Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Fringe Hell

Yes..its true.. I have been in fringe hell tonight... two ponchos and a shawl and a half.. that is a lot of damned fringing ...

First I did Leigh's.. its been needing done so I finally did it .. off it goes in the mail tomorrow

Then the black mohair....

Then I made a whole new shawl tonight .. I wish I had gotten a better close up picture so you could see all the colours.. I will have to do that tomorrow .. I am just proud I figured out that timer LOL...

The colours in that one are really nice .. its a pear green chenille and then two varigated rayon threads held with it with the same green , purple, orange and yellow.. just a nice blend and it looks cracking together..

I sit here sad and deflated.. my Cardinals totally sucked tonight.. bad plays bad judgement.. just a bad game all around.. the first two were so exciting and this one was such a let down.. and they were at HOME .. that is what makes it more disappointing.. they will have to sweep the next 4 games to win.. not fucking likely.. oh well .. the Sox have been waiting a long time for this so if they win.. it will be because they wanted it more .. and of course played better.. even though they did set a record for errors the first two games..

Last but certainly not least.. I finally got Lily to sit still for the camera ....

And here is an update on Winston .. the last picture I posted she was a little baby .. now she is almost full grown...

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Monday, October 25, 2004

Busy Bee

Today I have been a busy bee.. I have started and completed an entire poncho.. upon completing that.. I figured out how to use the timer on my camera.. so you all get my first self timed picture of this poncho.. still debating the trim.. and dont laugh too hard at my eeyore pants under the poncho ok?

I started a wrap last night out of the pink silk I picked up at the Thrift store.. I realized about the 4th motif in .. that this stuff didnt have the right body to be a wrap and it has morphed into a poncho..I joined them into a round and fashioned a neckline last night.. all that is in this picture are the first three motifs.. when i get the last row laid in .. you will get a complete picture...

I worked on some jam jar covers as well today.. as soon as I can find the right sized jar you will get a picture of those too .. so I am off to try to finish this pink silk adventure before the morning !!

Wish me LUCK!!

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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Relaxing....By The Fire

I would like to know what it is about the weekend that compels us(me) to sit around in our pjs all day drinking hot tea and crocheting.. OK well, I guess every one doesnt do that .. but the weekend is the time I find myself doing it the most.. like today.. it was dreary .. I got up took my shower and dressed in my cute snow man pjs .. fleece socks.. and clogs.. after I made my pot of tea .. I made a small fire in the fireplace.. I dont think I really needed it today .. but it sure made me all warm and cozy

I washed the dogs today, cleaned my bathroom up after, cleaned the kitchen, did a load of laundry and still managed to be a slug.. I worked on sevral jam jar covers and a scarf for myself (that if offered enough money I would sell just like I sold my poncho last week) ... I started a silk wrap tonight .. and have hopes of getting it done by the end of the game..

I have had a nice day so far.. now if only the Cards would win tonight I would be having a SUPER day.. I just hope tonight's game will be as exciting as last night's game proved to be.. only time will tell.. debating ordering pizza or just having some popcorn for dinner.. if I order pizza I will have food for two days.. hmmm .. decisions...

Ok well.. back to my fire.. and my big comfy chair.. the game is gonna start soon .. I need to make some coffee and get settled in

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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Dangers of the Thrift Store

Right.. so I went to the Thrift store today for baby yarn.. there wasnt any left when I got there .. so .. well.. here is my haul

So all I can say is that I am weak.. I know this and openly admit it.. especially if it involves getting a great deal.. which of course this was .. the three balls of Opulent alone would have cost me what the whole haul did.. So of course I dont feel so bad.. AND I knew what I was going to make with all of it before I even left the store.. another thing.. I didnt spend every dollar I had in my bag this time either.. so I give myself a gold star for restraint .. well ok some restraint.. I should have left when they didnt have any baby yarn.. I just couldnt walk away.. so the cotton will be colourful jam jar covers( I have already made 4 today).. the Opulent is going to be scarves .. (quick pat on the back ~ the grey has already been made into its scarf this afternoon .. held with black mohair)..the purple and pink silks will be made into lacy shawls and the lime green odd yarn out is going to be a funky scarf for myself .. because out of all this work.. I have made nothing for me.. well except the galaxy poncho.. but i sold that thursday when I was made an offer I couldnt refuse..

