Monday, January 30, 2006


You know I have never been good at rhetoric.. or those who think they *may* be funny by using it .. but today .. I was asked ( and I am supposing it was rhetorical but i may be wrong ) .. this simple question..

"Could you BE a bigger Bitch? "

let's see Chandler.. I think maybe I could.. I also think you misunderstand the way I am .. so for you... here is my answer.. and I am sure it will be lost on you cause you just dont get me anyway ..

If you think being forthright and honest is being a bitch then I probably COULD be a bigger one..

If you think I am the way I am just to make people mad or to hurt people's feelings you are wrong. I could be very hurtful and hateful.. but I am really not that kind of person .

I have very definate opinions about things if you dont want to hear them dont read what I have to type or pay attention to a damned thing I have to say . I will not apologize for the way I am .. I am very Happy this way .. no one ever has to guess how I feel about them.. If i dont like you .. I will tell you .. If you disagree with the way I say things or think I should be "nicer" its not happening.. I dont go out of my way to be harsh.. but unfortunately sometimes the truth and being honest is harsh and there is no other way around it.. also .. I am not here to baby feed any one information.. not my job so if you are looking for tact or to be handled with kid gloves you are barking up the wrong tree.. i am direct and blunt.. i do not have use nor time for extra words or trying to "soften" myself..

However.. if you took the time to get to know me .. you would see its really better for me to be this way .. keeping things bottled is unhealthy..I dont think you realize the amount of comments and mail i get saying they wish they could be like me and just tell it like it is .. and i dont just unleash my wrath on unsuspecting people.. I unleash it when I have been pushed to a point of no return and if you are brave (or stupid ) enough to do just that .. then you get what you get.. and if you cant handle it maybe you should have stoppped before I reached the boiling point.. and there are signs.. its not like i start to simmer under the surface.. and then all of a sudden explode.. I give you a chance to run.. if you happen to want to run toward me instead of away then that is your choice .. be prepared for what happens next..

I also leave room for intelligent debate.. but will not tolerate arguing for arguments sake.. makes me crazy.. if you disagree with me .. come to me with facts.. tell me WHY you think the way you do .. i want data.. i want info .. dont just tell me "because" or " that is the way its always been done" .. those kinds of things dont fly with me .. I realize we are all different .. we all have our opinions but please be smart about it .. dont just start spouting off about things in which you have been told this or that and you take it as truth with out question..

This is directly to the person that asked.. and I would like to know why you think I am a bitch .. since that one sentence is all i recieved and of course got no response when i asked my question as to why i was being asked.. and i suppose i never will.. All I can say to you is this .. I would rather you think I am a bitch for no apparent good reason than to EVER think I would back down under pressure or think just because you think that way of me .. will make me change..

I hope I answered your question.. because i never got an answer to the one i sent back to you .. and its doubtful I will ..

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Bad Bad Bad ME!!

I have needed to post several pictures and several posts really and i have just not been into it the past few days.. finally tonight.. i am really not into it but if i put it off much longer i think i will have people with torches at my front door .. i really wouldnt like that .. i will say .. i WAS traumatized over that clown blanket.. so I had to have a little recovery time ok ??

plus i did have a valid reason yesterday .. my camera batteries died... and i had to recharge them and that takes time !!

ok ok ok .. enough already so here is the deal ..

i received this wonderfully generous package in the mail right before my birthday .. it was wonderful.. just what i needed the day it arrived.. i am not sure if the sender wants to be pointed out .. but you know what i am pointing LOL .. it was a wonderful gift.. THANK YOU
CORDELIA .. i recieved the little box of crocheted hats and scarves.. some shrimp chips .. pea crisps.. (notice i cropped the pic so you couldnt see where i tore them open like an animal before i could snap a pic) .. some good smelling lotion.. and a cinnabon lip balm ..

then from that really nice Deneen girl.. i was gifted with a mahvelous mini tote in shades of olive.. woohoo.. a pack of cute knitting cards.. and the most precious silver necklace.. its perfect.. i dont like large complicated jewelry.. ok sometimes i do but mostly i dont.. but the point is .. i would have picked this for myself.. and didnt have to because she did already .. THANKS GIRL!!

