Thursday, April 28, 2005

Morning.. ?

UGH.. with all the sleep yesterday.. drugs.. and all I am feeling a little hungover today.. I will be ok though .. that is the catch -22 of the medicine I take .. I sleep alot and have a kind of sleep an drug hang over the next day.. it kind of sucks.. but.. the alternative.. well its suckier..

I have a buys day of winding yarn.. package sending.. and getting things listed ... woo hoo.. running alittle business is WORK ...LOL .. as well as getting some things complete and some stock stuff done.. since I ordered more handles the other night.. what in the hell is wrong with me? I was lured in by good prices and colours.. I will admit.. when I saw the translucent limey/ apple green handles.. I just couldnt help it.. and then of course I couldnt have them travel alone so I bought them 7 more pairs of friends to travel with them .. they should be here tomorrow.. so pictures!.. I guess I should get busy with the designing of the bags I am going to make.. ...

So you guys got a post before I even got my caffiene this morning.. I would say before I got dressed but it was chilly so I do have on youga pants and a t-shirt ..besides that the mental of me sitting here naked posting.. probably isnt one you want folllowing you around all day ..

More later.. off to do great and wonderful things !

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Going to bed now.. sorry to all you that stayed tuned to see the choker.. It looked like shit on a stick .. so I unraveled it.. and started over.. I just poked a hole in my numb finger with a steel hook.. so its time to hang it up for the night ..
Sweet Dreams every one..

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I got up this morning .. early even .. realized.. NO ONE ELSE DOES!.. and found myself bored fast..

So I started working on my choker.. and watching my auctions for endings etc.. and just email in general.. I am a little obsessive compulsive on emails.. especially when I have written some one and I am waiting with excitement for their reply.. I am a big kid I tell you .. seriously.. when I write some one and I really am anxious for their reply I will check my email every 15 minutes after I send it.. unless of course I try to stay busy and focused.. and at that point .. I turn the sound up and leave my email on so I can hear the little sound that lets me know mail has arrived.. and of course .. I have set it at a ridiculously silly alert.. its from Monty Python and says "Message for you Sir! " then you hear an arrow lodging into something.. I digress..

Started in on my choker.. no messages.. start feeling down right icky.. one of those nasty headaches .. creeping in on me.. so .. I do my preventative.. or nip in the bud stuff.. a couple glasses of water.. a little sugar and some caffiene..a bite to eat... nothing worked.. still creeping.. by 1.. I gave up.. I took my migraine meds and went to bed and pulled the sheets up over my head and there I slept til up feeling some what better.. took a shower.. had a little tea and now I am at blah.. which is better than "sick to my stomach headache".... I dont think I am fully awake..

AND of course .. I sit here writing.. waiting on an email.. I dont want to get up .. I dont want to miss it.. but of course .. I NEED to get up ... I have adoring fans that have already messaged me and told me if I keep them in suspense about this choker much longer they are gonna choke me! .. So with that.. I leave you .. and when I come back I will have pictures.. and maybe one of the choker..

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Good Stuff

What a nice day I have had today .. sold some yarn.. packed it up.. took the 5 mile round trip walk to the post office in the misty rain.. One of my favourite types of days.. reminds me of Europe every time.. BEAUTIFUL..

Weighed in this morning.. 2 pounds lighter.. YAY me after a few months of stagnant .. finally.. that last 30.. I am gonna kick its ass.. actually there are only 26 more because last week was a 2 pound week too.. I feel good today .. empowered..and just well.. all around good.. I even put on some make up.. LOL.. and pulled my hair back ...

So tell me every one .. what is better than a dozen new Yankee candles?

A dozen Yankee candles ON SALE.. that's right .. ON SALE!!!!.. I stopped into one of my favourite shops on the way home from the post office.. Kandy and Kandles (hokey name but really nice candles .. wax warmers.. candy .. etc...) to find all the votive candles buy 9 get 3 free.. so I got a dozen candles for 12 dollars.. pretty good deal I have to say since the votives on the website are 1.60 each .. and if you have never tried a Yankee candle .. I think you should.. they burn nice.. are well scented.. In this small house I just need one votive burning to get scent through the whole house.. when I have a jar.. I can leave the lid off and the scent fills this house.. that is how nice they are... on top of the fact that I have not found another candle company that makes floral scented candles as close to the real thing as they do .. I am not a big floral person.. but when I want to be .. they have to smell like its real..