Its been a good productive day already.. cant wait for game one tonight .. I am going to work through it as well .. I might even light a fire in the fireplace ... its been chilly and overcast all day here.. and my fingers are a little cold.. guess I should do that soon so it can die out before bedtime.. fall is in the air.. I love it !!!

So off to work I go.. have a great evening every one !!

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Hmm Friday

So today is every ones friday .. but its my monday .. I have been a busy little bee.. I finished my mohair shawl and scarf .. and the galaxy cape .. all commission pieces and I managed to finish 6 of the 16 jam jar covers I need to do for next thursday already.. with those things out of the way .. I have nothing looming over my head and I am free to work on what ever I please for thursday .. On that note.. I took stock of what I had .. I am down to 2 ponchos and 2 shawls.. not good... so my main concern is going to be ponchos and shawls for the next two days.. and seeing how much I can possibly get done by monday .. then I am going to work on the smaller things I want to do .. some more little stars and stockings.. lucky penny holders.. extra jam jar covers .. and face cloths.. actually those things will be my rotating projects between the big stuff..

On another note.. I really got mad at my hair today .. and almost went and got it chopped off.. of course I didnt.. because .. well I think there would be many people that would be disappointed in me for giving up on it .. this is the longest my hair has been in 15 years.. I really like it .. its just I got my round brush stuck in it today and it took me almost 30 minutes to get it out.. frustrating.. just time to rethink my brush.. not used to this much hair.. well not more hair just longer.. and of course i was drying it .. which I dont do therein lies the problem..

I went out today to get all the food and necessary supplies for the rest of the weekend .. so I dont have to leave home unless I want to .. that way I can be more productive.. the siren song of the Thrift Store has made it to my house .. I might be tempted to go there .. if there is any more of the baby yarn there I think I might need to get that .. but nothing else..I have decided I need to use what I have here .. before spending more.. but I dont have any baby yarn so .. that would be a good investment.. If I need to stretch tomorrow I will take the walk down there .. I woudl like to take the dogs but there is no one here to watch them while I am inside.. and of course I could never just randomly tie them out and go in .. I will take them for a nice walk in the morning to get the blood flow going..

Well today was a boring day as far as me trying to be amusing here LOL .. tomorrow


i cant wait

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Friday, October 22, 2004


I have had the greatest day ever !! Ok, maybe not ever, but in my recent history.. I have had a really great day ..

Market went really well today .. I made ( and I hate to put a number here because I dont want to look like I am bragging .. its just this has been the best day I have had at market so far) $425... and I have orders that total another $250 for next week...I have been giddy all day .. almost high .. because this tells me that my business is taking off.. I am so stoked..

As IF my day couldnt get any better..... OMG.. THE CARDINALS KICKED THE ASTROS ASS TONIGHT!!! I was jumping up and down in my living room like a cartoon monkey on crack.. while my dogs looked at me like I was completely insane.. I swear if they didnt hear me two streets over they were deaf... and I really hope I woke up the lady with the annoying as fuck dog.. that would make my night even better IF that happened as well .. just so she would know what it was like to be woken from sleep with an annoying sound..

That game was exciting.. most of the time baseball has one or two exciting events.. but this game was filled.. I was on the edge of my seat.. well ok as on the edge as I could be while crocheting a black mohair shawl.. I was so excited and giddy .. I almost got that bad boy done.. I swear I was crocheting 100mph.. cause its 3/4 done.. and if I had not worked on the socks for a little while I think it could very well be all finished.. well a little while tomorrow will take care of that..

I can say this .. Womack deserves a freakin' medal for his play tonight in that game.. this injured man .. having back spasms hit an incredible great double in which he SLID into second and a kick ass sliding catch.. my hats off to him !!

Ok seriously.. my adrenaline is wearing off.. time for bed.. I hope you all had as great a day as I did..

