Tuesday, November 30, 2004


I want to know a few things today .. first of all .. why is it when I take a nap I wake up feeling like Death on a Cracker(doac)? when every one else wakes up refreshed and ready to attack the world.. I hear my friends say .. I am gonna go take a power nap so I can be refreshed.. and all I can think is they are gonna be real disappointed if they wake up like DOAC .. groggy.. achy...headache.. aches in places you didnt know you had because you dozed on the sofa thinking you were comfortable when you actually went to sleep.. then of course you dream about what ever is on tv.. this after noon I dreamed I was in The Saint (the british program not the movie) ...cotton mouth and well.....bitchy... I would have been better off to stay awake.. only I just couldn't keep my eyes open and I have hopes of finishing some projects by tomorrow.. if that werent important I would have said to hell with it and just stayed up and went to be extremely early tonight..

For once.. I wish I could know what it was to wake up feeling GREAT.. I dont even do that in the morning.. very rarely.. it happens when I have had "just enough " to drink.. that magic amount between enough to make you sleep and dead drunk.. too little has the same effect as none.. more... well doesnt make me feel bad in the morning I just sleep too long.. the right amount I wake up feeling GREAT..I dont drink often .. so the opportunity to wake up feeling great only happens once in a great while LOL .. oh well .. such as life..

I used to work with girls that would go home between shifts to take a nap.. they would come back all happy an dready to work.. If I did that .. I would either not come back or get fired when I did because I would come back so bitchy no one would want to talk to me .. LOL...

oh well .. off to finish my shawl that is looking like a blanket .. UGH..I feel crappy!

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Monday, November 29, 2004

Making Stuff Maddness

In my effort to get ready for market this week.... I have been a busy beaver.. I have in rotation two shawls.. a scarf.. a poncho.. a wrap.. some hats.. jam jar covers.. if I can get all that done by thursday market .. I will be beyond happy .. then I can sit at market and work on my orders and get those done by the time I leave there.. that would make my day .. I have all but two christmas gifts taken care of.. and I have been barely sleeping because I have so much new fun yarn to play with .. I have been staying up til like 3 am and then getting back up at 8.. I am totally insane .. I know this ..

I am actually kind of excited about my body flow class tomorrow .. that is that thing at the gym I do that is half tai chi and half yoga.. it makes me feel all good and mellow for the rest of the day ..I have really been trying to get on a schedule.. its hard for me .. I do walk the dogs every day .. if I dont they get crazy and do stupid stuff cause they are all wired up...

Its been like Christmas around here with the swaps and secret pal things.. I need to take a pic of what my swap buddy Dawn sent .. I got snowflakes and potholders and some nice recipe cards.. .. I seriously need to finish up those things too !

Well since I have been a hermit since Thanksgiving I have come up with a theory.. I seriously thing its the turkey that does that to us.. we have off from thursday til sunday and what do we do .. sit around and eat all weekend and do alot of nothing .. I SWEAR ITS THE TURKEY....its a conspiracy ! You would think they would do something that would make us all want to shop all weekend .. but no.. its the lazy stuff they put in .. of course there are those crazy shoppers that get out on Black Friday pushing and shoving as if that store is the only one that has that item and there will be no more like it til Christmas.. its madness.. complete and total maddness.. i would rather spend the extra few dollars to NOT have to deal with it .. and that is what I usually do .. I worked retail and then worked int he service industry for far too long to even want to be around those crazed lunatics voluntarily.. I swear I used to have night mares!

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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Last Few Days

Hmm.. what can I say about the past few days.. except.. I had a really nice Thanksgiving.. even though it was kind of weird not cooking anything.. its been chilly here.. that doesnt hurt my feelings.. more of an excuse to sit around and work on more stuff.. and play with all my new yarn .. I have a few things to complete before thursday market but not too much .. I dont believe in overwhelming myself..