Next.. the mail came today and I recieved the cutest set of notecards from Becca .....the nutmeg knitter.. thanks Becca... you made my good day even better ..

I have had a nice night of creativity and TV.. I dont usually spend much time in front of the TV but tonight I did.. it was a nice change.. I started a choker and will be using one of my raku hearts for the center.. I should get that finished by tomorrow so pictures then.. I am still plugging on the weaving of ends for my secret pal.. I am almost there .. this package .. I hope will blow her away .. and If it doesnt .. well then I suck LOL..

Also in the mail today .. I received this .....

I won it on ebay a few days ago .. Its a really nice book with some really nice things in it.. I am not sure if I will ever be on the level of making.. but it sure is nice to look at it and hope.. LOL....

I guess that is it for tonight .. I need to go work on my choker and finish it up while I am on a roll and in the mood .. did I mention its thread? and Navy blue?

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This Just IN

This just IN .. I just checked my statcounter.. and I got my first half perverted hit today .. they were looking for a "spanking blog" wooohoooo..

disappointed arent you ??

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Monday, April 25, 2005

hmmmm Monday..

Monday.. what can I say about my weekend.. ?? not too much .. I treated meself to pizza sunday night.. after my Harry Potter Marathon.. something about sunday gives me permission to laze about.. Saturday .. I just cant.. I think I can but it never works that way .. I have started on my deep spring cleaning.. Getting all the dust and soot and pollen out of the house.. I have had my windows open already this year and there was a yellow dust on top of the grey dust in the house.. eww .. I know.. oh well .. I am working on getting that all recitified.. I spent satuday doing those kinds of things.. I will be glad for next winter because there will be a wood stove in here and although I know I will still have a bit of soot in the house come spring.. It will be nothing like the stuff I collected from the fire place this year..

I have been winding yarn .. and continued cleaning today.. I know I am so fucking boring sometimes.. I am however getting two baby red eared sliders soon.. so Sunday afternoon I did get out of the house to go look for temporary digs for my new little friends.. I will be able to go home and get them a nice big tank soon and then the small tank will be used for holding feeder it all works out anyway .. I found their decor for the tank too while I was out.. They are gonna get to swim in the ruins of the Parthenon.. and have a little floater dock rock .. its gonna be sooo cool.. I have to rearrange the house a big to make room for the tank.. but that is ok .. I cant wait!! ...

I would liek to report my weekend was more exciting than this.. but.. it really wasnt .. and that is ok sometimes.. a nice .. relaxed uneventful weekend is better than the alternative.. LOL .. like busy chaotic and crazy.. I do like to keep busy.. .. busy makes me feel good.. being productive is nice too .. I am about to do a whole rearrange in the kitchen too .. this house is such a cracker box.. UGH.. I have to find creative solutions for every thing .. it makes me crazy .. sometimes I have to go outside just to think .. I feel so stifled here sometimes.. I am just so used to home.. I have about 12 months left here so I am trying to make the best of it ..

I guess that is all I have for now.. except well.. I got my tea the other day and of course commenced to drink a whole freakin pot.. so can we say wired?? LOL.. I was so wired.. sometimes I dont think .. oh well no harm .. no foul! oh yeah .. I added a new friend to the side over there.. and changed a couple buttons.. and I have done a little blog clean up YaY!!

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Friday, April 22, 2005

All Work and NO PLAY

I could lie.. and say this was my day .. but really the work I did seemed like play.. I went and helped my good friend Olivia get ready for her pottery show.. I was using a slab roller for those of you in the know about clay.. and those of you who are not.. its like a large rolling pin set to make a uniform thickness of clay.. kind of like sugar cookies..roll it out..cut out shapes.. then she goes and makes it "hers".. by putting in the details.. like lines and eyes and stuff.. like for her fish.. I also cut out some crosses.. hearts and stars.. and she showed me how she made beads from clay... very fascinating stuff for me.. I love to learn.. sooooooooooooo as we were getting finished up for the day she pulled out some beads.. some copper wire.. and some tools.. and was like.. "I am gonna knock out a couple of hair pins.. wanna keep me company?".. so on top of being a damn awesome potter.. she also is a jewelry maker.. so she gets out these cute lampwork beads she had made for this purpose.. they were all fish.. like little tropical glass fish.. I FELL IN LOVE with the yellow and lime green one (big surprise there huh?)so she goes on to make these hair pins out of 16 gauge copper wire.. some smaller copper wire that looks like thread almost.. I was thinking I could crochet it.. and we are just chatting away .. and she is asking me a few questions about how I might want the beads to hang felt good to give an honest opinion.. its nice when you can do that with another artist.. I mean its like they get you when no one else does.. soooo.. she finishes puts her things away and says "We are done for the day!" .. I was like woohooo!! and gathered my stuff .. headed to the door.. and as I was leaving.. (I didnt see her do this..she had palmed the hair pin with they yellow and lime fish) she hands me the pin.. and says "This is your pay for the day ".. I was in HEAVEN!! ... Let me tell you.. it doesnt take much to make me happy .. one little fish bead was something that made me happy.. she could have just given me the bead.. and of course I go there and help because I want to not because I want something.. sooooo.. I guess I have kept you all waiting far too long for this little picture.. so with out further ado .. my "fishstick"