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Lazy Wednesday

It never fails.. the day before market always consumes me.. I get up.. tidy the house because after being out all day I dont want to come home to a mess to tidy.. besides tomorrow night my time is going to be taken with watching my beloved Cardinals and hoping they kick some Astro ass.....but i was taken with basic cleaning, laundry, taking the dogs on an extra long walk because they wont get one tomorrow (my way of making it up to them ahead of time), washing them, totally cleaning the cat box new litter and all, and getting my things out and ready to be loaded to be taken to market tomorrow.. so the only real productivness toward my business today was a few rows on the railroad scarf.. and some jam jar covers....I guess I am glad I was so diligent over the weekend..

I am really not sure what it is about Wednesday .. maybe its the fact it IS the day before market.. maybe its because its hump day and I am not getting humped.. who knows .. I have been some what blah all day.. So here is hoping for a really great day tomorrow ..I still need to make some tags and attach them tonight.. I may do that as I drink my caffeine in the morning.. I have packed my lunch already .. I have readied my things at the front door to be loaded.. I would load them tonight but its really dark out there since the street light on the corner has seemed to have stopped working.. just think .. some one could come in the middle of the night and take all my stuff .. then I would just be sad.. so I will wait til morning to load.. on the plus side that gets my blood moving in the morning.. since I am the ultimate non morning person..

Just checked the weather.. I think I should do quite well tomorrow .. It's only going to be 68 for a high and be cloudy most of the day .. the fall is here .. people will be thinking about keeping warm.. or at least that is what I am hoping.. speaking of which.. I best wear some clothes that will keep me warm tomorrow .. no little tank top and jeans and birkies.. real shoes tomorrow.. ugh.. I always dread the day when I have to close my feet up in real shoes to keep them warm.. Dont get me wrong.. I love SHOES and BOOTS.. I just dont like wearing them ALL day LONG.. also.. it marks the very end of summer ...I really love the fall.. I just hate cold feet.. Maybe I will go get some of those clear boots to show off my socks.. or maybe I should just wear some socks with my sandals and become the complete nerd .. on second though.. I dont think so .. Tomorrow will be a day of nice fleece pants , black long sleeved t-shirt and my trusty Nike's ... that will be comfortable and jsut warm enough .. of course if I need more warmth on top.. I can pull something from display and wrap it around me.. I am also thinking I might make a thermos of hot cocoa in case.. no .. that would only serve to make me sleepy and I cant have that ..

In conclusion tonight I have only one thing to say ....

GO CARDS!!!!!!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

As Promised

So as promised I am posting pictures of my latest stuff.. and if I had remembered how much pain this puts me through.. maybe I would have spaced it out some .. NAH.. would rather do it all at once and get it over with ... so here we go ..

I guess I will start with my galaxy poncho.. I really cant say enough about this yarn.. its beautiful and works so nice.. it has a natural texture so no fancy stitches are needed this was all worked in a simple "V" stitch.. unfortunately I dont have a manequin or an extra body and havent taken the time to figure the timer on my camera.. so you get a front and back shot on my office chair.. I dont think it does this any justice .. but hey .. I promised !

Here are the two baby blankets made out of the softest yarn I think I have ever touched.. Peter Pan Wendy Velvet Touch.. soo sooooo nice !!!

Here are two hats made with the same pattern different yarns.. its the new one by Dot ..I HAD to make this did one last night and one this morning

And finally tonight .. my two Bernat Boa key hole scarves and two little stockings and two little stars ..

I have been very busy today.. I started another poncho.. worked on the one in progress.. worked some on my little scarf I started with a railroad yarn.. that one is working on me a little so I do it in small doses.. (pictures when I am finished if it turns out nice)

I should be working on some beaded fringe I am adding to the black mohair shawl I battled with a few weeks back , but I havent been inspired.. maybe the thought of more money will inspire me tomorrow ....*evil grin*

Here is the last picture I will leave you with tonight .. this is what it looks like to the right of me every night as I blog or surf.. my protectors ..

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Let me tell you all .. I have been one crocheting bitch this weekend.. but not as productive as I should have been.. I did make it to the thrift shop to get the baby yarn.. and let me tell you .. if you have never used the Wendy Peter Pan Velvet Touch yarn.. you are missing out.. its the softest stuff I have ever touched.. I swear it .. I made two baby blankets from the 6 skiens I purchased.. I am going to go back for the off white now that I know how it feels and works up ..

