Friday, September 30, 2005

Today's Find

I found Nutella at walmart today.. now if only i could find schweppes lemon here

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

This Just IN !!!!

I get an email from my step mom today .. updating me on my dad .. it looks very good.. I am just gonna copy and paste what it said .. easier that way .. aso easier to update here than to send a million emails.. and those that want to read about it can and I am not needlessly mailing ppl that dont want to hear about it ...

"The surgeon that did your dad's surgery scoped his stomach Tues. to see if anything was restricting his food from going down. He also enlarged the opening to his small intestines. He has been on a full liquid diet (for 48 hrs.). He is doing great with it. It was so good to see him able to eat (or drink) something without it hurting him or making him sick. I hope he can get up and walk in a day or so. They also did test to try to see why his blood pressure is so low. Nothing showed up. They think if he can just get some nutrition he will be okay."

I emailed her and let her know that low blood pressure runs in our family .. hell the last time i took mine.. it was 99/65.... not to bad for my fat ass LOL... and when they checked his when i was there .. it was like 89/54... which is pretty low but not so low i would really worry .. but that is what causes the fainting is the drop in the blood pressure .. so .. if they can get it up a few points and he starts eating regularly I can see my dad much better by Christmas..

I am also headed out of here on the 24th for three weeks or so at home.. I think that will be just what the doctor ordered for the both of us

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


SO there I was today .. sitting in the drive thru trying to place my order... and before any one says anything about people that work fast food.. I have .. I did my time in the Mc Donald's drive thru many years ago.. its NOT rocket science..

SO .. the speaker comes on

Drive thru lady : HI may I take your order?

Me: I will have a number one with an orange soda

DTL: What would you like to drink with that ?

Me: Orange Soda

DTL: We have sprite .. coke.. diet.. fanta orange .. dr pepper.. what would you like to drink

Me: (screaming loud enough that had she had the drive thru window open she could have heard me) ORANGE SODA!

DTL: That was a number one with a sprite.. that will be 4.79.. please pull up..

(banging head on steering wheel)

I pull to the window determined to be nice.. she takes my money and before i can even open my mouth to tell her I want orange soda.. she is off to make my sprite.. she comes back ..

Me: I asked for an Orange soda...

DTL: I couldnt hear you over your engine..

I wanted to go off.. cause i drive a MINI COOPER..MINI as in tiny car.. as in 4 cylinders.... how loud could my engine be? she couldnt hear me over my engine but had no problems hearing the guy behind me who was driving a 3/4 ton four wheel drive DIESEL !!! WTF..!! That was the lamest thing I think I have heard in a long time.. I just shook my head and said..

Me: Maybe they should get you a better head set if you cant hear over my little car engine..

I got my change and drove off.. with my ORANGE SODA!!

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

My Dad

I have been back since last night.. Been trying to figure out all that is going thru my head.. This post is kind of an attempt to sort it thru " Out loud".. if that makes any kind of sense.. of course .. I know the people that truly know me.. know this is not some sort of pity post.. I dont want any of that .. I just want to tell every one about my dad..

When I was little.. I seriously thought my dad was superman.. invincible.. he was never sick ( spring and fall he had allergy stuff but never really sick) .. My mom told me about a time he had pneumonia.. he let that get him down exactly two days and he was back to work .. my father's weight flucuated about 10 pounds .. we was always between 195 and 205.. he is 5 foot 11 so that is a decent weight not fat at all..

My father has always been "young".. young at heart..young in thought.. young looking.. birthday before last he was asked how old he was.. his reply? " I am 22 trapped in a 64 year old body.. do you have any idea what that feels like ? "..

So you can imgine my complete surprise when I recieved the call ... My father had a tumour in his stomach .. they were going to have to remove it .. at that point.. and I know some of you will think I am crazy .. I just knew every thing was going to be ok .. My dad could make it thru anything !!

He has been my role model.. the voice in my head.. the person that convinced me I could do anything I wanted to ... the person that taught me to stand up for what I believe even if it wasnt the popular opinion.. to be strong.. and be responsible.. every thing you do in life has a price.. to tell the truth even if it hurts .. that doing the right thing isnt always easy .. to work hard.. and take pride in what you do no matter what it is .. do the best you can always..

My dad is not perfect .. no human is .. there was always the "but" at the end of every compliment.. " you look nice but you would look nicer if you lost 10 pounds" that kind of thing.. my dad isnt a huge complimenter so when you recieved one .. you knew he meant it.. my father and I never told each other "i love you " until I was 21 and on a plane to Europe.. a trip in which I think he thought I wasnt going to come he made sure I knew he loved me.. since then I never get off the phone or leave his house with out telling him .. my father grew up in a house that wasnt very affectionate.. My grandparents just thought you should know you were loved .. they never really said it .. I knew I was loved.. it was just more special to hear it ..

I lost my grandfather last June.. so this thing with my dad has weighed heavily on me.. This is my father in July .. when I went home .. about three weeks after his stomach surgery .. he was nice enough to humour me and pose with Llarry .. he knows I am the "eccentric" one .. so .. he does what I ask within reason

This was ok to me .. he is thinner than usual..he weighed about 168 at this point.. but has the stomach the size of an egg.. so it was to be expected .. he would lose weight.. and of course more weight would be lost thru chemo and radiation because .. well .. its the nature of the beast.. He had to go thru treatment because they wanted to make sure.. 2 lymph nodes out of 12 were slightly effected by this tumour .. they didnt want to take chances..