How cute is that? and the little fish and bead trailers.. move when I walk.. OH YEAH!

SO.. I get home .. thinking how the day couldnt get much better but what do I find on the door? My Adagio Tea order..if you have not tried them out.. I suggest you do .. and if you want to try them out just comment or email me and I will email you a little gift certificate to use with them.. so here is what I bought.. and talk about both feet first.. Deneen raved about this tea.. so I bought a pound.. cause it WAS on sale!

With a touch of Splenda and some milk.. this tea is total heaven .. I was skeptical at first but after the raves and reviews .. I did it.. and I figured if I didnt like it .. it would make a hell of a RAOK!

THEN.. as if seriously I didnt think the day really could get better.. I opened the side door.. and there they lay .. MY FAVOURITE TARTLETS!!! How they got there? I have no clue.. BUT they were there.. so.. I brewed some tea.. and ate the whole box.. I am a pig.. I will admit it.. there are only 8 in there come on!

SO life is good here in the land of weird LOL.. Have a happy weekend .. I am gonna try to be better at posts (ha.. where have you heard that before? ) But seriously.. I am feeling better.. so that should make for more me here.. I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing..

I do wanna thank all my good friends who stuck by me thru all the craziness.. you know who you are.. I will just say .. good friends .. a shrink and drugs.. can fix anything.. well almost anything !

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'm IN!

SO .. ok last night I was all ready to post this really snarky silly whatever post.. and I couldnt for the life of me.. get in to do so.. I could comment on other peoples blogs but I was not allowed to post UGH!!!! so of course I wasnt smart enough to think ahead and get all my thoughts caught in say notepad or word.. no that would make way too much sense..and right now.. I am a little short on that..

I will say my yarns are selling fairly well on eBay a girl has to get a plug in whenever she can.. I know a few of you have shown interest in the colour way I have called Copper Penny.. I have to tell you .. and I am dead serious.. the lot I have posted is the VERY last of that exact colour way.. I have something else similar but Its going to be blended differently... actually in this bunch I have listed.. I have a couple of lasts and one and onlys.. so go look.. contribute to the habit! LOL.. it wont kill you I promise..

I have actually gotten some things done.. here is the next on the line of bracelet bags I have finished.. I cant wait to go live on my site because this will be one of my items I will have for sale.. man this whole post is turning into an advertisement.. LOL..

I used three yarns held together.. a seeded boucle.. a single ply cotton .. and an acrylic chenille.. I really liked the way it turned out..

The bracelet part on this was a little larger than the last.. its not one I like for me because I have smaller hands.. but I realize hands come in all shapes and sizes and this is a good inbetween size...

I am going to start sewing tonight .. and maybe wind some more yarn.. today has been a kind of blah day .. I bruised my heel a couple days ago...lets just say .. walking has not been good...

I have my secret pal package almost to ready.. It will be sent out Monday.. I have a couple more small things to include.. and It will be ready to go!

Tomorrow .. I get to go play in clay most of the day .. then come home and relax the rest of the evening... no special plans for the weekend.. I think I might do a whole lot of nothing.. RIGHT!! NEVER matter how hard I plan.. I will be busy .. it will be self inflicted.. because I cant sit and not do anything.. I think maybe sunday though.. I will treat myself to a Harry Potter marathon.. and a day of sitting on the sofa and crocheting my little heart out while I watch witches and wizards battle evil.. sounds pretty good to me.. Saturday I have dyeing plans..I might tackle it tomorrow night so I can leave saturday free.. I have some mohair begging .. really begging.. for a colour change and some added colour... and of course there will be the before and afters so you all can marvel at my mad skilz .. HAHAHAHA!!