So from Friday to today this is what I have made..

2 baby blankets.. one little star and one plain rectangle..(not really plain but just a rectangle with a nice stitch pattern)
2 keyhole scarves made out of Bernat Boa
A poncho made out of Bernat Galaxy
Several small Christmas stars and stockings
Dot's new hat
Fringe on the poncho and the shawl I mentioned in my last post
I managed to finish a couple of UFO's that had been laying around at my house in KY since last year..
And I started two more ponchos.. another hat .. and a lapghan..

As soon as I get my batteries recharged for my camera (I discovered they were all dead when I went to take pictures) I will get some pictures posted of my work.. I am sure you all will want to see it ..

So even though I didnt get as much done as I could have had I been totally focused on my work.. I feel I did get quite a bit done and I still have two days before market so I hope I can get a few more items done for that before I go.. Of course the more I finish the more tags I have to do wednesday night.. but that isnt a huge deal and is actually a creative and productive process as well ..

While I was getting my yarn at the thrift shop.. I met a lady that crochets but said she didnt know how to read a pattern.. I told her about my market days on Thursday ... she asked if she could stop by and hang out with me so I could teach her a couple things.. of course I said yes.. this should be fun.. she seems very nice and it will break up my day .. maybe make the time go faster.. I am there 9 hours every Thursday.. sometimes it flies by and sometimes it doesnt .. this past Thursday didnt because nothing I took to work on really inspired me and I felt pressured to do the things in my bag instead of having freedom of choice.. of course I am the one that picked the projects for my bag.. so who else is there to blame LOL ...

I just looked at the time.. I guess I should get to bed.. or plan an all nighter for work.. nahhh.. I am gonna go to bed so I can be up early in the morning.. I always get woken up early on Tuesday by the garbage man .. but I cant complain.. I dont have to take my own garbage like I do at home .. so its not so bad.. So pics and more tomorrow I promise !!

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Saturday, October 16, 2004


I really didnt want to go as far as saying I am obsessed.. but I think I am .. I saw a pattern for a Christmas stocking the other day and thought I had bookmarked it.. well I didnt.. NOW.. I want the pattern.. its effecting my work.. my chores .. my housekeeping.. I have been searching since yesterday with no avail .. I have even enlisted the help of all the nice people at Crochetville to help me...

It would be different if this were any ordinary pattern... but its not .. it looks like a little elf shoe of sorts .. its pointed at the end and kind of curled up.. if it were any plain ordinary stocking I would be ok .. I have a half dozen patterns for things of that sort... the problem with this is... of course.. i think that was the one and only place to find it.. I was clicking through .. saw it .. liked it... now I want it.. I have been through every link in my history for the past two weeks..that is what I spent most of my day with yesterday when I should have been working.. however... I did manange to complete a poncho and start the fringe on a shawl.. today I MUST finish that fringe... fringe yet another poncho.. and fringe the one I made last night.. I am not going to do any thing else until I get all that fucking fringing done... and yes .. I know.. its MY fault.. I should fringe as I finish.. but I just dont like it.. or well frankly its just boring.. I love the way it looks but the repetion gets to me after a while.. I do have a good excuse for the one poncho not being fringed.. It was for a friend of mine at home.. but I needed to measure to see how long she wanted the fringe.. so while I was there I was going to fringe it but she wanted a darker yarn with the lighter yarn and I didnt bring with me.. so I had to bring it home to do it.. the shawl.. well.. I just finished it a couple days ago.. so not a big deal there.. and the poncho from last night.. I wanted to see some yarns in different lights on it so that isnt unusual for me to not do it immediately.. just seems to have piled up quickly..

The only other thing I wanted to touch on today was some rudeness I encountered yesterday .. OH WAIT.. I have two .. so here is the first one..