SO. I got home Thursday evening .. after a call from my step mom telling me my dad had taken a fall a week earlier .. busted his head.. was admitted to the hospital .. severly dehydrated and somewhat malnurished.. they gave him fluids.. and liquid food.. he got out .. and what do you know .. a couple days later .. it happened again.. so he has been in the hospital ever since.. he had a feeding tube but it was taken out wedneday before I got there.. he thought he was strong enough to go use the bathroom alone .. got out of bed .. fell ( you would think he would learn by now ) and pulled the tube out.. so they left it out .. nothing prepared me for what I saw when I got home.. I guess my step mom had thought she has told me.. I got to my dads room .. and was totally shocked.. my dad weighs 132. pounds.. I will let that sink in for you .. 5 foot 11.. 132 pounds.. I took it in stride.. went in kissed him hi.. he was surprised.. no one told him I was coming.. I wanted it that way .. we talked .. he got tired after about an hour.. and I left..

I made it to about 10 feet from the elevator.. and lost it.. had total mental meltdown.. My dad looked small and frail.. and old.. very .. old.. I remember a nurse grabbing my arm as I was going down.. she sat me on the ground and brought me water.. asked if I was ok .. I said no.. but I will be.. I was in total shock.. I have to be thankful I didnt see him with the tube.. so .. I got it together enough to drive home.. and then sat in the middle of my bed and wept.. loud .. ugly.. sobs.. I got it out of my system .. My dad needed me to be the pillar this time and by god that is what I am..

I went and sat the majority of friday with him .. convinced him to eat his food.. or at least try .. and he did for me.. (that made me feel good) He ate solid food ... breakfast .. lunch.. dinner.. more than he had in the past three weeks.. I know chemo is hell.. I know the metallic ugly taste in your mouth makes you not want to eat a thing .. I understand it .. but when you dont have extra body fat to lose.. and you dont have a stomach big enough.. you HAVE to..

They have him on a marijuana based drug that is supposed to make you hungry .. apparently its working.. Saturday morning before I left to come back .. he had 2/3rds of his cereal.. half a bran muffin and a couple bites of banana.. and a promise he would drink his Ensure before lunch.. I told him I was going to call to make sure he kept his promise.. My dad NEVER breaks promises.. if its important enough to say "I Promise" he does it.. I called.. he had just finished it up .. GO DAD!!..

I know he is going to be ok .. he has to be!.. My dad isnt ready to die.. He will get thru this ... the doc assured me this was rock bottom its all on the upswing from here.. I guess the whole realization that my dad wasnt superman any more.. has been hard.. no one wants to believe its happening.. my dad is 65.. that isnt old to me.. I want him around another 30 years.. THEN he can leave.. I might have learned all I need to by then .. just maybe ..

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Gone for a Few

Gotta go check on dad..

see you all on Saturday !!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Arrgghhh Matey !!.. and some Booty!

and no not THAT kind of booty!... First.. I want to say .. I had not fogotten my blogversary drawing.. I couldnt give just one prize.. I had to do THREE.. cause you know.. three olives.. three prizes.. whatever.. ok.. I just wanted to give more LOL ..

any way .. I took the names .. cut the pieces put them in an envelope.. my lovely assistant pulled them .. sooooooooooo...




If you wouldnt mind emailing your addresses too me.. well Natalie.. I have yours so you dont have to .. but Joy and Wendy .. please? and then .. you will recieve some booty in the mail !!

Now.. I finally finished the Pirate Jacket.. the pattern of course from Interweave Kints Crochet Edition ... I didnt use the yarn suggested.. I used Noro Blossom in colourway #10.. I also went up to a P hook.. ( I swear if I ever did anything by the book I might passout LOL).. I used Lion Suede in Ebony for the trim.. I was surprised.. I usually dont go for the less expensive yarns but this black was the black I needed.. not too black.. not too blue .. not too brown .. it was just right and once on the jacket really looks like a suede trim.. I also changed the length of the sleeves.. I made them so they would completely cover my hands.. I might end up making a button kind of thing (with Dichroic glass beads) similar to a cuff link .. so i can roll them them back like a french cuff... I am also going to add Dichroic glass beads to the end of the tie.. another change.. I made the tie 72".. cause .. I mean .. who are we kidding.. 36" is what they said would work .. on what ? a super model.. and I am AT LEAST two times one of those girls LOL.. so anyway ..

here is the Jacket.. so Heather can shut the hell up LOL .. and get off my back!

This was a really fun project even though it did inspire a profanity filled entry earlier last week.. I will do this one again .. really .. I hardly ever say I will do something twice.. but this I think is truly worthy of doing again .. and next time.. believe it or not .. I might try the WHOLE thing in suede.. it would be a very soft and cuddly jacket if i did .. I will have to think on it.. or I might have to do it in a lighter yarn to have one for spring.. at any rate I really enjoyed this project..

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


It has come to my realization in the past few days.. There will always be that one person in a group ready to stir the pot and cause problems. I probably should have ignored every thing that has happened.. but .. that of course would be unlike me to let something pass in which I didnt feel I deserved the actions of some one else. I have always stood up for what I believed. I always will. I dont lie. I dont have time for it. There are others in life that make it a game and try to tear down any one they possibly can that is not my style.