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Wasting Time...

Seems like that is what I have been doing.. not really.. I am sure I have done something worthy this week other than wind yarn into hanks and post them to Ebay (click if you wanna peek ... yeah yeah yeah I know more shameless advertising but at least I am not holding a bunny for ransom like this sick fuck) I guess the saddest part is people are actually sending him money... its crazy..part of me is like.. why didnt I think of that?(yeah like I could really just take money or hold a cute little bunny hostage) the other is disgusted that some one would actually DO something like that..and the last part of me is sickened by the stupidity of some people to send this man money..

I am still plugging on the secret pal project.. man I will be so glad when its done! Its gonna be nice.. but its taking a reallllllllly long time to finish and quite frankly .. its getting on my nerves.. the end product will be so worth it..

So .. I went and helped my pottery buddy work in clay a little thursday and friday and in return I was given some really cool raiku pieces I can crochet into chokers...I am going to start on them tomorrow as soon as I can figure out what colour thread to use... decisions .. decisions.. and of course the first piece I want to do ... more decisions.. here are the pieces I have ..

If you want to check out some more of her work ... just click HERE she has decided to list a few pieces on eBay to see how it works out for her.. They are really nice.. I helped her pick these 5 pieces to post...

I have gotten another bracelet bag completed save the drawstring.. I will post that up tomorrow.. I have worked a little on my knitting.. its going slowly as usual.. LOL.. I am getting better and faster.. maybe one day I will actually do something that isnt a rectangle.. we will see LOL..

I guess that is all .. OH except the highlight of my weekend came when I recieved this:

Thanks EVA! my wonderful Norwegian friend!! The book mark is beautiful and the Kaviar paste.. well you know how I feel about that ...LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE... I wish I could find it here.. but I have looked high and low.. maybe some day .. I can wish ..

more later kids!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Fun Stuff....

Well.. I have had a fun filled day.. ok.. not really but its been interesting..

I heard my dogs going crazy this afternoon and went to the door.. this is what I found when I opened it.. well ok .. its after I opened the box..

That's right.. MY HANDLES .. from eBay .. I cant say enough good things about this seller.. I placed my order LATE saturday night.. I received a consolidated invoice early sunday morning.. dashed a paypal payment to them.. my package went out monday and got here today .. what service.. service is a big thing to me.. I couldnt believe they were here this fast! and I am more than pleased with the things I bought.. they are even better in person ...

AND over the weekend I received this mysterious gift.. no note.. no card .. nothing but a box on the doorstep saturday .. I almost didnt open them because I thought surely it couldnt be for me.. but I did and they were !

So today I have been busy winding hanks of yarn to go up on eBay (shameless advertising again .. my eBay ID is threeolivemartini .. big surprise.. ) and here is what I came up with so far.. and will probalby do more tomorrow..

Last but not least.. a picture that proves my cats really arent possessed..

Have a great night guys !!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Work Work Work

Wow.. I never thought getting this website stuff done would be so much work and I am not even making the site.. some one else is building it.. but there are many questions to answer.. many things that need be thought out .. that of course had I even tried to do this myself I would have never thought of and my site would suck... so glad to leave it to some one that knows what they are doing....Just getting inventory up is kicking my ass..

There are many things involved with that too .. pictures.. and some how I thought this would be a simple thing... but the more I think about it .. the clearer it becomes .. that it is NOT simple at all but highly complicated.. SO.. I have been finding models for my work.. bribing them with crochet to do my site....seemed better to barter than to pay cash ... which is working out.. BUT more work LOL on top of the load I have.. but that is ok .. in the interim of finding models etc.. the manager at the gym said I could come set up there one night a week .. SCORE!!! free advertising AND a way to make a little cash..