I wish I could say there was something super exciting going on over here but there really isnt.. I guess I have just been the boring house wife type the past few days.. Its been kind of nice though .. just being holed up here .. I know I have to leave the house in a few days because groceries are getting short.. but I think I can stretch them a couple more days at least ..

Of course this might mean I have to eat a chicken pot pie for breakfast but that is ok .. I hate grocery shopping THAT much .. I have always hated this task.. I am sure I have ranted on about it before.. I am not sure what about it I hate.. I just hate it ..

On good note .. I have been productive and planned a few new projects with my new yarns.. of course when I finish them I will post pictures.. I have started to make my plans for Christmas.. and It looks as though the dog sitter is going to come through so I will be going home for Christmas !! I am glad for that..

I have done a little house cleaning this weekend.. and things around here look pretty good.. gave some stuff away .. reorganized myyarn and put away my new things on the shelves already.. I went to sleep last night dreaming of yarn combinations.. how sad is that ? I dream of yarn .. not sexy scantily clad men running around an island with their toned tanned oiled bodies gleaming in the sun.. no.. I dream of mohair and wool.. and the things I am going to do with them LOL.. and what new stitches I am going to try next and what is the next colour combination I am going to put together..


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Thursday, November 25, 2004

As Promised.. again ....

Well guys and girls .. here you are.. the pictures you have patiently waited for.. I am making them text links because they are large pictures and frankly I dont know how to put a thumbnail in here that you can click to get to the bigger picture.. even though I do feel I am the queen of HTML some days..(yeah right) ... I will however warn you .. all those fellow yarn addicts.. you may want to have some tissues handy for the drool... I brought home some really nice stuff.. and this isnt all of it .. some of it was purchased for a swap and some for my secret pal so they will stay secret til I decide you need to know what they look like...

so here is the first part of the Haul

and here is the second part of the Haul


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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I Am A Fibber

Okay.. I am a fibber.. I didnt intentionally lie about putting pictures of all my super duper yarn today .. I have just been so busy USING some of it.. that I havent snapped any .. I would take them tonight but I am in the middle of a wrap I want to finish before bed.. and of course morning light shows the colours so much better.. so.. you have to wait..

I also have to mention I did in fact bring home about 100 pounds of it .. so its gonna take a little while to get some good pictures.. I have been looking at it.. petting it.. letting it tell me what it wants to be made into all day .. one yarn even told me on the way home last night .. so that is what I have been working on today .. the wrap .. out of the best and softest creme coloured chenille with little sparkly flecks of gold in it .. so holidayish.. I made out like a fat cat yesterday..

The best part about going to pick up your yarn from Melanie is the big building behind her office .. well the office isnt so bad either .. 12 X 14 foot of yarn to the ceiling .. then out back.. 20 X 30 foot of yarn to the ceiling.. I was like a crack whore yesterday getting her fix after fiending all night for it.. I was so giddy on the drive home it didnt really matter that it took almost an extra hour to get here.. and when I did get here and got all my stuff inside..

I lined it all up in my coffee table and living room floor and just looked at it .. never mind the fact it was almost midnight when I got here.. I wanted to start working on something last night .. but I knew I needed sleep and I definately wanted a clear head to start working .. So I did what any yarn addict would have.. I popped some wine.. stared at my yarn.. drank that whole bottle then went to bed.. I got up at 6 this morning and started crocheting and I havent stopped all day save to go to breakfast.. and take the dogs for a walk this afternoon.. busy bee I tell you ..

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving tomorrow.. going to a friends .. it's the first time in a few years I havent been required to bake any thing.. All I have to do is bring the wine.. wooohooo.. wine is so good.. I love a good red this time of year in front of the fireplace.. even though its been too warm for that .. I still love my wine.. I have lots in my life in which to be thankful.. I wont start a list here.. but trust me .. its long..

So I dont have to be to dinner til about 3 tomorrow .. so I will take those pictures and get them up here.. so after you all have had your turkey you can come on and drool over my yarn.. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERY ONE !!