Kari's gift pack was proof that at least one person in the world listens to what I have to say LOL.. inside i found a martini set that was perfect for making one great martini at a time.. it had a small shaker.. some picks for my olives .. and a jar of olives and onions.. so cute! .. and i know you are gonna think its weird but i have been wanting this and didnt go get one.. seh sent me a glade candle thingy .. where you burn the candles and they melt into scented oil and then just go out when the oil is gone.. its really cool.. and smells soo good.. and believe it or not .. one is all i need to smell up the whole house.. also inside where some knitting needles and some neat-O knitting booklets from Bernat.. and al ittle pouch with cloves.. yummmm .. Thanks Kari and David !!

Then there is the business of these last three gifts.. I know where they came from but i am not telling LOL .. sorry .. but that is the way i want it to be .. of course they were very thoughtful and wonderful and generous! First is a maple swift from Turnings and Shavings .. in maple.. i have been drooling over this for a while now.. the second is a pair of 19's from Grafton Fibers .. circs.. with custom length cord.. they are very nice !! .. and last but definately not least.. 5 pounds of Sinless pastry coffee from Churchill Coffee .. this coffee smells so good.. i swear to alpaca.. you could just eat the beans.. and yes it has helpe with my craving for sweets cause each cup is like a piece of spice cake.. or maybe even a cinnabon! All i know.. it sure is good .. and i think I have used a pound already LOL

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

revenge of the clowns

all i have to say

is if you really wanted to ever freak me out

all you would have to do .. is make


i know you know which one ... and of course i HAD to click it.. it said clearly in the title circus fun.. i should have left it alone

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

um Yeah

its my birthday .. more later..

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Something for NOthing

what the hell? i just want to ask .. why is it lately .. it seems every one wants something for nothing.. ? for fucks sake.. if you want it that bad go buy it..

i am sure most of my readers know what I am talking about and if you dont.. for those of you that arent into crafts read no further.. but

the requests for free patterns lately is KILLING ME!!! or if you do design something .. people want you to take the time to write down you ideas and give them all away for free.. well i hate to tell you .. if i took the time to write out what i am doing i am NOT giving it away .. maybe something small here or there that took me 10 minutes to write.. i DID give out my mobius pattern but .. you know my dog sweater.. is NOT gonna be free

all i can say .. is if its something you want to make bad enough .. spring for the fucking three dollars(or whatever ) the pattern that too much to ask.. some one took the time and the effort to put something out there that you obviously cant do.. so help them out .. pay for that idea.. and while i am on this tangent.. spring for a QUALITY yarn to make it ...

I am sure this next statement is going to no go over so well and i really couldnt give a rats ass at the moment.. but all you crocheters out there .. that want to know why knitters look at the majority of us as cheap.. THIS IS THE VERY REASON.. RED HEART SUPER SAVER AND FREE PATTERNS

think about it ..

you want to change the way crochet is viewed.. do something about it.. buy your patterns and use nice yarn.. and quit making a cozy for toilet paper !!

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Random Stuff

A few of you commented on Cupcake and his unusual colouring.. I have to say I feel very honoured to have found him and have him as a pet.. you see.. his colour .. Merle .. wasnt an accepted colour for dog shows whenI got him .. so what owners would do .. and still do .. is *shudder* .. euthanize puppies that werent the "right colour" or up to certain standards if homes couldnt be found for them .. it makes me sick .. the very thought.. so anyway ..I found him and just knew he needed to be mine!! He has been a wonderful dog on so many levels.. he is a character.. he is also a runt.. at 117 pounds he is a small Great Dane.. I am thankful for that.. he is still not a small dog.. by any means.. but small enough I can still control him .. he has been a very good pet .. and of course thinks he is Brutus size LOL..

anyway .. this weekend has been fairly relaxed.. and of course has left me thinking about alot of things.. I guess I just dont get close minded people.. they leave me scratching my head.. and I guess the part about them I dont get even more is they get offended when you dont agree with them or dont think the same as they do ..i find this happens more regularly here in the south.. and I venture to say its has alot to do with religion.. I am not saying all of them are like that or its one specific religion.. but it in most cases i have seen .. its the case..or those who dont have an enlightend view of the world.. you know.. those people that have never been more than 20 miles outside their own home town and have no desire to do so....and believe what ever their best friend tells them with out further proof.. me.. i question everything.. i want facts.. hard data..

