Thursday, September 30, 2004

Market Day

Market day was good today.. I was set up approximately 10 minutes when a lady came up and bought two shawls.. and being nice I gave her a small discount for buying two.. maybe she will remember that and come back for more at Christmas..

the rest of the day was pretty uneventful.. the usual questions.. .comments...etc.. and then.. 10 minutes before I was to leave.. this lady comes up and buys my most expensive item.... WOOFUCKINGHOOO!!! more yarn money!!!

AND just when you think it couldnt get any better... I got a box of yarn in the mail today ..From Melanie.. my favourite ebay seller..

When I opened it .. there was a nice note thanking me for the shawl I had sent her with my last payment.. and some extra goodies.. she is always so good to me .. I cant wait to play with all my new stuff.. that will be for tomorrow.. and if you are all good .. I might even take some pictures!! For now.. off to bed... I am very tired..

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Stupid People

It must have been the day for stupid people..making a note it is 2:50 am here.. cant sleep.. I swear to god every one woke up a few cells short this morning.. maybe they spent the evening watching reality shows...

I got up and started to be productive.. there was a friend of mine however that had left me a message saying they needed to talk to me .. on my yahoo messenger.. so I checked my mail etc.. not there.. so I left my messenger on.. with a busy sign saying I was busy with my yarn but if you needed me to buzz me...

I settle into the living room and get my project for the day out.. I get ten stitches in and here is my first act of stupidity of the day ...
my messenger buzzes..I put down my work get up come to the office and see who it is.. thought it might be the friend in need.. here is how my exchange went

Friend: HI are you busy ?

I am thinking I have a note up saying I am and this better be important..

Me: Uh Yeah.. cant you see my note.. I am working on a poncho... Did you need something?

Friend: No just wanted to chat....

Me: well I am busy I will be back later and we can talk

Friend: Fine be that way

Me: I will...

and I left.. maybe its the moon .. maybe I am just a bitch.. but all I can say is that my note said I was busy and if I were NEEDED please buzz me... this was directed to the friend that needed to talk...not just random people wanting to know what I am doing.. I will say .. that I usually dont do this.. for this reason... because people will just wanna chat.. so I usually turn the yahoo off until I am ready for a break.. but today I was trying to be a good friend and that almost drove me to the brink of insanity this morning...

So I go back to my work in the living room.. I sit down...and I get about ten stitches in after I figured out where I was in my work.. and I hear .. BUZZZ...I looked at the clock and its about the usual time for my friend to be there so i get back up....

Second act of stupidity..

2nd Friend: I saw your note...are you really busy or do you just not want to talk...

Me: I am really busy .. If I didnt want to talk I would have turned this off...

2nd Friend: Oh good then you have time to talk to me

Me: Actually I dont.. I left this on for a specific person and you arent it so I am going to go back to my work...

*note to any one that works at home: no one takes your job seriously.. they think you sit around eating chocolate all day .. and not doing anything but blogging and chatting*

2nd Friend: Fine I see I am not important enough to talk to but SHE is

Me: OMG.. NO.. I am trying to be productive today.. I have market tomorrow and wanted a few new things... She left me a message saying we needed to talk.. so I am waiting for her..

2nd Friend: Then why did you even bother answering me

Me: Because I figured if I had to stop what I was doing to get up and see who was here , I might as well respond.. however .. if I had known you were going to be a twit .. then I wouldnt have..

2nd Friend: Fine ..I will talk to you later when you are less bitchy.. maybe you need to go have some coffee or eat something.. you sound like you are sugar diving or need some caffiene..

Me: Actually I am irritated as shit because you seem to think I dont want to talk to you when I am trying to work.. this is my JOB.. in case you need a reminder its what I do for money and I would like to make some this week..

Silence... ahh finally.. I get ready to walk off and this comes up

2nd Friend: I see some one had her morning bowl of Bitch flakes...

as much as I didnt want to .. I ignored it.. had I answered... it would have been so ugly and non productive ... and I just didnt need any more distraction...

So I get back to my work.. find my place.. lay in one row .. and BUZZZ....

Finally my friend.. I told her I was beyond glad to see her and asked if I could call her so I could turn off this machine.. she agreed then I called and told her about every one's stupidity.. ..then I like a good friend listened to her..