I want you all to know dear readers.. the drama over the past few days was caused by a fabricated email by some one who didnt even have the steel to confront me but used others to do their bidding. In that.. I have received an apology from Vicki. She was told an untruth by Shauna. Vicki believed this untruth because well.. I am not quite sure.. and dont want to speculate. I will say there are people that want to believe the worst in others no matter what. I actually am sad Vicki didnt feel she could come to me and ask me what was going on instead of heading a one woman vendetta on behalf of some one who told a bold faced lie. Every one has their reasons... The reason of this post is not to place blame nor is it to try to stir the pot anymore. Its to try to explain the bizarre happenings of the past three days.

I also want to say Vicki and I do not have the best of experiences of the past. I will not rehash that because there is no need it was done and over many months ago ... we were at a place where we could be in the same place at the same time and be civil. Until some one discontented with events that happend in June decided to try to stir it up again.. I can see where Vicki would want to think I had something to do with that given past experience with me. I do want to say this.. I defend myself.. my friends.. and my family. I do not hunt drama. I would not have said what was allegedly sent in the message Shauna recieved. Any one that knows me knows I would have said what I needed to say in such a different style.. I am going to post what Shauna says she recieved from me.. you be the judge.. She still insists I sent this message ( she deleted it of course and has no proof it was even sent) :

You really think people are going to help you with the blanket for your Aunt. Especially after the shit you pulled with Deneen. I dont think so. Just remember everyone here is friends with me, not with you! So get over it!

I will say this.. until two days ago I had no clue she was even gathering squares for her blanket. Second of all.. I had all but forgotten about the incident in June until it was mentioned to me the other night.I am one of those people that say what I need and I move forward .. I dont dwell on things from the past because you cant change them so its really a waste of time.. Every one that knows me, knows I am so totally not about who is friends with whom.. love me hate me I dont care and I really dont care who you are friends with .. I am not here to make people take sides like a second grader.

It is pitiful to me that some one can be so discontented in their life that they have to make trouble for other people and pull in as many more as they possibly can. The part about this that is most hurtful .. to not only me but the many people that read my blog and especially my family .. is the many vile and hate filled things that were said about me over something that didnt even happen.

My grandpa always said...words are like bullets .. you cant take them back .. once you let them loose and they do the damage there is no going back from there

he also said.. if you act in a way you have to go back and say you are sorry .. maybe you should have thought about what you did before you were lead to that regret..

So on that note.. I accept your apology Vicki.. but right now the damage is still fresh and the hateful and vile things you said were said .. somewhere in your heart you believed I could actually be the person I was painted to be .. so forgive me at the moment if you find me in a no so forgiving mood. ..

I do realize it took alot for you to come out publically and say you were sorry.. you have to realize you have hurt more than just hurt my family and my friends with your words.. I wont say anything else but you have to look in the mirror and live with it..

Chapter Closed..

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ending The Bullshit

Its sad really .. one person can cause so much havoc in one place..

so this is the end of the bullshit.. I will not allow some one to come to my blog and bash the people trying to support me.. Its one thing to come and bash me.. its my blog I expect to make some one unhappy at some point in time.. but this is ridiculous !

Anonymous(Vicki) had this to say :

I can see why you dont have any real life friends are to stupid!!! Read and analyze your comment and you will see exactly why I say that...then again maybe you wont I said you are to stupid!

another anonymous but I think we all know who left this .. who is the stupid one Vicki?.. you dont even know the proper usage of the word "too".. so please back up bitch.. and get up off the people that are my friends..

I wanted to play nice and let every one comment on my blog.. now I am pushed to exclude anonymous comments.. I dont like that one bit .. but I will not tolerate people coming to my blog and hurting others.. just as they say I have done.. I guess that is the part that gets me.. I am accused of being many evil things among them hurtful yet... you do it as well .. people who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones..

I hate the drama of all this.. I hate that my regular readers that have no idea what is going on have to deal with this .. so it stops NOW.. I am not going to let you disrupt my blog any more.. go away and dont come back .. you are not welcome here .. period.. behavour of this sort is childish .. I will not stand for it ..

So my dear readers please stay tuned.. tonight (hopefully ) we can resume regularly scheduled programming .. because I am almost done with my Pirate coat.. save the trim.. but as soon as I get it seamed up there will be pictures of it untrimmed.. cause I am that PROUD!

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Wait There's More!

Some how I missed this ..

yet another comment.. and after this .. I swear I am done.. because I will not waste any more of my blog space on you Vicki.. seems you are out to get what ever attention you can good .. bad.. or ugly .. I just want to clarify .. the only reason I am doing this here publicly .. is so every one can see what is said .. and you can form your own opinion.. no words can be twisted.. and no bias can be put in .. no spin can be made.. I want all the people that Vicki is trying to show how "mean and unsymapthetic" I am to read exactly what is going on ..