My neighbor has to have the worlds most annoying dog with the worlds most annoying bark.. its like a yip with a kind of howl at the end.. hard to describe but trust me its the most annoying thing I have ever heard.. and this wouldnt be so bad if she let it out in normal daylight hours ...I mean I leave my dogs outside most of the day some nice days but its after 10 am and I bring them in by 6... if they bark .. well most people are at work in those hours or at least not asleep.. I try to have some common courtesty... well THIS lady apparently doesnt care.. and as I was trying desparately to sleep yesterday morning.. I kept hearing this dog with its annoying yelp.. I will say I am a light sleeper .. I had my windows open ... but at 5.30 AM.. it was too much .. I am not a morning person AT ALL.. and I have had this incident once before when I first got here 6 months ago.. so it was a repeat yesterday.. so at 5.45 am after laying there listening to this dog and hoping she was going to bring it inside .. the noise continued.. so I got out of bed.. went to m y back door and opened it.. and yelled.. (I am certain my other neighbors were quite happy with me for that but I was pushed beyond reason) this is what came out of my mouth:

" In case you are unaware most normal people are sleeping at 5.45 in the morning ... shut your dog up so I can sleep OR I will shut it up for you !"

Not one of my most diplomatic nor intelligent moments but enough was enough and by god.. 30 seconds later that dog was inside and it was quiet..the noise didnt start today til 10 am .. which is something I can live with ..

Second incident.. I had to call the court clerk for an innocent enough question yesterday .. Yes.. it was friday and Yes I had waited until 10 of 5 to call .. and Yes .. I know these are government workers in a thankless job and people can be annoying at times.. BUT.. I was polite and asked my question nicely .. only to be basically snapped at and hung up on.. so Monday morning Marie.. I am calling your supervisor and telling.. yes its child like.. but I really didnt deserve the rudeness of that exchange especially when I started out with "Hi how are you today ? I have one quick question I am hoping you can answer"

Common courtesy .. where has it gone? Did it take a vacation and I wasnt informed? I just dont get it... I am southern .. I am very PROUD to be southern.. I was raised with manners and courtesy... I expect to be treated wtih the same.. I was raised to say yes Ma'am and no ma'am.. and I still do...because If I didnt I had parents that would reprimand me (ok dont take this wrong.. but they would beat my ass if I didnt behave... not really reprimand LOL ) The thing is ... every one is in such a hurry that they treat each other with apathy or disdain... and it makes me sad... enough with this..

I am off to the Thrift Store .. They close at noon ...not that I need any yarn.. I just want.. they had some baby stuff there that keeps telling me it wants to be a blanket every time I go.. so I am going to go rescue it and let it grow to its potential..

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Road To Hell

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.. I must be the main contributer to the asphalt .. I swear.. I have nothing new for market tomorrow, however I did manage to get the other shawl done.. I tassled a wrap that has been spoken for already and I organized my file box that contains my patterns.. as much as I wanted new things to take .. I just wasnt into this week ...I think I am still recovering from all that driving..

So I just checked tomorrow's weather as I always do on Wednesday night.. looks like its going to be a nice day .. maybe a bit on the chilly side.. one can always hope.. that should make for more business for me .. Supposed to be clear and about 74.. so a nice day to be out .. and no rain .. Its always dismal when it rains..

I do look forward to my weekly buy of cucumbers and tomatoes and leaf lettuce... always sooooo good.. and maybe some apples for some apple butter this week because I just feel the strangest need to make some.. it IS fall ... I have the best recipe for it .. it goes into the crock pot and is virtually fuss free... hopefully the vendor beside me will have grapes this week .. he had some really good ones last week... I want more !!

I am trying to decide what I want to take with me to work on tomorrow ... the answer right now is absolutely nothing.. but of course I will regret it if I dont because 9 hours is a long time to sit and be bored that is for damned sure.. last week I managed to get a wrap done and start a poncho... maybe I can be jsut as productive tomorrow.. I guess I will decide in the morning what I want to deal with .. par for the course.. leave it til I am walking out the door to decide.. It really depends on my mood anyway ...