So last week at the market I broke my pop up pavillion.. no biggie.. just that I waited til today to fix it.. only took me about 15 minutes however .. I got to deal with more stupid people at Lowe's... I understand these people get paid minimum wage .. maybe a bit more.. and I also understand every one has to have a first day .. but..

I get to Lowe's.. I need repair plates... its a little plate with holes drilled in it already that you put over breaks and screw in to make it stable again.. in case any one needed to know that.. I had never bought them before .. but knew what they were so I had no idea where to find them... I go in the store and go to the hardware/fastener/ key making area.. this seems logical that they would be there.. I find the first available person.. because not only did I put this off til today.. I waited to like 8:30 and Lowe's closes at 9... so here is the exchange

Me: I am looking for repair plates

Associate: (looking at me like I have a penis growing out of my forehead) Umm .. I dont know what those are..

Me: they are little plates with holes drilled in them to repair breaks in wood or metal.... kind of looks like the side of a hinge but with out the hinge part..

still staring at me like I just spoke Chinese to him... a man walks by and had caught out exchange...

Passerby: They are right down that aisle toward the end...

Me: Thanks...

glaring at the associate as I walk away ... I realized I also needed a drill bit after I picked these plates up so I went over to the tool place and picked up my bit.. its amazing to me how many men treat women like they couldnt possibly know what they are doing

Second Associate: Find every thing you needed ok ?

Me: Yeah I just needed a bit to drill thru some metal

Second Associate: Let me see what you have to make sure you got the right thing...

now let me tell you .. this hit me all kinds of wrong... so i let it fly...

Me: I dont need you to tell me .. I know I have the right thing.. I can read.. there are signs every where over there and this one said it drilled through Metal.. just because I am a girl doesnt mean I dont know what I am doing...

Second Associate: Have a nice night ma'am

Me: Thanks! You too!

I get to the 'Burb.. and I will be damned if some stupid ass didnt come barrelling in behind me to a degree I couldnt back the rest of the way out.. and instead of him reversing.. he just sat there waiting for me to pull back into the space so he could get by me .. so I did ... then I watched him park.. I drive right up to where he was walking... put the window down and said


and then I drove away ... god that felt good... I got home fixed my tent and worked on a wrap.. tomorrow has to be better.. I am gonna be sitting out side in the sun talking to nice people all day .. I hope..

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Tuesday Already?

This weekend I didnt mention I had walked by the Episcopal church thrift shop in town.. and some how I forgot to mention all the nice yarn they had in the window of their shop..

I dont know how I forgot this.. maybe in the back of my mind .. I didnt want to jinx myself.. but I had just missed them by about half an hour and had to wait til today at 9 am to go back... I have to tell you I have been excited about this since saturday.. In the window there was all kinds of Berroco, Madil, Skacel, etc...So let me emphasize.. I stopped by the LYS to compare and see just how good a deal I was gonna get if I waited til Tuesday...Let me just say this ... every thing was 3 dollars a skein... So today boys and girls, I snagged 27 (yes, that's right) 27 skeins of yarn for 81 dollars...when I got home I got online immediately to see how much money I had saved... Let me just say this .. I have 275 dollars worth of yarn in the bag sitting next to me at the moment and boy do I feel giddy here is a picture.... and then I will tell you what i nabbed.. and let me just say this.. there was much much more.. i am glad i budgeted myself and only took a limited supply of cash.. I could have easily bought more.. so here is hoping for a good market day so I can go back for more !!

Yes you are seeing correctly that is a PILE of Berroco Quest in Copper and Bronze...Some Skacel Fiori, some Madil Bijoux, some Schoeller and Stahl sock yarn, some Skacel Tropicana and lastly some Berroco Denim Silk.. I swear I am in heaven ..I couldnt believe it.. and when I got inside they had piles more than what was in the window.. and the lady inside said there was lots more where that came from... so I guess now I can quit being so damned jealous of all you that find yarn at the thrift store.. also there was a whole basket if knitting needles and knitting supplies.. not too much for the crocheter but you know what .. I didnt care .. I have all those things that I might need... so the yarn was my main focus..I couldnt even tell you what else was in the store .. I went straight in and beelined it to the yarn.. then took a quick count of money ... and then made some hard decisions about what I wanted... it was sad I had to leave so much behind ..LOL.... I will get more.. If its the last thing I do!!