so here is the one that was slid into my previous post :

i guess what i was trying to say was that beth does not have the right to be nasty to people whenever she thinks she wants to.( I dont have the RIGHT?.. says who.. my first amendment right gives me plenty .. I can say what I want to .. to whom I want to .. so please tell me Vicki why I dont have the right to say what I want..and in this post just tell me to whom I was nasty .. ALL the Drama Queens.. no names ) i also meant that maybe if you have nothing nice to say and just want to be a bitch then don't say anything.(umm last time I checked this was my blog .. your reading it is voluntary .. ) why you feel the need to be so cruel to people is beyond me, maybe you are the one who needs a therapist, these comments were not just on your blog, (where else did I post an opinion like this Vicki? ) which i do not read regular, nor do i want to, same with you guys you don't want to read mine DON'T(trust me I dont read yours.. its too painful.. no punctuation nor sentence structure.. why would i ? ) beth has been so mean to people that i am suprised that all of you people can not see through it(to whom VIcki? again .. please tell me where I have singled out one person and been mean to them ? ) well thats about it for me i know you all will surround poor little bethy(I dont ask people to surround me .. if they support me or agree with me that is on them .. just because you dont do either doesnt mean the ones that do are bad.. I stand on my own and behind what I say and do I dont have to play games or the sympathy card for people to like me ) oh well i tried (tried what? be a martyr? make me look like something you have decided I am ? change peoples minds about me with senseless accusations and unfounded theories?)

the major part of this that actually bothers me is that you , Vicki, believe I am a cruel.. unsympatheitc.. nasty .. sorry excuse for a person.. and the fact of the matter is.. you couldnt be more wrong..

YOU have decided what I am .. and YOU are trying to convince others that I am what YOU think I am ....

I just let every one decide for themselves..

So I am trying to work this out.. because I am not some goody goody non cursing straight as an arrow person .. then I am a total bad apple.. ? is that it?

whatever.. I am who I am .. I make no excuses for myself.. and I certainly dont pretend to be something I am not to get people to like me .. notice me .. or want to be my friend.. because I dont have time for that ..

so love me or hate me .. I really couldnt care.. the bottom line is .. I have to live wtih my self.. you dont.. so I dont understand why you are so worried about me..

maybe if you tried tending to your business you would find yourself busy enough not to have to try to tend mine.. why dont you try that ?

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Dear Vicki

To any one that doesnt want involved in the drama .. please just disregard this post.. but I feel I need to say quite a few things and address these comments..and since I dont have any thing to hide I am going to do it here .. so when the questions start and the truth twisting goes on .. every one can see what is written .. then I wash my hands of you Vicki....

because its quite obvious you dont know what you are talking about nor accusing me nor do you use the straight truth twist it to mean what you want it to ..

so here you go ..

Dear Vicki.....

I am going to break down your comments and try to explain this on a level you might understand and you might not .. First off is the very nasty anonymous comment which I know you made.. I went and checked your blog.. yes there is a nasty comment on it.. but you seem to think I made it.. and I can truthfully say I didnt.. If I wanted to comment on your blog I would have done it as myself .. not as any one else but me .. so before you assume ( and you know what assuming does) .. maybe you should take the time to look to see where the comment came from.. its simple to check a general location.. and I will bet if you check it wasnt NC ... I dont get up to bitch at the world.. as a matter of fact I dont bitch as often as you seem to think I do .. I wake up with many good reasons to be alive.. also.. If I chose to vent my bitchiness on my blog.. that is totally my business .. if you dont want to hear it dont read it.. I also need to address what you said on your blog about me being a drama queen.. First off.. If I happen to be in chat and some one asks me about my day .. my life.. a specific situation.. I tell them .. I dont sit and voluntarily bitch about every thing.. nor do I post my problems in a public forum to get sympathy from any one .. Secondly about your back .. car accident.. and your crazy children.. after the three of us have heard all your stories about all of that for the 50th time ( SHaron .. Heather .. and myself) .. It gets old... and that is what you usually start your conversation about or try to lead it in a direction that you can talk about those things .. I also need to say .. I do know what you are talking about with Shauna and I didnt say anything of her.. I was given information ... period.. just last night as a matter of fact.. and for the other.. you need to check facts before you go off.. that is all I will say on any of that .. because its something you obviously dont have all the facts about .. nor do you care to .. you just want to pass judgement on me

Now to address your comment.. I want to thank you for finally revealing who you were.. I have to commend you for actually owning your actions and no blaming every one else for them ...Bravo..

well i am going to leave this one comment and then you really don't need to worry i will ever grace your pathetic blog again, ( it doesnt bother me.. I dont write my blog for any one but me ) and if you respond to mine i will just delete, (I am responding here I dont need to go to your blog to do it and funny even if I did respond you would delete it because of course you wouldnt want the world to know what any one else thinks but you )first off, i chose to remain unknown for just this reason. what you did beth to shauna was terrible and you know it.( I would like to know what I did to Shauna) some people don't have the "strength you have i guess. personally i think your just a sorry person(you of course are entitled to your opinion) i won't demean myself by calling you names, (I didnt call you names)and since the only reason i read your blog was because someone said that you were trash talking me anyways, i thought i had the right to respond. ( I dont see a single name mentioned nor do I see any trash talking of you specifically .. so if you took it personally and it applies to you then that is on you )you really need to get a life and for the rest of you, don't bother to contact me at all.( I have a life and I love it and myself !) i really have no beef with any of you, and what i said was that maybe beth should have some sympathy, as it sure as hell didn't sound like it to me or a lot of other people.( again the opinnion you are entitled to .. but you dont get the big picture.. my drama queen post wasnt about specific ppl .. it was about those ppl in general that behave as such...and funny you are the only one making such a stink .. ) so sharon, heather, wendy and all the rest of ya. this is between beth and i (hate to get picky but since I am doing this I might point out that it should be me ...just a little grammar tip.. you need a few ) not you so please mind your own business.(seems to me.. that this wasnt between any one until YOU made it that way .. I asked for my readers opinions they gave them if you dont agree with them or take them personally .. again and I cant stress this enough .. sounds like you are the one with the problem ) and i didn't say that someone should just keep their opinions to themselves all the time, only when they know it is going to hurt someone. ( well thank you for the disclaimer but you didnt say the last part.. you said people should keep their opinions to themselves.. and again .. I didnt address any one specific.. so if I get this .. I shouldnt say any thing that might hurt ONE person in this world? .. then no one would ever talk would they ? )so there i have responded, i am through with the lot of you. you all need to grow up.(we need to grow up .. said with flair from some one who couldnt post a comment with her name on it til today .. maybe you are the one that needs not to take every thing every one says so fucking personal ..but kudos for finally speaking and letting us all know who you are ) heather please we have your back bethy. what is it you have her back for. god why did i bother to even try and explain, you guys are such drama queens it isn't even funny. (Heather knows what being a friend is .. you might not always agree.. but you are there for some one when needed.. Drama Queen .. no... I dont think so .. expressive people.. yes.. opinionated .. yes.. willing to stand up for what they believe instead of being a lemming .. yes.. willing to own their actions...yes...and for that it makes me like them even more.. )