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Monday, November 22, 2004

Up Early

Why is it when I am up early I spend at least an hour getting my head out of my ass trying to figure where to start my day ?? I should have just slept another hour and would have been at the same place as I am now..still groggy after being up early ... This certainly reaffirms my placement in the Night Owl Club.. up late .. sleep late.. not til noon or anything just maybe 9.. some how I still dont ever feel completely rested.. I would be shocked if I ever woke up just so refreshed I couldnt stand myself...

This weekend was a flurry of activity around here.. getting the house cleaned for the dinner guest coming tonight.. working on chirstmas and whatnot... I didnt even leave the house this weekend.. not really a strange thing for me though ... I have been known to hole up for a week or so before venturing out again .. as long as I have food in the house I am good.. and even if I dont.. and there are things I can eat.. sometimes I put it off even longer.. I hate grocery shopping.. Its weird.. I know.. there are alot of you that take joy in food shopping.. NOT ME.. as much as I like to cook you would think that would be just the opposite.. but if I had a house where stuff magically appeared in my fridge and cabinets.. I would probably never leave.. well except of course to get more yarn..

That brings me to this bit of excitement...I am going to see my yarn supplier tomorrow.. wish me luck in not busting the budget wide open.. actually I am fairly sensible about the whole thing.. I take only the money I can spend.. I leave the checkbook and other things at home.. That way I am forced to make hard decisions and the temptation to buy "one of everything" is dashed before I leave the house.. I can say this though.. My money stretches pretty far when I go there.. I cant wait.. I had bid on and won
THIS and of course that gives me an excuse to go over and load up... last time I bought from her I was good and sent payment and let her ship to me .. this time.. I am jonesing to go touch yarn.. to look at all the new things she has .. I know there is alot more there than she has listed.. and plus that family has to be the nicest set of people ...they are always glad to see me .. and always tease me about bringing a bigger car every time I go.. there are good sides to having such a tiny car .. I cant get too carried away .. however.. I have found room for about 200 pounds of yarn in my car.. so its not that small .. well ok it is .. but the cargo space is GREAT.. and of course this will give me an excuse to use my ball winder even more .. and there is that little yarn swap at Crochetville .. I "need" yarn for that.. cant disappoint now can i?

I swear if I had my own little sheep farm.. a spinning wheel .. and grocery delivery... I seriously would never leave the house.. how nice would that be.. Well..ok.. I would leave.. only to travel though .. I love to travel and learn new things and see new stuff.. its the BEST..its the rude mannerless people I tend to run into when I do these things that turn me off to being social.. I swear these people had to be raised by wolves.. No common courtesy .. I hate that .. I was raised to say "yes ma'am" and "no Ma'am" and to acknowledge the people that spoke to me .. etc.. I am sort of old fashioned in that sense .. when some one asks me how I am .. I answer them.. I dont grunt and walk away.. we were taught to be polite and kind to people.. if we werent we would be beat down when we got home .. that is just the way it was.. and I also will tell you this .. a good spanking never hurt a soul and neither did doing chores and having responisibilities.. that is another ten page entry so I will leave it this morning and go to the grocery store.. and hope there arent that many people there already..

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Saturday, November 20, 2004

A Great Ending to My Crap Week!!

Well .. just when you thought you wouldnt get any more pictures from me today .. WRONG!!

My secret pal at
Crochetville sent me a little package today .. here it is..

and please let me tell you guys .. first.. i am feeling like the HTML Queen today because not only have I done all these pictures.. I added to my side bar today with a few more blogs a read that keep me amused..

second... this package totally made my day .. I needed a little random kindness this week.. THANKS SECRET PAL!!

and third.. I have started a few little projects today and almost finished two more christmas gifts.. I just have been a little tornado today!! ..Enjoy the rest of your evening !!

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One Hell Of A Week....

