Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Out of the Ashes..

Or at least that is how I feel.. this week has been crazy as hell.. got some fairly bad news from home.. My father has been diagnosed with stomach cancer.. I dont know much so I cant say much.. I can say.. please.. what ever you do in my comments dont say you are sorry .. I really hate that.. I know it sounds ungrateful or whatever.. In my eyes it shows pity .. and I really dislike it.. I have a firm view.. (as does my Dad) .. things happen and they work out like they are supposed to.. and sometimes its not what we want but its just the way it is..

I spoke to him personally Sunday.. we are on the same page.. I am not rushing home yet cause there is nothing I can do and would be " a waste of time and energy" ( that is what he said)...cause right now he feels great is still working etc.. He has his CTscan this week and we will know more.. My dad and I are alot alike.. I hated it growing up but .. now that I am older of course I appreciate it alot more..we are logical and non emotional.. until of course the time is when you need to be.. we talked for a good while sunday and he laughed and called my sisters such "girls" for being a bit hysterical and emotional.. I asked if he wanted me to come home.. and he was like "Why so you can sit around and BOO HOO for a few days and waste time and energy?" .. so there is the answer.. for now I am here.. but I am preparing for when I do have to go.. and I will go ..just not now.. cause there is no need..and of course there isnt enough information available to start getting crazy or having a break down .. so we wait....

of course I am about to list a shit load of y arn so I can make the extra money for the trip and have it set aside.. most people that know me.. know.. I do not use credit cards.. I dont believe in them .. so .. I will be stashing what I can for the trip home ... I know I can make what I need in 4 weeks.. I just have to buckle down and do it.. I had planned on the first of July anyway .. so I am not sure if that is up in the air or not.. If its later.. then that would be better for me money wise.. but I will miss out on my city wide yard sale I love so much and the festival in town and seeing every one there.. so I will have to figure it out.. cause If I go at the first of July for that and then have to turn back around and go back.. that wouldnt be good..

I had another notch taken out of my travel fund when my house insurance went up $450 dollars this year... Seems the agent I work with is undergoing some restructure and the the people I have my insurance with arent going to be part of the restructure.. so they had to switch companies.. UGH.. could I please keep getting sucker punched? I love it so much .. so the $450 took my travel money and I am starting from scratch again.. a good note .. the US Open is in town next week and hopefully I can make it to market and sell some of those ladies some stuff .. I dyed all day yesterday and will do that the rest of the day today .. in preparation.. and I have been busy making shawls.. seems those sell the best for me ..

I am seriously trying not to let all this stuff get me down.. but damn its hard .. and of course with all the news about my dad and my really stressed family relations tensions are high and things are crazy in that area.. its taking all my strength to keep my chin up .. It really shouldnt be this hard.. really ..

anyway .. there is an update for all you that have been wondering... and tonight.. I will have pictures.. I will change my featured yarn.. I will have some yarn listed.. and all kinds of new exciting things !!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I am Here!!

OK OK OK .. I am here.. Burfica dont call the FBI.. I am ok I swear..

To answer a few questions.. First..

Mom... I made this out of thread.. held with a metallic copper thread

Lady.. you really want one? I think I might could arrange something ... *wink*

Kvinna... .I made the heart.. its Raku.. I have several more and due to the process they are all one of a kind.. one of the very reasons I love Raku so much !

Dorko.. the plan is to sell it.. so......... there you go.. and no I didnt think of an ankle version.. but may have to look into that.. most of my clients are older .. so I am not sure that would go over as well for them .. if I lived closer to the beach.. probably..

Arc.. keep watching.. I have another in the works that makes this one look like amatuer work!..

Also .. any one interested in a special one made just for you .. email me...... there is a link in my profile..

NOW.. this is what I have been working on .....Pineapple Blossoms

This is going to be my mom's birthday gift.. as she has no clue I write this blog.. then its pretty safe to show you all ..also .. this isnt a full block.. its just steamed but I was so excited to get it finished and to show it .. this is what you get.. as it sits.. its 22" I am thinking I will get another inch and a half once I have a full block going on it.. I used #3 red south maid thread..

This of course would have been done had a few things not happened.. like.. umm finding two missed stitches in round 8 after I was already at round 20 ... AND.. running out of thread with a round and a half to go .. so.. yesterday .. sunday.. not a day to venture to Wal*Mart.. so I waited til tonight..

In other crochet news.. Like I said earlier .. keep an eye out .. I have an original choker coming.. something very nice and very eye catcihng from front and back .. also .. I need some opinions.. I thought about selling kits .. for my bracelet bags.. and wondered just how many people would be interested in something that contained the yarn.. pattern.. and handle.. so any input would be appreciated.. also .. I didnt change my featured yarn cause I have something kind of special cooking and I need a picture in which I am too lazy to get up and stage and take at the moment LOL.. imagine that.. but tomorrow.. tomorrow.. tomorow I will update it and post..

I also bought the Loop-D-Loop knit book.. I want to try to replicate the scarf on the front in crochet.. shouldnt be too hard but more work than if I did it on circs knitting..