That also brings me to yesterday.. was the official start of a new page for me.. I am going to go to the gym every day .. I walked there and back yesterday and did 12 miles on the bike.. I had high hopes of getting up early today to do my Body Flow class.. but .. didnt quite make it.. that is ok though .. once I am finished here.. I will be walking down and doing my work out.. the walk by the way is 2 miles each way a total of 4 miles walked just to get there and back .. then burning more calories.. its difficult for me to give this time up from "production" so I take a little project to work on while I am on the bike.. makes the time go faster and I am getting something done.. I hope this bit of getting out and doing something brings me out of this complete funk I have been in .. I am hoping by next week .. I have gotten back on some sort of a schedule.. baby steps.. I am going to the gym and will work on getting my schedule on some sort of track.. I need to be up before noon.. end of story...I have to stop sleeping 10 to 12 hours a night.. its really not good for me ....I think its making my mood even worse.. I just have been using sleep as an escape to not deal with stuff..

So tonights goal is to try to get some tote bags designed and maybe cut out and started.. I am going to do a prototype and send it to a friend that is a knitter and crocheter so I can see where my design might need to be tweaked.. It should not be too hard to make a bag for each .. crocheters and knitters and maybe something for the person that does both regularly .. that is why I am having some one test one for me... I think this will be a good addition to my line of accessories I will have to offer.. I have also been thinking of making kits but need some feedback on that.. would some one really want a whole kit.. pattern .. yarn ... needles /and or hook and notions (handles buttons thread).. or just pattern and yarn and notions? or just pattern and hook or needles? these are the kinds of things I have been torturing myself with LOL ...and believe me there has been plenty to think about and toture myself with .. especially the whole .. am I crazy( or crazier might be a better word) for even trying this stuff ? I guess if I dont try I will never know if I will succeed or fail.. so at least I can say I tried..

AND on top of this.. the secret pal project is trotting right along.. been looking for some beads to finish it off.. I dont even know if my pal reads my blog .. I dont think she does.. but if she does.. she will be getting a sneak peek at her package soon.. cause as soon as I get the project done .. I am boxing it all up and sending it out..

ok every one .. I am off to the gym.. have a great afternoon !

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Sunday, April 10, 2005


Today has been a busy but fun filled day.. I think anyway.. I got up this morning and walked to the bakery for a pastry and coffee.. shopped a little stopped into the thrift store for a scant minute cause I forgot they closed at noon for one.. and for two forgot to take cash.. so no yarn today .. DAMMIT!

I got home... washed the dogs.. made a new cover for their bed.. cleaned my kitchen.. bathroom and living room.. I mean really cleaned .. scrubbed the tub and bleached the coffee maker and every thing ..

And who would have thought when woke up this morning that this pile of stuff...

Would end up a cute little bracelet bag by this evening?

I have proof it happened!

I think it turned out very nice.. I even put the button on and made the drawstring.. I am just debating lining.. I think I might go thru my fabric and IF I have something suitable I will use it .. and if not.. it will stay unlined.. I absolutely love the way it turned out!

I realized today .. that red eye fix doesnt work on kitty pictures.. i tired to make them look less posessed but it just didnt happen

Since I was bound and determined to get that bag finished (we wont talk about the mess I made with the sparkly yarn that took 2 hours to unknot.. it wasnt kicking my ass!) I leave you with this parting shot of my nice smelling clean dogs on their new bed cover..and promise you more entertainment tomorrow!!

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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Late Night Ebay Shopping

Ok.. the title really says it all doesnt it?.. its Deneen's fault..really.. all her fault for showing me where to get purse handles on line at a decent price.. especially thru ebay.. DAMN YOU !.. I ended up with .. well lets just say a BUNCH of handles that will keep me busy for some time ..

Of course once I get them and make stuff I will be happy .. and you all will get to see what I did with them..

I have been slaving today on my secret pal's reveal items.. I dont think she reads this.. but if she does.. I bet she is gonna like it!!! AND .. when I get it done.. I am gonna tease every one that wishes they were my pal cause right as I send it off.. I am going to take a picture.. and make every one wonder if its for them.. I know.. I am terrible.. the small things that bring me pleasure in this life!

I have to give a shout out for my girl Kirsten at DomestiGirl .. she is doing the Revlon Run/Walk thing in LA..May 7th the money goes to cancer reaserch.. outreach programs and therapy... its one of the biggest fundraisers of its kind.. she is not only participating.. but having a little raffle if you make a donation!.. I would have donated with out the incentive.. but afterall... she tempted me with roving what was a girl to do?.. so go on over.. make a donation and feel good about doing some good.. I can wait.....