Other than that my big excitement was a tornado coming through town about ten minutes before I decided I needed ice cream last night.. That was super scary knowing had I left the house earlier I could have been seriously hurt.. I guess the yarn gods knew I needed yarn today and they had mercy .. Seriously .. I didnt even know there was one in the area and it hit about half mile from my house.. very strange and I do certainly feel my timing was good.. for once... That is the part about hurricanes that really scares me .. I am too far inland to really get any damage but the pressure pockets and cells that form make this prime country for tornadoes.. Boy do I have the biggest respect for nature.. She has a bad temper sometimes..

Ok .. off to finish the poncho I promised myself I was going to finish before I even touched this new yarn... BTW.. I have had it by my chair all day ..sort of inspiration to get going on what I need to do .. I am so silly sometimes... and


this might last a week...

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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Mindless TV

Ok so today I sat here doing exactly as I wanted all day .. no real work.. just working on some ponchos and things that need to be done.. as I am doing this I have the TV on in the back ground... could some one PLEASE tell me what kind of drugs these TV producers were on when they decided we needed MORE reality shows... I mean I am all for the informative ones .. like the home improvement ones like In A Fix or Trading Spaces...even the Crocodile Hunter ... because its unscripted and there is something actually being accomplished or taught..

But tell me .. Do we REALLLLLLY neeed a new reality Gilligan's Island? Are we really that morbidly fascinated that we need to see yet ANOTHER Survivor season? .. And Anna Nicole.. who wants to watch her whacked out life? I would rather see the money being spent on shows like Joe Millionaire and The Bachelor be put into programming that wont rot your brain.. into shows you dont walk away feeling like it actually took brain cells away for watching.. like you come away feeling a bit less smart because you watched some crazy people fighting for a million dollars doing things you would never consider if money werent involved...its ridiculous.. where do they find these people?

I do confess my love for Queer Eye but at least after watching it ... I feel maybe I can learn at least a new recipe.. and those guys are helping some poor schlub that doesnt have a clue... and of course there is the laughter .. I get to laugh alot through it at least.....and remember in my earlier entry I said there was a study done on laughter ... so that is way important....

I guess I just dont get TV all that much anyway... I havent really watched much in the past 10 years because I feel there are more productive ways to spend your time and enrich your life...Also I dont understand people that schedule their life around network tv series.... say I am out with a friend.. nothing more irritating to me for them to suddenly look at their watch.. jump up and exclaim "OH MY GOD! I have to go .. I forgot to set my Tivo and I am missing the season premiere of *insert tv series title here*" they quickly say good bye and are off to watch tv... that seems so strange to me .. to prefer going home and sitting in front of a little box instead of having good adult conversation.. am I the only one that isnt addicted to some show or another?

I dont know.. I guess all those years of not being able to afford cable enlightened me in ways others havent been .... well I guess I could have afforded it if I had really wanted to but there were other things each month I could see my 50 or so dollars going to instead of mindless entertainment.. like yarn... books... paint... things to stimulate my imagination... so call me crazy if you want.. but that is just the way I see it .. I would rather experience my life .. than to sit in front of a box experiencing some one elses through another persons eyes...

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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Productive Day

So i feel I have already had a pretty good and productive day ..worked on two squares.. got one complete .. i went out for brunch .. strolled around down town .. went to my LYS (I was good and didnt buy anything but got several compliments on my shawl) .. passed by the bakery and couldnt pass up going in and getting some goodies and walked home..

got back here .. washed the dogs.. took them for a walk to dry out.. went to the market to get some wine and there was a semi trailer in the parking lot collecting things for hurricane relief.. so I came back home where I have a stockpile of stuff.. grabbed a package of toilet paper, 3 rolls of paper towels and my case of V-8 and took them the the trailer..I know it doesnt sound like much but every little bit counts I think and doing something is better than doing nothing at all ...

So I sit here drinking my coffee and eating my apple pastry and I am thankful that I have something to give... I am not a rich person by any means but I do think I have it pretty good so if I can give back a little it makes me feel very good.. there is a blood drive on thursday as well I am going to try to get to but that is market day and I need to call a friend to watch my booth so I can go..