Yarn Dyeing is on the agenda tomorrow.. I have lots to do .. I am going to dye large lots the same in case some one wants alot of one kind.. say .. 500 to 700 yards the same.. its about a sport weight 2-ply.. so I think that will work nicely for a light weight shawl or doubled be a very nice fulled bag.. I have some pattern writing on the agenda tomorrow too .. I have a very busy and business like day ahead of me tomorrow.. more yarns will go on ebay as well.. the way I see it.. the busier I am the more money I can make and the nicer my trip home in July will be.. I have only been trying to get there since January.. so .. I want to be able to stay as long as I can and have as nice a time as possible.... I also have a couple things up my sleeve for summer that will require money too .. damn the luck.. why cant things be free? I really hate money .. I hate dealing with it and the responsibility you have to have with it.. that is my true free spirit coming out there.. If I could barter for every thing .. I would be so happy .. but I realize things are not as such .. and unfortunately.. I was born with great taste... so I pay the price (pardon the pun).

ok.. this post has turned to a ramble.. its time to go .. more in the morning kids!!

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Friday, May 20, 2005

The Choker

Here it is guys and girls.. my choker.. all blocked and on my neck..

Turned out better than I thought .. and lays nicer than I thought it would..

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Modular Crochet

I realize not all the people reading my blog are into the same things I am .. So explaination about the book is going to follow..skip ahead.. if you already know LOL ..

Modular Crochet is a book .. printed in 1978.. and is out of print now.. its like the holy grail of books to find.. and If you do indeed find one for less than 100 dollars you are doing quite well.. It shows you basically how to make many garments using a basic plan and basic shapes to get there... it shows you how they will take shape etc.. so its basically a primer to making sweaters out of rectangles.. and showing you how to make those said rectangles in a way that will look nice when you are done..

So.. the excitement of my day .. my landlord installed a ceiling fan in the living room .. wo0t!.. this will save me from turning on the AC for at least another month or so .. this is the time of year I miss my 14 ft ceilings at home.. since I have owned my house there I havent turned the AC on before July .. except in my bedroom to sleep at night.. cause I cant sleep sticky.. here is another story .. seems this house is a heat magnet.. oh well .. cant have it all .... and next year this time I will be home! I never really thought I would miss it this much .. but it seems the things I said I could live with out .. are the things I look for and have no room for here .. .. such is life.. I made this decision and dont regret coming here.. It just makes me appreciate home that much more ..

Tomorrow is huge cleaning day here.. I need to get the pollen dust off every thing now that part of the spring is done.. I am also going to deep clean my rug in the living room.. wash my sheets.. and try to get my office in a better order .. as well as my desk.. wish me luck! if you dont hear from me in a couple days some one come looking.. cause a stack of stuff from the desk has probably killed me ...

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Better Late Than Never

OK .. Yesterday .. I tell you I have something to show you .. and never come back .. so sorry .. I was tired and worn out from being in a little pain .. so you all had to wait til today .. which is techincally tomorrow already.. are you following ..? (its thrusday instead of wednesday cause its so late.. for those of you that need it spelled out)..

At any rate.. got my yarns listed .. not as many as I wanted because I just wasnt up to it.. but a few.. so that felt good..

Then ... what should I finally get in the mail? My book.... which book you ask? Only the book I have been trying to get with the urgency of a crack whore looking for her next fix.... the book I would patiently wait for on ebay .. bid on and be out done in the very last second.. and I tell you I wait to bid.. to the last 3 seconds.. so there are some damned fast crocheting bidders out there.. I am telling you !!.. so here is it .. MODULAR CROCHET!!..

I am quite certain there is any one reading this blog that could be as excited about this as I am .. I have been waiting a lonnnnnngggg time for this.. well ok .. a month but a month is a long time when you are jonsing for a fix.. let me tell you !!

SO .. I know you are all disappointed cause I made you wait this long to get a peek at a lame assed book LOL.. for those of you that cant be as excited as I am .. well .. sorry .. really .. but .. I am jumping around like a cartoon monkey on crack I am so happy to finally have it here..

I started my first project using it tonight.. its going to be a nice bright blue furry (angora) deep V neck pull over with a tie.. and you can bet.. the second I am done with it .. I will show pictures.. I always do ..

Heather.. I am feeling much better tonight .. thanks for the thoughts.. and since I cant comment on your blog you get this little special message.. and I am also sorry you had to take commenting off your blog.. maybe one day .. she will leave you alone .. but I wouldnt count it on .. since you were her friend first !

Burfica.. I swear I feel much better today .. so no meds.. and you know if I felt worse I would have gotten some..

Alekx.. welcome home.. glad to know you didnt get eaten by the sharks.. and next time.. I think you need to take me !! I wouldn't wanna dive.. but I think I could lay on the beach under a huge umbrella with a bell for drinks..

I shouldnt be this tired .. but I am .. I feel I have slept most of the day .. well that is probably because I did.. Rain in the forecast so no market this week .. its ok I have been doing ok on eBay with yarn .. so I am not too worried and I have had a few special orders coming in .. so things are pretty good.. still working on the site.. so soon .. I promise SOON!! .. its getting exciting and I cant wait !!!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Bit Better


a few hours.. one hot shower

half gallon cranberry juice...

double the water..

yoga pants..and a tank...


I feel a little better.. thanks for all the concerns guys.. its my own stupid fault anyway .. and seriously .. this isnt the first and wont be the last.. its just the way I am .. If I dont feel 100 times better tomorrow Burfica has made me pinky swear I will get medicine.. and I will..

Opie.. I think its the martinis and the coffe I have been consuming .. so I dont think Tequila.. would quite be the appropriate answer..

I swear.. a better post this evening.. cause I got a couple things to show you all !!

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Moving.. is Painful

You guys know.. I am not a whiner..

but.. today.. I have big day planned.. need to go to the post office.. get some stuff listed in eBay.. cleaning to do etc..

felt good when I got up.. got on the scale.. DOWN 4 POUNDS!.. great start to the day ..

then i started moving around.. my left fucking kidney feels like its gonna fall out of my back..

so off to get some water and cranberry juice.. back later guys..