I will leave you with this .. got the inspiration from Heather

drama queen: (noun):

any person who overreacts to a minor problem or situation

A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof: “The world is not run by thought, nor by imagination, but by opinion” (Elizabeth Drew).

A judgment based on special knowledge and given by an expert: a medical opinion.

A judgment or estimation of the merit of a person or thing: has a low opinion of braggarts.

The prevailing view: public opinion.

Law. A formal statement by a court or other adjudicative body of the legal reasons and principles for the conclusions of the court.

Think about it Vicki......just think about it.. you might figure it out ..

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Still Laughing

I am still laughing at the part of that comment that says

"i choose to stay anonymous as not to have to deal with the backlash of stating my opinion "

all i can say is..

grow a back bone and stand up for yourself.. and what you believe.. if you are that afraid of stating your opinion is a thought.. dont state it..

I cant imagine not saying what I feel and taking responsibility for my actions..being passionate about something .. standing up for what i believe... any way .. just my after thought of the day .. still laughing at the ridiculousness of the walking contradiction ..

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Dear Anonymous

I have to address this comment .... really I do .. and I find it slightly amusing .. because I know where it came from even though they tried hard to hide..

but here is the comment I recieved..

maybe some people are not as "strong" as you elizabeth, maybe you should have a little sympathy for those people who are not like you and sometimes needs someone to lean on, the world is made up of many different people and we are not all alike, what would be nice is if everyone kept their opinions to themselves. just my 2 cents here, and i choose to stay anonymous as i don't need to deal with the backlash of exprssing my own opinion

Let's break this down.. first of all I didnt say I had no sympathy for people.. I also said every one deals differently .. and I agree some people do need some one to lean on .. but come on for every little hang nail.. head ache etc?? please give me a break and some credit.. I am obviously not the only person with this opinion seeing as most of the comments from that day where positive.. also on this.. isnt this what your family and friends in real life are there to do ? support you when you need it ?

Secondly.. please dont even try to tell me what I should and should not do .. I do have sympathy.. what I dont have patience for is people trying to play on that sympathy every time I turn around with every thing that has happened in their lives.. to me.. playing the sympathy card should be reserved for the huge things in life when you really need it....

Obviously you are some one who thinks they know me well enough to pass judgement.. which is not what I was doing.. I was venting how I felt about something .. I didnt name names nor did I name specific situations.. It was a general statement about how I felt about something

And here is what really sets me off about your comment .. its the statement about keeping your opinion to your self .. now if you truly felt this way .. why did you bother to grace my blog with yours? and there is the other key factor.. this is MY blog.. that and the first amendment give me the right to say what ever it is i want.. also since you seem to know me.. since when did I ever hold back on what I have to say ?

With that being said .. I would have respected you more.. and replied to you privately .. had you had the balls to comment where every one knew who you were.. but since you decided not to .. well this is the only way ..

I will not say I am sorry for saying what I did .. that is the beauty of this place.. its mine and If you dont like what you see or read you dont have to read it .. nor do you have to agree.. I dont run a dictatorship .. and I honestly think the world would be a better place if every one did not repress how they feel and just say what they needed ..

as for you my dear Anonymous friend.. I have a feeling you are one of those people that complain about every thing life has handed you that is bad or tell your story to any one that will listen on the net just to garner that sympathy you seek because your friends and family in real life are probably sick to death of hearing it .. makes me wonder how right on i am ?

tell me what you think readers.... agree/ disagree? I wanna know because I respect every one's right to voice their opinion and their right to agree or disagree with me .. I dont think any one should keep it to themselves.. and I am a big girl .. I can take it when someone doesnt think the same as me ..

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Friday, September 16, 2005

MeMe... tagged.. Damn It Deneen!!

yeah the title says it all.. Deneen does this to me as her personal form of torture.. i think she really likes to hear me bitch LOL..

oh and of course i have to say it .. nothing like giving things away to get ppl to comment on my blog.. you big bunch of greedy biatches !!!

so here we go .. MeMe time and before I start.. Burfica.. Alekx...Mom....Natalie and Joy consider this your tag..

so here you are Deneen

10 Years Ago: I was living in a town house struggling my way thru life in a good way ..slaving for "the man" ... and driving the ugliest car ever but I loved her !

5 Years Ago: I was settling into the love of my life .. my 110 year old victorian money pit ! finally "home" .. and trying to make my mark in her ..