So on that note.. I am going to drink my coffee enjoy my pastry.. and get the rest of those fekkin' buttons on LOL.....and be thankful

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Hell Yeah

Its true.. I am a fucking genius!! I figured it out all by myself.. this is dangerous!! Very very dangerous!! *Dancing Around Like A Cartoon Monkey On Crack~!~~* I DID IT!!! I DID IT!!

To all of you who havent known me through my oddessy with this would be beyond proud of me.. when I first started .. I turned my computer on and dove in head first .. I didnt know a thing.. My neice who was about 12 at the time was teaching me stuff.. Like when you filled in a form on the web you could use the tab to move the cursor.. that is how computer illiterate I was.. My friends that have known me a while know I have come a long way in my 5 years of computing.. Probably not as far as I could .. I am a smart girl.. but this is just one of those things I learned enough to get by.. So this is an adventure.. and I suppose something that has needed to happen .. I guess I was just waiting for the right time !..

Any way .. that little bit tired me out LOL.. So I am off to bed.. but tomorrow.. I am gonna post every bodys buttons or die trying ...

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Friday, September 24, 2004

For Half A Minute

ok for about half a minute.. I felt really smart.. now to figure out how to make them in a column instead of side by side.. NO DONT TELL ME.. I am going to struggle for a few days with it and then when I can stand it no longer.. I will ask for help.. god its great to be stubborn isnt it ?

My day has been good.. took my mutts for a walk.. fed the horses on the way the apples in my basket that were getting a little soft for human consumption .. it was a beautiful afternoon... Finished a pink mohair scarf for a friend and I am about to go finish another of the 63 squares.. maybe 2 if I feel really energetic!!

And of course when I get tired of yarn tonight.. I am going to read til my eyes bleed again and figure out my problem ... have a nice evening !!

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Holy Crap

Kari.... YOU are the BEST!!... I DID IT! now... i am gonna be addicted to adding buttons.. that will be my job tonight ... adding every one to the side .. if I dont have you there quickly dont be alarmed.. I will get to you .. if I have over looked you and you want to be there PLEASE let me know .. it wasnt on purpose.. for now.. its dinner time.. be back later.. guys have created a monster!!

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Here We Go Again

I want to firstly thank Kari for telling me the mysterious reason my profile was moved.. so instead of doing the difficult thing and rewriting my html.. I took the easy way out and resized my photos at the source.. I know I CHEATED... but hey it works.. work smart not hard.. my grandpa used to tell me still working on that button.. its gonna be the death of me.. I guess if I understood exactly where in my template I was supposed to put it I would be ok .. I get that it goes in the sidebar.. I get how to make it a working button.. I dont get the EXACT placement of the html in my template and I am afraid of messing it up so bad i will "break" my blog LOL ... and not know how to fix it.. this is what happens when you turn some one loose that knows a little about a little.. it can be very dangerous..

The market yesterday was pretty good.. I think its still too warm here for people to seriously consider a scarf.. hat ..shawl or poncho.. I did however sell a small scarflet yesterday and that mohair commission piece.. so not to bad for a day out in the beautiful sunshine and talking to people.. it doesnt even seem like work.. I did get alot of inquiry on if I was gonna be there thru christmas..etc... so I think its gonna get better...also I think if I make a few smaller items its might be better.. so this week my focus will be on a few doilies..some jam jar covers.. face cloths .. bath mits..and I think a few baby items.. because it seems every one needs a baby blanket every now and then LOL... I did get some leads from a woman on where I could also consign some things.. and that could be a nice outlet as well .. I dont have to pay them any thing .. they put a small mark up on the item and I get some money..they get some money .. doesnt seem like a bad idea at all to me ! Also got a few leads to craft fairs etc but it seems around here they are expensive.. maybe they are expensive every where but the one here next weekend.. seems steep to me to pay $125 for a booth that you dont get a refund on if it s cancelled for rain.. and of course no promise you will sell that much either .. kind of sucks.. I mean it would be great advertising.. but I am still in the young stages.. If I were more established it would make more sense to me .. Because I know I would make the money .. at this point its just too big a gamble.. maybe next spring.. they do it twice a year..