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Sunday, May 15, 2005


I have lots today .. LOTS!! .. and I could do more but I am going to limit myself..

First.. I actually have something to show for what I have been up to lately... I finished this the other night.. lightly steam blocked it today .. It needs a full on blocking but .. that will have to wait.. so I dont wanna hear about my wonky edges LOL... I was trying to give you a link to the pattern and its saying the page cant be found.. so who knows !! At any rate I used THIS yarn .. its a sport weight and it turned out about 12 1/4 " across.. I kind of dig it.. Its a gift so .. I think its ok .. I am not a doily kind of girl..

Next I have to give a shout out to Rebecca (Woolandflax) over at Crochetville... she was my secret pal this last round.. I was spoiled rotten .. I opened my reveal box and just kept pulling things out.. there were 3 pair bamboo handles, 2 big balls of the limiest green wool a girl could have , a ball of knit picks sock yarn , some Kool Aid for some dyeing action, a red beaded trim (about a yard) , 4 green apple candles.. and two really cute appliques .. THANKS REBECCA!!

As if the mail man wasnt good enough to me Friday .. I received a great package as an RAOK.. as well from Cheryl (Diamond) .. I opened it up .. and again just kept pulling things out .. There was a nice note apologizing for only two olives.. which is totally FINE! .. any thing martini is fine with me....inside there was .. a martini magnet for my fridge and a magnetic frame... martini sitckers.. a heart post it pad...lime flavoured green tea..some martini party invitations...some number beads.. and lastly some Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in 2 colours I dont have !! what a score !! THANKS CHERYL!!

BUT WAIT!! There's more!!.. I ordered some earrings from FreeSilverJewelry.com....click the big picture over there in my side bar for more details.. they change their offer every 15 minutes.. charge you 5.99 S&H.. which of course it only costs them about 50 cents to send.. but hey .. really .. 6 dollars for silver jewelry .. not too bad.. so they got here too .. it seriously felt like Christmas around here..

So .. here is what I found when I opened my package.. they are garnet and citrine.. simple but nice and actually a little bigger than I expected..

Then.. yesterday.. two very thoughtful people sent me some little stuff.. The Shrone sent me this really cute martini patch ..

and Jess... so sweet.. she thought of me while I wasnt at MS&W.. and sent me this cute little llama finger puppet and key chain..

He is going to be my adventure pal.. every trip I take or thing I do .. I am taking him and taking pictures.. I just have to name him.. he has not told me his name.. maybe you guys can help me do that ... give me some suggestions.. !!

So there you have it .. I feel so special this weekend.. seriously.. I have recieved way more than I deserve.. and totally needed the pick me up.. you ALL rock!!

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The Story of Aengus

So.. there was a promise to tell the story behind the next tattoo I want.. Its the Story of Aengus the son of Dagda.. celtic mythology.. (that is my ancestry.. so it is very fitting) ... the first time I ever read this story I was smitten.. then I found the art to go with it and it made it better.. so here ...

The Story of Aengus

Also known as "Angus the young", he was considered the Irish god of love. He was a young handsome god that had four birds flying about his head -- some say they symbolize kisses -- who inspired love in all who heard them. He was the son of Dagda and Boann ~Goddess of the River Boyne and wife of the water god Elcmar.

Once, Aengus was troubled by the dream of a young maiden, He instantly fell in love with her and became love sick. He told his mother Boann and she searched the whole of Ireland for the maiden, but after a year she still had not found the maiden. Then Dagda was called and he searched Ireland for a year, and still did not find the maiden. Finally Bov the Red, king of the Dananns in Munster and Dagda's aide, was called to search and after a year he found the maiden.

Aengus was taken to the lake of the Dragon's Mouth, and there he saw 150 maidens all chained with gold into pairs. He spied her at once and her name was Caer, the daughter of Ethal and Anubal, a prince of the Dananns of Connact. On November first she and all the other maidens are transformed into swans for a year. He was told if he could identify her as a swan he could marry her. On November 1 Aengus went out to the lake and called to his love, and once he had found her he then turned in to a swan himself and joined her. They flew off together singing such a beautiful song that all who heard them fell asleep for three days and nights.

So how could I not want this on my back?.. what a great story !!

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Friday, May 13, 2005

Flash Your Tattoo...

Its Friday the 13th .. what better way to celebrate than to flash those tats.. so join me if you will!!

I will start with the very first I recieved.. its small .. delicate.. and took no time at all but since I freaked myself out .. and it was very hot in the tattoo parlour.. well.. I almost passed out.. needles freak me out.. but this was a different kind of needle so that part wasnt bad.. the heat and nerves almost did me in.. I know.. I am a wimp!..

(note the cute 3 olive tank.. wish I had picked up more of these at Target a couple years ago.. I *heart* this tank top!)

and.. for those that dont see well.. yes.. its tiny.. its a little red rose.. about as cliche as you can get but hey .. I was 19... that was a long time ago LOL..

The second and third are together.. cause it would be damned silly to separate them.. please excuse the nasty dry feet LOL .. I should have painted my nails and had it looking all nice but wanted to get this done before the day was almost over.. !!

wait.. I am gonna go do that .. be back.. .. cause I just cant have you see my crusty feet... wait right there.. I swear it will just be a minute...

SEE.. you didnt even miss me ..

These are my second and third.. the one on the top of my foot I received for my 27th birthday.. its an ancient celtic symbol called a Triskele or Triskelion.. the band .. was for 25.. and I just let the artist make me something cool and one of a kind .. and that is exactly what he did..