I want to know.. what happened to liking some one for who they are .. not for who or what they worship.. I have many people in my life that dont even know what i believe or what i don t ... they still consider me a good person .. then I have those few that find out.. and all of a sudden .. i am no longer worthy of them .. or having them talk to me.. i dont get that .. nothing changed about me.. i am still the good person they believed me to be .. i just happen to not be in the same school of thought about religion they are.. that is why for the most part i avoid those conversations all together.. there are times though it cant be avoided because some one has made an assumption about me I have to clear ..

I guess what I am really saying is .. does it matter .. if say.. i worship little green men with purple dots.. ? would it make me any less a good person if i did ? the answer is no.. so why be hung up on it ?... i totally dont get it .. its a head scratcher to me ..

I also dont get those people that thrive on drama .. and stirrring the pot..those that every day is a drama.. and they have to tell the whole world about it or they would just die i think .. I dont need attention that badly to make a huge deal out of hang nail or some one being rude to me .. but you know the kind I am talking about .. the ones that think any kind of attention is better than none.. and then want to get upset when you tell them you dont want to hear their story for the 12th time in an hour.. the kind that can say they are grateful for things but do so by reminding us how bad their lives are in the process. makes me crazy ..

so there are two things to do .. let it get to me .. which in a way it has but not really .. or laugh at it.. which is what i do most of the time with a few select friends.. and fuck if we dont get some good laughs in .. i wonder what these people did before the internet.. and public forums.. i wonder if they stood in front of the super market telling strangers their woes? that is a funny thought isnt it ? I think it is .. these people who claim they have no one else to talk to .. well my advice.. get off your ass .. and out from in front of your computer and go make some friends.. DUH!

I will say in this town I cant say I have one person I really call a friend.. i have some acquaintances that I go places with and do things with .. but friends .. not so much.. and that is fine by me.. I have my family at home and a ring of friends on the net.. and when I get home in a few months .. my close friends will still be there.. and I will do things with them .. but i dont .. out of boredom come here or any of the other places i frequent and make a huge deal about the crap that happens in my day or the unjust things the world has thrown at me daily.. god .. you all would be so sick of that shit quicky.. i would bore my damn self LOL..

I am not really one a rant here.. i think I am jsut rambling.. random things ..

also.. there are people that ask advice about every decsion they make in their lives to people on the net .. does that seem insane to you ? it does to me .. and also if you cant make a simple decision about something on your own.. how did you make it this far in life ? really .. i wanna know.. then the next thing I want to know.. is .. when you ask for said opinion and one is given.. why do you wanna get mad at the answer ? you asked.. i told you .. if you dont like it shove it .. cause you asked for it .. sheesh! if you dont really want the answer to the question dont ask it .. especially to me LOL.. cause i will tell you what i think and i wont sugar coat it .. any one that really knows me .. will tell you that is the dead on truth!

i guess I am on more of a roll here than i ever thought I would be.. just seems to be spewing.. I am just full up with stupidity most of all .. just plain stupidity kills me ..especially on a board i go to often .. people who cant use a search engine before they ask a question..(do you know how many times fulling/felting has been explained.. SEARCH.. you will know !!) also people that cant read a response in a thread before responding and saying the SAME THING that has already been said. ..or beating a dead horse.. or posting something just to stir shit ..or making the same pattern in different colours and posting each as a new thread instead of grouping them all together .. just whatever.. getting mad because there are certain things that cant be talked about.. like that leaves NOTHING to discuss..

ok i think i am done.. its been building for a while .. i guess .. i keep saying i guess LOL what kind of wishy washy assed mood am i in tonight .. not really one at all .. just fed up with people bound and etermined to bring the rest of us down with them .. all i can say .. is look at your lives.. and be glad you have happy about every day you wake up breathing.. not every one is so lucky

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Every Girl's Crazy

...bout a sharp dressed man!.. ummm... DOG!

i got the sweater finished tonight.. cuppy was none to happy to be woken from his blissful sleep to model but i didnt care.. i was so happy to be done .. i couldnt help myself..

heres the low down.. i took classic fisherman elements in crochet and created this handsome dog sweater using my gorgeous wood hooks from
Turn Of The Century size K in tulipwood and size J in african black wood.. approximately 550 yards of Wool Ease worsted( for ease of washing it IS a dog sweater even though he THINKS he is human) in Fisherman colour (what else would i choose? lol .. ) with prompting from a few friends i have been inclined to write the pattern out.. so that should be done in a few days.. i just wanted to show off my creation .. on my lovely dog!!...