I got a nice two mile walk in with my dogs today .. shorter than yesterday's walk but nice none the less.. they really enjoy it... makes them sleep really well at night too .. My great dane cracks me up on a daily basis.. he is the great squirrel hunter.. the problem is .. once he sees one and they run.. he is too goofy to figure out where they went.. he is still sniffing the ground and they are in the tree 500 feet up by the time he realizes its not on the ground any of these days I am tempted to let him off the leash to see just how far he would go to get one.. there are two that live outside in the tree right beside the front door that sit and chatter to each other.. drives him crazy.. he will stand at the door whining like I would really let him out to run after him .. I swear they know they are tormenting him and they just dont care.. So one day and maybe soon I will let him loose so he can have his wrath on the squirrels...

Til then .. I watch the trees carefully so I dont get dragged down while walking him ...

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004


It never fails.. the day I get back from some place or of course the morning after.. I have a million and a half things to do .. I just wanted to rest today but NO.. that is not how it went down.. Of course there was the usual go to the post office.. go to the market cause there is no food in the house .. and I also dropped some stuff off at the thrift store and in turn tortured myself by looking at more yarn .. Like I need more after bringing back a car load.. I swear for about half a minute I was doing math and trying to figure out just how much yarn I could get for the 17.50 I had in my bag.. I am dangerous I tell you !!

I left the yarn alone but I did get a copy of the Woman's Day Special Knitting & Crocheting magazine.. I accidentally walked by the magazine section in the grocery..of course since I was there I had to look to see what they had.. and VIOLA! it was there.. there are a few really nice things and alot of pretty run of the mill things but for the 4.50 i spent I feel I got my money's worth ..

I think I created a monster.. My sister just emailed and said she just might be addicted to crochet .. after just a night of refresher.. I hope she doesnt become as addicted as I am to yarn.. no she wont.. she is the voice of reason in our family .. unlike me .. fly by the seat of my pants and do what I want and maybe worry later that I might not have enough money to get groceries.. ok its really not that bad .. but I do things pretty impulsively ... besides that.. I left a big pile on her coffee table.. that should keep her busy for a while and she has keys to my house.. she can get what she wants from there if she is so inclined..

I realized while I was at home.. I need to go back and do about a week's worth of work .. yard clean up and winterizing on my house.. joy joy.. maybe I can find some cute volunteers to help me.. not bloody likely !! I need to seriously weed my flower beds and spread some mulch.. rake leaves.. and bug bomb the house and get every thing ready for cold weather .. .like pour antifreeze down my drains.. trim the bushes and roses .. I am making myself tired just thinking about it.. but of course there is no rest for the wicked of the down falls of not living at your primary residence...and then of course there is that thing where you go and want to bring stuff back with you and invaritably you always leave something .. oh welll .. not like I will never ever be back there.. maybe I will go the week after Thanksgiving.. I will have to check schedules etc and see what I can arrange..

I started a shawl today .. need to get it done soon .. its already been paid for.. its turning out nice if I do have to say so myself.. I also need to get to shopping for my new found friend in Norway .. she is getting me things I cant get here like caviar paste and I am getting her things like yarn and leaflets.. So for now I get to shop for yarn not worrying about where I am going to stash it because I will be getting sent to her.. This is going to be fun.. I get to fill my yarn shopping need and not actually have to use it all .. how great is that ?

Ok the siren call of the shawl is pulling me back to reality.. have a great night every one !!

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Monday, October 11, 2004

I Made It Back

Well after 1600 miles I am back in NC.. I had a really good time on my journey .. seeing my family was nice and seeing my friends was nice .. so It was a good trip all around..

I got to TN on friday afternoon and spent the weekend doing lots of things.. friday evening I got my hair done and my eyebrows waxed and then I had dinner with a friend.. then Saturday I went to Jazz on the Lawn at the winery where I managed to consume a whole bottle of red wine by myself and smoke a big fat great cigar.. and listen to the Clarksville Jazz Quintet..I dont think saturday could have gotten much better... It was a good fun night..

Sunday I got to see my dad .. hang with my sister some .. reacquaint her with some crochet.. and watched The Punisher with my niece when she got home from work.. It was a nice day .. I had a really good dinner too .. I went to my house and picked up some more yarn.. I didnt realize I had as much there as I did LOL.. the back of the Mini looked like a small yarn store had gone out of business and I had bought the whole thing on the way home ... Oh well .. at least I dont have to go buy any thing new .. well OK.. I will but it just wont be as much LOL....

