture of you and your husband… How in the hell did you end up with red headed kids? ( I do think they are cute by the way … you know how I feel about red heads)

2. If you had to chose ONE yarn to use the rest of your life.. Which would it be?

3.Where did you get your love of pink? (seems to be some sort of disease going around LOL )

4. What do you hope your kids will be when they grow up?

5. If you could have any animal what would it be?

Andrea….. Seems you are the only person that has that problem with my comment box.. I don’t know what to tell you about that…its shows and works fine for me and every one else I have talked to …maybe you need to make it larger?

1. You are Canadian eh? So how did you end up down here ? And so close to me ? ( I am in Southern Pines)

2. What are the major differences between Canada and America?

3. In what subject are you getting your PhD?

4. I see you are an Aquarius like me.. Do you have time management problems like I do?

5. I love a good informed debate… Do you ? And if you could see one subject debated intelligently what would it be?

Mitzi ....

1. What do you enjoy making the most?

2. What is your favourite season and why ?

3.If it were ok to go every where bare foot would you ?

4. Being a mom, have you ever said “Don’t run with scissors” or “You could put an eye out” any thing cliché like that?

5. Coffee or tea? If you could have only one … explain.


1. What is your major? And why ?

2. Do you like Michigan? Is that where you were born? If not where?

3. What is the most dangerous thing you would consider doing?

4. What is your favourite food?

5. Why do you have this weird love of Sharpies?(you like to sniff them dont you ?)

Jennifer.. I love the background picture on your blog!

1. Do you have any addictions? If so what are they ?

2. Do you knit or crochet more? And why ?

3. If you could have more pets would you ? And what would they be?

4. If you had $1,000 just to spend on you .. What would you buy?

5. What is your favourite pair of shoes?

Ok there it is .. I look forward to your answers and thanks for playing my little game !!

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Friday, March 04, 2005

Interview With A Vampyre....

ok .. so I am not really a Vampyre.. but I probably could be with my nocturnal ways.. although the thought if drinking blood to stay alive really doesnt appeal to me.. sleeping in a closed up casket where sound and light cant bother you doesnt sound too bad.. but I digress...

I am not too found of the meme's going around.. simply because .. well just because.. but this is a little different.. I was talking to my friend Burfica on yahoo the other night as we were both posting for our blogs.. she was saying she was answering Tim's questions.. so of course I was all nosy.. who is Tim? and why is he asking you questions.. to publically post in your blog? I can do this since we have been friends for .. I would say about 6 years maybe even closer to 7.. I am sure either she or Alekx will tell me.. they keep up with these any how .. this is how it all got started she said Tim posted this thing about being interviewed and she answered it and so on and so forth.. so I got brave.. I visted Tim.. asked him if he wanted to interview a total stranger and he did .. then of course I asked Burfica to interview me as well .. so .. you know.. she did.. so here is the deal ....

Here are the rules for this Blog-a-thon. I'll offer to interview the next how many ever people to respond to this post (because I dont have a huge following but if you get like 100 comments a day you might want to limit the number of interviews you want to do) that will follow these rules:

1. Leave me a comment saying "interview me."

2. I will respond by asking you five questions here. They will be different questions than the ones below.

3. You will update your blog/site with the answers to the questions.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Its really simple and fun.. and I like this because there is no obligation and you dont have to "tag" any one..

So.. here were Tim's Questions...

1. Would a four olive martini be considered gluttony?

No Tim, that would be called dinner ...

2. Would you rather be a cat with a dog's brain or a dog with a cat's brain?

Dog with a cat's brain .. cause I think we all know cats are smarter....

3. You've been chosen to be on a reality tv show in which you have to live in a house for a month wearing only a trash bag and one other item. What one other item are you wearing?

Moisturizer .. you can never be too good to your skin ! I bet you guys were wanting a racier answer like thongs.. but you know I dont wear undies!

4. What does your best friend hate the most about you?

My lack of a concept of time..

5. You travel back in time. But only 24 hours. What would you have done different in the past 24 hours?

I would have been more productive with my time

And here are Burfica's Questions

1. You have to choose one place in the world that you have never been to live for the next 5 years. Where will you choose and why??

Oh I had to read this twice .. cause I was about to say someplace I had been already.. I would say Australia.. the reason.. KNIFEY!! and of course that accent!

2. What one drink brings back memories of your childhood and why?

Home made hot cocoa.. my mom used to make it for us when we would come in from playing in the snow.. of course when you are little you want Swiss Miss.. cause that is what your friends have.. as you get older you find yourself calling your mom and asking her how to "make that cocoa you used to make us when we were little"...

3. If you could go back and talk to one relative that has passed who would it be and what would you talk about??

My Aunt Linda... I would probably beg her with all my might to go thru treatment.. she died of breast cancer at age 38.. and of course knowing what I know now.. (her husband died a few years later leaving my cousins with no parents) I would have tried to pursuade her.. but I was only 11 when she died...

4. If you had to choose between cigars and martini's which would you choose and why??

OMG .. I can believe you are gonna make me choose! DAMN YOU ! that is like saying you can have one leg .. which one do you want cut off? I guess I could probably live with out cigars better than I could with out my Martinis..

5. If you could only eat one style of cooking from now on what would it be?? (like chinese or italian, stuff like that)

I guess you had mercy on me after all the other hard things you asked.. Chinese of course! Hot and Sour soup totally rocks!

So there you go .. I am looking forward to seeing who wants me to ask them demented questions !!

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Friday, March 04, 2005   12 martinis shaken not stirred


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