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thanks every one for the postive feed back on my new look..

i know its bright.. but hopefully fun.. i loved my last look .. really i did.. bu tsomething in me wanted my black back ground back .. and since i found this skin.. i decided i needed it ..

i think its just what i needed to start the new year off with a bang.. and a bright cheery push!

still working on the dog sweater.. most likely .. pictures tomorrow.. i am doing the edging.. had to take a break.. i am doing a crochet cable edge.. wouldnt be a big deal if the sweater was for
Brutus.. but its not its for Cupcake.. so .. you know there is a huge difference !!

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

oooo LOOK AT ME! oooo

haha lookie.. changes.. and thanks to KARI for being so patient as we got the colours "just right"

sucks being a perfectionist.. no that green is just a touch too yellow.. no that one is too blue.. that pink.. umm too blue.. no now too red.. that blue.. well.. umm too bright.. lets try this one.. and by the way .. can we change the colour of this.. and change the colour of that.. and while you are at it please..for me .. stand on your head and type cause you know.. i think i would really like that .. oh.. no? i dont think i do.. so just stand on one foot and hop i think that will work better..

oh yeah the joys of working with me .. did she really think it was gonna be easy?

and on a note.. i think my funk has left.. i figured out why it was here and made it leave LOL..

have a great day .. and feel free to tell me how great my new "skin" looks.. boy do i feel really good in it !!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

NO Snowflakes

well i dropped my favourite hook in my favourite chair today .. and it pissed me off so bad .. i couldnt retrieve it.. it was like the chair ate it .. even with a flash light i couldnt see it.. and its not like i can go out and buy a new one.. its a number 5 hero hook made in germany .. i just didnt even make a flake today .. off to a great start last week .. this week .. NONE.. so if you are here to see flakes move right along .. nothing to see here

on the creative front.. or mood front or whatever.. i am officially in a funk.. dont know how i got here.. i just am .. i have been working on stuff but feel not too excited about any of it except for the aran sweater i am making for my DOG.. how fucked up is that.. i wanted to get my latest hat set embroidered and beaded.. not into it.. wanted to get my lime bag done to go with my lime hat.. not into it..

i am into making a fucking dog sweater that wont make me any money when i really need to be making some money .. how crazy is that ?

anyway .. back to normal soon .. i dont let myself wallow for too long.. maybe pictures tomorrow..

no promises..

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Tag I am IT!

oo Deneen you evil woman.. you !!

you knew you had to tag me or i wasnt gonna do it .. so i am tagged and here i go ..

the 7 things meme

A.Seven Things To Do Before I Die...

1. Stand on the top of Machu Picchu

2. See the Pyramids.. (doing that THIS year woohoo!)

3. Get my business to where I want it to be.. and actually be able to afford to hire an employee.. so I can say I am a "real" business .. lol..

4. Fall Deeply Madly Truly

5. Set an example for my nieces.. so they know they dont have to have a man nor children to live a productive happy life.. that stuff is icing.. not a necessity ..

6. Get my house totally refurbished.. any one that owns a house that is older than 100 knows EXACTLY what i am talking about ..

7. Take my sisters on an all girl .. no kids.. no SO's retreat.. for a week.. in Mexico.. or some place we can lay on the beach and ring bells for drinks

B. Seven Things I Cannot Do

1. Sing in front of an audience.. i have terrible stage fright.. sound great at home .. in the car with my friends.. but get me in front of strangers.. FROZEN!

2. Stand on one foot and touch my nose with my head tilted back.. some one will have to bail me out of jail if I ever get pulled over and given this test.. I cant do it sober.. let alone under the influence

3. Have Children (please no sorries or sympathy.... life turns out the way it should... not always what you plan .. remember that !)

4. Resist a good bargain!

5. Turn my thoughts off..

6. Give up coffee.. completely .. and i should..

7. Give up on love.. (my favourite line from Love Actually .. "lets go get the shit kicked out of us by love".. story of my life.. )

C. Seven Things That Attract Me:

1. Intelligence

2. Texture.. i have to touch to see what it feels like.. could be yarn.. a wall.. fabric.. hair..

3. Information...Knowelege is every thing and unending

4. Colours.. and the unlimited combinations and possibilities..

5. Art..

6. Music

7. Motorcycles

D. Seven Things I Say Most Often

(if you really know me none of these should shock you )

1. Fuck

2. Mother Fucker

3.What the Fuck

4. No FUCKING way..

(notice the trend.. it IS my favourite word.. so versatile)