I didnt get much work done this week.. but since my house is clean I can do a bunch between now and Thursday's market.. I dont need to do too much but would like to have my beaded shawl done and a couple new scarves by then.. I think that is an obtainable goal.. and maybe another little star ..

My niece managed to put in her order for Christmas .. which is good since I didnt know what she might want.. so she picked something and I am going to make it for her.. maybe it will be her birthday gift maybe it will be Christmas.. who knows.. we will see how fast I can get it done .. my sister looked through my stuff and commented on several things so it makes it pretty easy to pick something to make her for Christmas as well ..

Well I am beat... longer blog tomorrow .. Good night!!

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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Blogging on My Trip

I wonder if this is normal.. blogging while away .. I commandeered my friends computer because I was having blog withdrawal.. how sick is that ? not really sick because between my friend and her husband they have 5 computers so its not like I had to fight hard for it..

Anyway stint as a nude model for my friend's art class will be over tomorrow.. it was pretty enlightening .. actually it was very enlightening.. and it was very interesting to see the different personalities of the 4 classes for which I have been modeling ... there is an older woman in one of my classes that was totally fascinated with my decision "to do such a thing" I am not stick thin, nor am I magazine model material ...however...I am confident and comfortable in my skin and happy with me ... and I guess that is the difference between the two of us... before class yesterday I had a little exchange with her and managed to learn she still does it with the lights out after being married for 15 years.. so I guess that explains alot about her shock and me being "brazen"..

I received the best compliment yesterday from a "boy" ( I say boy because he was about ohhhhhhh 19...and that is a mere child to me still) He told me I was a classic.. I was a perfect Botecelli chick.. .. That made me feel really good.. especially in this day and age where teen agers are fed propaganda about how they should look and what they should be attracted to ... look in every magazine or tv show and see tall skinny chicks every where.... I promise you when those boys grow up they will appreciate a woman with a little meat on her bones!!!

I have resisted some temptation of buying me yarn while I was here except for monday evening when we went to a little craft store and they had Galaxy for 3.97 a skien.... and I picked up some Boa for 2.99 a skien.. I also found beads at a kick ass price for my beaded projects.. made me feel good.. all told I only bought 6 skeins of yarn so far on this trip..

I even went to JoAnn's this afternoon .. the only thing I picked up there was the BH&G Simply Creative Crochet magazine... lots of nice stuff in there ... and as much as I was tempted to buy yarn for a certain project inside.. a little voice reminded me I needed to finish a poncho tonight .. and I still had a shawl to do as well .. and I didnt need new projects at the moment.. I am very proud that I was so good !!

I hope all of you are having a great week .. tomorrow is my last day here and I will be moving on to Tennessee to see my family .. there is a function at the winery on Saturday night I will be attending with my best friend ...i have been debating about taking my little clip light that runs on batteries so I can crochet in the dark LOL.....probably not the best idea since I will definately be drinking.. the results could be dangerous.... Well I am off for now .. wanted to update every one .. and will blog more as I can ..

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Saturday, October 02, 2004


Ok .. so I walked down to the Autumnfest and I just have to say .. Springfest was so much better.. maybe the people that coordinated it should take the hint that their booth space prices are ridiculous.. there werent half as many vendors there or half as many NICE vendors there this time.. it was hit or miss.. there was the usual food people.. you know sausage on a stick .. funnel cakes.. lemonade etc... and then the booths ranged between really nice outdoor furniture that was made of bent willow and hickory to those crazy vendors that sell knock off handbags so bad that you can spot they are fake a mile away .. I will say this .. I SHOULD have put my stuff in there... there was one crocheter there.. her stuff was crap.. I hate to say it , but it was.. not that I dont think acrylic has its place in crochet because I do use it .. but not for EVERY item I make.. and her prices were crazy.. because of those people every one thinks crochet is the bastard hobby .. seriously .. all of the things she had I swear were made (and quite badly I must say ) out of the scratchiest acrylic I have ever touched.. she had a sweater there made out of this stuff priced at $70 dollars... I am sorry .. there is no way in HELL I would pay that much for a garment that she probably paid 5 dollars for the yarn...AND used a pattern that was so 70's...every thing she had looked late 70's to early 80's even her colour choices.. I can only say this ... if you are going to try to do something like that .. please keep up with what is in and what isnt...sure I use some older patterns myself but I use updated yarns and updated colour choices...this is exactly why people think crocheters are cheap!.. enough about bad crochet.. I could go on for hours...