NOW.. I have to share the fact.. I want another .. and here is it.. I will have this done approximately 3 X 5 on the small of my back .. there is a story that goes along with it.. but I will have to tell it later... need to get this posted and get out the door..

More later.. that is a promise !!

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Man What a Day

First off.. an apology to MoM..cause I already know this is gonna be a long post .. so you will get your spindle and roving pictures and explaination tomorrow..

Today ..started off kind of rocky.. see previous post.. then as it went on .. it was going pretty well.. found out eBay was having a listing sale.. so I jumped right on that .. got some yarns blended and posted throughout the day .. So.. there are 16 new things to go browse thru over there..I changed my format a little.. I am selling by the hank/skein/ball whatever instead of lots.. and its all buy it now .. so now waiting.. if this seems to work out better.. than that is the way I will keep it..

The afternoon .. I knit alittle more on my scarf .. took the dogs for a very short walk since it was quite warm here today .. high reached 92.. and of course I didnt have the sense to take them earlier than oh say .. 1pm.. so .. right in the heat of the day ..Brutus was acting like he was gonna pass out.. little faker.. cause the second we got him and I took the harness off.. he was running around like a banshee..

I got home and straightened a little.. wound some more yarns.. took another shower.. threw on my 3 olive tank top and some khaki shorts.. and relaxed a little .. heard the mail man come up and leave something on the door step.. two little boxes.. hmmm..

In the first box .. was.. this...

Its an outdoor citronella candle .. in the shape of a martini... how great is that ?? I cant wait to use it!!


The next box takes a little more explaination.. I have made many friends in my years on the internet.. I will say that Alekx was one of the very first people I met when I finally took the plunge about 7 years ago and decided I needed a computer.. and we have had many many good times and laughs and even a few cries over the years.. well a couple years ago the opportunity arose ..Alekx and her husband .. the house elf.. came to see me for a weekend over memorial day .. we ate.. we drank(some very good red wine) .. we played dominoes.. I even learned a little tagalog.. it was a good weekend.. and I will say .. I have always loved cigars.. and good wine.. Recently the house elf took a trip to europe.. and I will not ask how he did it.. I will not question any of it .. all I can say is I am grateful he broke the law for little ole me .. you see .. inside that box was this..

That 's right boys and girls.. a CUBAN Montecristo.. absolute heaven.. that baby is resting in my humidor waiting for a very special event.. Its been awhile since any one has broken the law for me .. well THAT law anyway .. I truly appreciate it!

Wow... my day was grooving right along.. I came in this evening to finish up my eBay stuff.. then it happened.. needless to say .. I was pissed..


There is a place I like to visit that has a chat client.. lately there have been some complaints.. so some rules were put into effect.. which .. I totally agreed with and respected.. sure you dont want people wandering in the chat room and stumble into some crazy conversation.. so I totally get it.. a group of us.. decided we would abide by the rules even going a step farther so innocent eyes couldnt stumble into our rather racy curse word splattered covnersations by making a password for our room we created to keep those above mentioned people out.... I am no saint.. (really? you say...) I let what ever wants to come out ..come out.. and If that happens to be a few fucks or whatever then so be it.. the people closest to me know this is the way I am ... so now there are complaints that certain people are BLOCKED from our chat.. they arent blocked.. they just dont have the pass word.. and to be quite honest.. I thought we were doing the right thing in passwording our room so we couldnt offend any one else..

There are a group of us that get together on a fairly regular basis.. .. so in the privacy of our own room where we knew no one would get offended.. we talked..we ranted ... we cursed .. we let it all out.. then tonight.. we go in .. profanity filter.. even in our locked private room .. give me a fucking break! please.. we are all adults.. or at least I thought we were .. I just dont see the need.. especially when we are having our own locked private conversations.. and in that.. if we are having a private locked conversation then I think its our right to say who may and may not participate..

Now.. on a side note.. there are a group that have been making their own room for quite some time.. they would make the room and go in and not even say bye .. or we are gonna go talk some where else etc.. just left.. then they would IM certain people that stayed back and ask them to come in with them.. putting them in a very hard situation.. making them choose.. at lest we are not rude like that.. we go into our place immediately .. and some how its one of the ones that started doing the subroom thing .. that is complaining so much about not being able to come into our chat.. go figure.. I just dont get it.. bullshit games..

I thought we all out grew it in high school but I am finding no matter how old you are .. its the same things .. peer pressure.. cliques.. the cool kids vs. the nerds.. it never really ends.. and this could have been so simple really .. had the people that started trying to be segregated had just been bigger and ignored whomever it was they were trying to ignore (ME.. no i am not stupid) so the people that like both sides wouldnt have to choose .. or come to the "darkside" wtih me ( thanks Sharon for that one !!) I didnt think being civil could be such a chore.. but apparently for some it is.. and then when things dont go their way.. or they dont get what they want .. the run and tell .. like a 3 year old.. simply ridiculous..

The part that really kills me .. are the people that started being rude are now complaining .. like I said simply ridiculous.. I cant think of any other way to say it.. there are a few in every crowd trying to ruin it for every one else because they cant get exactly what they want.. OH well.. there will be ways around it .. even if "my" group has to use yahoo or msn to get any peace..

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Thursday, May 12, 2005


Good Morning My Devoted Fans.. haha..

hmm go to bed at 3.. get up at 7.30 with a rocking headache .. no market.. I cant even stand the sunlight today .. just cant do it.. I would blame it on the beer .. but if any one that really knows me read this they would be screaming bull shit! cause .. I dont get hungover... never have.. it may have played a part in the sleeping postion though.. cause I woke up all crazy .. neck all kinked up in some half laying across the bed horizontally position.. so I think maybe just maybe that might have something to do with my state this morning..