5. Holy Hell

6. *insert animal name here* Go Lay Down Before I Kill You ( and i wouldnt .....there are just days they get on my last nerve)

7. You have GOT to be kidding me..

E. Seven Books (or series or genres or topics) that I love

1. Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit

2. Harry Potter

3. Auto/Biography

4. Cook Books!!

5. History

6. Crafting or Skill teaching books (knit crochet wood working paper making .. you get the drift)

7.Photography .. a picture really IS worth a thousand words at times.. and says it better

F Seven Movies I watch over and over .. (or would If I had the time)

1. The Grinch.. cartoon and motion picture form

2. Gone With The Wind

3. Casablanca

4.Any thing with John Cusack.. Better Off Dead is my all time fave !

5. Harry Potter series

6. Any and All James Bond.. even though i think Sean Connery was the best..

7. Pretty Woman

I am not gonna tag any one cause I am probably the last one to go .. so if you see it.. wanna do it.. go for it.. if not.. well that 's ok .. be that way dont tell us anything about you .. we didnt wanna know anyway LOL..

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

All In A Days Work

so this is what I have been working in the past couple days.. Along with some other things but of course they arent finished and I dont like posting WIP .. So you get this one pic for the day .. The bag will be lined with some copper silk when I get the inclination to sew..

the hat pattern is from the Crochet Pattern A Day calendar.. April 3rd.. I did the optional picot edging on the brim.. Used a random acrylic bulky yarn I had.. Not usually a big acrylic fan but this was shiny AND soft.. So I used it.. Along with a burnt orange chenille for the contrast.. The bag is of course the same yarn .. And from the 2004 Interweave Knits Crochet magazine.. The Color Splash Bag on page 83.. Of course.. I didnt use the suggested yarn.. The suggested handle or the suggested gauge ..Or the suggested closure.. But I think it turned out pretty well anyway .. Would have snapped the picture with me in it but wasnt feeling to photogenic tonight.. So you got the artistic still shot LOL..

I have two more complete hat and bag sets to show .. But one is waiting beads and handles.. And the other is waiting.. Well .. Beads and handles.. LOL.. Tomorrow if you are lucky !!

nothing too exciting over here at Casa De Jacobsen.. This new year has started quietly .. Lets hope it stays that way ..

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Monday, January 02, 2006

I had a blog post all ready to be posted.. Then went to blogger and it was down .. Oh well .. I have been slaving on my flakes this week…My theory is how many I make through the week is what I post on Monday .. Right ? So that is my plan.. I made myself a goal (50 flakes ) and a count status in my sidebar kind of toward the bottom.. Under my snowflake ring code.. I can see myself hitting goal in a few weeks and with the help of my new book .. 99 Snowflakes.. I can see myself making about 300 this year..

It’s a dreary rainy day today so I really don’t feel too badly about staying in…sitting in my chair.. And creating all day .. Not one bit.. I am hopped up on my vitamins and energy shake I made myself for breakfast .. Ready to take on the world.. So watch out!!

Finally able to post .. so here is my snowflake monday picture.. i did 10 this week !!

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Happy New Year

I am not gonna go do a year in review.. This past year has actually been pretty stressful for me.. Even though I dont talk much about the things that really get to me.. I would rather just put this one behind me.. And look forward to the one coming.. Lots of plans..

I am gonna be back home in a few months.. Have a trip to Egypt to take with my niece.. Have a few ppl to go see and meet and visit.. I have a busy one coming..

I would like to think more people would look at what they have and be grateful.. Be happy they are alive .. And rejoice in all the good they have.. But I would be naive to think those complainers and down right whiny bitches are ever gonna be anything but.. One can hope right ?

I tell you I have never in my life.. Ran into more hypocritical and/or negative people than I have this year.. It makes me crazy .. Seriously .. And there are some I think if they werent complaining .. They wouldnt know what to do with themselves.. I just really dont get it .. The whole self pity / please feel sorry for me / my life will end if I dont get some sort of attention .. Thing.. i seriously dont.. And its not that I dont have compassion for some of their plights.. But some people seem to have more than others and those wearing out the sympathy card are the ones making me less sensitive to the ones that probably need it .. Sorry .. I am full up ..

at any rate.. No resolutions here.. Just the same promise I make to myself every year.. Try to be the best person I can every day .. That is all any one can ask right ?

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