Yup.. that is what this has been .. just crazy.. so with out further ado.. for those of you that have been ssssooooooooo patient in waiting for pictures .. I will reward you with 6 today .. yes you heard right.. 6!!

Since I got my yarn ball winder this is my new obsession.. going in my stash pulling yarns and winding them together .. this picture is about a third of what I wound in the past week .. I figured I might want to start making some stuff since christmas is coming soon and of course I sold about 10 items at market thursday and there is that thing of most people would not like a couple balls of yarn in their christmas package as a gift...

Looks like the starts of a yarn store yes?

This is a shawl I made for a friend .. I really loved the tassels instead of fringe effect on this .. If you could see the yarn close up .. you would be able to see two in there.. one is a denim silk from Berroco and the other is a variegate chenille.. the denim silk has flecks of an orangy yellow on a burnt orange.. its very nice.. fringe would have detracted from the beauty of the yarn hence the tassels ... nice effect..

I know alot of you have been waiting to see the hot pink mohair number I have made for a niece.. since she isnt old enough to be surfing around the computer to look at what her clever Auntie might have made for her .. I will post the picture.. please note this picture does not bring out the total beauty of this poncho .. as 1. I dont have a manequin and 2. you would just have to really see it to get the whole thing.. and i havent figured out if I really want to fringe it yet or not but here it is anyway ..

This next item is something that happened because I was trying to do one thing but it just decided it wanted to be something else.. its a little wrap with a cool button.. the yarn is a thick and quick chenille with a black base and hot pink and red flecks in it .. the edging is done in black and hot pink mohair held together with a cool button and the button came from my button stash...as I look at this picture it reinforces the notion that I definately need a manequin...and do not need to take pics of stuff i do in my bath robe with no bra.. but out of laziness.. that is what you get today .. cause I am not gonna redo it.. if it scares you I apoligize in advance LOL...

This next poncho.. I saw a picture.. said "I can do that" and I did.. I made this out of some cone yarn i received as a gift .. so if I really hated it I really wasnt out much .. I do love the yarn but the cone was like 10 poounds .. so Its usually my test yarn .. I think I will do another of these in a colour next time .. it turned out nice.. a very fitted poncho.. looks better on the chair than me .. so that is what you get.. my lovely chair assistant modeling the poncho...

Last but certainly not least.. my obsession with the little star is confirmed as I have finished yet another and of course I am working on one more as a christmas gift.. there are other things I am working on but cannot disclose because of the top secret nature of their very being .. so here is the little star .. wendy peter pan velvet touch yarn.. oh so yummy soft .. if i had a baby all its stuff would be made out of this ..

SO.. I hope I have not disappointed you guys today.. there will be more to come and hopefully I wont fall behind on pictures again like this .. you know sometimes life just happens to get in the way of the blog!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004


I suppose some of you could imagine my surprise as I got to my blog this evening to see a disturbing comment.. then more surprised to know it was made by a friend..

I have this to say .. every one is entitled to their opinion... but my previous post was to honor our vetrans not start a political war on my blog.. I appreciate that my friends have different opinions than I do .. and that part is fine.. I guess the part that really upsets me is the friend that made this comment knows my history and felt it necessary to disrupt my tribute to our military...

In saying that .. if you felt singled out in any way .. it wasnt meant to be pointed to one person in particular.. just in general.. I love this country and would never want to leave it.. if you feel you dont love it as much or feel the need to leave or whatever because of our government etc.. so be it .. I would never feel any different toward you ..

I just feel a little hurt some one I consider a friend would say these things under a post to honor those who have given for this country .. and wouldnt let me know personally first that I had insulted you ...or you planned on insulting me and the memories of people that I happen to love dearly...

I didnt feel the need to "research" my entry due to the fact it was a tribute not a political statement.. and of course this is my blog and if I happen to want to get self righteous that is my decision to do so ... as it was your decision to say what you felt you needed to say .. I just think maybe there would have been a better time and place to do so ..