However.. I have started a knit scarf already this morning and crocheted a couple rounds on a doily .. there might be pictures later.. who knows.. What I do know.. is I am feeling more human since the first cup of coffee.. and I have a hugely busy day.. gonna be listing a whole shit load of yarn today on a little different format than what I have been.. I am going to try to do say 10 to 12 skeins at individual pricing so you can get as much or as little as you like.. I like experimenting..

Side note for MoM...

I will show you my spindle .. and stuff this evening when I sit back down .. and yes.. I dye my yarn.. sometimes I buy natural yarn and dye it as well as the stuff I spin..and sometimes i even dye the roving BEFORE I spin it.. pictures later.. that is a promise !

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Wasting More Time

What a night.. spent most of the evening .. listening to the radio on line.. a good friend was on and it was very entertaining.. just the kind of music I like to drive to so I am still listening ... I am hyped.. I could go run a mile.. good hard rockin' music.. of course.. I should have been dyeing but I have had my ass attached to my computer with head phones fucking off all night .. oh well.. a girl has to do what a girl has to do.. I didnt mention I had a few beers did I? .. Pete's Wicked Ale.. Strawberry Blonde.. very nice.. I needed it tonight.. Its been a while since I have had a drink .. been a nice evening over all ..

This is for MoM.. cause I realize not every one that reads me is fiber savvy.. I use a spindle to make my yarn.. I am working toward getting a wheel but it has to wait til I get home and have some room .. I dont have any livestock yet.. but I want some miniature sheep .. and angora rabbits.. another wait til home adventure.. til then.. I buy my fiber in a form called roving or top.. its already carded and ready to go .. since I have no room for all the stuff.. makes it fairly easy .. I cant wait to be able to do the whole process from start to finish.. shear the sheep.. process the wool.. card and spin.. then knit or crochet.. I am sure it will be very rewarding.. and of course IF I have the money .. I might even have to get an alpaca.. cause I *heart* them!

So I guess .. I should go either sleep.. or gather my stuff for market.. and I think .. sleep will win ..

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Yesterday and Today

I was gonna post yesterday .. I swear I was .. and I had a good post all in my head (yes yes along with all the voices)...came to post.. blogger was down for maintaince... I should have paid attention to the time.. of course all the time zones easily confuse me .. to add to my further confusion .. a couple of you readers live in Arizona where the time never changes.. confusing my ass even more.. its weird I say !! WEIRD.. no time change and no Martin Luther King day .. what is wrong with you people??? LOL..

Last night I went for a walk .. in the nice warm North Carolina spring rain.. it felt good.. big drops.. cooling my skin.. I got home .. soaked.. refreshed.. feeling alive.. it was nice.. nothing makes me feel better.. ok well there are some things .. but should I really go there? I might give some one a heart attack .. that wouldnt be nice now would it?

Today .. I have been busy with yarn.. busy with gettting ready for market.. its tomorrow.. looks like its gonna be a nice day .. FINALLY !! I actually have a few new things to take and some yarns I can sell.. so .. we will see how it all goes.. I need to get busy and do some dyeing today .. but I am afraid it wont be dry for tomorrow anyway .. well I could do it.. if its not there is always next week .. so I guess I will occupy my afternoon with yarn.. and a walk to the post office.. as much as its a pain in the ass to walk there.. the exercise does me good.. the way there is slightly comical.. juggling packages..the way home isnt so bad.. I have to attribute some of my recent weight loss to this 5 mile trek.. another pound and a half this week .. SCORE!!!....plus I have been trying to add dairy cause they say dairy helps you burn fat.. we will see..plus my bones probably need it any way ..

I went last night to pick up some things I needed.. packing tape..yogurt.. spinach ( a good source of Iron and vitamin K.. *i have a deficiency that causes my nose to bleed for no apparent good reason *) Ovaltine.. eggs.. I know strange shopping list.. I even resisted the craft area.. I was at the dreaded Wal*Mart.. I really hate it.. but its the only thing open late around here.. I prefer to shop late.. I dont like dealing with all the stupid people in this world ... I have found late night shopping lets me avoid alot of my dealings with them .. now to only have a 24 hr AC Moore.. that would me so nice...

Of course the masons never showed yesterday to finish the living room job.. UGH!.. My living room has been in disarray for 2 months .. this is really pissing me off.. Its gonna be nice when its done.. but .. its a pain in the ass waiting.. can you tell patience is not my strong point.. never has been .. make no mistake about that... at least I know these things about myself.. I am not delusional.. I know this is not a strong point of mine.. I have never lied to myself about my shortcomings .. I have many.. I know this..

Kitten.. you asked where I got my lips.. well I guess I got lucky.. My parents are pretty good looking people.. I got lucky.. I mean I know I am not Miss America.. but I think I turned out ok .. my eyes and my lips are my two best features in my mind(THANKS DAD!).. I got tormented when I was younger because of them ..... called many unmentionable names.. but now.. I laugh at those people .. running out to get collegen implants...or injections or whatever.. and I dont have to .. the only thing I have to do to enhance mine is put a little shine and alittle liner.. I have always loved lipstick .. Like I mentioned earlier.. I have never thought I was anything really special.. so .. when some one compliments me its hard for me to take.. seriously.. I dont take compliments well .. there are many many reasons for this.. not worth getting into really .. the main thing is .. I am at a place where I like me now.. that is what matters most.. it took me a long time to get here.. so take me or leave me .. this is me .. its not up for negotiation.. now to find some one that appreciates all that..takes me for who I am and not for who they think I should be.. I guess If I stopped being a bitch.. it would be easier huh?