1 Year Ago: I started this blog.. I know you all would be so sad with out me in your life saying the things every one thinks but wont say .. and all out being a bitch LOL...

5 Snacks: Dark Chocolate anything.. Salt and Vinegar Chips...Granny Smith Apples with Caramel Dip.. Yogurt.. String Cheese

5 Songs To Which I know All The words: Jet~Cold Heart Bitch... Madonna~Crazy For You.....Berlin~ Take My Breath Away .....Steppenwolf~Magic Carpet Ride....Kid Rock ~Cowboy

5 Things I would Do With $100 Million :

Have my house totally rennovated while I went on a 6 month cruise around the world...

pay for each of my nieces and nephew to have a college education .. and a future..

Set up each of my Family members..

Give to Charity


5 Places To Run Away : Tibet...Australia...Russia.. Prague.. London

5 Things I Would Never Wear :Pleather..White Pants....orthopedic shoes (gotta be sexy and/or funky)...socks and sandals with exception for my birkis and fleece socks... curlers and/or PJ's in public..

5 Favourite TV shows: Sex and The City....Rescue Me... What Not To Wear.. Gilmore Girls...I Love Lucy

5 Biggest Joys In Life : the feeling of my small hand in a larger stronger hand.. the smells of the changing seasons in the air... watching my nieces become young ladies and helping them become all they can be.. espresso and freshly baked french bread.. Creating

5 Favourite Toys: hahaha.. I am gonna try to keep this answer clean .. .. My Mini Cooper S....My Power Tools.. My Digital Camera .. my Yarn Winder and black leather paddle with silver studs .. (i just couldnt help meself!)..

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Happy Anniversary

yes.. its been a year of snarkiness.. and bitching.. and showing and telling.. a YEAR already ..

does it seem that long to you ? probably longer right ? LOL..

well its my Blogversary.. and I have been trying to come up with something fun and exciting for you all .. and here is what I have.. something totally not exciting..well aybe exciting but certainly not orginal.. LOL....

this is all you have to do .. leave me a comment.. all names will go in a hat.. and I will pull one out for a prize tailored to you .. because I know not all my readers love yarn although they should !! I will draw from the names sunday night.. that gives a few days for those that dont read me every day .. ( you should you know!)

so anyway .. there it is.. that is all you have to do .. wait.. its my blogversary and I am giving prizes? something doesnt seem right .. oh well.. that is the way it is !!

more later !

PS.. deneen i will do your fekkin MeMe this evening !

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Just Bitchy

I guess today .. I am just being bitchy

My pirate jacket pissed me off.. but all in all I have been in a good mood..

I guess my major gripe today is drama queens..

I am sure every one knows one or two .. they are the people who always have "bad luck" and nothing goes right and they cant catch a break.. blah .. blah.. blah..

You know if I sat here and thought about it enough my life could be bad enough to be a drama queen.. I CHOOSE NOT TO BE ONE... I have my share of bad luck .. and it continues.. I just choose not to air every bit of personal life for public consumption.. I guess I am just different.. I dont want sympathy nor pity.. I like to work thru my stuff and come out stronger instead of garnering every one to my corner to say "Poor Elizabeth.. she never gets a break.. her life is so bad."

Seriously .. those of you who do know me .. know I have plenty.. I could do that .. I dont play the "poor me" nor the "sympathy" card well.. and because of every thing in my life I have dealt with and the things that have made me stronger.. I cant harbour much sympathy for those that milk every situation they get into for all its worth .. nor can I feel bad for every hard luck story there is.. that is simply because I have been there done that got the T-Shirt and didnt need anyone to tell me how bad I had it..

I guess what I am saying .. and I know every one deals with things all kinds of different.. but the point I am making is.. MAYBE if we did more to better ourselves and our situations there wouldnt be a need for all the sympathy and "poor *insert name here*" ..I dont know.. maybe my inner Grinch is all full up with ppl looking for sympathy or whatever.. and it seems it is the same few ALL THE TIME playing the card.. give it a break .. get over your self.. there are many people in this world worse off than you ......So take a minute of your day and be thankful for ALL the things you do have and not emphasize all the things wrong in your life..

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Pirate Jacket REDUX. already!

ok so I spent yesterday working on my jacket..

I get to the part where I have to place markers for my left and right side.. for the split I have to make later.. placed the markers.. held up my work


the back was way off.. there was no way that was gonna fit acrosss.. I pulled out my tape measure .. had to see just how off I was.. if it was only a few inches.. I could have finessed it and made it work .. 10 INCHES.. TEN.. what the?...

I was like my gauge was dead on .. where did I go wrong.. .. so.. I naturally put the project down.. (this was 2 am) and decided to go sleep .. and hope it was all a dream this morning.. no such luck...

Measured again.. still .. 10 inches off.. not a dream....


I start pulling it all out.. my whole day of work yesterday .. and rewinding the balls of yarn .. pulling .. pulling .. trying to figure it out.. when I got to my starting chain .. there was the answer..

I am a freaking dumbass!!

my starting chain should have been 65.. the largest size.. you know we discussed that when i started.. i had to do the largest size.. so why did I start the smallest (41 stitches)?? there was the answer to my 10 missing inches..