So the rest of you that were hoping for a few pictures... I am sorry there wont be any tonight .. I swear tomorrow there will be.. I am a little too upset at the moment to be half coherent.. gonna go now .. see you all tomorrow with happier thoughts..

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Lest We Forget

On the eleventh hour of this eleventh day of the eleventh month.. I bowed my head in silence.. thinking about all the Vetrans that gave their lives so we may enjoy the freedoms we have... I thought about all those I have loved and lost (some most recently) .. a tear or two escaped .. I thought about all those people in my life who live the reality of war.. who on a daily basis defend our freedoms so that we may live a life full of choices ...those people that suffer so that we shall remain free.. I also thought about all the people that take that for granted..
I thought about all the people that hate America and what we fight for.. and it made me even sadder ...to think that many worthy people died so these few could complain so loudly about their country.. I know many places that would earn you the right to have your tongue cut out.. i digress..

I want to make sure every one remembers those brave soldiers that gave all that we should have so much ... I want to make sure every one remembers those that are currentlying giving all they can .. to assure us a warm safe place to sleep at night..

So do me a favour.. the next time you see one of our proud service men or women.. go up to them.. thank them for what they do and give up for you .. its the least you can do...and if you want to do more than that.. send packages to the soldiers that are fighting to protect our freedoms at this very moment.. sometime the smallest things you do.. mean the most to those that give every thing they have...and remember the next time you have to stand in line 30 minutes for your morning coffee.. you should be thankful you have the privilege(thats right I just said PRIVILEGE) to do just that instead of sleeping in the sand ... in a country 10,000 miles away from home ...wondering if you are ever going to make it home.. or the next time you want to complain about how bad this country is .. be glad you dont live in one that will cut your tongue out for voicing an opinion of the sort.. and maybe think twice when you have something bad to say about America.. land that I love..

I have been many places in this world and would never want to live any where but here or call any where but here home..

I am thankful for every life given... every sacrifice made so that I should be able to live free and have choices..

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Morning Already...

I know I owe you all some pictures.. well you arent getting them right this moment.. so stop reading now if you think there are some here.. that will be tonights adventrue when I get home from market..

This morning finds me yawning me head off cursing the morning.. I am sure some of you think this is an exception but its pretty much every day routine.. only this morning ... and every thursday .. I get the opportunity to do it even earlier... Its market day.. at least the rain looks like it might not come til later this afternoon .. Last week totally sucked.. cold and wet.. and nasty.. Its very funny to me.. each week I get up with plenty of time to be there on time ...some how .. I end up late.. last week I was up at 6:45 .. didnt have to be there til 9 so how is it that I ended up about 5 minutes late? I have no idea.. I just know I will be late to my own funeral.. its a given fact..

This morning .. I am going to be on time if it kills me.. all my stuff is in the vehicle ready to go and I have had my shower already .. My hair needs to dry.. and I will be ready to roll.. I dressed a little warmer today .. navy fleece pants and a Predators sweatshirt.. not the most flattering of outfits but its soft and warm and I am not in a fashion shw today so I do what I have to do to keep warm... I need to make my lunch and decide what I am going to work on today.. I need to do Christmas gifts.. I am taking Christmas gift supplies.. maybe I can get at least one or two out of the way today .. that would be super nice...I need to sew some buttons on the two capelets this morning too .. but that should only take about 5 minutes.. I should have done it last night before bed.. but my eyes were so heavy I might have accidentally slit my wrist with the scissors while cutting the thread .. I didnt need to take the chance of staining the capelet forever ..

OK .. I am going to go get another cup of coffee and try to kick the sleepies in the ass .... wish me luck today.. pictures this evening .. I PROMISE !!