OK.. you're back? .. what is worse than dog farts? .. I will tell you .. a fucking little cat in heat.. howling around your house rubbing her ass on anything she thinks might help.. climbing the screens on the doors trying to attempt escape and just being down right annoying.. I know.. I know.. its my fault.. I havent had her fixed.. and I need to .. there have been other things that have garnered precedence .. like shopping for bag handles on eBay.. I swear.. if the vet were open this late she would have been fixed by now.. cause I seriously dont think about it til late at night.. and you know how I feel about mornings already..

I have been one busy little bee lately.. what with trying to get my inventory up for my site.. trying to get some cash flowing because I havent been able to make market lately because of the weather.. I have a friend here .. we have hatched a little plan.. every one is going crazy over the stuff we make.. even crazier over the yarns.. we are going to embark upon a venture.. a little mobile yarn store if you will.. I have enough stuff in my stash..I am dyeing stuff like a crazy girl.. I am blending yarns like a mad woman.. and so is she.. we are going to get boxes of hanks and balls of custom blended yarns and start selling them at craft shows and the flea market in well as our ready made things.. and If I can get a couple patterns made .. and if she can get hers down.. we are going to make kits too .. look at us go!.. this on top of every thing else.. I should be crazy by summer's end.. certifiable.. cause I am pretty close as it is .. you know!

At any rate.. at least I have a plan.. I dont really want a real 9 to 5 job so as long as I can make it like this ... I wont have to .. the best part is.. I can do what I want when I want except for show days .. then I have to be up early and drive... but you know.. that is better to me than punching a damned time clock... anyday !! I love having a creative outlet that lets me make money too .. life is good!

Also kids.. a new goodie.. to tempt you into spending money.. (yeah they take paypal) .. the new button in my sidebar.. free silver jewelry.. you pay 5.99 for shipping.. click from here they give me a small little kick back .. not too shabby for just having a button on your blog.. and the offer changes every 15 minutes.. another thing for the addict in all of us..

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

RAOK...Wisteria...and a Bag!

I guess there comes a time when every one has to take a step back.. evaluate the situation.. and come up with a solution to what you have to do .. what you need to do and what you want to do.. and sometimes none of those things are the same.. sometimes you get three different ends ... and then it comes time to be real.. I have had to do that with myself the last couple weeks( actually the past couple of months).. Its been really hard... I have had to really look inside for some answers to some things.. I have had to do somethings that werent necessarily pleasant.. I have had to admit things that I didnt even want to admit to myself....and I have had to tell those things to other people.. that has been the hardest thing of all.. because.. I think I can handle every thing! I think I dont need any help.. I think its all going to be ok .. until I find myself in a bottomless pit and have to ask for help out.. this of course is afer I have been offered help and I was too stubborn to take it.. actually the truth be told.. I was so far in denial I wouldnt take it because god forbid I have to admit there was anything wrong...then the people that offered the help just dont get it because I am so good at hiding what is really going on.. its hard to fathom I might need some help.. totally understandable.. the part about all of this I regret most.. some one other than myself has gotten hurt.. actually more than one person.. which brings me to this .. I totally suck at dealing with things related to myself that I have to actually ask for help to make all of you (and you know who you are) I have hurt inadvertantly.. I sincerely apologize.. all of you that dont know what I am talking about.. trust me .. you are probably better off not knowing..

SO.. on a brighter and better note.. cause my momma did raise me to have manners.. I have a couple of thank yous .. I was gifted twice last week with some absolutely adorable martini themed items.. which is great because I have decided my website is going to be Three Olive Designs.. more on that later..

First there are the realllllllllly cute olive coasters.. very functional and nice...then some one took the time to make a little needle point martini wall hanging .. its hanging right beside my desk... as well as the black coaster being used on my desk.. so both of you RAOK'ers.. YOU ROCK! ...

The next thing I have to share.. well.. you all know I dyed a big bunch of wool.. etc.. so I took my favourite hank last night and whipped out this little wrist bag.. seems to be all the rage.. but I wanted mine a little longer so my checkbook would just kind of lay in there as well as a pair of sunnies.. so this is what came out of my little 125 yard hank of yarn... I think Its cute but the next one I do will have more of a lip on it than this one.. the pitfalls of only doing ONE skein in a certain colour way .. lesson learned!

Also.... I think I may add a little button .. probably a little wooden one to the front with a loop just to hold this closed since I didnt get a bigger overlap..