Got back to the house.. took my dogs for a walk.. and then gave them baths.. they both hated it because I did it outside instead of the usual spoiling I give them in the bath tub with the hand shower and warm water.. they were hot today .. they should have apprecitated the cool bath... I know I would if it were 80 degrees outside and I was wearing a fur coat..

This evening I have been a whirlwind.. getting my things packed and ready for my trip tomorrow.. I have done laundry .. straightened the house.. cleaned up.. washed my sheets...and made it nice so when I come home there isnt much to do .. that is always nice .. I have also had to make some hard yarn choices as to what I am taking and what I want to work on .. I hate having to think in advance... I like that spur of the moment thing..I know I will have a lot of free time on this trip so I am trying to plan some projects.. I also know I will be selling a few things.. so I need to stock up on some stuff..I just want to take some yarns with me so I wont be tempted to buy much more.. I cant justify it at the moment.. My shelves are almost full up .. I have decided to take my 63 squares along for the ride so maybe I can get a few more of those done this trip too .. I know my mood will strike that I dont want to do something big so a square would be a perfect project..maybe I can get more of those done than I think .. I am also definately taking my Denim Silk .. because I am going to make myself something while I am gone.. that is for sure !! I have a few more yarns I must take because I have a poncho to finish before I get home (to my credit I do have the first half finished and have started on the second half) and I have a poncho to fringe in hopes of selling it when I get home .. then of course I just took a few things that would coordinate with those yarns .. and I took a cone of yarn I need to make a commissioned shawl out of .. even though I have a month to complete it.. I want to get it done sooner ..

ANYWAY .. I wrote alot.. I hope to keep you all updated while I am gone.. I am going to have computer access so I dont see that as a problem.. I will be home in a week .. every one have a great night !

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Friday, October 01, 2004

Errand Day

I hate errand day.. go to the post office.. go to the grocery.. pick up your dry cleaning.. get pet supplies, etc.. I hate it so much I make my errand day come around as little as possible .. I "save" all the things that arent pressing til the day I HAVE to go to the grocery... why? because going to the grocery is my least favourite thing to do in the whole entire world... PEROID.. I hate I just lump every thing I need to do in one day so I can just write it off and get my crap done..

The one big bonus of today was the grocery I go to was over stocked on salmon so I got my salmon today for 1.99 a pound.... I bought 5 pounds.. and I am very tempted to go back tomorrow for more.. because quite frankly I could eat salmon every day and never get tired of it .. that and Halibut are my two favourite fish in the world.. yes I said THE world.. and I mean it .. not only does it taste good.. salmon is very good for you with the omega -3 fatty acids that are supposed to build brain power.. and let's face .. who couldnt use more of that?

I splurged also today and treated myself to a nice european style dinner.. I had brie and french goats milk cheese, baguette, grapes, blackberries, and some cold cuts... then as a reward for completing all my errands .. treated myself to some chocolate cheese of the gods I tell you !!

AND I was a good girl ..I stayed away from the Thrift store.. because I know they have put new things in the window to lure me there tomorrow.. and I refuse to be sucked in.. besides I am leaving for a week on Sunday and need my extra money... for now anyway ..this trip is going to be a profitable one that is for certain.. I am looking very forward to it.. then I can go to the Thrift store all I want ..LOL...

Worked on my commissioned poncho and I am about to go work on it some more .. I will take pics of it and the other one I completed and post them when I am all finished.. I have found some patterns and I have some Ideas about doing some new kind of off the beaten path sort of things.. I will keep you posted on those too .. all in all nothing extremely exciting today ....

Tomorrow is Autumnfest.. I will take my dogs for a walk through town and check it all out in the morning and tell you all about it when I am finished.. hope you all have a great evening

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