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Monday, May 09, 2005

Happy Monday

Monday is always a day I come into really dreading.. then when it turns out to be a pretty good day.. things seem to go well the rest of the week ..

Today .. went pretty well .. despite my obvious small amount of harboured bitterness about not getting to go to MS&W.. only to be a little rubbed in by all you in blog land that just HAD to share pictures of your goodies with all of us less fortunates.. I know you think you are being kind.. but I think you are actually perpetuating the bitterness that lies with in those of us who didnt get to go..i think you all might be closet sadists ... ok.. well maybe not all of us.. maybe just me..!! Its really ok .. I am glad you all had a great time.. there will always be next year .. and besides.. I dont have to worry about the vast amounts of money spent by all of you saying you would have something called will power only to crumble at the temptation...

I woke up this morning to knocking on my door.. to be honest.. I thought I was dreaming it .. because..well.. I went to sleep at about 4 am.. and this knocking began at 9.. so you can imagine.. I realized it was real when Cupcake my great defender.. started barking and pacing.. the clicking of his nails on the hardwood is what rendered it real.. so .. out of bed .. answer the door.. great.. the tiler.. I have only been waiting for him to come do my fireplace for 2 months.. so today when the part of the year that I obviously dont need a fireplace any more has arrived.. he comes... good timing buddy.. only to tell me when I answered my door.. he would be back in an hour .. to start work.. so .. why didnt he just call ? At any rate.. I got going.. got my coffee.. moved all my furniture in my livingroom around so I could roll back my rug.. took a shower and an hour later.. I was still waiting.. then 2 then 2 and 15 minutes.. and that just pissed me off.. Its inconsiderate.. PERIOD.. I could have run some errands.. had a decent breakfast.. walked the dogs.. something.. but no I was stuck waiting.. then they were in my house til 4. .. so no errand running really got done today except the one small thing I needed to run and drop off.. by then it was really too late for anything else.. and the best part.. they arent even close to finished.. so my living room is in disarray .. and I am playing the hurry up and wait game.. not sure what time they will be back tomorrow because no one bothered to inform me.. UGH...

There is an upside.. I got to spend my day in my office being a productive little worker bee.. I knitted.. I crocheted.. I spun... I got some packages ready for mailing.. I did some research.. I watched a couple movies.. and had a good relaxing day knowing there was nothing I could do but relax .. in my little area of the house .. and I had a good excuse to be a hermit today.. most days I dont LOL.. I even got some of the new wool I have wound and ready for dyeing.. I have a shit load of dyeing to do.. maybe I will do that tomorrow while they are here .. however .. It will be a bit inconvenient since I like to hang my stuff over the tub to dry .. and the kitchen is on one side of the living room and the bath is on the other.. I will figure something out.. where there is a will there is a way .. always !! ..

I sit here .. happy with my accomplishments today.. I am almost finished with a *gasp* doily.. My first in a long while.. I generally prefer yarn and big hooks but something said I should do it .. so I am .. maybe tomorrow you all will get to see it ....I should have another afternoon of relaxing...

So I leave you with this picture of my fireplace.. so you can see the progress.. If you look closely you can see the new mortar on the sides near the corners of the opening.. they actually took out two runs of brick and replaced the side bricks to make the opening higher to accomodate the new stove's pipe that will have to go in and up the flue..they also filled in some spaces in the mortar on the upper part of the brickwork.. I know you cant really tell much has been done but trust me.. and tomorrow they will come in put in the hearth part.. and close the opening with copper.. then I will get my mantle back .. its only been off for 2 months too .. It used to be white.. my land lord has taken it and stripped off the 8 layers of paint and has put a hand rubbed oil finish on it to bring out the grain of the wood..its so fabulous.. I cant wait to get it back.

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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day

I may not be a "real" mother but being a pet mom seems to be about the same to me .. ok maybe not ..but to me it does.. so you all can imagine my surprise when I got these from Cupcake, Brutus, Tiger, Lily, and Winston this morning..

Such thoughtful babies.. and just for fun.. here they all are .. Cupcake... Tiger and Winson in the window..Tiger is the big one..Lily and Brutus

They may not be human.. but most days they are the lights of my life... MOST days...

On the Crochet Front.. I finished my sparkle bag.. I made it with some cream chenille that had a touch of gold and held a gold yarn wtih it.. Then I made and i-cord with just the gold.. I also made a cell phone poouch to attach with a loop to the back by running the cord through the loop.. so you can take your phone.. or if you chose not to ... you can take the pouch off.. I got the handle from Yesterday and Today on ebay .. they have great prices and wonderful customer service!!

I really like the way this one turned out even though it looks wonky in the pictures.. its from the bobbles I did around the middle for texture..

Last night I made some plans for my trip home in July.. I really cant wait.. we are going to have our delayed Christmas then.. I will give all my nieces and nephew their bithday gifts.. and the city wide yard sale in Trenton is going to happen as well as the 4th of July hog roast my friends do.. I am going to need a week to recover from all of this when I get back here..

All I have for now.. catch you all later !

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Friday, May 06, 2005

Show and Tell.. but..