So nothing extremely exciting at the market yesterday .. a few older people complained about my prices and I understand that 50 years ago you could buy a hat for a dime whatever.. but its not 50 years ago and this is hand made and I paid way more for the yarn to make it with .. I just smiled and let them have their rant.. no one is making them buy my stuff.. so if they dont like it then dont buy it... or go to WalMart where you can get a hat made of cheap acrylic (this is not an insult to all acrylic yarn because I use it too but you know what I am talking about) made with a machine in a country you cant pronounce.. that is fine with me ..

On a better note.. I had some older people (this is the part that makes me feel good about what I do) tell me it was good to see "young" (I dont believe I am that young but compared I guess I am) people enjoying making things and being a crafter in an age where things are easy to obtain...I had one lady tell me none of her children or grandchildren are even interested in trying to make anything because "why should they bother when you can get whatever you need at the store"... I guess I was raised different.. I like the feeling of accomplishment I get when I finish something .. I like being a "producer".. not just a consumer... I guess I will never understand that "fast food" mentality some people have in this world.. cheap, fast, easy...I was raised to take pride in what you do .. be a productive member of society.. and give to those that have less.. I am not rich by any means.. but I know I have more than a lot of people.. so if I can do a little to make their lives better.. I feel good.. I am rich in heart and spirit and that is what matters to me...

OK .. getting off my rant.. LOL.. going to walk to the post office and enjoy a bit of my day .. I am sure I will add more later tonight ..

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

This Stuff Is So Confusing

This crap is thoroughly confusing.. why is my profile suddenly at the bottom of my page..

My head hurts.. I shouldnt be trying to figure this out right now anyway.. but is confusing as hell ..

Tomorrow is the farmer's market so I wont be here til late evening .. Maybe it will do me some good to be out of the house and interacting with people..

Amusing at least... I am sure I will have at least one funny anecdote for you all tomorrow evening .. .. I think I am gonna go drink a whole bottle of wine and go to bed...

Good Night Johnboy!!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Strange Day

Ok so I have had a rather strange day ... I really hate people that fuck with me and play mind games .. so you know who you are if you are reading this just stop .. enough already...I am finished..

Then of course this strange urge of sharing has over come me.. so I feel I must divulge my guilty little secret.. something of which I derive mindless pleasure and entertainment ... I am totally addicted to Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.. I LOVE THAT SHOW!.. I wish I could turn Kyan straight.. god he is a hottie.. these guys remind me of good friends of mine that have moved to various parts of the country.. I miss them dearly ... I swear if it werent for my gay friends I wouldnt be half as fun or sophisticated as I am .. they have moulded me and expanded me in many ways...

I cannot stand close minded people or people that think that because they do one thing or another it might "make them gay"..UGH the mentality of it all .. and I LOVE those people that think you can "turn gay"... this concept kills me... seriously .. and then there are the straight guys that if you even mention or try to do anything remotely sexual around their ass.. it might mean they are gay if they like it ..PLEASE!! But those are the same guys that want to fuck you in the ass..and cant see where THAT could be considered more gay! I sit here laughing at it all ..

Man I am on a roll today .. maybe my messenger being messed up has been good for me .. I havent sat here mindlessly talking to people all day .. I have been productive .. I almost have that black mohair finished.. and already have ideas for the next big project.. AND the instructions on how to make my button on the side bar ALMOST make sense.. maybe when I look at it tomorrow I will have it figured out... then of course that means.... *dont say it.. dont say it* I will have to add all the bloggers under me.... addictions.. I tell you .. I guess there are worse things.. yarn and blogs arent too bad for me are they ? Speaking of which I hear the siren call of the mohair.. Off to finish that damned shawl!

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Weird Need To Share

I feel this strange need to share things today.. I think its because I finally figured out the picture thing and I think I may be avoiding the button issue (I hate avoiders LOL)..well maybe not avoiding.. just frustrated in not finding the information I need.. I look at every one else's blogs and want to be as good as they are immediately .. I know that isnt a realistic goal.. but alas.. I have really cool blog envy...

So today's skill is putting pictures is my wall of yarn...

Here are two of my 5 pets ....

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Hot Off The Hook!!