So.. something good comes of this though.. I was using the suggested hook.. and to me the fabric was denser than I wanted it .. but would have been ok.. well now that I have to start over.. I went up a hook size.. and guess what .. it looks even that much better.. PLUS seems to be working faster.. I guess all the "practice" yeasterday paid I guess this was a "good" mistake.. if there is such..

anyway .. I am already at row 8 again .. and was only to 15 yesterday so.. not too shabby ..

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Saturday, September 10, 2005


I usually dont believe in swatches.. I fly by the seat of my pants and hope I have enough yarn.. but tonight.. I was a good girl.. I swatched for my Pirate's Jacket ... if i am lucky.. I will have barely enough yarn to make this.. I have 18 balls of Noro Blossom.. my swatch was dead on accurate.. for the size i need.. (yes the largest one !) I need 1400 yards of yarn .. If I go by what the instructions say which is 14 balls of the suggested yarn @ 100 yards each .. now if my calculations are correct.. each of the Noro balls of yarn have approximately 76 yards and I have 18 of those .. giving me 1368 yards of yarn.. yes.. I am just a hair short.. wellllllllll.. I am gonna do my sleeve cuffs the same solid colour I decide to do the contrast trim in .. quick thinking huh ?? because why should i go and run down one more ball of Blossom.. and hope among hopes it matches well enough to blend..also they might have said you need the 1400 and you might have some left over.. so between the two cuffs.. I think I can make up the 32 missing yards of yarn.. and who knows.. I might have enough anyway .. cause they may have given me a little extra in each of my balls of yarn .. we shall see.. the major work starts tomorrow.. I want to have this done so I can wear it the first cold snap.. now.. to decide the contrast.. there are so many colours to choose from in the Noro.. I guess I will get to that when I get to the sleeves.. anyway .. I am excited to get going on this project.. tomorrow will be spent working on that and the bag!!

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Happy Day

well my little heart is dancing today ..

I get to see some one I havent seen in almost a year tomorrow !! They will be in Charlotte for three days.. we have alot of catching up to do .. always makes me happy ..

Today .. I finally found my copy of Interweave Knit's Crochet edition.. such nice projects.. most of them...there are a couple that are iffy.. but that is the case with almost every publication.. I cant name one book or magazine in which all the patterns enchant me.. this one has many .. the pirates jacket will be my first project.. I have some Noro Blossom that will make that a very nice project if i can make it hit gauge like it should.. the original is done in a ribbon yarn .. which i am not a big fan.. so.. we shall see.. this might look hideous in the Noro then I am back to square one.. why can I never make the project with the suggested yarn ? probably because I have the desire not to be a lemming ..

Just wanted to write a little today .. the weather is nice.. lunch at Lula's.. new mag...and I get to see some one that is very special to me .. all this in one day .. I just might explode..

guess it makes up for the total crap day I was having yesterday .. i think Deneen sent some of it my way LOL .. or the stars were lined up just right or something .. oh well .. today is looking up by leaps and bounds.. i swear to you it couldnt have gotten worse yesterday .. but I digress.. i am not here to bitch today but to spread sunshine and happiness !!

have a great saturday every one !!

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Thursday, September 08, 2005


In my previous post.. I bitched.. I didnt want to even say why I was in the store because I didnt want positive intermingled with negative..

First off.. I think you should all pay a little visit to Deb.. she has said it best .. I will not get into the politics of this hurricane .. and I am not going to say what I think about those standing around running their mouths and not atually DOING anything .. at any rate.. Deb summed it up quite precisely ..

Also the reason I was going to the store.. to get some things for myself.. but I had promised to help the hurricane survivors as well .. so I loaded my cart.. and I am not telling you all this just to get a pat on the back .. as much as I think a money donation would have been nice.. this truck rolled out that evening and these things will be in the hands of those that need them NOW.. to me it was a more immediate answer .. and the truck driver that was taking them .. It was his OWN truck.. and OWN time.. he turned down work this week to take these things to these people... I gave him a hug when I left the stuff .. and thanked him for being so kind....

20 full sized tubes of toothpaste
20 double pack tooth brushes
10 containers of antibacterial hand wipes
10 full sized shampoos
10 full sized conditioners
2 pkgs (10 count each ) Ivory soap bars
2 pkgs (10 count each) disposable razors
5 cans of shaving cream
40 rolls of toilet paper
20 rolls of paper towels

40 pounds of dog food
40 pounds of cat food

the largest bottle of bleach I could find

25 pks of 8 pk crayons
15 coloring books

I know I have left something out.. the point is .. It went on the truck and got there already .. and it makes my heart happy to know I have already helped some one..

So.. if some one is gathering for hurricane relief in your area.. if you can please give something.. just one of something .. clean out your closet and give the clothes you dont wear .. give up the back up package of toilet paper..the extra toothbrush .. the extra canned things in your cabinet.. you might not think its much .. but to some one that has NOTHING.. its alot right now.. so just do it !

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Monday, September 05, 2005

Dear Impatient Bitch

This is an open letter to the impatient bitch waiting for my parking space today as I was leaving the grocery store ( and for all you that are just like this )...

I am not at your beck and call .. I will unload my cart on my own time into my car..I will not hurry up and smash my produce .. I will not hurry because you are too lazy to drive past me to the space three spaces up from where I am .. I will not cut corners and just leave my cart in the parking lot.. you will wait while I take it to the return.. I will not throw my bag into the car and haphazardly start through the parking lot.. and If you honk, flip me off and curse me like you did today .. I will get out of my car and come over and ask you why ..

here is an example

Me: Why do you feel it necessry to try to hurry me along when there is a perfectly good space just up there ?