OK.. well I promised some pics tonight.. but they were to be of my little sparkly bracelet bag.. however.. I just didnt get it finished.. as Much as I wanted to today .. I swear my animals were intent on making me crazy.. my dogs paced all day .. by that I mean .. they paced between the kitchen the office the living room and when they werent pacing .. they were staring at me like they were in some sort of state of neglect because I was trying to work on something..just trying to make me feel guilty.. so it got to the point where I came in the office to escape the pacing.. and of course the little cat in heat that in turn drives the other two cats crazy while she tries to rub all over them ..

SO.. this is the face I would see as I would look up from my work today ..

As cute as that is.. its distracting because .. of course if I gave any indication I was going to give him attention.. he would push on over to where I was trying to work .. I swear they are out to drive me crazy...

I love them though.. after I had sequestered myself into the office for a little while.. I came out to the living room and found Brutus chewing a wooden spoon.. it was crazy.. the spoon had been on my book case to help me stretch some wool back onto my version of a swift to roll into balls.. it was on the second shelf.. so he had to try hard to steal it off there.. then destroy it..

Anyway .. with out further ado.. here is what I finally finished today.. it had been sitting on my chair for sometime waiting to be bound off.. and for some reason I thought this process would be harder than it was.. so I had put it off.. well tonight.. I decided since I was half crazed anyway .. I might as well try and If I didnt get it right .. then I could just blame my state of mind..

I love how it looks like it has ears (horns) .. hahah.. its 4 yarns .. a red mohair.. a rainbow thick thin cotton .. a sparkle yarn and an aqua mohair.. I am rather pleased I finished something today .. and although this wasnt so hard.. its really just a rectangle sewed up the sides..

Here is my little self portrait..

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SO .. I am sitting here... a little smug.. happy with myself.. and some what proud.. I changes some things in my side bar.. added a yarn of the week feature.. made a couple new links.. and I did it all myself.. of course not with out some trial and error.. but .. It looks good now .. if I do have to say so myself...

Today.. rain rain rain.. no market.. a little sadness.. knowing I am missing Maryland Sheep and Wool.. and its not just missing the festival.. its missing all the fun people I would have had a chance to catch up with .. that is the part that bums me out more than anything.. there is a list of about 10 people I would have loved to have caught up with Beth.. is on the TOP! She has been so nice to me.. the best part is.. she doesnt really live that far so some day .. I might have to just go see her anyway .. it would be closer than going to Maryland in the first place.. now she is gonna think I am a stalker.. LOL

Then there are all the girls at Crochetville...Jess... Holly...and Pam.. that would just have been so fun.. and of course let's not forget the Harlot will be there..It would have been fun to get her to sign the bookbookbook and ask her a few small knitting questions.. like how to make latvian mittens LOL.. just kidding .. I dont think I will ever be THAT good..

I have a little shout out .. Sharon .. sent me.. BLACK JELLY BEANS!! She rocks .. totally.. and with those jelly beans she also send Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream.. and some Wild Lettuce Complexion soap..

SO.. I am off.. to go do great and wonderful things.. like make another bracelet bag.. think sparkles.. I will show and tell tomorrow..!!

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Happy Cinqo De Mayo

Happy Cinqo De Mayo every one! .. I wonder just how many people that use this day as an excuse to go out and party and get drunk.. actually know WHY.. and what is important about this day ? .. The things I think ..

There was an interesting link in My Friend Opie's blog this morning ....this was my particular favourite..

Chick #1: I want to see you with a nice guy.
Chick #2: I want to see me with a nice guy, too. Preferably in the mirror above my bed.

--Molly Wee Pub, 30th & 8th

Doesnt sound like a bad thing to me at all .. hmmm LOL..

Yesterday found me rather blah and deflated.. I had high hopes of being a production queen .. and ended up just doing the necessaries to get me through my day .. you know.. clean the kitchen make the bed.. fuck around on line.. I managed to wind some yarn late last night.. and got some stuff posted.. I added a link in my side bar to ebay .. its a direct thing that will take you to the yarns I am selling.. I thought it might save some time.. and keep you all from having to struggle to hard to find it..

I did get a little done on my website last night.. I talked to my associate that is building it for me .. she has some kick ass ideas.. and I have to do a little work of my own today .. think about an introduction type thing .. sections I want to have .. things I really want to keep etc.. decide how many times a year to change.. ( probably with the seasons.. just like the stores do ) .. more questions.. more answer.. more searching for info.. images.. etc.. apparently there is more to it than what I thought LOL.. there always is.. but the good news is.. she said some of the things I wanted to do were "really simple"... those are her words.. I consider myself lucky if I can add a picture and make a link work here .. let alone try to build a WHOLE stinking website.. this whole process can be and is very overwhelming to me..

There are times .. when I know I have so much to do .. that I cant even decide where to start.. then if I actually allow myself a personal life.. my emotions can get to a point where its almost crippling.. I go full out.. I dont hold back .. so when I am with some one and its good.. man.. its soooooo good... but when I am with some one and its bad.. its beyond bad.. and unfortunately I have a problem sectioning off... and putting away those things that need put away .. I am sure it sounds weird.. I am not one to let people get close to me just for fun.. I am one who guards myself and lets very few in for this reason... I lot of people in my life or have had contact with me think I am a cold hearted bitch.. but the real truth is.. inside .. I care so much for the people I do allow in.. that I cant let too many in or I wouldnt be able to function.. I dont know if that makes one bit of sense to any one but me.. If I allowed too many people in .. I wouldnt have anything left for me to go on.. I would be too busy giving all I had to every one else..

Man ... I am rambling this morning.. and probably exposing too much.. so .. the guard goes back up ..

have a great day !

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

On Pins And Needles.....