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Today I realize how I managed to get the nickname Martha Jr.. as I was cutting up my pumpkin to make pie filling and pumpkin butter.. as well as starting a loaf of bread (in the machine of course because I surely dont have enough counter space to do it by hand)..and working on my christmas projects with freverent hope of getting them all done by christmas and of course getting some mailed actually on time for a change.. and as all this was going on (as if I needed more to do ) I got out the address book and made note of all the people I need to send christmas cards to.. that of course is the day after thanksgivign tradition for me.. addressing the cards.. sometimes they acutally make it to the post office !!

I did make it to the thrift shop today (picture tomorrow its way late tonight..actually its already technically tomorrow.. so later today).. i used restraint .. i only picked up a dozen skeins of yarn today .. 4 were a cotton linen blend.. 6 were some peter pan wendy velvet touch for some little stars and I picked up 2 extra really nice ones for Amy.. I promised her some yarn.. picked up some for her then found this today that was much much better than what I had gotten previously.. almost made me glad i had procrastinated about getting it out to her.. i am sure she will thank me later...

I have a million things to do tomorrow.. getting ready for market.. go the post office.. run to the grocery.. get the pumpkin butter put up.. finish some projects and of course the usuals.. gym.. dog walk.. straighten up here.. cats etc...

Its supposed to rain again thursday.. ugh.. another rainy market day and only be about 60 degrees.. I am taking lots of warm stuff to drink.. I will not be cold and miserable..I need sides for my pavillion.. maybe I will get some tarps and some snap links and make some to keep the wind and the rain off me .. and my stuff... that would definately be a bonus.. gonna think on it tonight ..

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Monday, November 08, 2004

Blog Neglect

Hmm .. I sit here wondering what the punishment is for blog neglect.. and I hope my little blog friends forgive me for my lapse in posting .. I have been super busy though..

Thursday was market day.. I received 5 special orders... and of course got completely soaking wet.. so forgive the non blog on thursday as I was trying to hang all the wet items to dry and of course dry out all the other things as well as myself Thursday night ..

Friday.. hmm what did I do Friday? Oh I crocheted almost all day long.. took my dogs for a walk and of course went to the gym.. I know that doesnt sound like a lot .. but I got all my special order stuff done on friday .. so 2 capelets.. a boa scarf .. a childs version of a boa scarf and a hand bag later.. i was finished.. all on Friday..

Saturday .. I went to a party.. I wore the purple shawl.. I got rave reviews and sold it straight off my back .. I guess getting the fringe done was a pay off .. and of course I have to make 3 more but have a couple of weeks to do them .. I love wearing what I make.. Its the best advertising any one could possibly do .. so the party was at 1 .. I got home at 8:45 and began my orders for shawls.. I finished one shawl body(no fringe) and a bottle of pinot noir and it was time for bed.. imagine that !! ..

Sunday.. I finished the other 2 shawls fringe and all and did the fringe on the previous nights.. much to my surprise I woke up and the shawl looked as good as I thought it had when I went to bed.. you know some time alcohol can distort the vision.. I know you all know what beer goggles are !!.....walked those pesky dogs.. and drank some more wine .. and worked on two small ponchos for christmas gifts.. in between I did 3 loads of wash.. folded and put away and raked all those fekkin pine needles up from my yard.. and washed the dogs

Today... Finished a complete poncho from a picture.. started another and finished up another Christmas gift.. walked the dogs.. went to the gym.. took the garbage to the curb...finished another hat and scarf set.. and found some time in there to get my calendars printed to March for my organizer..

So I am asking.. I am forgiven for not keeping you entertained when you can clearly see I have been beyond busy and trying to get ahead for christmas although there will be that one gift I forgot .. or forgot to make so there will be that scramble about December 23rd or so... to either speed crochet something or just give in to the pressure and go buy something after I have been talked into drinking wine instead of crocheting.. ...... so dear readers .. I will try my best not to leave you hanging as long as I have done so this week ever again.. but I assure you if it does happen .. it means I am seriously busy ..or there is something really wrong with me and you all should panic.. all 3 of you LOL ...