Hot off the hook.. my little star afghan for my nephew... I used TLC varigated yarn in Polo for the center.. edged it in Bernat Softee Chunky in Navy and then trimmed it in scarlet Fun fur.. I really hope he likes it

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The Freakin' Button

So I read til my eyes bled today trying to get this thing figured out.. maybe I was trying too hard... maybe tomorrow will bring me better results..

Man I feel bitchy.. I have felt that way all day for no apparent good reason.. I cant blame PMS since I have never done that and dont have my cycle any more.. so it cant be that .. so maybe its the moon.. the moon phase is making me crazy.. Yeah thats it.. thats the ticket! .. or maybe I am just a bitch.. who knows for sure .... Just been one of those days where every one that is even the slightest bit irritating has gotten to me.. from the friend on yahoo that initiates a conversation then makes me wait 20 minutes for a reply then gets pissy when I tell them I need to leave because waiting an hour for 3 replies in a conversation is really just wasting my time... to the girl in front of me at the super market... that I let go in front of me because she has only three things and finds herself with out any money.. WTF.. how can you go someplace and not have ANY money.. I mean I have forgotten my check book but I had my ATM or debit card with me .. so it wasnt a total bomb.. I just dont get it...

Ok so I finished my star and its still wet (washed it because am sending it to my nephew who has a mother that is allergic to cats and my cats were laying on it when I got up this morning ) .. I wanted to get the fun fur on it... the Mohair is almost done.. I see being done with it by noon tomorrow.. of course I might have been closer to having it done had I not picked up those balls of extra fun fur at Michael's today since it was on sale... and I made two scarves tonight with it because it was fun and new ....held it with that symphony and some loopy white yarn .. they turned out nice.. pictures tomorrow... too late tonight..

Any how... looking forward to starting some new things this week from my new magazines.. I am like a little kid when I get new stuff.. I guess its because I feel like I am 12 at heart....ok time for sleep its late....

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Monday, September 20, 2004

Learning... GRRR

OK so today I learned to do this my blog already know how to do this

this question is how do I get them to other parts of my page besides a post? .. more reading.. read so much this morning my head was spinning .. so I took time out and finished my star(except for the fun fur trim i will do on it )... which i am gonna keep and give to my nephew for christmas and do something different for Project Linus...and I am almost complete with the mohair shawl.. I am going to go work on that now.. read later when I get tired of yarn..

At least I learned something new today .. always a good thing..

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Sunday, September 19, 2004


There is something about people that avoid things rather than deal with them that really gets to me. This is going to be a vent. There are people I deal with that I think would rather walk on hot coals than to close something out. People that know there is a problem but they just dont discuss it like that problem will disapppear if they ignore it long enough. I absolutely HATE that. I would rather walk on hot coals than to be put off or not have some closure on things that bother me. I dont understand this practice at all. I guess I am one of those people that says what I mean and if something is wrong or bothering me .. I would rather just deal with it than have it lurk over me .. wondering what might or might not happen. Especially if it is an issue that has been brought up and both parties are aware it needs to be dealth with.. Ok , done with that vent.

The other topic I will vent to right now is impatient people. People that think you can do things the speed of light. Or say people on your messenger list who say hi and if you dont say hi in two seconds they say bye and sign out.. not giving you a chance to even say hi then coming back later saying they said hi and had to wait over 20 minutes for a reply when in fact it was less than a minute. Or those people that are in such a hurry they cut across the parking lot and almost hit you THEN flip you off like its YOUR fault they are breaking the law. Crazy assed people!

On a brighter note.. its been a beautiful day.. sat out today and worked on my star blanket and my squares. I frogged the 4th square it turned out too large and did it all over.. so I have 4 done... not going as fast as I want it to but I have had many distractions thru the day as well. I have half a skein to do in the star and it will be complete.. well as complete as it will be until I can decide how I want to edge it.. I think I am going to put eyelash or cha cha around the edge of it..Make it even cuter. I have to get that black mohair shawl done tomorrow too.. Its haunting me.. It definately has to be done by Thursday but I dont want to be working on it Wednesday night.. so I have committed my tomorrow to finishing it off...I guess that is all for today .. I know tomorrow will be more eventful .. I have to leave the house and that is always interesting !!