Ok.. so there is something better that what I described in the last post.. and that is if you take that and before you place it in the bowl.. lay down fresh shortbread warm from the oven.. then the other stuff.. yummers!

SO back to my title today.. I finished my choker.. and like all things in my life.. I have to torture it a little LOL.. Its being blocked on a piece of cardboard with some straight pins.. but I was so excited wtih the result of the final object.. I couldnt wait to show it off.. So.. here it is.. on pins and needles.. my choker.. made with navy cotton thread held with copper lurex .. and a raku heart crocheted on ..

The other good thing that happened today ..The UPS man figured out where I live.. and I got my handles .. wo0t!! So here they are .. 6 pair 4" handles for bracelet bags.. 1 pair 6" squares.. and 1 pair 7" D's .. (which I ordered 5" but got a nice email explaining they were out and would replace them with the 7" at no extra cost so that is what I took)....Tomorrow I will be the bag lady.. I have yarn to wind to list.. then I have plans to make bags all day tomorrow .. I am hoping to at least get about 4 done that would totally rock !!

With all the excitement about my tires this weekend.. I totally forgot to tell you all about my little angelic dogs.. and what happened friday afternoon ..

I was getting my dinner ready to go in the oven.. I was having frozen pizza.. I just didnt really wanna cook...I had the oven heating and had just taken the plastic wrap off my pizza when my cell phone rang.. it was on the charger in the bedroom.. I put the pizza down on the counter.. and went to answer the phone.. I have to say this.. in the almost 7 years I have had my dog .. He had never taken anything off the counter.. So I answer my phone .. talk for a few minutes.. it wasnt long.. then get back to the kitchen to throw my pizza in the oven.. and.. there is NO pizza to throw in .. just a circle of crumbs on my floor.. My dogs devoured a whole frozen pizza in less than 5 minutes.. I swear Brutus talked Cupcake into it.. cause I dont think Cuppy would have acted out alone..

OH well.. a friend stopped by and took me out for pizza... so alls well that ends well ..

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Monday, May 02, 2005

As If....

You didnt know already.. and in case you didnt.. there is nothing better than fresh strawberries.. sweetened with a bit of sugar.. topped with freshly whipped cream with a touch of vanilla and a sprinkle of confectioners sugar...

just thought I would tell you all that..

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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Le Sigh.......

Big SIGH.... Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is next weekend and some how I just cant find the money in my tight little budget to go.. CRAP... I thought It was going to be possible.. but doesnt seem so .. at the moment anyway .. Unless of course my fairy godmotheror father comes along and just decides to donate some time and money to me .. yeah right ! I think it just sucks because shit happens.. and I know there will be other events.. I just had high hopes of hitting this one and making new friends and just catching a break.. ok no more whining.. the good news..


I have only been waiting since what? January 23rd or so.. so you know whats the big deal right ? THEN there was almost tragedy yesterday when I went to have them mounted because I was called into the bay and told they were "not the right size".... umm according to who? you the technician that cant read the manual.. just because I am not putting the EXACT same size on doesnt mean they are WRONG?.. furthermore.. just because I am a girl doesnt mean you can scare me into thinking your lies are true!.. I called the dealship before ever buying the first tire to make sure what I was doing was with in the safety guidelines of my car.. and I even double checked my manual to make sure.. so you can only imagine my surprise .. when I was called back into the tire bay and told "they are wrong".. here is what the exchange went like ....

Dorky Technician: Umm who told you that you could put this size tire on your car?

Me: The dealership

DT: Well its the wrong size..

Me: Tell me how its wrong...

DT: Well its not the same size that came off your car....

Me: Yeah I know.. the side wall is a lower profile and the width is a little wider... as a matter of fact the side wall is exactly 1/4 " shorter and the width is 3/8" wider...

DT: *dumbfounded look* .... well who said you could do that?

Me: Does it fit the rim?

DT: Yes....

Me: Then I dont understand the problem.. I know they arent the same EXACT size.. I wanted them like this and specifically asked for these tires.. I went to the trouble of calling the dealer AND checking the manual..

DT: Well it could be a safety issue....

Me: I dont see how these tires could possible be MORE unsafe than the tread bare things you just took off so.. if you dont mind I have only been waiting since January for new tires and now you have added 15 more minutes to that.. so just put my tires on.. PLEASE... !!

DT: You are gonna have to sign....

ME: *walking off shaking my head and not caring what I had to sign i just wanted my tires.. *

Then I walk back inside and talk to the manager...He asked if there was a problem because I guess I looked a little irritated.. and I told him that I didnt appreciate being talked to like I was stupid because I was female.. he asked what happend and I told him and he shook his head and said that guy was new.. .. my opinion new or not.. dont talk to me like I dont know what is going on .. PERIOD.. at any rate.. I have a nice smooth noiseless ride now and I couldnt be happier!!

This weekend has been pretty full.. Springfest was here yesterday .. I took a little time and walked around it.. bought my puppies some new all natural cedar and lavendar dog soap.. and some candles for me (more Yankees .. cause they had a better sale !) I went to Fayetteville yesterday after Springfest and did some Sam's shopping for food... I love getting every thing I need for a month at one time..and some AC Moore shopping.. only picked up a couple little things there...met some friends for late lunch early dinner.. and come home.. I was wiped out! ..

Today .. I treated myself to a movie.. went to see Sahara.. it was good but totally unrealistic.. so If you can get over the unreal parts. .... it was really entertaining.. and of course Matthew McConaughey is fairly easy on the eyes.. no complaints..

I guess that is all I have to report at the moment.. gonna go .. maybe work on something for a change instead of just winding yarn LOL ..

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