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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Sleep Deprivation and Sanity

I sit here wondering how long you can go on say one to three hours a sleep a n ight before you start losing your sanity...

Oh WAIT! I lost mine a long time ago..so maybe I shouldnt worry so much..Just thinking over the events of last night and how incredibly stupid it was to get so excited about finishing the shawl I was working on.. At 3 am I was thinking.. DAMN.. tomorrow is going to be on long assed cold and rainy day out in the weather ..I should have went to sleep sooner.. why? because even though I finished the fucking shawl.. I didnt get it fringed so there is no way I could sell it today anyway .. I will not take it and fringe it as I sit today because my work space is not condusive to such activities.. and balancing scissors, beads, fringe template, and yarn is not my idea of fun on a rainy cold day.. On the flip side.. I do have a function saturday night I can wear said shawl to and do some advertising.. Of course, in turn, I could have just worked on it today while I was sitting instead of being on the determined frenzy to finish last night.. I do have to say .. It turned out quite nicely.. Let me go snap a pic and see if I can capture Its beauty.. It will only take a sec and you will never know I was gone..

See...didnt take long at all did it ?

So this is a plum coloured chenille held with an irridescent lurex thread that has pink, purplish, and sliver cast to it .. so just imagine this shawl with a long fringe consisting mostly of the metallic thread some chenille and the thread has black glass irredescent beads on it... of course you can have a picture later.. I just wanted to show you why I was so excited last night..

Also.. since I am on a show and tell kick ..here is the galaxy capelet I did last week as a special order.. I loved the way it turned out.. If she decides she doesnt want it.. I think I will keep it for me .. who am I kidding? If I wear it and some one wants it .. I would sell it off my back for the right price of course!

I hope every one enjoyed their little morning surprise.. for now.. I have to slurp down my coffee and get ready to go.. for some one that was up early so I wouldnt be late.. I am just gonna make it .. figures.. I swear to god I will be late to my own funeral.. and seriously .. any one who really knows me .. will tell you the same.. I am only ever on time when I have to punch a clock.. c'est la vie! I like to think this is an endearing quality about me...I am quite certain its not really and it drives people insane...

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Body Flow

....is the name of the class I participated in today .. part yoga part tai chi.. relaxing but dont let that fool you .. I have muscles in my body I didnt even know existed that are sore tonight from this class.. I thoroughly enjoyed it.. I have body pump tomorrow .. for all you perves reading this .. its nothing like it sounds.. its a class where you use a lower amount of weight with high repetitions to tone your muscles super quick.. that is what they say anyway .. we shall see.. I have participated in this class and I liked it as well .. for some reason .. I just havent gotten to the gym lately.. I decided this weekend it was time to take care of me .. no one else is going to do it for me..

I am so glad its election day .. I am so ready for this to be over.. Just tired of all the bullshit you see on TV.. and stupid peoples opinions.. and by stupid.. I mean people not taking the tme to make an informed decision and be able to debate it.. When I ask 90 percent of people who they are for and why.. they can tell me who then I get some answer I would expect from a two year old.. mainly the answer is .. just because I do .. drives me nuts..

Well this is a shorty tonight . I have much work to do ..

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Monday, November 01, 2004

Hmm Neglecting

Wow.. seems this weekend got busy for me .. Friday I did alot of running around and errands.. I decided this going to the grocery every week was for the birds.. so I made a trip into Fayetteville to the Sam's club there.. so 330 dollars later.. I have enough food.. dog food.. wine.. etc to last me about 6 months.. not really.. but it sure as hell felt like it when I was trying to unload all of it and find places for things around here ..LOL...also felt like it when I was trying to cram it all in my Mini to get it home ..I tell you .. its amazing what that little car will hold..

Oh before I forget.. here is the detail of the shawl.. It turned out so nice .. I am going to make one more with the green like this one and I am going to make one with a gold chenille that I think will turn out nice..