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Saturday, September 18, 2004


Have you ever had one of those days were certain people just got on your ever loving last nerve... ? I guess I will cut to the chase... I have many online "friends"... and some of those people think they can just take it upon themselves to tell me how I should live my life .. or what I should do ... or they have this all knowing attitude and you are never right.. or they just pick fights to be picking.. so tonight.. I cleaned house.. all those people that irritated me when they talked to me .. Well..I told them pretty plainly (cover your eyes or skip this sentence if profanity offends)... to FUCK OFF.. and mind their own business.. and MAN.. I feel better...

I have always been taught to surround myself with positive people.. and I guess it was time to do a little closet cleaning.. there were always those few I would get online and think .. "man please dont talk to me because I dont want to deal with you today"...

so I got to thinking and decided I would just tell them like it is ... and I have this sudden feeling of liberation... there are of course a few more that I have dealings with that I just ignore because they get on my nerves and if I said what I wanted to them in a public forum I would be banned from said forum.. so I hold my tongue because there are too many other people there I enjoy talking to.. (and for all you paranoid people.. no it isnt Crochetville or any one involved there..I havent met one person there yet I didnt like)

Just venting about this makes me feel better... and by the way .. I have 4 squares and 2 skeins in the star.. WOOHOO... gotta make a black mohair shawl tomorrow.. and I am going to try to get the star finished and at least 2 more squares.. and I promised I would figure out how to put my button on my blog.. and I am sure once I do that .. I will of course put many Buttons for many people on my blog.. I said I would do it today but I think I am done with the computer for the night.. and of course its probably a good thing if I just go hide from the angry mob I have created LOL .....

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Star Afghan

Third square down out of 63... not too bad... and I started a star afghan for Project Linus.. one skein into that .. looking pretty good..

Today is one of those dreary rainy days .. that make you wanna crawl up on the sofa and never move.. that is where I have been today .. back and forth fromt he sofa to the bathroom.. only get up to stretch .. go pp... get a new mug of coffee ... and of course check in and out of Crochetville ..LOL.. addictions..

My goal today is to get one more square done at least.. and start the next skein in the star.. not too high hopes there.. probably finish both those things and start something else.. I like setting my goals kind of low.. so when I do more .. I feel like I have really accomplished something.....

Nothing really funny to post today ..I guess my life cant be a perpetual sitcom.. but hey the day is still young something might happen before I go to bed tonight ....

And of course I just have to say damn you Yarngirl and Yarntomato for making me start this blog and making me want to do more with it .. this will become an obsession.. I just know it.. but I guess an old dog learning new tricks isnt such a bad thing afterall .. a mind is a terrible thing to waste...the problem is if I start learning all this new stuff I cant act all helpless any more .. and no one will want to rescue me and help me ... well ok maybe the guys will still believe it when I feign ingorance... they like helping damsels in distress.. although I dont play that part very well ....maybe sometimes ...


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Friday, September 17, 2004

Round Two On That Frogging Afghan

I went to sleep last night dreaming of that freakin' afghan...6 tries on the first square.. I determined that it was the yarn choice.. I was trying to make it a luxury afghan with the smaller chenille I had... boy was that a mistake.. I think had I proceeded farther with it I would have been sorely another trip to Michael's (darn the luck right?)

Here is what I witnessed today .. it was an exchange between two boys .. one was about say 11 and the other maybe 13 .... it was cute .. here is how it went down... and it so made my heart sing!

13 Yr Old: "Dude, what are we in this aisle for? This is girl stuff."

11Yr Old: " I know how to do this and I want to make a scarf for my mom."

13 Yr Old: "Man, you cro-kay?"

11Yr Old; "Its cro-shay dufus..its French."

13 YR Old: "You are seriously gonna spend your allowance on this stuff? This is a girl thing."

This is where it all got to my little heart...

11 Yr Old:" Its for EVERYBODY. Rosie Greer used to knit.. tell him he was a girl..and Yeah I am spending my money to make my mother a gift...which is better than just going and buying some junky thing she wont use."

So the 11 yr old starts touching the yarns trying to decide what he wants .. not looking at price...just touching .. which is the way I shop and I thought it was really cute..and the 13 yr old was standing there thinking it all over .. he took a couple steps and started touching stuff too .. he got to the Patons Divine..