Impatient Bitch: Because you space is better and I dont want to walk that far

Me: Do you realize your honking and flipping me off isnt going to make me move any faster?

IB: I AM in a HURRY ..

Me: Do you realize in the time you sat on your lazy ass waiting for me you could have parked and been inside the store with about 10 things in your cart already ?

IB: *rolls eyes*

Me: Just for that.. I am gonna get in my car.. READ my mail.. touch up my lipstick.. call a few people on my cell .. I might be another 10 minutes.. I suggest you find another space..

IB:rolls window up and squeals tires.. then walks behind my car flips me off again on the way into the store

OK .. here is a bulletin for all you people that think just because I am walking to my car you can TRY to hurry me.. its NOT going to happen .. and if you are too fucking lazy to walk another 20 feet because that is how far the next available space is .. you deserve to wait as long as I take to do what I need to do .. I dont care of your car is bigger (most cars are ) .. I dont care if you have more money ( or think you do anyway ) ....I dont care how big a hurry you think you are in (start off sooner or plan your day better .. not my problem cause I am not in a hurry to get any where except maybe home to my yarn ) .... and here is the clencher.. if you are rude to me in any way .... I am going to take THAT much longer.. more flies with honey..

I know I am a bitch.. but had this woman been any kind of nice to me I might have tried a little harder to move a little faster ... if they had been old people.. I would have tried to get done as quick as i could.. but this was some rude ass bitch in a suburban thinking she owned the world because of who her husband is and how much money they have.. well guess what.... that is what you get for being RUDE ..

I am sorry this is a total peeve of mine.. parking lots in general usually bring out some sort of rage..people in general a rude and then laziness and audacity bring out more ..

I feel better now.. have a good night every one !!

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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Its Always Better With Presents

I have to say with running the silent auction over at Crochetville , my address has been receiving some really nice stuff..

Soo.. You all can Imagine my surprise when I actually received some things for just ME!!

The lovely and talented Fran .. From Crochetville whipped up this really cool hook holder.. It has a corduroy outside with a really great and sparkly iron on (notice the three olives .. And yes the pic is blurred.. I wanted to show the sparkle) . And on the inside a place for my hooks.. With OLIVE fabric and a leather scissor leash.. Also there is leather thong around the outside to tie it closed.. Very very cool RAOK from Fran

Then of course there is this... I have a secret admirer.. That sometimes listens when I say stuff.. I have to be careful because after I say the things I do .. Some of the things I wish for end up on my door step.. Like .. ohhh.. 38 skeins of Noro..

This picture is the 20 skeins of Noro Kureyon on top of the Fall Interweave that shows the satchel I will be making out of it.. Because flowers arent my bag baby .. I am holding it double and the striping is coming out more subtle.. Which is nice.. I am actually 24 inches into the bottom already ! I will be getting some solid coloured wool to do the handles.. Any suggestions on colour will be considered.. Of course.. I am leaning toward lime green..

This pile is 18 skeins of Blossom.. In a nice coordinating colour way .. To go with the Kureyon.. It will become a jacket .. I am still uncertain whether I will wear the jacket and carry the bag at the same time.. Cause I really dont want to look like a Noro Explosion.. But .. I just might..

Then last but definitely not least.. I received a box from my Secret Sistah .. Inside was a ball of Pom yarn very .. Soft.. Some olive oil lotion in lemongrass and sage smell.. yummm....A secret sister framed little angle type thing.. Very sweet.. A cross stitched flower wall hanging..Some Adagio Mandarin Green Tea and a trivet made from wine corks.. (we wont mention the huge Belgian chocolate bar with chopped hazelnuts that didnt make it in the picture..Its in the fridge firming back up ~I swear I didnt eat the WHOLE thing already~)


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Friday, September 02, 2005

Dear New Orleans

Dear Havoc Causers In New Orleans

I know you dont have electricity and probably wont read this.. but I have a few things to say to you .

First off.. You make me SICK! and ANGRY... and SAD!!

Hello FUCKWITS!! Those helicopters are trying to help you .. shooting at them is only going to make them go away and not come back .. personally I dont blame them either.. If I were trying to help some one and they shot at me .. I wouldnt come back to help you .. the part about this that gets me most.. you shoot at them .. then COMPLAIN you cant get any help.. like you dont know what you did...

Secondly.. what is up with looting and raping.. dont you think every one has been through enough already with out you causing more damage than is already there?.. you are taking plasma TV's .. where the hell do you think you are going to be able to watch that right now?

This whole disaster has torn my heart out.. I try to be sympathetic.. understanding .. and want to help.. but when I see what my fellow man can do to each other it sickens me and makes me angry...

I am fearful for the people I care for in the area. I am thankful the ones that were in closest have gotten out.. but the mayhem has spread father in .. My friend in Mississippi reports violence and riots .. It doesnt take much to see you should be pulling together at a time like this instead of tearing each other up more than you are ..

Please for the sake of your fellow man.. calm down and let people do their jobs.. things would be much better if you would..

thank you

Three Olive Martini

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hot Off the Hook!

I finished something !!

*happy dance*

this is from the Family Circle Easy Crochet that just came out.. its the first pattern in the back and the picture can be found on page 20..

I used a Rayon chenille and a twisted cotton /acrylic blend boucle for this set.. AND I actually swatched.. cause I would have hated it to come out the wrong size..

I love it ..

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