So all you that were waiting.. I hope it was worth the wait.. I seemed to have neglected my blog over the weekend and I feel quite bad about it.. but I am sure you will all understand ..

Friday was crazy and after carting in all that stuff I was so tired .. I didnt know getting food could be that exhausting.. Saturday I drove over to Lillington for their " Antique Street Festival".. it was some what of a disappointment .. but ok .. the best part was the old cars they had on show.. some had left by the time I had gotten there but there were still several very nice ones.. of course I had to check out the booths.. there was a basket weaver there that had some really and I mean really nice baskets.. there was a potter.. throwing pots and trying to get people interested in pottery..

And last but not least.. 2 booths with crochet.. one had nothing but scarves.. and that one was ok .. still not great.. no great yarns or anything .. all commercial type stuff one can get at any craft store.. and the other was the typical ..lots of acrylic and super saver stuff.. I just dont understand.. why put all the work into something if you arent doing something spectacular! ..seriously.. she had 3 afghans.. all acrylic.. reasonably priced.. but for the work involved .. not worth it..I could never sit and work on an afghan only to sell it off for 50 dollars.. I have ponchos that I sell for that..I guess there is seriously no accounting for taste.. and also .. it might explain why she had not sold one.. I think you have to stay up with trends and fashion even in home decor to be able to viably sell things.. that goes for any business...you have to be up on what people want and are buying or might be interested in .. I know in order to keep my business fresh.. I wont be selling say ponchos in 4 to 5 years.. simply because demand for them will probalby be
gone.. if some one would want a special order one ..yes I would make it.. but I will not be stocking something like that..

Saturday night was trick or treat here.. I guess I went a little over board buying 5 pounds of candy.. In Kentucky I woud have went through that and would have had to go in and turn my light off early .. Here.. I had 6 trick or treaters.. yes that isnt a typo.. 6 kids.. had I known.. I would have given each of them near a pound of candy so I wouldnt be stuck with the temptatin of eating it .. Oh well .. I can always just hide it some where ..

I have to say this.. I am still a little upset and disappointed the Cardinals didnt win the World Series.. I will say.. Boston definately showed they wanted it more .. they played harder and smarter than the Cardinals .. and even after setting the record for errors in the first two games.. they still came out on top.. After game three.. I pretty much knew the Sox were gonna take it.. I swear .. game three.. I have seen little leaguers play better.. what a dismal and disappointing game.. after that I seriously thought the Cardinals should have just called the Sox and said.."Hey.. we suck.. the Astros really should have won out play offs.. we arent gonna show up for the rest of our games.. just go ahead and take the World Series"... that might have been less embarassing for us Cardinals fans.. I will give credit where credit is due.. the Sox played hard and earned what they won.. CONGRATS!!

I have this to say as well.. I am glad its November 1st and elections are tomorrow.. I am sick and tired of campaign ads.. I cant imagine being so uninformed about my decision that a campaign ad would form my decision about a candidate.. I feel bad for those people that let 2 minutes and a brief glimpse at what some one is about help make a decision about the cadidate they are going to support.. I hope there are more people out there that did the smart thing and researched and read about each candidate and made a wise decision.. instead of letting TV decide for you .. or a celebrity or what ever .. I want to think the American people are smarter than that.. unfortunately I know I am wrong for the most part.. there are many out there that believe every thing the media feeds us .. and will make their decision with out watching a debate.. reading a report or looking up and disputing the "facts" as thrown to us by the media .. I hope that you vote .. and when you vote .. you do so with conviction.. and you seriously believe in what the candidate you vote for stands for .. *kicking the soapbox back under the bed*

I am all ove the place here today.. I think that is about all I wanted to say this morning.. there may be more before the day is up.. Have a good day and Happy November!!

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Monday, November 01, 2004   1 martinis shaken not stirred


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