13 yr old: "DUDE! you have to feel this .. it's great!"

the younger boy goes over feels it

11Yr Old:" That is really nice but i dont know if I can make it look right. I think I am gonna use this."

He picked up some Caron Jewelbox.. and they left...very cute...

SO there I was trying to figure out this afghan when what did I find..??
A bunch of TLC on clearance.. oh what Serendipity.. i love that word..and in decent colours so my afghan is going to be black, taupe and white...nice neutral and modern... woohoo!! and the best part is I got all this yarn for 20 dollars PLUS 3 skeins of variegated TLC for a small blanket for Project Linus..SCORE!!

So tonight.. I am going to get at least 4 squares done.. that is my goal .. will tell you all about it tomorrow...

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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Adventures in Yarn Aquistions

OK.. so you all think my life is funny.. and as I mentioned in my post at Crochetville I would expand on tonights adventure in my jacked-up Wal-Mart..

So there I was.. making my way to yarn.. after of course scoring the Crochet Fantasy Holiday Edition and feeling all excited that I had even MORE stuff to do .. and of course I was elated to see a fun fur jacket in there seeing as I had just scored some of that at Michaels for 2 bucks a skein...ok focus...

so I get back to the yarn section and was glad to see the yarn I picked up over the weekend was in fact going to be carried by my Wal-Mart.. they also had the RH Foxy and the Bright and Lofty.. as well as the Symphany I had gotten out of town... It was all on the very top row of bins.. I am not short.. I am 5 foot 7 ... I had trouble reaching.. and of course none of it was priced... so..

I grab a skein of Foxy..found the nearest associate and here is how our exchange went

Me: "Excuse me Ma'am.. how much is this..its not marked"

Her: " I dont know this isnt my regular department"

at this point she takes the skein of Foxy.. and walks into the yarn aisle.. and starts to walk straight to the Fun Fur..

Her: "Here it is.. its $3.88"

Me: "No Ma'am.. that isnt even the same yarn or you have a scanner that you can just scan it in and look it up?"

Her: "No .. there is a price scanner at the toy section and as you are checking out your cashier can tell you how much it is "

Me: " I am not about to buy something I dont know the price of first"

Her: " I dont understand these third shift people putting stuff out and not pricing it or putting it with where it belongs.. it belongs here not up there "

as she points to the Fun Fur AGAIN!

Me: " Well Ma'am these are not the same .... its a different brand .. as a matter of fact these are brand new products from the company"

Her: "Well it looks like it should go there. It all looks the same to me."

still looking at the Fun Fur and the probable explaination as to why she doesnt work that section of the store

Me: " Well , apparently this isnt your section is it? I just told you it isnt even the same yarn.. I am gonna just walk away now and go find my price."

She sighed and walked off.. OH WELL..

This is what bothers me about that place.. I understand that the regular department person has to eat lunch or whatever ..but cross train your people.. that would make sense to me.. but NO.. I have to deal with Berta from hardware when all I need is yarn...*sigh*

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Just Proud

Well I am just so PROUD.. I just found out my neice is on the high school softball team.. that is all I have to say right now.. I just wanted to get it off my all puffed up chest .. LOL

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So Where Do I Go From Here

Ok ..So here I am after a small push last night to do this.. sometimes I think I am a little crazy in the things I do in life.. but like last night.. I told a story and people laughed.. so if this does that... if one person can laugh at my misadventrue in a day...Maybe I have accomplished something in that day... so this will be my attempt to keep you all amused and laughing.. On a serious note I have read a study that says if you laugh at least one time in a day you will live longer.. cant remember exactly how long.. maybe its as long as you laugh.. So I am just gonna start talking in a laugh so I can live FOREVER!

I just wanted to make this first post so I could go back to good ole Crochetville and tell them I kept my promise.. and now I am forced to learn some new things.. which cant all be bad , can they ? Like how to make my profile here... and how to post a picture.. and how to make my words a different colour with an undeline to make a link.. so i can look as computer savvy as the rest of you ..

Oh WAIT! I guess you all will know now how not savvy I am cause i just confessed to having to get help with those things ... Crap...oh well.. you all can laugh along with my trial and error and we shall see how it all goes...

and THANKS... to all of you who encouraged me to do this last night.. I think you know who you are ... I am so glad I found Crochetville and all of the lovely people there...

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