The last pic of today is what I see when I go out my side door and look up slightly.. this weekend will bring the full effect to the area.. It will smell and look like spring.. but not before we get and I quote my weather forecast " strong violent thunderstorms" tomorrow.. market day.. not for me of course.. dammit! I digress.... wisteria...

If that isnt enough to lift my spirit slightly .. I dont know what is.. I do miss my lilac.. but at least this was the year it wasnt going to bloom anyway .. it only blooms every other year but when it does.. man.. does it smell good ... I could open my windows and could smell it all the way inside my bedroom window.. and that bush was half way out my back yard.. its in an odd place and I thought about moving it but decided to leave it where it was.. that plant was probably over 25 years old..

SO .. to the website.. I have a friend still working on it.. which is fine because I have not gotten my inventory built up the way I want anyway .. but in the near future I will be unveiling it to you all... there will be crochet items for sale.. hand dyed yarns.. and maybe even some other sewn goodies... like tote bags and hook cases.... not to leave out the knitters.. I will be making needle sleeves and totes designed to hold a knit project too .. I have even had some requests to start doing those cute clay hooks.. that is on a back burner.. I will have to get up and running and then see what I can do about that.. rest assured.. I am going to try to have variety .. and I will even have an option for special orders .. in case you dont see something you like.. or there is something you want maybe in just a different colour.. I am very excited and busy at the same time.. so I havent had time to really stress over this being a success or not.. only time will tell.. at least it keeps me busy right ?

have a good rest of the night kids!

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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Flashing the Stash

I guess I am a little late on the stash flash myself .. but here goes... this is most of my visible stash ..

Since that picture.. I have added this

Plus.. I will not mention the full 4 drawer chest and the 6 of the 9 drawers in my dresser full..

It's a sickness.. I just know it.. I guess there are worse things.. more later!

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Friday, April 01, 2005

Baby Steps

I guess I am feeling a little better.. On my walk today .. and yesterday.. to the post office.. I realized.. People in cars are rude... in America.. I have been to other countries.. if you are walking and even look like you are going to step off the sidewalk to cross the street.. the cars stop...

Here on the other hand.. the car coming toward you honks.. the driver flips you off and you can tell he is cursing you as you cross the street.. and general..upset that you slowed HIM down..

The last time I checked pedestrians had the right of way.. also the last time I checked.. when you stop on a street that has a cross walk .. you are supposed to stop BEHIND it.. not in the middle of it.. what the hell.. I do alot of walking here because .. well first off my fat ass needs it.. and second because its better for the environment.. as a driver ..I am courteous to pedestrians because that is really the way it should be.. the pedestrian looks both ways before they cross the street and run for dear life because they are afraid of the drivers like I ran into today.. what is wrong with people..? it shouldnt be like that..

Also.. this I totally dont get.. I had several people stop and ask if I needed a ride..I was walking to the post office.. I did have several pacakages.. I mean it was nice and all but I wondered if these were the same people honking and flipping off pedestrians in the cross walk.. probalby not.. the funny thing is yesterday as I was walking and it was raining..and I was carrying twice the packages... not one person asked if I needed a ride.. today.. beautiful sunny warm.. 3 offers.. weird..

I am so looking foward to the next few days and walking.. the wisteria is getting ready to bloom and it is going to smell like heaven around here.. this is my second favourite time of year.. and it makes me miss my house even more.. I miss messing around in the yard and making it all pretty in the spring so I can enjoy it all summer and into the fall..

In other news today.. my website should be up and running soon.. as soon as I get it all in order .. I will let you all have a look .. it has taken sometime.. a friend was supposed to do it.. then didnt.. and of course didnt really tell me they werent going to do it.. I think I found out by reading their blog.. nice huh? .. anyway .. doesnt matter .. because another friend of mine had a friend.. LOL .. sounds weird.. I was trying to learn to do it myself.. I was getting very frustrated.. so my friend calls his friend.. and she has it almost done.. I couldnt believe some one that doesnt even know me is doing something so nice.. so I guess being nice to people does pay.. karma.... gotta love it..

Speaking of the site.. I should me making things and getting ready for its launch.. but.. of course .. I spent today fucking off here instead and walking to the Post Office and shopping on my way home.. I was good.. I didnt go in the yarn shop.. and I didnt stop at the thrift store.. well I wanted to stop at the thrift store but they only take cash and I just had my check book.. so that was probably better anyway .. I really dont need yarn..

OK.. I think I have rambled on enough today.. more later ..

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